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[Oct 26] Jack V3.x [WM6.1 REBORN Lite/Medium/Full WWE w/optional CHT/CHS/JPN support]

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By jackleung, Inactive Recognized Developer on 20th March 2009, 06:30 PM
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Read & search posts before you ask*
Like all the roms I build in the past, all junks will be remove in the beginning for the base/lite rom. And eventually comes w/ a super full rom w/ Chinese support. It may contains lots of software you may not need. Just take the lite rom, OR remove the shortcut and pretend they are not there for the full rom

Removed (panels, some removed apps can be found in the R3A UC sdconfig package in the next post):
  1. Unnecessary services: (Error reporting, SQM, Logger, Catalog...etc) & WM program: (One note, Welcome Center, Windows update, etc)
  2. Help files html
  3. HTC Task Manager (I prefer QuickMenu or Pocket Plus more)
  4. Registry clean up and some optimizations I cannot remember
  5. All the cabs in the starup customization (will be provided as separate install)
  6. Panel (will be provided as separate install)
  7. All demo movie, mp3, and most ringtones
  8. Camera shutter sound (cab to revert it back)
  9. Skinned Dialer (***original X1 dialer here***)
  1. Disable SMS send notification
  2. disable keyboard sliding wakeup
  3. Hide settings that no configuration is need (e.g. GPS)
  4. enable automatic time zone and system clock update
  5. Update .Net CF to 3.5
  6. UC support for auto installation after hard-reset (UC example script at post#2, Excellent tool to build UC stuff and user info here)
  7. Re-organize "Start Menu" and "Setting Menu" in better order
  8. More registry settings customization for speed/better user experience.
  9. 16mb hidden mounted ramdisk for MUCH faster Internet browsing (Patched Opera will be provide in UC package to utilize this).
  10. Tnyynt SD turn up.
  11. Patch to make Bluetooth button work w/ Cyberon VoiceCommander

*** V3.1 Lite (storage: 380+mb / Program: 150 mb + 16mb ramdisk)***

*Simply the fastest/lightest/most stable WM6.1 you could find.

*** [Oct 15] V3.2 Lite (Storage: 384mb/Program: 148mb + 16mb ramdisk) ***

  1. Some X2 drivers (Thanks Itje again)
  2. New Windows Live/Messenger
*** [Oct 26] V3.3 Lite ***
  1. Use bigger menu font for better usability
  2. Some resource optimization which fixed Opera 9.7 cannot start (may not need for Lite but definitely needed for Med/Full)


*** V3.0-3.8 Medium ***

  1. Adobe Flash Lite w/ ActiveX Deployment (Support flash for IE, Opera and Flash Panel)
  2. TCPMP w/ srt subtitle support
  3. Smabergs's Actionscreen (Thx Smabergs)
  4. Lot of HTC Stuff
    1. TF3D 2 w/ Landscape support & AVRCP w/ Music tab
    2. Album (support FootPrint, Youtube and Facebook upload)
    3. Foot Print
    4. Rhodium: AudioBooster, Camera, Contact Card, Phone Dialer, Push Internet, Menu Enhancement ... etc
    5. YouTube
    6. Enlarge Star Menu, Volume Control
    7. MP3 Trimmer
    8. Xperia XT9 keyboard

*** V3.9 Medium ***
  1. Completely rebuild with latest components in my V4.x. So goto V4.x thread to grab the removed components (MMS, Powerpoint, ...etc)
  2. Manila 2.1.19 with location weather support (Thanks Itje)
  3. Some X2 drivers (Thanks Itje again)
*** [Oct 23] V3.14 Medium ***
  1. Fix Footprint camera issue (if any ;p)
  2. Max Manila Theme V1.1 (no more complaint of BG picture I picked, replace /Windows/MaxBackground.jpg to whatever you want)
  3. Pagepool set to 16mb
*** [Oct 26] V3.15 Medium ***
  1. Same as 3.3 Lite


* May include trialwares, support the developers and purchase them if you like their software. Request for key will be ignore *
** Complaints of having/missing this & that software will be ignore as well **

*** V3.0 - 3.5 Full ***

  1. Useful software from Resco Soft (Explorer, Picutre viewer)
  2. RMVB support (Don't expect very smooth)
  3. Core Player - ** Must use GDI for video playback **
  4. Network: Skype, No data, VNC viewer, putty, Obex Inbox
  5. Tools: No Today plugin, Torch button, system snapshot, FDcSoft task manger
  6. MS MyPhone
  7. Microsoft Facebook Apps
  8. Some mini games
  9. and a lot more...
*** [Oct 26] V3.12 Full ***
  1. Same as 3.3 Lite

V3.9 Full ML Screenshoot:

20th March 2009, 06:31 PM |#2  
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Installation and UC Package
1. Install HardSPL
2. Use RUU tools or Micro-SD method written by me

Some cabs and extra files you may need.
  1. *new* UC package template w/ removed panels, games, Opera (tweaked to use ramdisk) ...etc.
  2. Original X1 Dialer
  3. Original T-mobile TF3D theme and background in case you don't like the clock I used
  4. UC ROM SDConfig.txt Builder. Highly recommend tools for UC process.
  5. HTC task manager. Install and soft-reset
  6. Other SIP for CE star (For ML version): Japanese (extract to /Windows), Zhuyin注音 ,ChangJei, pinyin
  7. FlashLite 3.1 for Opera is builtin for Medium/Full but some videos in youtube require flash9 support which could only play w/ flashplayer7, choppy but works)
  8. HGPS_Switch.exe for TMC driver

How to use my SDConfig package:
1. Extract the zip file to the root of yr micro-SD card and you 
should have a directory structure w/ SDConfig.txt under "\Storage card":

\Storage Card
             |---apps (folder)
             |---config (folder)
             |---License (folder)
             |---panel (folder)
             |---shortcut (folder)
             |---Myinfo.reg.xml (file) 

2. Myinfo.reg.xml is for personal information Name, 
email that can be generate easily w/ the tool I suggest above.

3. Edit SDConfig.txt to suite your need for what to install 
after hard-reset.  And put the needed files in corresponding folders.

4. My supplied SDConfig.txt example will: 
    a. add back the Xpanel w/ panels apps I want 
    b. install Google map, opera ...etc
    c. Copy/move shortcut for start menu, and opera's config 
        to use ramdisk as cache and max for 9 tabs instead of 3
    d. Copy the license file (NOT INCLUDED) for Resco Apps 
       (Explorer, picture viewer ..etc), Core player, Gamin Mobile 
        XT ... etc (Tips for how to UC the registration)
20th March 2009, 06:32 PM |#3  
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Bugs and workaround:
Bugs and workaround:
  1. IGO8 may not detect rom's device type and crash. put the following in sys.txt:
  2. Xperia Tweak won't work: Advance Config Tool is much better tool
  3. HTC Youtube may not work for Cingular user: (Cingular user must delete the "" from the following to work: HKLM\Comm\ConnMgr\Providers\{EF097F4C-DC4B-4c98-8FF6-AEF805DC0E8E}\HTTP-{436eF144-B4FB-4863-A041-8F905A62C572}\Proxy)
  4. Stock Opera disable flash by default. Change the following in \Application Data\Opera\axobjects.ini to support flash
    [Shockwave Flash]
  1. None
  1. Costmatic issue (font too small) with HTC album - no fix as of this moment since this is the only version with facebook & youtube upload yet support zooming
  1. Same as Medium
20th March 2009, 06:33 PM |#4  
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Download & Tweaking

Current version:
V3.3 Lite
V3.15 Medium
V3.12 Full (WWE) | V3.12 Full ML (WWE w/ CHT/CHS/JPN support)

Last stable version
V3.2 Lite from Rapidshare
V3.14 Medium
V3.11 Full (WWE)
| V3.11 Full ML (WWE w/ CHT/CHS/JPN support)

  1. For all WM rom, SIP change may become slow after lots of software installed. Here is the solution that works by re-import the CLSID in registry. (Backup first!!!)
  2. Ramdisk Size:
  3. Sliding keyboard to wake up the device
  4. Re-assign XPanel button
  5. How to edit TF3D 2
  6. Steps to get Weather in calendar works
  7. 外掛注音相關輸入法 鍵盤對應問題 (hardware keyboard mapping w/ Chinese Input)
  8. Turn off PIE "High Resolution" by remove "UseHR"
  9. Change default Camera
20th March 2009, 06:46 PM |#5  
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thanks a lot! I m gonna flashing it in a bit.
20th March 2009, 06:49 PM |#6  
Fr@'s Avatar
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Just to say thank you, I'll flash this on the week end and report bugs (there won't be :), of course)
20th March 2009, 07:30 PM |#7  
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Im YOur rom fan !

20th March 2009, 07:45 PM |#8  
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Another lite rom, but based on the newer OS! Great!

Now users can choose from more and more X1 roms
20th March 2009, 07:49 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by norti

Another lite rom, but based on the newer OS! Great!

Now users can choose from more and more X1 roms

Yeah, the more the better because of the competition and collaboration .
20th March 2009, 09:31 PM |#10  
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no screenshots ???
20th March 2009, 10:24 PM |#11  
Junior Member
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what'd be the point in screenshots, it's just a super lite/clean rom.
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