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By Rozenthal, Retired Recognized Developer on 5th April 2009, 10:05 PM
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For VGA and QVGA we recommend that you install Giannis86 versions, since they contain all language layouts. New Giannis QVGA fixed cabs are now available, as well as official WVGA / WQVGA with small updates in layouts for: Greek, Spanish and Hebrew languages.

>>> HOT! Giannis86 VGA with arrows cab / all languages included and some extra features!

>>> HOT! Giannis86 QVGA with arrows cab / all languages included and some extra features!

>>> HOT! Giannis86 QVGA without arrows cab / all languages included and some extra features!

>>> Available for download: Giannis86 VGA without arrows cab / all languages included and some extra features!
You can read more about Giannis86 VGA version in a dedicated thread.

>>> Available for download: WVGA & WQVGA (all languages)

>>> Available for download: VGA & QVGA - utak3r editions
(not all languages included)

Check out FingerKeyboard video demonstration:

Please note that the speed of typing in
this video is intentionally slightly slowed
down - this was done so that it is easier
to see what buttons are being typed
during the demonstration.


Before installing FingerKeyboard2, please make sure you find out what is the correct installation version for your device. You will see that we have attached several different versions - they're designed to work on specific device resolutions.
Do not download before you know exactly what you need for your specific device! Explanation of how to discover what resolution your device has is described in HELP AND FAQ document listed few posts below!

Speaking of which - READ the whole HELP AND FAQ text; it will help you understand how to configure and use this keyboard!


- IF YOU HAVE OLDER VERSIONS OF FINGERKEYBOARD, PLEASE UNINSTALL THEM BEFORE INSTALLING V2.1! After removing old version, please restart the device and remove FingerKeyb folder before proceeding!

- Run the attached .cab file (recommend you install to device memory).

- The keyboard will install into /Program files/FingerKeyb. There is also a link to Configuration tool in the Start > Programs.

- After installation, a Configuration utility will open. Here you can customize the layouts, choose color schemes and configure various options of FingerKeyboard2.

- Click on OK and softreset the device.

- Open up your standard keyboard (in SMS for example), click on the small arrow next to the middle keyboard icon and go to "Other input options".

- FingerKeyb should be listed there, select it and you're good to go!

- If you wish to set FingerKeyb as default keyboard, even after restart of your device, use SIP change application. Remember to set the time-delay to 40-50 seconds! Some users reported that another app, with same functionality, called IMSelector works better on Samsung Omnia.


Go into Settings > System > Remove programs. It is listed as "Exidler's FingerKeyboard".


Created and programmed by Exidler
Designed by Rozenthal
Main tester ChrisCross

Big thanks to people who helped us in creating this application (in no special order): Berkut_G, utak3r, GoldCoin, Cerato, Schreda, Panosha, JBouRas, SBS, BadCluster, Taiseer999, Borchert, Hanackin, Iligcons, Allbercik, Ombre.px, Nvidia32, derfler, ilovepunani, elite-fusion, RoozbehDream, Giannis86, parasite81, bugsykoosh, Reefhunter49, Chompy18 (if I forgot someone, please PM me!)


v2.1 - new and improved FKBD2 with unique features (5. april, 2009)
v2.0 - official release of updated FingerKeyboard
v1.4 to v2.0 beta - closed beta testing (link to 1.4 thread)
v1.4 - alternate language layout for landscape mode. New vertical num pad.
v1.3 - updated landscape graphics and layout, fixed bugs.
v1.2 - updated vertical layout, now supports limited landscape mode, new .dll and register files.
v1.1 - vertical support for 2 languages + numeric keypad, new graphics, new layout

v1.0 - exidler's original version


Please read carefully the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement ("EULA") before installing FingerKeyboard software ("Software").

This EULA provides a license agreement between authors of FinkerKeyboard ("Licensors") and you (person) ("Licensee") to use the Software and contains warranty information and liability disclaimers.

By installing and using the Software you accept and agree to the terms of this EULA. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you must cancel the installation or, if the Software is already installed on your device, promptly uninstall it.

The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the Software is a product of the Licencors. It is protected under international copyright law. All copyrights are exclusively owned by Exidler and Rozenthal.

The Software is freeware. However, the Licensee may use it only and exclusively for private personal and non-commercial usage, and only under conditions which do not contradict the restrictions noted below. If you want to use Software for anything else, you must contact the Licencors. Software may not be bundled or distributed with any other package without written permission of the Licensors.

The Software is distributed "as is" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The Licensee uses the Software at his own risk. The Licencors shall not be liable to the Licensee for any kind of consequences, which occur or not occur while installing, using or uninstalling the Software.

In accepting the EULA granted by Licensor, Licensee agrees that he shall not
1. Sublicense, sell, lease, rent, permit use of, give, or lend the Software
or any copy or portion thereof;
2. Decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, analyze, or otherwise attempt to
discover the source code of the Software;
3. Use or incorporate the Software or any portion thereof in any other product
without the prior written permission of the Licensor;
4. Remove, alter, or obscure the copyright, trademark, proprietary, or other
notices from the Software or any of its components.

Licensee is allowed to edit existing or create new language layouts, and share them with other users. Licensee is allowed to edit existing or create new graphic elements, but only with respect to copyright and trademark notices.

The Licensee may NOT redistribute the Software by any mean (CD, DVD, Web site...) without permission from Licencors.

The Licensee may terminate the EULA at any time. Also, the EULA will terminate automatically if Licensee fails to comply with the restrictions described above. Upon termination of the EULA, the Licensee shall remove all copies of the Software from his (her, its) device and all storage media.

Here you can say "Thank you" to us

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5th April 2009, 10:05 PM |#2  
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OP Retired Recognized Developer
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HELP AND FAQ - Frequently asked questions

HELP AND FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Read this whole text before using the FingerKeyboard or asking for help! If your question is already answered in FAQ it will be ignored. Don't be lazy!

What version should I install on my XYZ device? / What is WVGA, WQVGA, VGA and QVGA?
To successfully install Fingerkeyboard on your device, you need to pick the correct version for your phone. For example, let's say you want to find out what resolution Samsung Omnia has. Type "Samsung Omnia review" into Google, and among the first few results usually you'll get the most popular review sites listed. Reviews always contain resolution information, so we easily find out that Samsung Omnia has a 400x240 pixels resolution. That means you should install FKBD WQVGA cab.

Here's the list of supported resolutions for FingerKeyboard, with their standard abbreviations:

WVGA - 800x480
WQVGA - 400x240
VGA - 640x480
QVGA - 320x240

Why does FingerKeyboard look differently on my device then on the screenshots?
There can be some small differences between the screenshots and what you see on your screen. The reason for this is that different layouts can have different features, graphic elements or button layouts. We consider English layout to be the "standard" layout, with best combination of button size and positions.

How can I type those special characters that appear above normal characters?
Press and hold a key.

How to switch to landscape mode
Minimize the keyboard before rotating, then open it back again after the screen changes orientation.

How to switch to full CAPS?
Press and hold the shift button.

If you press and hold spacebar button it will write a dot followed by a space.

How to use text selection?
Switch to full CAPS mode and then use arrow buttons to select text.

How to use cut / copy / paste / undo?
Switch to full CAPS mode, select the text you want to cut or copy, and press and hold the appropriate action buttons. On some layouts these are named "cut", "copy" and "pst". Same thing with "undo" option - you can use "undo" at any moment, and it will take you back for unlimited number of steps.

Where is that Config tool you mention?

After you install FingerKeyboard, go to Start > Programs > Finger Keyboard.

How can I switch to numeric keyboard?
Press 123 button. If your layout does not have dedicated 123 button, press Shift and 123 will appear on your Language toggle button. Behavior of Language toggle button can be customized in Configuration tool.

How can I change a color scheme of the keyboard?
Config tool > Main > Color scheme: select which ever you like and press OK or Apply.

How can I select language layouts?
Config tool > Main: you will see a list of all language layouts you have in your FKBD folder. Put a tick next to the layouts you want to use and press OK or Apply. We also advise you to physically delete layouts you don't want to use (Program files / FingerKeyb / Skins). This will make Config tool start up a little bit faster and use less memory.

What are all those Backspace options in Config tool?
Behavior of Backspace key can be customized to suit your needs. You can separately control what will Backspace do on short click and long press, as well as how it will behave in small caps or caps lock mode.

How to minimize or turn off the keyboard?

Short press the keyboard toggle button (the one with small keyboard or switch sign on it). Long press on this button will turn off FingerKeyboard and switch to default HTC keyboard.

How to disable click sound?
Run FingerKeyboard Config tool. Under "Options" tab you will find a "Press sound" box. Here you can select from several different click sounds, all of which have "quiet" and "loud" versions. This is useful if you want a subtle click sound, but don't want to lower the volume for the whole System. There is also a "no sound option".

How can I get vibration feedback?
Config tool > Options tab > Press vibrate. Here you can select how long you want the vibration feedback to last. Minimum of 20ms will get you a barely noticeable vibration effect, while 80ms will be very strong.

Vibration feedback don't work on my device. Why is this?
If you're having problems with vibration feedback, it's most likely that our autodetect LED vibration feature don't work well on your device. However, you can play around with "VibrateLed 1" string in skin-01-global.txt (Program Files\FingerKeyb\Skins) and see if perhaps changing to another LED number will work for you.

How can I control the key-press delay? / What is "Hold time" / Can I make the keys repeat on press+hold?
"Hold time" option in Config tool is a cool option you can use to control how long it will be needed for a key to be continuously pressed before it writes a letter or performs an action. This part of the "Hold time" function is controlled with numbers in the first box. The second box controls how long will it take for a key to be continuously pressed before it starts repeating itself. So, if you put 500ms in the first box, and 200ms in the second box, that means you will have to press a key for 500ms before it performs it's "long press" action, and 200ms more before it starts repeating that function. If you hold the key even longer, it will then gradually accelerate.

Can I hide / show Windows menu bars?
Yes, go to Config tool and under "Options" tab select how you want the keyboard to display in Portrait and Landscape mode. We suggest selecting "Show bar" for portrait, and "Hide bar" for landscape.

I want the pop-up images to stay longer on screen. How can I do this?
In Config tool, Options tab, there is a "Popup time" box. Here you can select how long will the pop-up image stay on screen after a key has been pressed. If you set pop-up time to 1500ms, this means the pop-up image will stay on screen for 1.5 seconds, or until next key is pressed. Pop-up image delay affects ONLY the normal character keys (A,B,C,D etc). Special action keys, such as Shift, Space, Backspace etc. have default short time and will not stay on your screen. This is done to avoid action keys images covering large areas of the screen with their larger pop-up images.

What are Smiles / Shortcuts?

This is a feature that no other keyboard has. It allows you to control what any of the several predefined actions keys will do when you press and hold them. Almost all layouts have these special actions included (between 7 and 11 actions on most of the layouts). You can control what will show up on a key when you open the keyboard, as well as what that key will write when you press+hold it. For example, you can type into "Key text" box "info" and into "Action text" you could type "John Smith, gsm:00123456789, e-mail: [email protected]". Or maybe your favorite web address. Or your signature. Or your wife's name. Or your lover's name for all we care The possibilities are endless! You can do the same thing for smiles - if you don't like the default ones, use your own, or something else!

A special key I need is missing / Can I customize smiles / Can I change shortcuts?
If there's a key missing in your language layout, you can easily add it yourself by using either Smiles or Shortcuts tab in Config tool. Simply type the missing key into two of the horizontal boxes and the key will appear when you long press a button that has that Smiles / Shortcut action.

Why does XYZ language layout have only a few smiles / shortcuts buttons?
Some language layouts have very high demands regarding the number of characters they need to occupy. Because of this there are a few language layouts that may have a smaller number of smiles / shortcuts spaces reserved. We've tried to include as many as possible, believe us!

How can I make FingerKeyboard a default keyboard? / How can I keep FingerKeyboard as default keyboard even after reset?
You can use a small program called SIP Change. Look it up on forum, and remember to set delay to 40-50 seconds.

"Where is XYZ language layout? Why is it not included!?"
If you want a certain language layout, first check FingerKeyboard2.1 thread on forum if someone maybe already made an additional layout and posted it there. If not, the best thing you can do is to make your own layout and share it with other people. If your layout is good, we'll probably include it in next version. Please do not spam us with "I WANT THIS LANGUAGE!!!" messages. All language layouts depend exclusively on the community to produce them.

Editing instructions:
You can use the existing layouts to make it custom layouts! The easiest way is to open one of the layout skin txt files and replace the existing characters with your own. Experiment a bit, and you will soon get the hang of it. Same applies if you want to make your own skin - edit the included bitmaps, and change the appropriate lines in txt files. Everything you want to know about actions, layouts, colors and resolutions is explained in "doc-about-skin.txt", located in the root of the FingerKeyb folder. Read it first before asking for help!

5th April 2009, 10:06 PM |#3  
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Xt9 / word and contact name suggestion

This keyboard does not support T9. However, there is an option to enable standard Windows Mobile word suggestion, as well as SMS contact name suggestion. There are two ways to do this.

First way is to use the FingerKeyboard Config tool and select what you want to use (Word / SMS suggestion, or both). SMS suggestions will work normally, but for WinMo word suggestion to function, you will need to switch to HTC default keyboard and manually turn on XT9 on the little T9 switch. After that, you can reload FingerKeyboard and everything will work normally. This can be a good way for people who like to use T9 on other keyboards, but also want to use FingerKeyboard without T9. This approach also makes it possible to use new HTC style suggestion windows (the ones with small arrows on each side, where you can flip between names / words).

To avoid messing around with XT9 switch on HTC keyboard you can simply globally disable XT9 across the whole system. That means that T9 will not work even on system keyboards that have T9 support, but SMS / Word suggestions will both work. This will disable the HTC style suggestion windows, and use the default WinMo style (opens a simple white window with list of suggested words or names). The patch file which disables XT9 globally is attached in this post. This patch can be uninstalled. If you already have it installed, you do not have to remove it or reinstall it. Also, please note that when you install this patch, you will not be able to select SMS /Word options in FingerKeyb config tool - they will always be grayed out.

It might be best to install the FingerKeyb cab and test it first. You can always globally disable XT9 later on if you decide so.

There is a known bug with Word suggestion, that has been almost fully fixed in this version of FingerKeyboard. The bug manifests itself like this:
- if you have "Text word suggestion" turned on, and you type an SMS message, the "home" and "end" buttons will not work while the word suggestion window is open on the screen. If you select a word, those keys will work normally. Unfortunately, this isn't our fault - it's actually a bug in Word suggestion app.
Attached Files
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5th April 2009, 10:07 PM |#4  
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Question Using FKBD2.1 in ROMs
Using FKBD2.1 in ROMs

If you are a ROM cooker and wish to use FingerKeyboard2 bundled in your ROM, you no longer have to request permission to cook FKBD! You may use it in your custom ROM's, as long as you leave the core files unchanged and give proper credits to us..

ROM chefs may find the following info useful. Be aware that this is all info we can provide. If you have problems, please search XDA forums for various solutions.

Registering keyboard in system.
- register dll as com object
- add to registry this values:


@="\\Program Files\\FingerKeyb\\FingerKeyb.dll,0"


@="\\Program Files\\FingerKeyb\\FingerKeyb.dll"


Path to .dll can be different.

In registry is saved only which skin files need to load and
which layout was last for each process.

list of exe names and which layout must be restored for this process.
list of skin files names in _lowercase_
skin-00-scheme-blackblue.txt = DWORD:0 -this means "don't load this skin file"
skin-00-scheme-blackred.txt = DWORD:1 -this means "load this skin file"

Skin files that do not exists in this key will be loaded by keyboard automatically.

Skins directory is relative to place of keyboard DLL.


All other settings are saved in skin files (mostly in skin-01-global.txt)
Exception is HTC T9 settings:
IsSupportMSSIPContact = DWORD:1 - sms name suggestion
XT9SupportMSSip = DWORD:1 - word

But this settings is applied only if:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Layouts\e0010409]
"Ime File" = "et9ime.dll"
5th April 2009, 10:07 PM |#5  
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Arrow Media kit
Media kit for media / press / bloggers

If you are a representative of the media, and wish to cover FingerKeyboard2 in your magazine, portal or blog, below you will find a ZIP-ed media kit.

Inside it is a short text about FingerKeyboard v2.1, several full size screenshots, high-quality FingerKeyboard logo as well as some other graphics that can be used in publications of any kind.

If you have any additional questions, you will find the needed contacts within the info-text.

We would also kindly ask you to inform us when you publish your cover on FingerKeyboard.

Attached Files
File Type: zip FingerKeyboard_media - [Click for QR Code] (948.4 KB, 3472 views)
5th April 2009, 10:08 PM |#6  
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Exclamation Bug tracking
BUG TRACKER for v2.1

This space is reserved for bug tracking.

Even though the latest version of FingerKeyboard2 has been tested on multiple devices with different ROM-s for more then 20 days, it's very likely that we missed some bugs.

When reporting bugs, please try to be as detailed as possible. The more information you supply, the easier it will be to find the bug and squash it. And we like squashing bugs! Some bugs with previous versions of FingerKeyboard were caused by 3rd party software. The usual suspects are other 3rd party keyboards.

Attached below, you will find Fingerkeyb_debug.dll file. This file will create a debug log which you can then send to us, so we can detect problems and try to fix them in the next release. It is mostly aimed at solving the problem that some people have with landscape mode, but it can be used to track any other problems as well. Debug logger is not that painless to use, but if you really want our help, this is the best way for us to detect what the problem is.

To start using this, you will need Resco Explorer or Total Commander CE.

Go into FingerKeyb folder (Program Files).
1. rename Fingerkeyb.dll to something else (example: Fingerkeyb_.dll)
2. Copy FingerKeybd_debug.dll to Program Files/FingerKeyb directory.
3. Rename FingerKeyb_debug.dll to FingerKeyb.dll
4. Softreset the phone
5. Open the FingerKeyboard, press 1-10 random keys on keyboard.
6. Minimize the keyboard, rotate the phone and open the keyboard again, after the phone is in landscape mode. Try to press 1-10 random keys again.
7. If you encounter the landscape bug, switch to HTC keyboard, making sure that it shows in landscape correctly.
8. Copy the FingerKeyb.log in working directory to a different folder on your device or PC and after that select FingerKeyboard again.
9. You will now have 2 log files. Rename them so they don't have the same file name and send them to Rozenthal or Exidler.

If you do not have Resco File Explorer or Total Commander CE, you can try this procedure:

0. Unregister keyboard using the old Fingerkeyb_register.exe (found in v1.4 thread) and then softreset
1. same as above
2. same as above
3. same as above
4. Register keyboard with the Fingerkeyb_register.exe
5. same as above
6. same as above
7. same as above
8. same as above
9. same as above

The logging tool will seem very slow, that's normal - it needs to write a bunch of info on every keypress, so take it easy. After you're done, you can simply reverse the procedure: remove the debug.dll, rename back the original Fingerkeyb.dll, and continue using the keyboard normally.

The log files can be sent to us via private messages here on XDA. Also, please do not expect to instantly receive a magical solution for your problem. If a simple solution exists, we will message you on how to apply it. If it's an issue that requires changing FingerKeyboard core files, it's more likely that the issue will be fixed in future versions of the software.


>>> B U G L I S T <<<

[06. april, 2009]

- Some color schemes in WQVGA have problems (FIXED)
- Some layouts in WQVGA version are causing problems / stuck in numerical keypad (FIXED)
- Samsung Omnia problems with Contact name suggestion (FIXED by installing T9 disable patch)
- Contact name SMS suggestion not working for some people on Touch HD with Dutty 2.6 ROM (FIXED by installing T9 disable patch)

[07. april, 2009]

- Switching from landscape back to portrait can sometimes result in a few pixels big square in top left corner of the device screen. This square looks like a piece of keyboard and can be pressed. The square goes away if you run Config tool or reload keyboard. (unresolved)

5th April 2009, 10:08 PM |#7  
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Damn you space hungry person! Looking forward to the release though . Any estimated time when it'll be done so I know if I should stay awake or not. :P
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5th April 2009, 10:10 PM |#8  
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Lol! Really can't wait for this to come out!!!
5th April 2009, 10:22 PM |#9  
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i should send you to work more often!
i'll be staying here all night, just in case you decide to open another project........i am watching you!
5th April 2009, 10:27 PM |#10  
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Persian (Farsi) Language for this lovely keyBoard
5th April 2009, 10:43 PM |#11  
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geeeeeez, c'mon guys, make us happy
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