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Flashing for Raphael CDMA aka Herman

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By egzthunder1, Admin Emeritus - Spirit of XDA on 22nd April 2009, 08:47 PM
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My wife recently got a Sprint Touch Pro, and considering the flashing junkie that I am (and how much I hate stock roms), the first thing I did was to jump in here to see what could be done about it. Much to my surprise, it seems that XDA-Devs has very little information regarding the HTC Herman variants (Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, etc.) since most of the development for the Raphael is being done for the GSM version only. There are a few scattered threads about this but I figured that a sticky (and a Wiki update) will not hurt the site and as an added bonus, it will help the noobs (and some Seniors too ).
I found most of this information in, so feel free to lurk around that forum as well since it is packed with useful information.

Instructions are the same as with the GSM models, only inverted. In other words, IF YOU FLASH THIS ON A NON-CDMA PHONE, YOU WILL BRICK IT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I am not responsible if you brick, damage, or affect the functionality of your phone in any way, shape, or form. Do this under your own discretion...
And as usual, when in doubt...READ!!!!

Edit: You will need a software to unzip the files (Winzip, Winrar, 7-zip, etc). It has been reported that the Vista file decompressor (or something like that) will associate this package with Adobe reader, making it difficult to open it...

Edit 2: If you are flashing for MetroPCS, please follow this amazing guide that dreynam2 has put together!!!
Here goes:
22nd April 2009, 08:48 PM |#2  
Step 1: HardSPL Unlocking!
Again, all this information can be found in (original thread here). I just wanted to make it available to people at this site. Thanks to cmonex and the full CDMA Raphael Elite Team!

UPDATE: VZW SPL posted. (there will be an all-in-one unlocker later, but until then please read the instructions and decide which file is for your device.)

CDMA Raphael Elite Team (see: presents exclusive Touch Pro CDMA Hard-SPL to you!

SSPL, HSPL, relocker made by cmonex, Wrappers by olinex, SD flasher and relocker (coming soon) by no2chem. thanks to NexVision (btw I'm really sorry), zule/Shadowmite and no2chem for testing!!!

there are three HSPL's now (for the non-verizon ones it is a similar scene to Diamond_C).

1. 0.25.MFG for Sprint/Alltel/Telus/Bell, for hackers only, because otherwise, it is too old, apparently has splashscreen issues and only 128MB ram. but it has mw, it has rtask, etc. etc.

2. 0.37 for Sprint/Alltel/Telus/Bell, for other people, this has no screen issues but no MFG commands.

3. 0.35 for Verizon touch pro's ONLY.


first, if you have GSM Touch Pro/Raphael (NOT CDMA, NOT SPRINT/VERIZON/ALLTEL/TELUS/BELL), this will brick your device.
to download a compatible hardspl package for gsm touch pro you can go to
but if you have CDMA Touch Pro/Raphael, then you have to use this hardspl, not the one at xda-developers!!!

preparations before flash:

1) make sure you have .NET framework installed on your PC! if not, get it from
2) if you have vista, WMDC update is recommended:
3) now decide which Hard-SPL you want to flash. if you have Verizon, flash VZW package (from verizon attachment). if you have Sprint, Telus or Alltel or Bell, flash default package (


1) download Hard-SPL package from attachment, extract to an empty folder.
2) you must Have Phone Synced with PC in Windows Mobile!
3) run HardSPL exe that you downloaded before.
4) follow steps in the RUU, and check on the device for prompts after PC shows loading bar.
5) it should go to tricolour screen now and say 0.25.C-SSPL or for Verizon devices it should say 0.35-C-SSPL.
6) SPL flashes, device automatically reboots, job done.
7) to confirm you got it installed, go into bootloader mode (tricolour screen!) and verify the screen shows 0.35.CMONEX or 0.37.CMONEX (or 0.25.CMONEX MFG).

NOTE: you will not see the SPL version during normal boot, that is the OS version, not SPL!
to enter bootloader mode to see version: with the device turned on, press and hold the volume down button along with the power button, then press the reset button with the stylus tip, then release the volume down and power buttons when bootloader tricolour screen appears.

NOTE 2: anyone having problems with the device entering SSPL automatically, please copy SSPLManual.exe from the attachment to the device and run it. then once the screen is in SSPL, run RUU manually. i.e. you run the RUU on the PC, if it isn't obvious.
make sure to get SSPL-Manual specifically for Verizon phones from the verizon package.

NOTE 3: this is unsigned Hard-SPL. no limitations on flashing ROMs or radio packages. also, this has overwrite protection, if someone needs to revert to stock SPL for warranty reasons, a stock SPL downgrade package is also available here.

NOTE 4: do not use this RUU to flash anything else! this is only intended for flashing the Hard-SPL.

NOTE 5: use Relocker *only* if you need to return the phone for warranty. only use it as last step - after reflashing stock OS and radio. Default relocker is for Sprint etc, Raphael_CDMA_VZW_Relocker in the verizon package is for Verizon touch pro's.

EDIT: I tried on multiple occasions to upload the Verizon unlocker to this thread, but the system keeps on refusing it again and again (main reason why I had a link to the original site). Go to the PPCGeeks site and get the unlocker from there (alternatively, this was provide by psouza. Thanks!)
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22nd April 2009, 08:48 PM |#3  
Step 2: Choosing the ROM that Fits Your Style
Congratulations! If you are reading Step 2, that means that you successfully unlocked your phone (or are about to make a no-no). Make sure that your phone is HardSPL unlocked or else you will not be able to flash.

Taste is a matter of personal choice. As I stated in my previous post, most of the development for this phone is being done at PPCGeeks, and since posting every Rom thread in here would be time consuming (and possibly useless), I am giving you this link to all the custom ROMS.
Which one is best you ask? Again, a matter of personal choice. Some roms are feature packed, whereas others are light and fast. Really up to you...

Link to Roms
22nd April 2009, 08:49 PM |#4  
Step 3: Flashing Your New ROM!
Well, Step 3, that means that you chose a ROM and are ready to get down and dirty with your device (and about to kiss that ugly stock rom good bye). As with the flashing of any device, make sure that:

a. Your device has battery of 50% or more, else you might end up with a half flashed brick.
b. You have ActiveSync/Device Central in your PC.
c. That you read the steps below over and over and over again until you can repeat them in your sleep.

Make sure to follow every single step down to the T. I cannot stress this enough.

How to Flash Via PC: the attachment
2.unzip to your desktop
3.then in the newly created RUU directory add the rom of your choice - (copy the RUU_Signed.nbh to desktop\RUU)
4.Place phone in bootloader mode (power button while holding volume down button) the ROMUpdateUtility.exe
6.follow the RUU on screen instructions from there

If that fails please trying these directions (thanks sn0b0ard)

1. Establish active sync connection (this is the most important step).
2. Copy the RUU_signed.nbh into the RUU folder.
3. Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow the steps on screen to flash ROM.
4. Once the phone reboots, go through Windows Mobile setup and let it finish.
5. Perform a hard reset (hold power, volume down, and center d-pad).
6. Complete the Windows Mobile setup and start using your new ROM!

Flash from microSD Card (Thanks to MadlyAlive):

1. Make sure you backup anything that is necessary to your day to day operations! At a minimum, please perform an ActiveSync to Outlook or your Exchange server prior to flashing!
2. Rename the custom ROM NBH file from RUU_Signed.nbh to RAPHIMG.nbh
3. Copy RAPHIMG.nbh to the root of your microSD Card.
4. Hold the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. While you're still holding those 2 buttons, press the reset button with your stylus.
5. When your Touch Pro tells you to do so, press the power button to begin the flash process. If you do not get the message to press the power button to flash, there is a mistake in the name of the NBH file or you do not have the file at the root of your microSD card.
6. When flashing is complete, perform a soft reset.
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22nd April 2009, 08:50 PM |#5  
Step 4: Tweaks, Tweaks, and Tweaks!! (Part 1)
Step 4!!! Wow, you must feel in cloud 9 right now! You successfully got rid of that stock rom (without making a $700 paperweight) and are ready to tweak your device to your own liking! Here are some tips and tweaks that I found over at PPCGeek (Original thread) Thanks Baffles!!

Note:Go to the original thread for all the cabs.

Tweaks and Fixes:
If your device is showing you random issues, such as speaker/ear piece being crappy out of the box, do a hard reset. Some have reported this simple task has solved their problems. You can do this one of two ways: either select clear storage from the system tab in settings (Start->Settings), or power off the device, hold volume down and OK, and hit the power button.
If your data isn't working, try this.
Disable SMS Sent Notification: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settin gs] Set SMSNoSentMsg to 1
Install the Picture Mail enhancement from Sprint - run PIE, and click "Click here to check for new updates." (if you changed your homepage, go to Sprint PowerDeck from favorites) Then download and install the cab file listed. This will have to be done after every hard reset. Still seems picmail doesn't like to work right, though.

Install new Audiopara for louder volume
Enable/Disable mute call when phone is flipped over - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\PHONE] Set FaceDownMuteRing=1 to enable, or =0 to disable. Source
You can make your phone stop making noise when you enable/disable the radio. Edit [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\PhoneExtendFunction \CDMA\FlightModeOnOff] and change Sound_on and Sound_off to desired sound, or blank for no sound. source.
Issues with answering your phone when a data connection is open (answer buttons don't do anything)? Looks like a tweak messes up a registry key that affects this. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Planner\Settings], make sure SuspendResume is set to #777 (not anything containing GPRS). This issue seems to be related to Advanced Config. source
Added 1/7/09:
Enable wake up on SMS - you can do this via DiamondTweak (possibly advanced config too), or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL] DisableSMSWakeUpEvent=0 (to enable waking up). source
Set up Visual Voicemail on Sprint. More info here. THIS IS VERY YMMV.

This hack no longer needed on the latest version of WMWifiRouter - Disable temperature sensing in WMWifiRouter to get it to allow you to connect. Options->Configuration->Battery->Next->Next->Next->Select "Disable temperature detection"->Next. There is a bug, at least in my version, that shows "Enable temperature detection twice" however selecting the second one disables it.
Hack Internet Sharing to work: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing] Delete Extension key, set/create MaxCMCon=0 (decimal). [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing\settings] Set ForceCellConnection="Sprint" -- Cabified Version Here
Change "Reply All" in poutlook back to "Reply" - [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\BootLauncher\Servic es\OutlookEnhancement], set module to an empty string. TO revert, set module to "\\windows\\OutlookEnhancement.dll"
Information here on GeoTagging/Automatic uploading of photos using Shozu.
Change useragent in Opera Mobile to view full websites instead of mobile versions. Info here.
If you have issues with Gmail/IMAP and sending emails, Official fix here, or read this post
Make Pocket IE your default browser. How to here.
Skyfire now "works" on Touch Pro. It is not a real VGA version, just QVGA stretched up, so however crappy it may look it is the best flash solution for now.
New Opera Mobile from Touch HD here - May or may not perform better, some reports of issues/graphical glitches/etc.
Increase the maximum number of tabs in Opera - Close Opera and edit \Windows\Opera9\opera.ini and change the Max Allowed Tabs to the right number. thanks mclaser
Added 1/7/09:
Set Opera to be your default browser for all items. source

TouchFlo 3D / Manilla 3D
Add your city to the weather tab. Follow these directions making sure to use the modified copy of version 1.1 of the specified editor.
A better way - Install the cab from here and it will add all cities to the list for you, so you can just hit Add Location and find yours! Updated 1/8/09
Install flip clock if you want it. instructions here
Get some wallpapers
Wallpaper on every tab, transparent clocks and curtains. More info here
Optimize your music tab by removing the music store logo. Some Touch Pro specific directions.
Information on how to remove sprint Manila3D customizations and get an HTC Stock configuration here
Rename your tabs in Manilla3D. Tutorial and instructions here.
Remap Manilla3D to use Pocket Informant instead of the built in calendar. Complete information here
Increase TouchFlo's sensitivity, so you don't have to push as hard to scroll. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\TFLOSettings] increase FingerPressure. Default is 16. I am having good luck on 128, I may raise it higher. Higher = more sensitive, lower = less sensitive.
Touch Pro Cleanup by GoodThings2Life - read this/download one of the cabs to automatically apply a specific set of tweaks/mods.
Action screen changes, customizable through registry edits. More here
Change the soft keys on the home screen. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila], change HomeLSKPath and HomeRSKPath. HomeLSKText/HomeRSKText = the text. More info here.
Added 1/7/09:
Change software used by some TF3D entries with SSMaPa - This can be a complicated procedure. source
Boost TF3D Performance - increase file system cache to 8MB, file system filter cache to 131072, FAT cachesize to 32768 (you can do this with advanced config). source
Discussion about scrolling/tweaking of scrolling here
Revive the tab change animations! info, and source

Other Theming Topics
Custom Start Icon/Battery/Speaker/EV/1X Icons - UPDATED 1/7/09
22nd April 2009, 09:31 PM |#6  
Step 4: Tweaks, Tweaks, and Tweaks (part 2)
Get S2U2 to work: Make sure you install the VGA version, not the QVGA version. You can now use DirectDraw mode with the newer versions of S2U2. UPDATED 1/7/09
Get your battery icon with percentages here (old thread).
Battery/performance hacks if you're so inclined.
Turn it into your most expensive flashlight - Alternate program. Both work, nueLight v3.0 is what I personally use. UPDATED 1/7/09
Auto screen rotation with Gyrator 2, and Configure it to not rotate certain apps UPDATED 1/7/09
Fit more icons into your programs list with this tweak
If your text is too big, such as in text messaging, go to Start->Settings->System->Screen->Text Size and move the slider to the size of text you want. Alternatively, you can move your thumb in a circle around the OK button, similar to how you would use the click wheel on an ipod. This will adjust the font size too.
You can disable auto-wakeup when keyboard is opened.[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Hardware\DeviceMap\Keybd] Create new dword "SlideWakeup" with value of 0 and soft reset. To revert, delete the key or set it's data to 1. Source
Get Old School word correction back (same as was on Mogul, etc) - Latest Cab here - Older Information:Updated information here and here.
Disable start-up sound / change it - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\HTCAnimation] Rename both 'StartupGif' and 'StartupWav' to new values, or leave blank to disable. Source
Increase your screen's sensitivity. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\TouchPanel] change PressureThreshold. Default is 37 Decimal, it is reported 240 decimal is a good new value for this. source
Added 1/7/09:
More Camera Modes! You can enable these in Diamond Tweak, there are options to enable Burst/Sport mode, videoshare mode, and increase resolution of sport/burst photos. source
Remove scrollbars: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GWE] change cyHScr to 0 to disable horizontal, and cxVScr to 0 to disable vertical bars. source
Enable sound effects for keyboard open/close, info here. source

PST Tweaks:
First thing you must do is get your MSL. I wrote an app to make this very easy for you, more info on it here. If you have problems getting your MSL, put your phone in flight mode and try again.
You can tweak your Slot Cycle Index (SCI) to make your phone poll the tower more often. This makes your texts and phone calls come through quicker. This setting is a trade off between lag (most noticeable when receiving calls) and battery life. The default value on our phones is 2. Every step of 1 adds 1.28 seconds to the poll time, so at a value of 2 it is only polling every 5 seconds or so. Most people lower this to 1, so the phone polls every 2.5 seconds. This won't affect battery life much in areas of good coverage, but may impact it noticeably if you're in a poor reception area. Your Access Overload Class (ACCOLC) determines your phone's priority on the cell tower. The higher the number, the lower the priority. Do note that 0 and 1 are reserved for emergency service uses, so DO NOT use these. You can ACCOLC's of 2-9, default on Sprint should be the last digit of your phone number.
Now that I've laid down the basic groundwork of the two main mods, here's how to change them. Don't mess with settings in here unless you know exactly what you're doing, as phone performance and usability will be affected. To enter programming mode, open your phone screen and dial ##778# (may be ##778 on some devices, if that doesn't work, run EPST.exe from \Windows). Click edit, type in your MSL, and hit OK. Now choose View Info in the lower left corner, and hit NAM settings. On this page you can change your ACCOLC (remember, don't use 0 or 1). Now, switch to the Modem Settings page to change your SCI (default is 2, valid values are 0-7). Now accept the changes and soft reset, and you're updated!
More information can be found here

Useful Downloads:
DiamondTweak - some tweak options do not work.
Advanced Config - claims to be fully compatible UPDATED 1/7/09
Total Commander
PHM Regedit
TF3D Config [not fully compatible with TP yet] - more info here
i-nigma - read QR codes. Any Windows Mobile apps I release from now on will also have a QR code for quick and easy OTA installation.
BAF MSL Grabber - Get your MSL quickly and painlessly.
List As Editor - My little utility for editing the 'List As' property of a contact manually.
Touch Pro Cleanup by GoodThings2Life - Clean up the stock ROM easily
PocketToolman 2 - includes features such as disabling scripts in PIE and other OS tweaks/tools.
esmertec Java JBed - set up for 3D and VGA. More info here.
Radio Utilitues - scripts by GoodThings2Life to give you shortcuts to turn on/off BT and Wifi.
POP/IMAP Send Mail patch - Microsoft issued patch that fixes issues with sending mail.
SecondToday - gives you a second today screen to allow you to use other today screen items in tandem with TouchFlo 3D.
.NET 3.5 - also, if you need them, debugging messages for .NET 3.5.
[color]Added 1/7/09:[/color]
Some popularly requested cabs
Another list of useful apps
Large collection of apps - all indexed and in one bundle.

Custom ROMs and Tools, Low Level Stuff:
Hard-SPL thanks to Raphael Elite Team
HTC Debug Tools
Touch Pro Cleanup by GoodThings2Life
How to remap hardware buttons
Stock Roms for CDMA
ElectronicRice's kitchen
And of course, your custom ROMs can be found in the upgrade sub-forums. CDMA Upgrades and GSM Upgrades
Added 1/7/09:
ATI D3D Drivers - The jury is still out on if these really do anything. Some discussion here. source
Omnia D3D Drivers - See info on ATI drivers above.
Flashing Instructions
WM6.1 20931 Kitchen, CDMA, GSM
New Radios! CDMA and GSM.
SRS WOW Audio Drivers - Jury is out on this one too.

Video Cables:
Buy from Expansys
Build using pzztgotbagz method
PPCGeeks Alternate Method
XDA Method
Discussion of accessories/sites to purchase accessories.
Fix your noisy battery cover if yours makes noise. - here .... mirror here
Discussion and Indexing of Touch Pro build dates and issues. Another thread here
Discussion on battery charging and heat issues.
Added 1/7/09:
Dye your battery cover!
22nd April 2009, 09:34 PM |#7  
Step 5: The "OH SH*T!!" Step. Stock Roms
Well, if you are in Step 5, that means that you have to go back to Stock rom for whatever reason. Worry not, the roms are readily available. Just go to

Here you will find all your Stocks for most carriers.

If you have to Relock the phone for warranty purposes, just use the relocker in the first post. Now, there is a trick to use this thing. If you want to relock and just run the exe with the phone connected, you will get an error.

Flash back to original Shipped Rom and Radio BEFORE Relocking!!!!!

*First, put the device in bootloader mode (Hold Vol Down +Power +Reset until you see the bootloader screen (multicolored). It will say Security Unlocked and a bunch of other numbers including (and this is key) 0.37 Olinex (or Monx, I can't remember right now)
*Now, run the exe in your computer. This process takes about 1-2 minutes at the most. The phone will reset after its done.
*To check if it worked, wait until it finishes rebooting and go to bootloader once more. If done correctly, it will still say "Security Unlocked" but it will say 0.37.0000 instead of what I wrote earlier in this post. You should be goof to go from this point on.
22nd April 2009, 09:55 PM |#8  
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Stuck. Thank you for collecting all of this information!
22nd April 2009, 10:34 PM |#9  
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You are awesome, I have helped alot of new people who have flashed GSM ROM's to their CDMA devices and this will help out alot! Even though I have a GSM Fuze, please let me know if I can help you with this in any way. It has been discouraging to see how the new people who have mistakenly flashed the wrong ROM to their phones have been treated and I know alot about phones GSM and CDMA and am also a member of PPC Geeks and have been for some time (not much posting mostly reading) my name there is dashmaster1000. So if you would like some help or just want me to gather and compile information I am more than willing to help you! Again thank you!
22nd April 2009, 10:53 PM |#10  
Originally Posted by Cal-El

You are awesome, I have helped alot of new people who have flashed GSM ROM's to their CDMA devices and this will help out alot! Even though I have a GSM Fuze, please let me know if I can help you with this in any way. It has been discouraging to see how the new people who have mistakenly flashed the wrong ROM to their phones have been treated and I know alot about phones GSM and CDMA and am also a member of PPC Geeks and have been for some time (not much posting mostly reading) my name there is dashmaster1000. So if you would like some help or just want me to gather and compile information I am more than willing to help you! Again thank you!

Thanks man! I have seen how you've helped people out (especially in the NRGZ roms since I am around there for the most part). I have asked NATF to cross post this sticky in the Raphael Rom Development as well, to prevent "accidents" from happening. In either case, if you do find some useful stuff that is not here, feel free to either pm me (I will update the posts) or simply add it to the thread yourself, whatever you prefer.

Once again, thanks for the praise
30th April 2009, 06:28 AM |#11  
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i need help. when i flash with the micro sd, all it does is take me to the tri-color screen that says "security unlocked" at the top
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