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[REF] Kaiser Hard SPL Rollup Thread.

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By DaveShaw, Senior Moderator Emeritus + Wiki Bureaucrat on 27th March 2009, 05:57 PM
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There are now a large selection of Kaiser Hard SPL's floating about. I am making this thread as a collection for all of them and the instructions for flashing them.

WM Version - Different SPL's perform better depending if you are running WM6.0 or WM6.1. If you are using a WM6.0 ROM, you should be using a WM6.0 Hard SPL (v1 is recommended). If you are using WM6.1 any 3.* SPL is recommended.
Hard SPL Version - Most WM6.1 ROM's are based of a 3.* release by HTC / ATT. The 3.* Hard SPL version should match this the best it can.
MFG - Manufacturing. This SPL supports more commands (such as rtask a)
jockyw2001 - Any Hard SPL made by jockyw2001 (WM6.1 versions)
cmonex - Any Hard SPL made by cmonex.
DaveShaw - Any bootloader patched by me. Will be the same as cmonex's because I copied her changes from previous versions - all credit to her .
Force USB - These SPL's have a fix to force the USB to work if it is not working for some reason.
nostuckinSPL - These SPL's have a fix to prevent you getting stuck at the bootloader as often.

Windows Mobile 6
-Hard SPL V1 (1.00.OliPof) [MFG] by pof / Olipro - Download and Instructions in the linked thread.
-Hard SPL V1.1 (1.1.JockyW) [MFG] by jockyw2001 - Download and Instructions in the linked thread.
-Hard SPL V1 nostuckinSPL Force USB [MFG] by cmonex - download only.

Windows Mobile 6.1 - All links are to the downloads, instructions to follow.
jockyw2001 (.hard)
3.07 Hard SPL / Force USB
3.28 Hard SPL / Force USB
3.29 Hard SPL / Force USB
3.56 Hard SPL / Force USB

cmonex (.hard2)

3.29 Hard SPL nostuckinSPL / Force USB
3.31 Hard SPL nostuckinSPL Force USB
3.56 Hard SPL nostuckinSPL / Force USB

DaveShaw (.hard)
3.34 Hard SPL nostuckinSPL Force USB

If this is your first time flashing an SPL, take some time to read up on the other stickies (mskip's in particular) and wiki pages, this is more of a reference thread.

How to Install A Hard SPL:
  1. Plug the device into your PC
  2. Copy JumpSPL (either 1.56, 1.93 or 1.94) to your device.
  3. Take out your SD card & SIM Card.
  4. Run Jump SPL on your device
  5. Wait for the bootloader screen to appear and "USB" to show.
  6. Right-click activesync, go into connection settings and ensure Allow USB Connections is unchecked
  7. Unplug your device from the USB port, wait 5 - 20 seconds, plug it back in.
  8. Run KaiserCustomRUU.exe and flash the SPL

If you have problems with the above process, try this:
  1. Download the attached files from the first instructions
  2. Pull out the battery and reinsert it (this step *is* important)
  3. Connect your PC to phone with a USB cable
  5. Copy JumpSPL1.56-KAIS.exe to your device and run it (make sure the USB cable is still connected). If you still get a white screen then reset your device and now try JumpSPL1.93-KAIS.exe and if you still get a white screen then reset your device and now try JumpSPL1.94-KAIS.exe
  6. After a few seconds "USB" appears on the phone display
  7. Unplug and replug the usb cable
  8. Deselect "Allow USB connections" in Activesync connection settings
  9. Now flash hardSPL (run KaiserCustomRUU.exe on your PC)
With the JumpSPL you should *not* flash radio roms, OS roms or full roms. The JumpSPL is only needed to flash a HardSPL (or SPL)

Upgrading SPL via SD Guide - Only works if you already have Hard SPL.
  1. Make sure your microSD is Formatted to fat32 (you dont have to delete all files but it is safer if you do)
  2. Download the SPL you want to flash from the links above.
  3. Rename the NBH file you downloaded to KAISIMG.nbh.
  4. Download KAISDIAG.nbh from here.
  5. Insert the microSD Card into the phone
  6. Hold in the Power and Camera buttons, then press the reset button with the stylus for about 3 seconds until the BootLoader screen appears
  7. It should say Loading / Update in progress and then to a screen saying SPL 1.00.OliNex
  8. It should now say Press Power Button to flash or just flash the KAISIMG.NBH and then reset
  9. At this point it should boot to the OS, if it doesn't then flash an OS (delete the previous KAISDIAG.NBH and KAISIMG.NBH from the SD Card and use Flashing Rom from MicroSD Card method)
  10. After the Operating System loads, DELETE the KAISDIAG.NBH and KAISIMG.NBH files


FAQ (Not 100% applicable to this but a good source).

Thanks (in order of appearance)
  • pof
  • Olipro
  • jockyw2001
  • cmonex
  • Kyphur
  • mskip
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27th March 2009, 05:57 PM |#2  
DaveShaw's Avatar
OP Senior Moderator Emeritus + Wiki Bureaucrat
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I'm off home now I might not be back on for a while.

Post any problems here and I'll update / clean up this thread when I get home.

27th March 2009, 08:17 PM |#3  
peterfnet's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Caprica
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Very nice! Thanks for putting it all in 1 place!
27th March 2009, 10:05 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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Removed. I flashed 3-4 times and it finally took. Thank you for your help. Anyone else have a preference on a HARD SPL?
27th March 2009, 10:16 PM |#5  
DaveShaw's Avatar
OP Senior Moderator Emeritus + Wiki Bureaucrat
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Originally Posted by Hyden121

Removed. I flashed 3-4 times and it finally took. Thank you for your help. Anyone else have a preference on a HARD SPL?

Was just about to reply. Glad you sorted it. I've had problems changing SPL before. The second set of instructions using Jump SPL worked. Also cmonex's KAISDIAG.nbh method works everytime.

I'm using 3.34 Hard SPL for 2 reasons.
1. The ROM I'm using is is based on the 3.34 ROM.
2. I made it (with cmonex's help ).

27th March 2009, 10:19 PM |#6  
Senior Member
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I saw that. I am using it as well but was curious if the 3.56 SPL was better in anyway. Either way it is great to finally have a new SPL and it only took me 1 year.
28th March 2009, 02:35 AM |#7  
darth maximus's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thumbs up
thanks dave! i've flased it and all seems well. my keyboards only have 2 keys you have to press a bit more firmly than the rest rather than 9 with 3.29 so that's much better!

had trouble flashing via customruu so did the microsd card thing. kinda weird though, last night, i couldn't get the microsd approach going with 3.29cmonex. so i flashed via customruu and it worked. now with 3.34, i couldn't get the customruu to work, so i did the microsd approach. anyway, so long as it works!
28th March 2009, 07:43 AM |#8  
nht_max's Avatar
Senior Member
On Planet Earth :))
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Thanks DaveShaw, you've really helped new-to-Tytn2 people like me a lot. A good beginning to the ROM experiencing journey
28th March 2009, 09:02 AM |#9  
nhatt's Avatar
Senior Member
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3.34 hardSPL tested ok for my kaiser,thanks to Daveshaw.
1st April 2009, 09:05 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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nice post, can anyone post his/her experience with the SPLs, meaning if better speed, battery life,....etc

thx dude
2nd April 2009, 04:39 AM |#11  
kurobosi's Avatar
Junior Member
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Could you explain what is the major advantage of using your 3.34 HardSPL toward to the other Hard SPLs?
I still have no idea about those HardSPLs differences so I'm using latest(? 3.54).

Thank you.
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