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"Stay Healthy" GUIDE - 2G, EDGE, 3G, whateverG

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By nir36, Retired Moderator on 20th January 2009, 03:05 AM
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An issue not much spoken of around PDA enthusiasts is health.
after Menneisyys's most wonderful guide on how to switch between networks I would like to develop his idea in another direction which regards to your brain staying cool.

btw, here's a reference to Menneisyys's guide.

As cellular generations evolved we got the gift of fast transfer rates.
This of course, doesn't come for free, and the higher the transfer rate, the more our brain boils.. whether we're connected to the internet or not.

This is not ALWAYS true, but let's assume that the 1 in 30 cases state is negligible.

In most cases, when you're connected to the 2G network, your device will consume less battery power than when it's connected to the 3G network.

We can refer to 2G,2.5G,2.75G,3G,3.5G.. and so forth. the main issue is not the EXACT difference between these network types but how much does each of them effect your brain.

Our devices' batteries consume power. they also radiate Electromagnetic waves which, if were visible, would create a most complex web, preventing us from doing anything since we would not be able to see.
that wasn't true in the past. the amount of energy radiated was much much much lower.

When you're connected to the 2G network, for instance, your phone tries to retain a fluent connection between its receiver and the (usually) closest relay point. this requires power. this power is also reflected into your brain.. and while a small % of it is dissipated into the air, a lot of it creates unnatural (we'll leave it at that) heat in your brain. it's something like the heat emitted from laptops (which you should also keep a good distance from.. using coolers and stuff.. or you'll get all kinds of pains.. like i have right now typing this on my laptop).

Every provider plants relay points in different places.
though it's a common belief that those relays are not healthy for you and you'd want them as far away as possible.. i'd say you don't.
it's true that having a relay 15-25m away from your window isn't exactly a vladnik carnival but there's a certain distance from the relay in which your phone wouldn't work too hard to retain a signal, and the relay (edit: not the actual relay but the effects caused by having a close relay) won't keep your neurons busy until they burst. It is obviously impossible to individually control the distance.

As 2G and 3G have different requirements, they also have different power consumption. It doesn't require much more than common logic to understand that since 3G needs to transfer more data during a short period of time, it would use more resources than 2G, which needs less during the same period.

As an introduction to the concept of "power" i'll begin by saying that 2G requires something about 3-5 times less the power to keep a live connection than 3G does. as it's not completely true, it wouldn't be wrong to say that 3G creates about 3-5 times the heat than 2G does. a fireball to your brain.

Rough numbers are averaging from 0.043mW/kb in 2G to 0.23mW/kb in 3G.. while using EDGE for instance... is much closer to 2G than to 3G.

Power dissipates by 1/r^2, r being the distance, so i'd say it's certainly fitting to use a headset rather than talking straight to your device.
of course, the best thing to do is to use your speaker.

1. You will be wise using 2G only for phone calls and use your speaker as much as you can to keep yourself away from long lasting brain damage.
2. You will be wise to use NOT MORE than the EXACT data connection you need for your applications. (i.e. if EDGE is fast enough for you, DON'T use 3G)
3. Actually, you will be wise NEVER to use 3G... but that's a bit hard for people who download porn on their devices and want 1.8-14.2MBPS
4. Cancer isn't a joke. BELIEVE me..
5. Cancer isn't a joke.

I'll finish by helping you understand how bad the whole issue is.

the power formula is P=I*V
in the 2G case, P=0.091*3.9=0.355W
in the 3G case, P=0.239*3.9=0.93W

the relative power is 0.93/0.355 = 2.62

this means that at my house, where there is almost maximum signal strength, 3G requires about 2.6 times the power 2G requires.

these are really rough numbers as the current also contains other factors... but you can see the general ratio.

now when the signal is low, 3G requires like 3-4 times more than required when there's a strong signal.. but 2G only requires like twice.. maybe less.. since it has a much lower transfer rate.

it is true that this is the power used and not the radiated power.. and it's true that there's distance between the battery and your brain.. but roughly..
3G is HORRIBLE. don't kill yourselves. use your phones. wisely.

- never use more than 2G unless required. 2G supplies EVERYTHING you need but video calls and internet services at the same quality.
- never use more than EDGE unless required. EDGE supplies about 300kbps which is good for surfing..
- never use 3G unless you really need a very fast connection.

you are invited to use the below tools to check how your phone acts.

Hope this helps you realize what's good for you.

EDIT: now just to clarify this issue so that i don't get clobbered, i am NOT refering to electromagnetic waves THEMSELVES (thus canceling the effect of distant electromagnetic radiation emitting devices). all i am refering to is the heat generated by your device. electromagnetic waves have yet to be proven harmful since their frequencies are too high to harm us(that's the current assumption). the heat generated by those waves tho, is known to "fry". that is, and as i mentioned before, like the heat generated from your laptop which causes inflammations.. and .. other things.

There IS a link between the electromagnetic radiation to the heat generated in our body as the higher the frequency, the higher the particle velocity, causing higher friction which causes heat. this effect is negligible when discussing distant electronic devices, since, as i said ealier, power dissipates by 1/r^2.

what i'm trying to say is, that whether it is proven you can be harmed from electromagnetic radiation and heat or not, we should just be cautious. just in case..
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20th January 2009, 03:23 AM |#2  
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Well.... first of all I do not agree on all your points or think everything you say is as serious a factor as you describe it to be. However, I'll not 'bicker and argue' on these points, less radiation is always better, after all.

In fact, you just gave me an idea for an awesome new app, I may or may not write soon :P

The whole reason for my reply however is this simply tip that will make a lot of difference for a fair number of people, I'll bet:

Do NOT place the phone next to your head next to your bed when you go to sleep!

This was actually in the news here either past week or the week before that. Seeing as you'd be in that position for like 8 hours, you can see how it can make a difference
20th January 2009, 03:29 AM |#3  
nir36's Avatar
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You are correct. this isn't as bad as i made it sound. but making something sound worse than it is always makes people take it more seriously.
I would say that the problem isn't really in the short run.
In the long run, it can be devastating.

and you're right. it's a good tip to not leave the phone close to your head while sleeping.
this actually creates unwanted brain activity. again, in the short run.. it doesn't really matter.. but having more current going thru your brain EVERY night.. will damage it.

and by all means.. argue. this is a forum after all
20th January 2009, 03:30 AM |#4  
Junior Member
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Surely it's your gonads that are in more peril from 3G as I don't surf/videocall with the phone against my head?
20th January 2009, 03:36 AM |#5  
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I guess yeah your gonads may be in trouble

Personally I don't even have phones in the same room as where I sleep, and whenever I'm not walking somewhere they aren't on me either. In the car they're either on the passengers seat or in the glove-box, and at home or work they are in their desktop cradles

Dont carry them on you unless you have to.
20th January 2009, 05:52 AM |#6  
band27's Avatar
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Interesting read...nir36!

One thing is for sure, numbers don't lie. As you know, my thread question whether 3G is worth it on a battery front, but more importantly on a health front.

It would be great to get an APP to allow Communication Manager to speak to the different Networks (2G, 2.75/Edge, 3G, 3.5G, etc.) in order to give back power to the people...instead of power going to their heads!

Yes, I know people use the internet away from their heads but most use the 3G network for phone calls. I don't......switch to Edge immediately.

As mention previously, it would be great to have a "Network Switcher" allowing users to make wise choices.
20th January 2009, 03:46 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Shreveport, Louisiana
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I leave my data connection running downloading stuff a lot of times when I am at work. I have found I can amp the juice down a LOT by turning on my speakers and listening to the crazy noise then moving the phone to a spot where the noise goes away or gets very quiet. For instance. On my desk they go crazy. If I put the phone on the window they go silent very where as moving it in the other direction the same distance does nothing. My conclusion? my head and the speakers which are only about 2 feet away from my head are getting much less radiation. Can do the same thing with my headset for a more accurate placement BUT for some reason it barely picks up the signal to begin with. Not to mention the cold metal window sill cools the phone! bit torrent gets the lil bugger warm.
20th January 2009, 04:56 PM |#8  
kosmodisk's Avatar
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hey and what if i disable GSM module for night? i use my pda also as alarm clock so is it also so dangerous when it is disabled but still near my head when i am sleeping?
20th January 2009, 05:01 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Shreveport, Louisiana
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Originally Posted by kosmodisk

hey and what if i disable GSM module for night? i use my pda also as alarm clock so is it also so dangerous when it is disabled but still near my head when i am sleeping?

if Phone, Wifi, and Bluetooth are off in the wireless menu I cant see of any reason it would emit any radiation. Unless someone else knows something I don't.
20th January 2009, 05:06 PM |#10  
Chainfire's Avatar
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Putting it in "flight mode" would indeed kill 99% of all radiation.
20th January 2009, 05:20 PM |#11  
nir36's Avatar
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as Chainfire said.. it would kill about 99% of the radiation.. or even more.
radiation levels are caused mostly by the fact that you have an antenna fixed in your device which emits EM waves heretically while the phone is on. when the Bluetooth, Wireless and Phone are off... the device only runs on a few mA... while in sleep mode... so the heat levels are dissipated at about 0.05 (or so) cm from the battery. even if you put your phone right next to your ear while all comm services are off.. there's almost 0 chance that something would happen.

to answer your question... a pda in flight mode acting as an alarm clock can be placed next to you. still, just in case.. keep it 20cm from your head.
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