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Basic features that should be addressed...

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By InGeNeTiCs, Senior Member on 18th November 2008, 04:49 PM
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I bought my wife a blackberry bold this past weekend and all I can say is WOW. That thing has WAAAY more features (and settings) than my G1. And don't worry, I unlocked the phone so my wife can use it with our T-mobile accounts. In setting up this device, I've come to realize that a LOT of these features should be implemented into other devices, namely, the G1.

Here's a short list
1. Power-based settings (i.e. brightness changes when plugged in and on battery). A very BASIC feature.
2. Hiding folders in the music player. Blackberry gives the options to NOT include certain folders when searching for music. When I listen to music, I don't want to hear 50 ringtones.
3. User Customizable Profiles. Silent, Vibrate, Work, Home...Why not?
4. Alarm based auto-power on. If i set an alarm, and my phone is powered, but not on, it should be able to power on and wake me up. This is a GREAT feature for people that rely on alarms.(like myself)
5. Bluetooth profiles. I'm not new to mobile devices, so I know this is something they're currently working on. But come on...all we have is the headset profile. What come of lame-o **** is that? a2dp and wireless file access would be great, as well as phonebook access and callid and sms info for car kits...

There's more that I'm forgetting, but that's the gist of it. I realize that we're all technically beta testers at this point, but they should have released a more polished product to the masses. It would have helped their word-of-mouth sales greatly. Look at all the vista negativity. I've been using it without any problems since it was RTM, but people hate it because 'they heard' it has tons of problems. The average joe isn't going to want the g1 because 'they heard' it can't do this, or it can't do that. I personally love the device, and it has great potential, but t-mo and google may have shot themselves in the foot on that front.
18th November 2008, 05:19 PM |#2  
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Originally Posted by InGeNeTiCs

Here's a short list

I'm not trying to be an Android apologist here, but let's run through your list.

1. Nothing exists, but it would take no more than an hours work to code something in Java to handle this.
2. Create a folder named ringtones in the root of the sd card. Nothing in there will be parsed by the default Music Player app.
3. Locale is probably the most popular app to handle this. Get it on the Market.
4. If your phone is in standby (short press red button), Alarm Clock can wake Android up. A more advanced alarm app is Klaxon. Again, get on Market.
5. A2DP support is pending.

No hardware is released perfect. Some imperfections are worse than others, and it's really also a subjective matter. If that above list seems problematic, consider that a competing product has no copy and pasting or support for background apps (making IM apps useless). In that kind of light maybe the fact that your G1 doesn't brighten the screen when you plug it in doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Honestly though if the choice between Blackberry and G1 is a list of periphery features rather than BIS vs Gmail, then you're completely missing the point imo.
18th November 2008, 07:08 PM |#3  
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Might I also point out that Blackberry OS (and Symbian and WinMo and iPhone) are all very mature OSes. Blackberry being the most mature, and it clearly shows in it's stability and simplistic ease-of-use. The iPhone just has a ton of money backing it, so it's no surprise that it has some superior features, even though its only 18 months old.

Windows is windows... 'nuff said.

Symbian has the backing of Nokia, so obviously it's well developed too.

All of these OSes were CRAP when they first came out. Google has plenty of money backing this project (I hope...) so I plan on giving them another 6 months to work out some of these basic problems before I go back to my good ol' Canadian-made Blackberry.
19th November 2008, 05:49 AM |#4  
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By the way a new app called simply "Power Manager" has appeared on the Market. Here's the description:


This application is similar to the power mgt apps available on laptops. It allows you to quickly view and change the settings of your phone depending on power states (e.g. turn off the GPS when the battery level drops below 30%, lower the brightness of the screen when on battery power, etc). It also maintains battery stats.

19th November 2008, 06:26 PM |#5  
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I just downloaded the battery program and it does address some of my concerns. It just sucks that all of these features have to be added as apps. Not having root access on an opensource device seems really stupid. It's like going to a ferrari dealership giving away free cars. Free cars! BUT....we took the engines out of them. Enjoy! What the hell are you supposed to do with that?

We've got an awesome platform to work with, almost all the source to create anything we want, but no access. It's beyond lame.

And far as the blackberry thing goes, I'm in NO WAY a BB fanboy. I've never owned one, and I they're a pain in my ass because my clients buy them thinking 'they just work' with MS exchange, when they need the enterprise client which my company doesn't want to shell out the cash for. So they get pissed at me when I tell them it doesn't 'fully' integrate. My frustrations aside, I merely used BB as an example of a device that had features that should be available on the G1.

And I think the whole alarm thing got misread. I realize that the phone will 'wake up' when the alarm activates. But if my phone is completely powered off, it will not turn itself on to activate the alarm. While this is not a totally necessary feature, and will probably be rarely used, it's very important for someone who RELIES on their alarms for scheduling purposes. I usually shut my phone off at night (I have customers in several distant timezones), but I can't do that if I want to use the alarm. I could obviously buy an alarm clock, but I don't see why the g1 can't do what another phone can.
19th November 2008, 06:58 PM |#6  
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No offense but bad analogy... It is hard to find the correct analogy... I guess it would be buying a hand gun, that you couldn't turn the safety off LOL Remember root is taken away for protection of users who don't know what it is. And as of right now we only know root is taken away on RC30... maybe when 1.0 comes out it will be available. Maybe they are working on a GUI to allow you to enable root. We have a long ways to go so I wouldn't say root is gone forever.
19th November 2008, 07:00 PM |#7  
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Side note: for your users with BB devices. I run Scalix on linux. Funambol bridges the gap for my users. I think that they even have an exchqange connector. Funambol is also availbe in the market place on the g1.
19th November 2008, 07:18 PM |#8  
OP Senior Member
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I have no problem with the actual integration process, the company just doesn't want to pay for it. We have people using windows mobile devices with no problems. I give the device recommendations, but they always come back with blackberries thinking it's the same thing. It's just frustrating. I'm venting. Sorry.
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