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[X50V] ROM WM6.1 VOIP Professional (WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA)

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By makuu, Senior Member on 11th November 2008, 05:23 PM
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[X50V] ROM WM6.1 VOIP Professional (WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA)

My First thanks to Maglite and Football. Maglite was the first to release a custom rom for the x50v, he was the one with Football to explain me about xip & xipport, when I registered to These roms were built using a derived kitchen from Football's kitchen.

These roms share the same kernel than the x51v's one and are directly derived from them. They are stricly for x50v, the one from the x51v are located here .

You can only flash your x50v with these roms, if your device is running WM5 aku 2.3.1 or higher. If you attempt to flash over a WM2003 bootloader, you will brick your device.

This rom is indeed a full professional rom, with this rom your x50v is not a PDA anymore, it will just become a real VOIP Pdaphone.

What is the difference between a x50v regular rom with a VOIP software (like Sjphone) and this WM6.1 VOIP rom?

Here are the main benifits once your axim is properly configured:

- You only need to turn on your wifi to place or receive VOIP call (You don't need to start any software because the VOIP is native on the OS)
- You can call directly from your contact
- You can import call log and dialed number from any other phone using PimBackup
- There are three way to check your PDAphone is connected to the VOIP network
1/ You can see the two network call bar from the top bar
2/ You can use the VOIP today plugin
3/ You can see your VOIP network from the phone application itself.

Also this incredible rom is available in 5 different localized version: WWE/WWE/GER/ITA/ESN/FRA

Status of these 5 roms:

Rom A09 PRO_VOIP (private "pure" edition):

WM6.1 Professional - CE OS 5.2.19965 (Build 19965.1.2.3) with "4.8 MB Pagepool"

And includes the following

-- Native VOIP support
-- Setup VOIP from Schap to configure your VOIP setup.
-- SDHC support
-- Outlook Enhancementsupport
-- WPA-TSK vagus fix.
-- NetCF 3.5
-- SQLCE 3.5 (Localized)
-- wireless manager, is there but tricky to use.
-- Softkey Applet (a powerfull applet that allows you to change your softkey without having to soft reset)
-- TCPMP 0.72 (Localized) with two different subtitle support (thanks will5 for the information about the new subtitle pluggin) and YouTube support (Subtitle support for SMI in video "Intel 2700G" mode and not in "Intel 2700G Decoder" mode)
It also includes avc, aac & ac3 plugin. TCPMP is an alternative to WM Player. File associations is availble in TCPMP settings
-- PIE 6.1 and YouTube plugin, scrolling can be done using directional button, PIE Ramdisk is available in Scripts & Tricks section (it uses ram for PIE cache to improve performance). About the YouTube Plugin, it works natively. If you surf on YouTube with PIE, when you click on a video a context menu will be displayed (see screenshot above). Then you will be able to save the video or to view it online through TCPMP.
-- DF's PIM Backup 2.8 (a replacement for Data Backup)
-- ModemIS, a string initialization modem utility.
-- 7-zip, if you need to extract 7z compressed files.
-- aximsite wireless switcher
-- screen capture, a simple screen capture utility (Not in German rom)
-- Notepad, a very usefull text editor.
-- GSFinder+, a replacement for File Explorer, this version has an High Resolution feature. I find this software more interesting than Resco Explorer because of this feature and also because it's faster.
-- ozVGA and WM6.1 trueVGA Localized dlls, to switch in TrueVGA mode (The German rom contains only the trueVGA dlls and not the trueVGA applet)
-- MortScrip 4.1
-- NoPluginsToday, a switcher to quickly de-activate all your plugin and re-activate them all. Plugin de-activation will boost your device.
-- MagicButton, so all application will close and release memory instead of being minimized (a replacement for switcher bar) (Not in German rom)
-- Ramdisk see "Menneisyys" article. These rom will automount a 3 Mo ramdisk with filesys.exe TempPath pointing to the ramdisk. Unmounting the ramdisk will autopoint to permanent storage, while mounting any ramdisk will automatically point the TempPath the the ramdisk.
-- Hibernate, a powerfull tool to claim unused memory.
-- UC ROM capability
The package contains the following UC components with the appropriate SDConfig.txt:
----- PocketRAR 3.80 (Localized)
----- DF's Task Manager / Registry Editor 3.1, a very good task manager embedding a usefull registry editor (with this software and GSFinder+, you don't need Resco File explorer anymore).
---- x51v Mix
---- Windows Live
---- MagicButton (only in German package)
---- screen capture (only in German package)

with following registry tricks:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ObjectStore\RegistryType =0 , (file based registry)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Navigation\"4-Way Nav"=0

Compaction thread :
One of the best way to fight against compaction thread is to reassign all temp files to ramdisk. By default, this 4.8 pagepool rom will autoload a 3 Mo ram disk and ensure more than 30 Mo of free memory to run the programs. You can easily unmount or change the capacity of the ramdisk using the preconfigured features located in program files/ramdisks. Like mentioned before it will automatically point filesys.exe TempPath to the ramdisk. I also strongly suggest to use Pie_Ramdisk (in tips&tricks) instead of Pie.

Also if you want to check compaction thread behaviour with different pagepool values, you can use Paveld PPeditor. (Thanks Paveld & wllw from 4pda)
Instruction to use Paveld PPeditor

Kitchen from Football is available here.

Update: A09 VOIP Gold release
It's more like a dking special, those rom have :
--a patched gwes.exe to avoid the display problem in menus (thanks to dking that was kind enough to explain me his tutorial published in russian in 4pda.)
--dking patched drivers for Axim's screen backlight on minimum brightness
(it should also fix the french menu displayed when trying to access YouTube from PIE)

Update 2: A09 VOIP Gold with patch filesys.exe release
It's the very same A09 VOIP Gold release, with a custom shsmith patch filesys.exe v6.3. I've use cook method highlighted by Menneisyys to generate those patch filesys.exe.
The patch is launched at startup and can be invoked also from Scripts & Tricks section.

Last Update: A09 523F release

WM6.1 VOIP Pro (21055) WWE only

This rom is build over the last WM6.1 build (dated september 2009) and have finger scrolling ability.

--pure WM6.1 rom with only added screen capture utility, Mortscript, SDHC support, WPA-TSK vagus fix, Softkey Applet, aximsite wireless switcher.
--dking 2700G driver
--patched Wireless Manager
--The Pro rom has native VOIP all other WM6.1 bonus (except IE6 Mobile that is removed) could be installed by UC, but you have to get it from the x51v rom (Including My Phone and SkyMarket, and other bonus)

UC will install Office Mobile, and will kick with filesys.exe after reset, You'll have to wait 5 minutes to start benefit the full speed rom (when filesys goes down to 0% of cpu).

Tip for downloading from rapidshare: use jdownloader.

If you like these rom and you wish to donate.

If you are interested by the french rom please participate here.
11th November 2008, 05:24 PM |#2  
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Localized today screens

11th November 2008, 05:25 PM |#3  
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Some tricks related to VOIP part:

You can use up to two VOIP configuration. Using setup VOIP from Schap, you can create your 1st VOIP configuration.
Then go to \Windows\system\VOIP and duplicate the Prov1SIPSettings file to Prov1BackupSIPSettings. Re-use setup voip to configure your second VOIP configuration.

If you don't use headset, and you use the speaker and mike from the x50v (by using it up side down), reduce the speaker sound to avoid echoing.
11th November 2008, 07:51 PM |#4  
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Flag Izmir
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Ahh, perfect! Just after I broke my LCD. Now I am more motivated to go to ebay and buy that LCD replacement.
12th November 2008, 12:15 PM |#5  
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[Solved:] Mine is giving error: Image checksum file not found.
12th November 2008, 02:28 PM |#6  
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Which rom are you trying to use?
12th November 2008, 02:48 PM |#7  
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I have copied .nb and .crc both.

BTW, I use A09 (Lenny) edition.
12th November 2008, 05:00 PM |#8  
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Does WPA natively work?

12th November 2008, 05:05 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by biligee


I have copied .nb and .crc both.

BTW, I use A09 (Lenny) edition.

Perhaps, you have too many files located in the SD root folder, try to only have those from the package.

Originally Posted by Dividee

Does WPA natively work?


It should.
12th November 2008, 06:20 PM |#10  
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Thanks, Now it is working.
Originally Posted by makuu

Perhaps, you have too many files located in the SD root folder, try to only have those from the package.

It should.

13th November 2008, 12:17 PM |#11  
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just now i'm flashing my x50v to the german version. I was using the 6.1 from LennySh A09 before, but WLAN was not working perfectly, as it did in WM5 and of course, it was english. I'm interested, how this rom works. gonna write about it then...

Well, played around with it and: i love you for making this rom completely german. (as from first post, i understood that only the home-screen should be german), anyway it's great! And reacts much better than the A09 WM6.1 from LennySh before. A really great Rom. (Is good that it's german, as i'm gonna sell this device, when i get my MDA Pro, which may arrive some time these days, And i think, it's going to sell more, if there's a german WM6.1 on it. Thanks for this rom!!
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