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[Skins]TouchFLO2D/Manilla2D Skins(NO POSTING UNLESS ITS A NEW SKIN!!!)

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By kidnamedAlbert, Retired Moderator on 27th November 2008, 11:20 PM
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All posts which do not contain new skins will be deleted, so don't waste your time...

i know you would love to tell the creators how much you love their skin but i want to keep this thread clean.
either drop them a pm or a visitor message.

I've created this thread dedicated to posting skins and skins only.
It's a much easier way to find skins than go through twolf's 500 page thread.
So please post your skins here and any post not related to Skins or not a skin at all, will be deleted.

Originally Posted by twolf

These are skins for the new today plugin called Manilla 2D or TouchFlO2D:
Please use the above thread when dealing with bugs or problems, this is just a skinning thread.

The below skins are in M2DCT format, M2DCT needa a useful app called Manilla 2D Customizer by mpenguin14 , its a theme manager with preview and much more!
Some of these skins were made for previous versions of M2D so thats why we use M2DC.

Touchflo 2D 2.0 Skins\Themes Thread
27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#2  
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Manilla 2D Customizer by mpenguin14
XML detailed explanation by ababrekar
Tutorial - Edit images with GIMP by lepsyfou
Translations into different languages
Some Manila2D Fixes by herg62123
Manilla 2D DevTools by mpenguin14
Landscape version by mbarvarian
Changing the Sofkeys by mpenguin14
Changing the text color by mpenguin14 & JCKOTZE
27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#3  
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::THEMES::(will try to update as best as i can)

Diamond Gold Blend Theme! by gfreek
Many TouchFLO2D skins by mchapman007 or go here to download right away
Windows Mobile 7 theme
by kidnamedAlbert
Many TouchFLO2D skins by JCKOTZE or go here to download right away
Colorfull Manilla 2D by Fitz
Many skins by zodrakn
Five Primary Colours Theme by nhatt
Crysis theme by zodrakn
Two Themes by KeRmiT80
TransTAB skin by twolf
Beyond Invisible Noel Weather Graphics by BeyondInvisible
Basic Theme by 151jcolon
Manilla2D iPhone Skin by jeffrey_0202
guevr001's Layout by guevr001
Keonigsegg Theme by JCKOTZE
Color by zodrakn
27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#4  
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Reserved 1
27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#5  
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Reserved 2
27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#6  
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1st row
Black skin by TWolf
Red by bombzhome
White by bombzhome
Green by Anolnx
Purple by Anolnx
Blue Void by kulet78
Diamond clock by mbarvian (updated)
Pink her by TWolf

2nd row
Teal Manilla by .HaVoC.
Feng Shui by Dredd 67:
MobileMatt TF2D Connection by mchapman007
KnobiSkin by Knobibrot
TF2D Alabaster Skin by MobileMatt | M2DC Theme
White on black skin by eboelzner

3rd row
Type-R skin by kidnamedAlbert
yellow theme by .HaVoC.
HTC-TOUCH/VOUGE transformation package by PROBEX (external direct link)
Black Vista skin by TWolf
Black ICE by MobileMatt
TOXIC theme by txema_py
Creaton by GODZSON (2 backgrounds)
MobileMatt Black ICE V2.0 by mchapman007

1st row
skin Gold S2W by lepsyfou
BLUE GALAXY TouchFLO2D by phantomy2g
Ska Theme By Txema_py
Neon Skin v1.0 by andrew-in-woking
Blackgold by S2W
t-mobile White&Magenta skin by deonidis
MobileMatt TF2D MIB (Matt In Black) by mchapman007

2nd row
T2d-haze by Godzson
Manilla 2D - White version 2.0 by eboelzner
Red&Purple skin by JCKOTZE
O2 Blue by dazzawright
Blue O2 Skin by JCKOTZE
Sticker theme by deonidis
RedXda by lepsyfou
TF2D MIB2 (Matt In Blue) by mchapman007

3rd row
Gold Red Velvet Mod Layout by ldostang
Nova by spacemonkey333
MobileMatt Green Acres by mchapman007 | M2DC Theme
WHITE NOVA by spacemonkey333
Red Void by kidnamedAlbert
Sprint theme by kidnamedAlbert

27th November 2008, 11:26 PM |#7  
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1st row
Tiger osx by deonidis
Golden oldie by showaco
MobileMatt Bios by mchapman007
Blue Manilla by jvreeken
Chakram theme by kidnamedAlbert
PS3 theme by deonidis
iPhone by lepsyfou
COrange & CRed by JCKOTZE

2nd row
MobileMatt Zebrano by mchapman007
PS3 with black icons by deonidis
Dark Tower by showaco
alltel theme by JCKOTZE
MobileMatt Solace by mchapman007
Playspiration 3 by Dredd67
Skin Blue xda + bonus Skin by lepsyfou

3rd row
Raider Nation by spacemonkey333
Longhorns theme BY stutzmason
OrangeWhite + BlueWhite + BlackWhite M2DCT by TWolf
Red Icone by lepsyfou
Michigan Wolverine Theme by stutzmason
Morbid Angel by tweaked
minimalistic by bereda
Grunge by mchapman007

1st row
MobileMatt MM&L Skin by MobileMatt & Lepsyfou
Cowboys and UT Themes by ldostang
Touch Fantasy by bornotty
Oklahoma Sooner theme by stutzmason
harley Davidson by kron2
Néon Theme + transparent Manila by utopykzebulon
TypeR v3 by kidnamedAlbert

I am no longer updating the thumbnails, sorry about that, but the thread grows too fast for a daily update.

More skins (list updated untill page 359):
My black cool skin by lepsyfou
Modded clock & Taskbar by JCKOTZE
Scribbles theme by kidnamedAlbert
Golden Theme by Taninpv
MobileMatt Earth by mchapman007
Justice League by tweaked
Red Sox Theme by fireweed
Red Sox by fireweed
Jacksonville Jaguars by ldostang
EarthFlo2D by PROBEX
New England Pats by ldostang
MobileMatt Rustic by mchapman007
Colorfull Manilla 2D by Fitz
Pirate skin by lepsyfou
Ironman Theme by stutzmason
NY Jets by ldostang
green Leaf theme by JCKOTZE
Leopard by viru78
Miami Hurricanes by GODZSON
Enhanced ManilaWeather by showaco
Hulk Theme by stutzmason
Blue Icon by JCKOTZE
Washington Redskins by ldostang
L&B minimalistic Theme by Bereda
Limus, Strawbia and Blube by adderz91
MobileMatt Encore TF2D Skin by mchapman007
BLACKWOOD by kulet78
RIMM by Taninpv
Yankees Skin by spacemonkey333
MobileMattBerry Pro by mchapman007
FancyRed by kidnamedAlbert
Green Curves theme by JCKOTZE
Urban Style by showaco

27th November 2008, 11:27 PM |#8  
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1st row
TF2D digital clock by pcarvalho
Clean by TWolf
Glass digital clock by Alladin
Big clock by TWolf
Black clock by colonel00
Pack clock divers by lepsyfou
GoldLamb by dicast
small alien round clock by kwill

2nd row
Another digital clock by dicast
Clock Colon by ababrekar
Cachehog Green Glow Digital Clock by cachehog
Analog & Digital centered by ababrekar + corrected digits
Gold Clock by lepsyfou
clock silver by lepsyfou
metal clock by lepsyfou
T2D 9 Clock Setups by GODZSON

3rd row
simple RGB 3 clocks by ababrekar
clock new design by lepsyfou
bluecool by lepsyfou
Van Den Bos-ish Clock by stewdog
Blockish by bedaweed
semi-transparent analog clock by cosmindv
Tourbillon Clock by Taninpv
RomMod Clock by Taninpv

1st row
Draft clock by jomaga
4 clocks by jomaga
Bold digital clock by cachehog
3 Diamond Clocks - Vodafone|O2|T-Mobile by bornotty
Pack clocks spb mobile shell by lepsyfou
Chrono CLOCK Face by JCKOTZE
Analogue clock by JCKOTZE
Blue Clock by JCKOTZE

2nd row
Digital clock by poorlyduck

More clocks (not on thumbnail):
Vista clock with shorten arms by deonidis
Another theme inspired by Green Pastel by JCKOTZE
Movado style clock by munraf
Black Diamond clock by kidnamedAlbert


1st row:
New icons by GODZSON
Leopard style icons by Dredd67
Neon Icons by ababrekar
Feng Shui Matching Icons by Dredd 67
weather graphics by BeyondInvisible **
3D icons by stabloid
Color and Black&White icons by tersoth
M2D Weather Graphics - Winter Edition by BeyondInvisible **

2nd row:
White tab icons by ababrekar
Landscape by btprice2001 *
simple colored by deonidis
XM2D weather graphics by BeyondInvisible **
O2 Diamond Icons by bl4ckb1rd
3D tab icons set by Taninpv
New Rain Animation by BeyondInvisible **

More icons (not on thumbnail):
New XM2D Rain Animation by BeyondInvisible
2 Page XM2D weather graphics by BeyondInvisible **


Carbone by Francisco Viana *
Bliss Theme by GuillermoZS *
Blue me by TWolf *
Severall by Knobibrot
White themes by Knobibrot
Huge collection by kwill
Default-Wallpaper v2 by m.schmidler
Mercury drop by tommypdas
More wallpapers by kwill
HTC Argyle by btate0121 *
Smoke over red by remijenkins
my collection by Algeroth
Mic Theme V1.0 by samadhi23 *
Olive by Elim *
Coca Cola theme by stutzmason *
Smoke by gavin.1001 *
Wallpapers by lepsyfou
Quick wallpaper by LunchboX3904

* This is a full skin, but either is a mix of old skins or the only addition to the skin is a new background.
** Not icons, but a full new weather theme.
27th November 2008, 11:43 PM |#9  
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Diamond Gold Blend theme!
ok I start off with the first theme, just extract the.m2dct file from zip file and copy M2DC theme folder and apply by default you will get Analogue and Digital clock mix, you can disable this by M2DC!

Credit to poorlyduck for digital clock I just added the goldish shade, the rest of the graphics I modified to my liking! This theme has partial landscape support, as we all know manila 2d will never be fully landscape!!

Download link:
RapidShare Mirror:

If you like my work and buy me a coffee....
28th November 2008, 01:04 AM |#10  
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Post MobileMatt TF2D (Manilla 2D) Skins
TF2D (Manilla 2D), M2DC (Manilla 2D Customizer) required....

28th November 2008, 01:11 AM |#11  
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My Windows Mobile Seven Theme
Based off of Default HTC Blue theme.
Poorlyduck - clock
nir36 - clock background
itje - background and clock idea

Unzip the file to get the .m2dct file.
Copy to M2DC themes folder.
Use M2DC to apply theme.

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