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[ROM][WWE][ONLINE-05.06.09] KhanX Touch Navia V3.2 CE OS 21042 Build 21042

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ROM Information:

CE OS 5.2.21042
AKU: 1.6.1
OEM: 3.13
SYS: Ported 21042

ULDR Trimmed to have more storage space
Patched XIP Modulle for removing cert/signed issues
(You can install old and unsigned programs without problem)

MAIN Feature:
This ROM can be dumped and recooked. Unlike many of the cooks, no RGU have been deleted. No DSM has been deleted. And most of all, the ROM has not been crippled against dumping by deleting IMGFS signatures. So feel free to dump and modify upto your taste. And share the knowledge with the community. We can improve more by sharing the knowledge than keeping it secret.
This project is open an that's the way it should be.

Page Pool Size: 12Mb

St.Memory Size: Free xxMB Total xxMB
Prog.Memory Size: Free xxMB Total xxMB


- Fast user response (Focus on performance)
- UC 2.0 Compliant
- Stable build
- A few system icons changed

Screenshots from Release V3.1 (Need 3.2 screenshots to change)

V3.2 Release Notes:


(1) Two dialers available:
a. Iolite Dialer (without Video Calling)
b. Dual Touch (With Video Calling) - Still not released yet. It will soon...

(2) If WiFi Icon in Commmanager is not enable by default and in this case not shown, use Schaps Advanced Config (Settings\acessories) to bring it up!

(3) Adding new weather cities: Read this

(4) If Random Access not show correctly, apply CAB attached - NEW!

(5) ActiveSync PainKiller # Post 372
Also, add replog.exe in exclusive list, soft reset and see if it works.

(6) To enable M2D Action Screen tab, use M2D Customizer found here:

(7) USBToPC (Mass Storage - Disk Drive Option) does not work on Polaris. At least in 21.x Builds. If one of you knows the trick, please share!

Known Bugs:

- Bluetooth may not work if Audio Kit is used during outcoming calls.
- Shortcut Icons (End and Call button) does not work. You can easily fix by Hbutton found on programs.
- Virtual Buttons does not provide you to enable or disable such feature

General Procedures: (Please Read before updating)

- Install RADIO as recommended or any earlier versions.

- Remove SD card before update!

- Before asking, attention to details

- There is no Radio or extended rom... JUST OS!

- You MUST install HARD SPL before going over a custom ROM.

- Hard Reset your device after flash for better results.


How to install a cooked ROM.
Install HARD SPL[/url]
Put device in bootloader mode.
Run Polaris_CustomRUU.exe and good luck.

- High recommend to reflash an official rom before flash this one.
- If you change some thing, you have to wait for a minute before restarting to make sure the device get your changes.

- Last but not least....again, do not ask me why I did not put such app or why I chose this or that. If you feel like I am missing something cool or left an application behind...PM a message with such suggestions. No problem.

V3.1 Installed Apps:

- MD2 Iolite with Footprint - NEW
- Office 6.1 without Note
- Opal Audio Booster - NEW
- Iolite Audio Manager
- Jade Comm Manager - NEW
- Opera Browser Build 15746 - NEW
- RSS Hub V2.1.1.1069
- Iolite Streaming Media
- You Tube V1.5.1819
- HTC MP3 Trimmer V1.1.1816
- Advanced Config V3.3
- Task Manager
- Chess Game
- Google Maps V3.0.0.2 W/ Street View & Latitude features- NEW
- M2D Customizer
- PIM Backup 2.8
- GB Soft Tweak for WM6.1
- Java 20080610.2.1
- HTC Task Manager V2.1 Build 2745
- Connection Setup
- Chat Enabler
- SIP Changer
- Storage Manager
- SynchroTime V0.95
- Opera Mini
- Windows Live & MSN Messenger - NEW
- W0lf's Translator V1.1 - NEW
- Bluetooth Toggle - NEW
- HushSMS - NEW
- VxUtil V 1.6.0 - NEW
- Pocket Speed Test V1.0 - NEW
- Start Icon replaced - NEW
- Social Network Tool (Connect to Facebook and You Tube accounts) - NEW
- HTC InCall Recording - NEW
- HTC GPS Tool
- OBEX Inbox - NEW
18th January 2009, 12:40 AM |#2  
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KhanX General BuiltIN Tweaks

-WM6 Menu sound
-Disconnect' button GPRS
-Change the location of My Documents to Storage Card
-Change the location of Temporary Internet Files to Storage Card
-Connect to Web Via ActiveSync
-Disable Customer Feed Back
-Disable Error Reporting
-Enable ClearType
-Enable Wireless G
-Increase FileSystem filter cache 4096
-Increase font cache to 16384
-Live Google search tweak
-Make reminders show only once
-Make WM6 ask where to install a program
-Make WM6 prompt before overwriting an existing installation
-CABs not uninstalled by default

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Part 1 of 2

Keyboards and SIPs

Q. I changed my Keyboard setting to another language but now the keyboard is blank!

A. You didn't install the language files or configure them properly... See the answer in the next question.

Q. I want to change the keyboard language to a non-English one.

A. Install the languages from this. When finished, go to Settings->Input->Full QWERTY->Options. and select the language you wish to use.

Q. How do I make my keyboard always use T9 without having to manually set it each time, especially whenever I create a new Contact/Appointment/Message (default is ABC currently)?

A. Download the applicable CAB file from.

Q. How do I enable the old drop-down style of Word Completion for the keyboard, block recognizer, etc.?

A. Read this.

Q. How do I enable Letter Recognizer and Block Recognizer in the input menu?

A. Open the registry and change the following:

For letter recognizer:

For block recognizer:


Q. Is Transcriber found in this ROM?

A. No. You can search, or else try the one found.

TouchFLO Tweaks

Q. I want to slide through Contacts smoothly with my fingernail.

A. In the registry, change HKLM\Software\OEM\TFLOSettings\FingerPressure to 5000 or higher. Or simply start Advanced Configuration (found in Onyx Ultimate), go to HTC TouchFLO options and change Finger Pressure from there.

Customizing Manila 2D

Q. I want to change the Manila 2D clock or skin.

A. Clocks and Skins thread is here!

Install themes with the M2D Customizer tool.

If you just want an analog clock on top of the existing theme, just copy the settings file found in this post.

Q. How do I install animation for rain in the Manila2D Weather tab?

A. Unzip and install the attachment at the end of this post.

Q. How do I change the left and right soft keys on the Home tab??

A. Follow the instructions here .

Q. I want to choose which tabs to view (e.g. Music, Photos) in Manila 2D.

A. Run the M2D Customizer tool.

Other Manila 2D Related Questions

Q. I have lots of Manila-related questions not answered in this FAQ.

A. I won't be able to answer those questions, so please consult this thread.

Q. I don't like Manila 2D.

A. Then you can install Lite version.

Q. YouTube videos are slow and choppy.

A. In Youtube, go to the video settings menu (gear-shaped icon on the top right), and select 'Fast Download'. The image quality will be reduced but the playback will be much better.

Q. Chinese fonts don't show up in M2D or in my other programs.

A. Check this post for the solution.

Q. Windows Media Player or Audio Manager stops playing music when I turn off the device.

A. Use the included psShutXP to turn only the backlight off, so your music will play uninterrupted. (Note: a faster way to launch psShutXP is to hold down the power button for a few seconds)

Q. How do I show album art for my songs in Audio Manager?

A. Follow the procedure here.

Q. In the Photos tab, photos can't be seen in full screen and Slideshow doesn't work.

A. Click on the "Album" soft key on the lower left, then select a folder and set it as your Favourite. Now when you go back to Manila you will see it working.

Q. The Alarm indicator on the Home tab says it is off even though I set the alarm.

A. If an alarm is coming up within 24 hours then it will show on the Home tab.

Q. During a reboot the, SIM's PIN code prompt closes after a few seconds, and then TouchFLO starts up.

A. This is a known issue with Manila 2D, not the ROM. You can access the PIN code again when you start up the dialer.
18th January 2009, 12:41 AM |#3  
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I really wanna thanks to:

- Wapvirus for those great and cool Start icons! Congrats. Good work!
- Sergiorus for sharing his Action Screen Tab! Nice job bro!
- DsIxda for his useful and complete FAQ from Onyx ROM which saved my time alot.
- Bkeaver for his great time and efforts for testing my ROMs! Really appreciated his dedication!
- All that have contributed with tips and support
- Swtos for extensive help, handy and support, base files and packs, tweaks tips, and friendship of course! Thanks a lot my friend
- Itje for Kitchen, Rhodium OEM packages and also for his kindness help, friendship and support
- c_shekhar for being around all the time, helping me out on cooking tips, porting, etc. Also for his support being always alert and last not least...friendship!
- Jerpelea for his handy help
- Jvreeken for that M2D cool theme used on this project! Great Work dude!
- UdK for having started the M2D era!
- And all others that somehow contributed to this work

A big hug and special acknowledgment to:

Bally3, NikMel, Neos2007, NuShrike, Rogro82, JesseW & Pcarvalho
we all give extra thx for the efforts and the hard work on the 3d drivers for Polaris.
Gullum for join us in our Open ROM Team
Special thanks to my friend Shekhar for being around when I needed! Thanks bro!
Special thanks to Cmonex for tips and support with wizard knowledge!
Special thanks to ChavonBravo for head me up about getting that extra mem! Without his help, I'd spent a lot of time dealing with!Thanks bro!

KhanX 3.2 Bug Team:
I wanna really thanks these guys for having participate and put their thoughts, ideas, bugs and mainly for provide time to test my project. Well done guys! I really appreciate all of you and efforts which made this work be possible!

- Blackdog7
- Enry74
- Yahla.walla
- Alinescoo
- Dortyboy

Change Log

+ XIP 21042 / 21042 (CE OS)
+ Fixed most bugs found in V3.1 reported by Team
+ Back 3D Drivers
+ Back Call Firewall
+ Adobe Flash 3.1
+ Added CleanRAM 1.1.8
+ Finger Suite 1.11
+ Added Iolite Audio Manager
+ Added Nuetool Performance
+ Added Nuetool Power (Control Panel)
+ Added Nuetool Mass Storage
+ Added Google Official You Tube Application
+ Added Allprograms tab alternative application
+ Added Adobre Reader LE 2.5
+ Added Rhodium GPS Tool
+ Added FingerSuite 1.11
+ Added Rhodium apps:
          * Power Off
          * Task Manager
          * WLAN Settings
          * Facebook engine
          * EnlargeStartMenu

+ Added HButton v2.3
+ Added PersianBlue (Blluetooth apps with progress showbar)

+ XIP 21140 / 21109 (CE OS)
+ Use of Rhodium + Iolite + Blackstone + Opal + Raphael packages
+ Removed Adobe Reader
+ Added M2D Operator Tab modified to Action Screen  
+ Updated M2DC to 29.235
+ Removed 3D drivers
+ Removed CallFirewall
+ Removed some EXEs found in M2DC programs tab
+ Added Manilla cool weather & icons (Only Big ones)
+ Removed 4 rows
+ Removed Flame wallpaper theme and back to Iolite original one
+ Changed Start icons
+ Added ThumbCall (left button)
+ Updated Google Maps to w/ Latitude support
+ Added HTC GPS Tool
+ Updated Opera browser 9.5 to Build 15746
+ Updated few icons to Rhodium style
+ Update Dialer to Iolite Phone Canvas
+ Added Dual Touch VideoCall dialer (specific release)
+ Added HTC Incall Recording
+ Added HTC Rhodium Calculator
+ Added CleanRAM
+ Updated TouchFlo to Rhodium version (v3.0 Build 1912.2726)
+ Changed Camera version to Raphael (No focus built in)
+++I encourage all satisfied and happy people who is using my work, please donate!!! +++

Have fun all!



Download Link

Touch Navia V3.2

Pass.: jaba

Additional Info
****SRS WOW XT****

Donations. PM so I add your name here. I'm really grateful:

03/21 - rspillo $10
04/08 - Olioaglio $10

Looking for OEM's?

Older Versions
For post rules and space, I had to sacrifice some, if you are looking for any older ones, please PM!

How to Flash this ROM directly from your SD Card - GUIDE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Part 2 of 2

Other Questions

Q. How do I increase the ring volume?

A. Go to the registry, and find the following parameter: HKLM\SOFTWARE\HTC\AUDIOGAIN\EAC_GAIN_EMBEDDED. Change it to a value between 67 (default) and 77 (maximum recommended) and then reboot. Don't go so high that it blows out your speaker!

Q. How do I increase the in-call volume?

A. Go to the registry, and find the following parameter: \HKCU\ ControlPanel\ SoundCategories\ InCall\ AttenuationCategory. Change it to 0 (a value of 2 makes it quieter) and then reboot.

Q. My SMS messages suddenly disappeared after I tried to restore them with PPCPimBackup!

A. Don't restore your SMSes while the Messaging application is open. Ensure it is terminated with the Task Manager.

Q. I want to install Cyberon Voice Speed Dial on my Onyx Jr.

A. See this post.

Q. I want threaded SMS.

A. Run the Advanced Configuration tool and change the option under Messaging.
OR set registry: \HKCU\ Software\ Microsoft\ Inbox\ Settings\ OEM\ SMSInboxThreadingDisabled = 0.

Q. I cannot enable Wi-Fi in Comm Manager while it is connected to USB ActiveSync.

A. Go to Settings->Connections->USB to PC and uncheck "Enable advanced network functionality".

Q. How do you zoom and rotate pics in HTC Album?

A. Use your fingertip: Stroke a full circle to zoom, and stroke a semi-circle to rotate.

Q. PPC PIM Backup is really, really slow.

A. This is the answer from user blasev:

It does happen with all M2D user. To reproduce, u must run opera 5 -10 minutes then "accidentally" run audio manager by clicking the music icon. on elf it means 10MB memory left. 10MB=eternal slowness .
In other words, reset your device so that memory is cleared before PPC PIM Backup is started.
Also, in my own testing, on MOST ROMs, I have noticed that after restoring my PIMs, usually my device slows down so I have to do a soft reset to fix it.

Landscape Mode

Q. I want to view Google Maps, Excel, etc. in Landscape view from my Manila 2D shortcut, but it won't let me because M2D is always in Portrait mode.

A. Here's a trick: Go to Settings->Buttons, assign Button 1 to Rotate Screen. So when you open your program from M2D, just hit the button to rotate. When you close the program, the device automatically shifts back to portrait mode as it returns to M2D

M2D Weather Possible Fix

1.) Weather Problems look at the 2 links for help:
Weather Fix #1 Link

N2A Weather patch for version 20 found here:

Q. I don't like Digital Clock in M2D.

A. Apply the patch attached in this post to enable Analog Clock.
18th January 2009, 12:41 AM |#4  
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Additional CABS & Fixes

1. HTC Large Title Menu - Icon in settings\system is missed. So, as this feature is built in, you can't disable unless if you install this CAB. After, icon appear and you can enable/disable such feature.

2. Camera Update - Although this version is an old one 4.08. It gives you an option to have Autofocus back in case you don't like Raphael built in V3.1. So, install this cab and start talking pics as usual!

3. FixFontSize - As menu is bigger than usual for some users....instal this fix and get back the original size without enhancement. It's up to you! Softreset after or it won't work!

4. WMP & Audio Manager Fix - This CAB should fix AM issue when playing in standby mode or when device is off while playing music.
18th January 2009, 12:48 AM |#5  
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thank you my friend
18th January 2009, 12:57 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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Very nice rom there my friend. keep it up!
but where is the Lite version link? i think im blind.
18th January 2009, 01:09 AM |#7  
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you're not blind.... I'm still working on it....removing packages, features, moving things, etc...

I'll release soon. Both builds.

Originally Posted by disflipissofresh

Very nice rom there my friend. keep it up!
but where is the Lite version link? i think im blind.

18th January 2009, 01:11 AM |#8  
Senior Member
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Oh okay, thought my eyes playing tricks on me.
but i'll be looking forward to it!
18th January 2009, 02:47 AM |#9  
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I find HapticFeedback very annoying. Also, the idea of removing the Wifi button from the Communications Manager is bad IMHO.

Quite responsive.
The application to change the system fonts is great, so is call firewall.

The Bluetooth toggle icon is awful! and some of them are just too dark to be visible.

I will stay with your ROM for a few days. It quite good, though
18th January 2009, 05:19 AM |#10  
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Wow! my friend, We talked out it last night and you released it here. You are Really very very swift..........
I guess you had been cooking all these days you were holidaying
My good wishes..
18th January 2009, 05:50 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Please help with Opera browser
I need to be able to view(browse and write in hebrew language pages
when i tried using Opera in a previous ROM it did not worked well it shoed the hebrew in reverse and had problems with it.
I could not find anywhere within Opera settings an option to change langugage or change text direction.
Can you help me ? i dont want to be able to have to use only IE ROMs and in all Opera seems to be much better...

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