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(July 26th 09) NeoTitanium Rev1.1 (Now w/Buttons)/Titanium Registry/CPR WalkThrough

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NeoTitanium Rev1.1 is released.

It has support for CLauncher, CS2P, TWolf Multiplugin, CCom, CVolume, CMultiClock, CHome, CClock, TitaniumWeather, OperaFavs, GPrograms, CTwitter, CFacebook, ArteseaTwitter, and many more.
The Plugin most be installed for them to work.
The attached ZIP has my Windows Mobile 6.5 Theme shown in the Screenshot, the NeoTitanium cab, Mortscript 4.3b10, and the CMultiClock cab.

Note: The new mortscript may cause bugs in plugins built on older version. Please consult plugin developer with any bugs.

Update Log:
Added Support for CLauncher, CS2P, & TWolf Multiplugin.

Updated CMultiClock Layout for v0.9.1. CMultiClock has Transparent & Red Clock built in now. No need to add skin.

Fixed AM/PM bug in CMultiClock plus made it use images instead of text for AM/PM.
Fixed Static Slider Icons so they are all "truely" static.

Fixed Script bug in CMulticlock CAB. Make sure to uninstall old versions first.
Added Glowing Slider Icon, when you press the slider it'll now glow red.

Added Missed Calls/Voicemail/SMS/MMS/Email Notifications to CMulticlock.
NOTE1: Both Rev.9 and CMulticlock must be reinstalled.
NOTE2: If there's no text next to the notification icons, you device ROM uses different registry for the Notification than. I'll write a walkthrough later on how to edit the script to change this registry if this is the case.
NOTE3: On Soft Reset, The Phone count will loose it's # text. This is normal as the registry being read by Mortscript gets deleted by WM on Soft Reset if it = 0. When you get a new missed call, it'll come back.

Added CHome Settings Plugin Fix CAB to the ZIP.
The CMultiClock Skin CAB is included in the ZIP.

Added buttons to CMulticlock. (Buttons are binded for Call History/Phone App/SMS Inbox/OutLook Accout List/Analog&Digital Display Switch/AM/PM Display Switch & can be changed through registry [HKLM:Software\Microsoft\CHome\CMultiClock - Values with bt#_link = app url/Values bt#_parameter = app arguements])
Fixed Analog/Digital Display Switch, no more need to edit registry manually.

Fixed CPR layouts for the animations of the Buttons

Made the Slider & Text Panel Background 2 images now. This way people trying to port NeoTitanium to other Resolution don't need to mess with them. They'll should now scale properly.
Adujusted & Changed the Page Arrow Images & Positions. They can be use as buttons to change the pages.
Added My Topbar Icons to the ZIP. (2 versions Rev3 goes with normal themes, Rev3a goes with Rev1a Theme Included/This is because the actually Icon Image is part of the Taskbar image in the "a" version so the DLL has a blank ico to make it look right)

ScreenShot of the "a" version of the Theme/Taskbar;

Alternate icons bybx718bklyn;

If you want Titanium Weather QVGA for regular Titanium, it can be found here.

HTC Audio Manager Plugin for regular Titanium Added to downloads. (No Previouse/Next, that's how the plugin was made sorry.)

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10th April 2009, 11:42 AM |#2  
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Titanium: CHome is the plugin/program’s name. CHome is also one of the plugins as well. It’s the Notifications Plugin. This is the plugin that has Voicemail, Missed Calls, Email, SMS, and MMS all in one line. Titanium is the name of the way it displays things. There is also Bronze and Neo. In Titanium the glass panel always centers itself after you move it. In Bronze (Smart Phone version of CHome from Windows Mobile 6.1), as you move from panel to panel from top to bottom, the Active panel slides down the screen or vice versa. Neo is from the Smart Phone from T-Mobile called the Shadow and made by HTC. It’s similar to M2D where there is a list of Icons and a selector with the expanded panel taking up the rest of the screen. NeoTitanium is a revamped CPR layout of Titanium cloning the design of Neo hence why I named it NeoTitanium.

CHome Registry (Titanium): This should cover most of what you’ll need to know about the registry for CHome.

Directories (HKLM = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE): List of Directories CHome uses.
(NOTE: Any registry entries in this directory and its subdirectories will overwrite those in the Software Directory listed below when you disable and re-enable Titanium or Soft reset. It’s basically a safety backup.)
(NOTE: Also, all of its subdirectories.)

ACTIONURL= Location of exe/ink/etc for the plugin when you press on the panel or press the center D-Pad Button (Example: ”\Windows\fexplorer.exe” to make the plugin open File Explorer)
SK1URL= Same as ACTIONURL, but for the “Left Soft Key”.
SK1TEXT= The text displayed for the “Left Soft Key”.
SK2URL= Same as ACTIONURL, but for the “Right Soft Key”.
SK2TEXT= The text displayed for the “Right Soft Key”.
DefaultXML/ExtensibilityXML= Active plugins and their order. Also tells CHome which CPR’s to use (filename).
<Plugins Order="CClock;CMyFaves;CContacts;CPhone…" CPRFileName="Neo" DisplayStyle="Titanium" />
Filename is all text before the “ _resolution”.cpr (Resolution = 240x320 etc…).
(NOTE: ExtensibilityXML is the Priority and Default is a fall back in case something in ExtensibilityXML breaks CHome.)
Plugins= List of all available plugins. These are the same as the subdirectory names of CHome.
(NOTE: List of plugins in NeoTitanium that work; CAppointments, CClock, CContacts, CEmail, CHome, CHomeFavs, CInternet, CLinks, CMessage, CMusic, CMyApplication, CMyFavs, CMyPhotos, COffice, CPhone, CTesUIPlugin (Old Titanium Weather uses this), CText, CVoicemail, CWelcomeCenter, CWindowsLive, HTCMUSIC, Settings.)
Pages= Pages and order of pages within a plugin. If a plugin has plugins it’ll have subdirectories for each page.
GUID= Defines how the specific plugin works. What registry entries it “requires”. What layout template in the CPR it uses, etc.
(NOTE: The GUID “{F0A1B246-6E64-40cd-8E15-347D29FF6F18}” (without quotes) is for custom plugins. It requires a registry entry for the layout telling it which custom layout from the CPR to use. There are a few already in NeoTitanium. Use those as a template to make your own. You can add custom Registry values for text and images. If the registry is “CustomImage1”, it’ll look for <Image ID=”CustomImage1” Left…..” in the plugin’s layout of the CPR. It is best to not edit this value unless you are making a custom plugin of your own.)
ICONPATHS/Image/Pictures/Etc= Location of the image to be used. (Example: “\Windows\Neo_SelectionPanel_45x45.png”)
If you see number in this field, they are pointing to that resource in a .dll. Usually it’ll be the Bronzeres.dll.
CONDENSETITLE/TitleText/PluginLabel/Etc= Usually the title displayed for the plugin such as CLinks being known as Launcher or Extras.
DataSource= Specifically for the custom plugin GUID. This tells CHome where to find the registry values for each page.
(NOTE: CondensedPage is a required subdirectory. As these are custom plugins, CHome does not know what information is used in condensed and must be told.)

The CPR XML code: The code inside the CPR’s is XML. If you open the XML with an XML editor such as “Microsoft Visual Studio”, it’ll recognize the code and highlight errors in the same manner “Microsoft Word” does for spelling and grammar. It also color codes the code so it’s easier to read. The CPR’s can be opened and edited with any text editor though like “Notepad” or “WordPad”.

EDIT: XML Notepad 2007 by microsoft for editing the cpr files found by justpctech. Special thanks to him for finding this.

The code: The main parts of the cprs are the left/top (Position) and width/height (size) entries represented in pixels. They control how big something is and where it is positioned onscreen. The left/top values are from the images of the specific layer, not the whole screen. So, if the layer is 240 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall, the left/top value are for within that rectangle. To scale images use this code, ScaleStyle="***". Known working values are Fit and Stretch. Color refers to the color of the text and its offset. OffsetNone is the text itself. Vertical/HorizontalAlignment is the layout of the text within its width/height box. If your image or text gets clipped off, try adding Clip=”False” to the Layer(s) in is inside of. Expanded layers are the layout of the plugin when active and Condensed is inactive. The page arrows are the NPI and MPI layers. TitaniumListView refers to Titanium. If you change both entries to BronzeListView, it’ll act as Bronze does on the Smart Phone as described above.

That should cover the basics of editing the CPR. Just start playing with them and you’ll catch on quickly as did I. If you know html or xml you have a head start.
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10th April 2009, 11:43 AM |#3  
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Known bugs:
Reserves for Bug List and Fixes

NOTE: Disable Titanium before uninstalling. If you still can NOT Uninstall NeoTitanium, it is probably becaused you replaced a file or edited a registry key that the cab made. Since Windows Mobile can't find it, it'll give an error while uninstalling. Try reinstalling and than uninstalling. If this does not work, than you'll probably have to HARD RESET.

Settings tab links broken. Fixed and cab has been updated.

TitaniumWeather Tues/Wed spacing not correct: Fixed and cab replaced thanks to Showaco.

ATFavePeople missing slide bar Icon on certain pages. This is caused by the fact ATFaves.exe deletes the old page value and writes a new value in the registry. Work around, add new registry value in the bugged page(s).
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\ATFavePeople - Add new string, IconFixed = \Windows\Neo_Favorite.png
10th April 2009, 11:44 AM |#4  
drkfngthdragnlrd's Avatar
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Added layout for Showaco's Opera favorites and AppStar's FavePeople plugins.

Added layout to the cpr's for Titanium Weather V3 by Showaco. Edited Titanium Weather cab in Post 1 (For NeoTitanium ONLY, no regular Titanium CPR's in the cab).
Reduced to touch sensitive area of the screen to just the slider bar with the icons. (Working on adding buttons in the expanded area, to come in future release if possible)
10th April 2009, 12:15 PM |#5  
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very great job,you will help many people...
Congrats my friend!
10th April 2009, 12:30 PM |#6  
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wao.. te wait is over.. finished instaling.. rebooting....
concratz dude
10th April 2009, 12:35 PM |#7  
nokiarish's Avatar
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working beautifully...... gr8 work dude
10th April 2009, 12:43 PM |#8  
drkfngthdragnlrd's Avatar
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Thank you everyone. Also, anyone who'd like to edit or redo my work, please feel free. All I ask is to give credit and might be a good idea to post your Edits in this thread to keep it all in one place.
10th April 2009, 01:13 PM |#9  
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nice gona link all here
10th April 2009, 03:10 PM |#10  
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you DID it, finally ... congrats.
10th April 2009, 03:13 PM |#11  
nokiarish's Avatar
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dear drkfngthdragnlrd, neo working superb. just a question. do we have to configure shortcuts..coz when i click some icons for eg:ms welcome center, or fav contacts etc it says somethin like "the file is not sugned with a trusted certificate...etc etc.." plz help 0-what to do in this regard.

Originally Posted by drkfngthdragnlrd

Thank you everyone. Also, anyone who'd like to edit or redo my work, please feel free. All I ask is to give credit and might be a good idea to post your Edits in this thread to keep it all in one place.

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