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An Idiot's Guide - The Lazy Gourmet!!!

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By GSLEON3, Retired Senior Moderator on 19th December 2008, 01:02 AM
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So, you wanna cook a rom but don't know where to start??? Is the Raphael Kitchen & PPCKitchen to complicated? Are you only interested in changing a few graphics, or removing programs from a rom that you don't use?

Well, then this thread is for you. This info is also good for chefs with existing builds that want to make quick changes to OEM packages & keep their rom up to date with the latest apps & packages.

Firstly, I need everyone to say a big thank you to Bepe, Tolstoy at PPCGeeks, Bot, Kyphur, Oli, Pof, Cmonex, & a big thank you to qsqa!!!

This lite kitchen will allow you to make changes easily to all stock roms & even to cooked roms, if your chef is kind & confident enough to create a version that includes all of the rgu & dsm files. Have a paticular rom you like & only wish to change a few items? Ask your favorite chef to get with the spirit of XDA-Developers & to create an easybake compliant rom! Just like qsqa did!!!

I will also be releasing a rom, light & very empty for all of you wishing to have a rom that is suited best for the person that has to use it, YOU!

I will be including guides, tools, suggestions, roms & all the things necesarry to create your very own customized rom, both easily & based on a good solid stable build.

This is an easy five step process that allows you to make any unprotected rom your own & the tools & methods have been only slightly adapted by me from a nice guide prepared by Tolstoy aimed at CDMA devices.

First Things First - Preparing for your easybake experience!
Download the attached Raph_Blank_Kitchen at the bottom of post #1 or from here: Uncompress/extract the Raph_Blank_Kitchen to your C: drive.

Find & download any OEM shipped/extracted or easybake compliant unprotected rom such as that I will release shortly, or from qsqa, i.e. PROven 1.08

After Extracting your new Raph Easybake Kitchen you will find a folder in C: named Raph_Blank_Kitchen. Within this directory you will find several more folders:

1: OEMizer - a tool to help you create oem packages, registry tweaks or provisioning xml's.
2: RUU - This folder is the output folder where you will find your rom completed & ready for flashing after an easy 5-step baking process.
3: Tools - This folder contains everything you need to cook a rom, change the page pool, etc...

Within the root directory, you will also find the following files/programs:
1: PrepIt.bat - This script deconstructs any Rom, seperating it into OEM, SYS, & ROM folders, placing the modules & files in their appropriate place for cooking. After running Prepit.bat you will see 3 new folders inside your kitchen, OEM, ROM & SYS.
A. OEM - This is the directory in the kitchen that you will copy your OEM packages into to add programs to your rom. You can also delete packages included by other easybake friendly roms.
B.SYS - This is the similar to the OEM in that you can delete packages from the donor rom, changing packages here will require the use of G'Reloc & possibly RebuildDSM or BuildDSM. Deletion of packages however is easy.
C: ROM - You won't do anything with this folder at this point in your chefdom, but this is where the OS & XIP meet.
2: G'Reloc.exe - This will relocate modules that you have altered.
3: BuildOS.exe - This builds the operating system portion. It combines the OEM's and System files.
4: BuildIt.bat - This script builds your rom. It will Package everything together and copies your new rom to the RUU directory.

Now you got it all set up!!! So, How easy is it???
Try 5 easy steps!!!
Yep!!! Five steps to your own cleaner customized rom:
1- PrepIt.bat
2- Add/Remove OEM Packages/Tweaks/Files
3- BuildOS
4- BuildIt.bat
5- Flash your newly customized Rom

Other important info:
19th December 2008, 01:20 AM |#2  
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So, now you have extracted the Kitchen to the C: drive, copied the base rom (.NBH file)
Step Details:
Step #1: Deconstructing your base rom
Run PrepIt.bat - Just double click on the file named PrepIt.bat, or run it from the CMD Prompt. This will again seperate the nb content from the nbh, split the nb content into the IMGFS & XIP Content, & Dump the Imgfs into the appropriate SYS or OEM Folder. This step also renames your donor rom to Input.nbh.

Step #2: Adding or Removing OEM & SYS Packages
Addng programs, registry tweaks, or provisioning xml's is as easy as copying the oem package into the OEM folder. Nothing to it! Oem packages can be made or downloaded from numerous sources.
ADD PROGRAMS- simply drag your OEM from the right PPCGEEKS_OEM directory and drop it into the c:\kitchen\OEM folder

Removing Items can be a little bit tricky. Use common sense here. Look for packages named after whatever you want removed & delete them. Most anything in an OEM folder can be removed with little consequence, some thing in the SYS folder you don't want to mess with though. Take a look, look for the name of what you want gone & if its a simple program like Total Commander for instance, just delete the appropriate folder & it will be gone.

Step #3: BuildOS.exe
Just click the BuildOS.exe BuildOS will then build a new OS while adding/removing the OEM packages that you either added or deleted in step two. Clicking BuildOS.exe will bring up a new window, That is the BuildOS program. In the window you should see most of the OEMS that you added. Make sure you check mark the OEM Packages that you have added. Once you are sure you have selected all the programs you want added to the rom, click that green arrow in the upper left of the window. This will create the OS. You will see the green progress bar to the bottom right.
BuildOS will say DONE in the bottom status area when complete.

There are a few things that can go wrong, but the most common is duplicate packages. Make sure your not adding a duplicate package to the rom & you should be okay.

Step #4: BuildIt.bat
This step will go thru the process of reconstructing the newly moddified rom back into the .nb & then the .nbh flashable format. If all went well, you'll have a new RUU_Signed.nbh in the RUU folder directory.

Step #5: Flash your new ROM
In the RUU folder you will find your new rom & the tools needed to flash it. Just click the ROMUpdateUtility.exe & it will flash your new rom.
19th December 2008, 01:21 AM |#3  
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Changing the Pagepool...
Now that your rom is complete, you may want to change the pagepool. Again, I have included everything you need to accomplish this in the Tools folder.

Step 1: Open the XVI32 folder & launch xvi32. Open the newly created rom in the RUU folder named RUU_Signed.nbh or drag & drop it to the XVI32 folder. In XVI32, use the search function. Select the bubble that says "Hex" & search for this hex string: 03 15 A0 03 02 15 A0 13 00 10 82 E5

Change the last four numbers to 00 00 A0 E1

Then press F3 on your keyboard or search for the Hex string: 03 15 A0 03 02 15 A0 13 00 10 82 E5 once again & again change the last four digits to 00 00 A0 E1.

The page pool is now NOP & can be opened & set to whatever number you like using the pagepool changer I've included in the Tools folder.
19th December 2008, 01:21 AM |#4  
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Moddifying Graphics & Customizing Packages
Coming Soon!
19th December 2008, 01:21 AM |#5  
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Other Useful & Important Tools
There are several tools that make customizing roms fun, fast & best of all...FREE. Of course there are other tools that cost money that are recommended, but let's see what we can come up with as for suggestions of free or low cost software for customizing roms. Where available & as time permits I will upload all of the tools &/or give links to the developers website along with basic instructions for making their use easy & frustration free!

A few of the must haves are as follows:
1. CERegistryEditor - This is an amazing tool that allows you to make registry changes on your device via activesync, export registry setting, unlock your registry, etc... This tool will also work with all registry formats including .reg, .rgu & most importantly .hv registry hives can be edited directly. This tool is amazing & very powerful as it allows you to export values as .rgu files that can then bee made into registry tweak OEM packages with the already included OEMizer or made into provisioning xml's using the famed rgu2xml tool in conjucntion with the OEMizer.

Coming soon: Tips & examples on using this tool to create registry & provxml packages.

2. EditPad Lite - EditPad Lite is a free version of EditPad Pro & is simply the BEST free text editor around period. EditPad will allow you to directly read & modify many important file such as initflash.dat. This allows you to remove or add things to your rom such as Folders, Start Menu items, etc... You can also use it to modify .rgu files, .reg files, .lnk shorcuts & many more.

Coming soon: Tips & examples on using this tool to modify many things in your rom.

3. Gimp - This is an amazing & most importantly free, graphic editing tool that handles numerous image file types. This can be used to edit, modify or change images to suit your own tastes. Items such as Dialer & Dial Pad Graphics & colors can easily be modified with gimp. Icons & folder icons, such as .ico files can also be edited allowing you to customize your folder icons when used in cojunction with PEexplorer, Gconvert, or Resource Tuner. Simply put, Gimp is a necesarry tool of great value when it comes to modifying or even creating new or existing graphics & images.

Coming soon: Tips & examples on using this tool to modify many things in your rom. Including an overview of some of the greatest & most overlooked features included in this tool.
19th December 2008, 02:07 AM |#6  
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Okay last one
19th December 2008, 02:10 AM |#7  
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EasyBake Compliant ROM's & Chefs!!!
1: PROven 1.0x by qsqa
2: M-ROM 1.1 by merten3000
3: Semilite or v2final by Aruppenthal
4: G3 Lite & Ultralight - Coming Soon!

Come on Elite Team!!! Other Chef's! Get with the spirit of XDA & let's see what happens when we are all free to expand on others breakthroughs!!!
19th December 2008, 02:13 AM |#8  
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Wow, I just start using it, want to modify qsqa rom LOL Thank You!

By the way I'm using win vista, hope everything of the kitchen work with it.

Again Thank You!
19th December 2008, 04:42 AM |#9  
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I think this deserves to be sticky. At least for the time being
24th December 2008, 10:53 AM |#10  
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ahh this program basically ensures me spending more time messing with my phone =]

thanks for your hard work!
26th December 2008, 05:49 AM |#11  
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Is this working with Vista 64-bit?
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