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[10.04.09] Touch-IT 5.061 Final version

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By itje, Retired Moderator on 26th March 2009, 06:42 PM
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If you cant read the thread for fixes or answers because you are lazy, then dont flash my roms..its that easy.

Touch-IT v5 Final
CE OS 5.2.21040 (Build 21040.1.6.1)

Based on X1 r2aa and R3aa with the new Rhodium from T-Mobile

Please read post 2 and 3 before installing this rom
Please read the first 6 posts in this thread before you report any bugs/issues.

Some updated screens:

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26th March 2009, 06:43 PM |#2  
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Download links to rom, add-ons and fixes

Before you download, read here:
-Update to my roms and hard-spl at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any damage to your X1.
-Dont start yelling about the rom is useless (Or similar) just because a feature you use is not working. That is to me really demoralising to read, and it most
certainly dont encourage me to respond to your issues.
-Dont complaint about why I remove this or that. Or why I dont add this or that.
-Have respect for ppl who contribute to the members of XDA
-Do not sell this software on E-bay or other places
-I really spend alot of time working on this. Donations is not required, but is much appreciated.
-I do NOT respond to bugreporting on pm or via email/msn, ask in the thread. If someone has time, knowlege and patience, they might help you

Any donation given for the time I use on this is appreciated, so pls use link above my banner.


If you cant read the thread for fixes or answers because you are lazy, then dont flash my roms..its that easy.

Download v5.061 Final version: (fixed)
-RapidShare - thx to flext

Look at the botom of this post for additional fixes

sorry, im to tired to add mirrors..its 4am the first ones out ok?

09.04.09 - Info on v5.06:
This rom is using the new runCC from HTC, wich means that the old customization is byebye..well, not totaly, but its improved.
When the rom boots up, you will come to the screenalignment...but you might not be able to finsih it, the device might reboot, but dont worry...
If so, you will get to screenalignment again, this time you will be able to finish it, but do not wait to long, cause runCC has a timer buildt in, so be ready to do the setup, or else you will reboot again...

This is both a bug and not a bug, Im on to fixing it in future release.

Why did I implement this and not keep the old system???
runCC has many benefits, but its mostly for chefs, since it makes the use of provxml files in packages obsolete.. (dont pm me and ask for it, I releasing it in "share center" with a tutorial when its ready for release)

But what you guys are gonna notice, is that this process is more easy on ram and storage...thus speed and stability..and so on...

Edit: In this rom you must run Connection setup manualy.
you find it in start men/settings/connections

have fun

EDIT: Did some finetuning on runCC in fixed version..

-New cabs from SE:
-some new untested

-Advanced Network fix
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26th March 2009, 06:43 PM |#3  
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How to get the Touch-IT Xperience:

Hard-SPL is needed if you wanna flash custom roms
-Info on Hard-SPL here

My tips on how to flash a custom rom:
-Do not let battery be below 50%
-Keep the device on a secure location (so that it wont fall and loose connection to your pc during flash)
-Enter bootloader (rainbowscreen) pressing power button and volume down simultaneously (hold the buttons untill you enter bootloader)
-Connect to pc (activesync)
-Run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow onscreen instructions

Flash via micro-sd method
-Originaly posted by Jackleung
-Make sure x1 is hard-spl first
-Make sure your micro-sd is formatted w/ fat-32
-rename the image file (normally "ruu_signed.nbh") to Kovsimg.nbh, copy that to the micro-sd, and put that on your X1's sd-card
-Bring x1 to boot-loader mode by turning off the x1 completely. Hold the "volume down" button on the right, and hold the power on button until you see the tri-color screen.
-Then follow the on-screen instruction
26th March 2009, 06:43 PM |#4  
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Thanks Meter: 193
Donate to Me
Thx to:
-Bepe, for the Platformbuilder
-Ervius, for great tools
-Ameet, for great guides
-"OliNex", for hard-spl
-Tom Codon, for friendship
-Jackleung for providing assistance with HD camera
-Fards for providing alot of support in my threads
-All my other friends here at XDA
-All you who have donated

Special thx to my Touch-IT team:
-Fards, great problemsolver, thx for helping bro.
-akp99, for mods on opera, problem solving..thx bro..
-m@rko, bugreports and suggesting fixes..thx bro

You guys really made it easier for me to make this rom

Extra special thx to:
-All my friends/users/fans using my work

To others I might have forgotten: sorry...
26th March 2009, 08:32 PM |#5  
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Fixes, Bugs & Cabs:
See next two posts


1. SMS issue - not required in 5.061
1 in 3 not notifying (credit to Reborg/Fards here)

Delete key:
Or install this cab

2. MyFaves
For T-Mobile USA with a MyFaves package only
(May work in other countries with MyFaves)

Install this cab and soft reset.

NB I can't test properly as I'm not on the above so would appreciate feedback on this. Will install on any but sit on refreshing per above unless it can check with T-Mob that you have entitlement. After soft reset will hide the tab if you don't have this (NB can reeneble by going to HKCU\Sftware\HTC\Manila\Manila:// and set to 0)

3. Video calling: - not required in 5.061

Install this cab (credit to Fards)

NB orientation is incorrect - you can correct on input side with below cab but this apparently corrupts sent image:

Videocall fix

NB this will stop the battery indicator from working - install one of the numerous battery replacements (Finixnover linked below, more in Dev & Hacking)

4. Fix Longpressendkey:
Add this link

5. Advanced network functionality:
Install this

6. RSK functionality not retained:
Add this to \Windows

Known issues:
1. Music playback via phone speaker not available in standby (this is a power-saving feature, not considered a bug).
2. Search bar in internet tab opens IE instead of Opera
3. Audiobooster not linked to menu in music tab
4. Small number of users reporting incorrect timestamps on SMS - add this key (credit to bites):
5. Small number of users reporting Streaming Media Player crashes on full screen - install this
6. Small number of users reporting audio playback halts after x seconds - try these cabs
7. FM Radio not workinf - install HTC FM Radio cab - NB HTC FM Radio and MxP can not be installed at the same time as MxP calls the FM radio (not a bug) - one or the other or use the old MxP
8. Can't close opera in task manager:
HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManager\ExclusiveList\System and delete Opera9.exe.
9. No upload from Album - use Facebook app.
10. (thanks to jack) Youtube app may be unable to connect for at&t/Cingular users - delete the "" from the following: HKLM\Comm\ConnMgr\Providers\{EF097F4C-DC4B-4c98-8FF6-AEF805DC0E8E}\HTTP-{436eF144-B4FB-4863-A041-8F905A62C572}\Proxy
11. (thanks to jack) IGO8 may not detect rom's device type and crash. put the following in sys.txt:


Add your own city to weather tab:
Credit to turnstar
1. Copy 2330fc3c_manila from your windows directory onto your PC
2. Download SQLite Administrator.
3. Download WeatherDatabaseEditor 1.2 and install to your device (you won't actually be using this but it adds a reg key that is essential to making this work. (I'm not sure what it adds but this is what the orig instructions I read said to do))
4.Open the manila file using SQLite Administrator on your PC (make sure you select all files when trying to open or it wont show up) then select the "Edit Data" tab and highlight cities in the tree on the left, all you gotta do now is pick a city you'd never use and edit the CityName, Country and accuweathercode to match the city you plan to add.
5. Place the edited copy of 2330fc3c_manila into your windows directory and soft reset the device.
6. Go into the TF3D weather tab and select your city from the list (this will also add your city to the calender tab)

Enable proper encoding for accented letters in Opera on installed version:
Copy encoding.bin from \Application Data\Opera9 to \Windows\Opera9 using Total Commander

For missing/requested apps

- R3a Panel Manager
- RSS Hub
- Fish panel (amended, working)
- FiNix Over Battery (shows %)
- Footprints
- Xperia XT9 Keyboard
- New SE Media panel (MxP)
- Slideshow panel
- GoogleSearch
- GooglePanel
- GoogleMaps
- GrowingPanel
- X1 FlashLite
- Opera 15969
- Xtrakt
- Sudoku
- SPB MobileShell
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26th March 2009, 10:44 PM |#6  
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Reserved for inane comments thought up after getting back from the pub...

First the nice new; HTC Designed this so it must be cool. Startmenu

this gets rid of the programs tab (as it's a WOFT) and makes the startmenu fingerfriendly n stuff. I've set the top three as HOME/CONTACTS/SETTINGS. the icons are the included ones, they might not appeal to everyone, if they don't then you need to phone HTC and complain to their graphic artists.. Personally I think they're ace..

Okay here's cab for webpanel support, to get google/live and other html panels working properly.
I think it should work multilanguage, but probably won't, there's stuff in the Provxml to set the mui file (but there's no mui file in the 409 version)! so can't say it will work for anylanguage other than WWE.
Cabs at bottom of post..

If you want an easyway of enabling/disabling tf3d notifications/startmenu/rotation/bigmenus etc then try this program out.

if you're getting stuck on endless reboots
then try in order
A) hard reset.
B) remove the SD Card (it's likey something you have set up such as UC isn't working well with this)
C) remove the Sim
D) do all three..
It should take from SE logo disappearing to end of first reset about 1minute 40 seconds to set up.

If You want to stop opera running in the background all the time, then change in the registry HKLM/software/htc/PushInternetEngine/ Enable to 0 and soft reset.

**************ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SHOULD NOT BE NEEDED FOR 5.06x******************

I've also been playing and found a way of really speeding up manila (or so it seems to me and others who tested it).
See post #305 *** not needed in 5.04/5.05 as it's included already.

Fix for Bluetooth conflicting with web connection
Originally Posted by tomato333

Try to play with some registry and I have made the wifi work when the bluetooth is ON.

Under HKLM/Comm/BTPAN1/Parms/Tcpip and change EnableDHCP to 1

I am using v5.01

also we've now squashed the last major bug..
if you have problems with sms notifications see this post
or this next bit:
People with SMS problems who don't want to reflash read this

Ok, looks like fards and I have a solution (working for me for me anyway) to the 1 in 3 failures. 20 Messages later and all notifications received.

This is just registry tweaks.

Delete this registry entry completely

Verify that you have the following setting
If you then have a timestamp error (text messages arriving with wrong time on them)
Originally Posted by bites :
To fix the sms receiving time that always shows up as GMT 0, add the following registry settings

Streaming media working in Fullscreen

Updated R3Generic panels (fish and SE 1 & 2) on mediafire

Here's a couple more *tweaks*
A patch to autoswitch to using WIFI if enabled, a possibly better audiopara file.
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File Type: cab touch-it - [Click for QR Code] (4.0 KB, 1714 views)
File Type: cab touch-it - [Click for QR Code] (168.4 KB, 292 views)
26th March 2009, 10:47 PM |#7  
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Ok first bug for me.

Touch-IT provxml tweaks xml file is corrupt.

Oh and thanks, gonna be trying the 6.5 rom soon, but wanted to see what this was like first.

I think the error is from

<characteristic type="HKLM\Software\Opera\Preload" translation="filesystem">
<parm name="RealExit" datatype="integer" value="1"/>

It does not have a closing tag
26th March 2009, 10:50 PM |#8  
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Another bug here!
When I try to lock my screen (pressing the key button), I get the error that the file 'EndKey' cannot be opened... etc.
26th March 2009, 10:51 PM |#9  
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ops, send it through SMS as I saw this thread locked.

Can't activate Bluetooth, tells "no hardware present". Seems 21040 does not have bt xip, you need to use a previous or more newer one :P

Other than this, this rom looks great and it's also FAST!
26th March 2009, 10:51 PM |#10  
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Guess this is a silly question, but do we know if the sms issues of 4.5 are resolved? (I'm downloading now so i can flash and test, just curious!)
26th March 2009, 10:52 PM |#11  
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Reserved for something usefull...(I hope)

Please also provide ftp mirror...thanks guys
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