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Customise your Jade

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By azahidi, Senior Member on 28th January 2009, 07:27 AM
Thread Deleted Email Thread
I am putting up this thread to assist Jade owners who wish to customise their Jade. Other members may help adding to the list that may help other Jade users. When replying to add links or new methods you want to share, please include "Title" for easy searching. CREDIT AND APPRECIATION TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THEIR EXPERTISE, EFFORT AND TIME... TOO MANY TO MENTION. If you are new or not sure what/how to do, please READ the XDA-WIKI before asking for help

1) Customising Manila 2D (TF2D) - Manilla 2D Customiser (M2DC)
2) Customising Manila 2D skins
Personalise Your Manila2D Home Tab
See post #24 here
Transparent Slider ==>
3) Customising Start Icons / Skins
4) Customising Taskbar Icons
and (for battery icons in bigger percentage text)

5) Customising Weather Graphics

6) Registry Tweaks - This is meant for Diamond model but many are also workable for Jade.
7) Manila 2D Quick Fixes
added 29-Jan-09
8) Change Date Format on TF2D Home Tab - Credit to nikmaster74 for pointing this reg edit.
Check registry HKCU\MUI\Curlang - if value is 1033 (decimal), most likely the date format will be american format (mmm dd, yy). Changing registry <SSdte> at this state will not change the date format at Home Tab.
How to change ?
Go to registry HKCU\MUI\Curlang - change value 1033 to 409 (decimal) - Save - Soft Reset >>> date on Home Tab will change to format dd/mm/yy (depending on what's at <SSDte>).
Now, if you want to change to other formats, go to HKLM\nls\overrides\SSDte and put whatever format you wish.
e.g. ddd dd/MM/yy will return a date Thu 29/01/09. Note: doing this will also change date format at other tabs like emails, messages, file folders, etc.

Note: Please rename file \windows\HH_0409_WeatherCities.xml to HH_0199_WeatherCities.xml
This to ensure that you can continue add/change cities at the Weather Tab
9) Customise your Dialer Skin (this changes the default white background to blue and bigger, clearer text)
or (please read & follow the instructions carefully).
10) Wake-up your Jade with all buttons. - Credit to a320231
By default you can only wake up your Jade with the "on/off" (top) button. With this regedit, you can wake up your Jade with all (green, red, cursor) buttons. To make a call (using phone pad) from sleep mode just press the green button, no need to press the on/off button first.
added 30/01/09
11) Customise Operator / Service Provider Name
Source site: plus other tweaks, some usable

Summarised step-by-step at post #9 below
added 01/02/09
12) Manila2D Translations Into Different Languages
Just change text "People" in People Tab to "Contact" (becomes Contact Tab)
added 03/02/09
13) Lock Phone Using SoftKey - Credit to izzyzc
Instructions here (post #10 below) :
added 07/02/09
14) Customise Opera Loading Screen
If you're bored with the default black HTC screen while loading Opera explorer, do this...
1)get any picture, 2)edit it to be 240x320 pixel, 3)save it as Opera_loading_POR_QVGA.png, 4)copy it to \windows, 5)SoftReset

To customise the landing page, follow this
15) Customise/Manage Phone Call/Contact
See Post #12 below. click here
added 08/02/09
16) Customise/Configure Opera Browser - Credit to Dark Angel [gEb]
Run opera - type in the addressbar opera:config >> it will give a list of items that can be configured. You can also do a search for subjects or phrases.
For example, search for the phrase "maximum allowed tabs", and you can set the no of tabs allowed (default is 3). Save your changes and restart opera.
17) Easy Access to Wi-Fi (Post #13 below)
added 28/02/09
18) Customise M2D Call History Buttons
added 07/03/09
19) Setting Hotmail in Mail tab
By default WM does not allow you to configure Hotmail in the mail tab. It will push you to Windows Live. Here's the work around
added 13/03/09
20) Basic Tips and Tricks
see post #51 here
added 07/07/09
21) For WM 6.5 - Apps / Themes etc - Credit to Haree for the links
see post #86 here
added 22/07/09
22) How to Modify/Edit *.dll or *.exe Files
added 26/07/09
23) How to edit/delete/add words in T9 Dictionary
Various Useful and Relevant Guides - Worth Visiting credit to nir36 for this wonderful compilation
here >>>>
added 11/04/10
here >>>
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28th January 2009, 08:22 PM |#2  
Nirak's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thanks for your efforts Azahidi, this thread is really handy!
28th January 2009, 08:36 PM |#3  
liquidair's Avatar
Junior Member
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Well done, azahidi! I completely agree with Nirak!
29th January 2009, 03:03 AM |#4  
azahidi's Avatar
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Flag Kuala Lumpur
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Customised Home Tab, Weather Tab, Phone Pad, Taskbar Icons
Just to share, for the benefit of new members how our Jade can be customised. These are examples how I have customised mine. Others may want to share how they have customised theirs for others to emulate.

Anybody wants their name/identity to be displayed at the home tab (as in first image), PM me. I'll try to accomodate.
29th January 2009, 06:51 AM |#5  
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Good start
Hi Aza
That is a very good initiative.
Further to my earlier post on why there is no customisation on Jade, this thread commence at the right time. Compare to other threads like Diamond, there are lot of customisation efforts contributed. I hope this thread can be like them.
29th January 2009, 03:28 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag İzmir
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Hi Zahidi,

We are lucky having you here..
Ths for leading us to customisation.

I found your phonepad and installed. It is really nice. Ths again.

I have walked around skins topic, it is more than 500 pages..
Can you lead me where I can find your skin especially Today screen top stripe in where there is "start"..
30th January 2009, 03:41 AM |#7  
azahidi's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag Kuala Lumpur
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Originally Posted by sas_sas

Hi Zahidi,
I found your phonepad and installed. It is really nice. Ths again.

I have walked around skins topic, it is more than 500 pages..
Can you lead me where I can find your skin especially Today screen top stripe in where there is "start"..

Thanks for the compliment.
I used this as the skin base but I have modified the clock face and background using other skins. Have fun and enjoy.
30th January 2009, 09:20 AM |#8  
Flag :)
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Missing M2D Google Maps Tab

Screen Rotation:
30th January 2009, 09:31 AM |#9  
azahidi's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Customise The Operator / Service Provider Name

Three registries are involved :
1) HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\ONSDisplayRule
2) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RIL\Operator Names
3) HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\LongNamePrefix - (optional)

A) To show customised operator name (other than the default operator)

Edit HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\ONSDisplayRule = 0 (DWORD decimal) (default = 9 or others)
And then at
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RIL\Operator Names
Look for a 5 digit code "MCCNC", where MCC is 3-digit country code, and NC is 2-digit network operator's code. for example:

50219 - Malaysia Celcom GSM 900/1800
23415 - Vodafone UK
20801 - France Orange

For country and network codes (MCCNC), go to:

If your code is already listed, then edit/change the contents (text) to anything you want to be displayed.
If not, then add the 5-digit code and the text (name) to be displayed. SOFT RESET.

B) HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\LongNamePrefix
This registry is for 3G network (if you have). Change this text string to whatever you want to be displayed. SOFT RESET.
If there is no 3G network or you're not on 3G, this will not be displayed.
or set HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\Enable3GLongNamePre fix to 0 to hide the 3G text.

C) To show operator name based on the SIM card used (default operator), set HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\PhoneSetting\ONSDisplayRule=1 (DWORD decimal)

Note: You can hide operator name using Manila2D Customiser, but when you use the phone dialer function, the operator name will appear at the top left hand corner. By using steps A and B above what you customise will be diaplayed (see picture)
3rd February 2009, 03:32 AM |#10  
azahidi's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Lock Phone Using SoftKey
Credit to izzyzc for sharing with us.

Instead of locking your phone using the default "Long press right (red) button", you can assign a Softkey to do it.

Method 1
If you have Manila 2D Customiser, go to "SoftKey" tab and insert in SoftKey Name: "Your Own Text" and SoftKey Command: \windows\EndKey.exe

Method 2 - Registry Edit
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\manila2D\Home\
Edit SK2Cmd = \windows\EndKey.exe (for right softkey, replace the default "Program")
Edit SK2 = "Your Own Text"
5th February 2009, 08:27 PM |#11  
Junior Member
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great efforts nicely done.. this thread should be made sticky.. will be easier for us to refer it in the future
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