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[HTC-MSM7K][22.09.2009] GfxBoost v1.2 - Service - Next attempt :)

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By Chainfire, Moderator Emeritus / Senior Recognized Developer - Where is my shirt? on 27th April 2009, 06:35 PM
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For HTC-built MSM7K-based devices only! All MSM7K are technically capable, but only HTC's may have the correct drivers. Will probably not work on stock ROMs. I suspect the CDMA versions of the older MSM7K devices - pre-diamond - do not have the necessary drivers either. As far as I know, the first device that came with these drivers is the Kaiser, but IIRC they are also included in various Polaris ROMs.

Short and simple, GfxBoost activates "QTV" mode for specific surfaces. This makes for example DirectDraw display smoother and: a bit slower or significantly faster, depending on how you look at it. It also seems to have a small effect on Direct3D/OpenGL. Effects differ between different devices, driver sets, and ROMs - some see a lot of impact, some virtually none (it seems the older ROMs/devices see the biggest impact). If your performance degrades there is something going wrong, it does happen for some people.

Err, what?
Right, this is a bit tricky! If you will benchmark it the result will be lower FPS. However, it will actually appear faster. This is because normally, not all frames are actually drawn on-screen, and the timing of the drawing can be so it appears nothing is being actually drawn at all. This does not happen when using GfxBoost - more is actually drawn to the screen, and smoother. So, from the application's point of view, it can do less per second, but from what you actually see on-screen, more happens! If you don't understand what I mean, just take it from me: it definitely looks better

Some good effects
  • Manila2D is faster/smoother [Chainfire]
  • PointUI is smoother [Chainfire]
  • CorePlayer playback in DirectDraw mode is smoother [Chainfire] *depends on version and settings*
  • Titanium seems to be faster [Mikulec]
  • Diamond Hologram seems to be much faster [aussiebum]
  • Opera 9.5 seems to be much faster [undac]
  • SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 seems to be smoother [TITAN-23]
  • iGo 8 feels the love [draxredd]
  • morphgear feels the love [draxredd]
  • FinalBurn feels the love [FlorentG]
  • TouchFlo 3D feels the love [babijoee]
  • XTRAKT feels the love [babijoee]

Some bad effects
  • GfxBoost breaks WMP MP4 playback [FIXED]
  • GfxBoost breaks camera [FIXED]
  • GfxBoost breaks Fullscreen/Streaming Player [FIXED]
  • GfxBoost breaks YouTube [FIXED]
  • CorePlayer playback in QTV mode may break GfxBoost (may be fixed)

Devices reported this works with
  • HTC Touch Cruise / Polaris
  • HTC TyTN II / Kaiser
  • HTC Touch Diamond / Victor
  • HTC Touch Pro / Raphael / Fuze
  • HTC Touch HD / Blackstone
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 / Venus

Also works with, but not as much effect as with ^^^:
  • HTC Touch Diamond 2 / Topaz
  • HTC Touch Pro 2 / Rhodium

Update: it may still have _some_ effect with the Topaz, but I don't think anyone has seen any improvement with the Rhodium, so don't bother Seems the drivers on those devices are quite a bit faster already than the older MSM7K devices

Alright, it took a bit of research, a lot of trial and error, quite a bit of hairpulling, a few hours of IDA, and an entire crate of beer to get this working on the few of my devices I actually bothered to test it on (Kaiser and Touch Pro). I think everything is now properly hooked up with HTC's own software so things like Camera and WMP also still work. If you run into anything, strange, well, first RTFM below, then see if you want to post it here.

TFM (The F*ing Manual, read it!)

An HTC-built MSM7K-based device, sporting QTV and some similar nonsense. In general, I would say this this is the entire range between the Vogue and the Touch Pro, though I've only tested it on Kaiser and Touch Pro, and both are GSM.

- Install the CAB on your device
- Soft-reset (does not seem to be needed on all devices)
- Start GfxBoost and click Enable

- Start GfxBoost (if not running) and click Disable
- Uninstall CAB as usual
- 1.2: You may have to soft-reset and uninstall it again, for reasons unknown

- Install new CAB
- Soft-reset

"What's this Enabled (Inactive) status?
It means another application is running that needs this chipset feature. For example, Windows Media Player, YouTube, Camera, etc. As soon as you exit all of those, GfxBoost should re-activate itself.

"I see no difference Q_Q"
If there's a visible difference depends completely on the application you are running and what you are doing with it (aside from it possibly just not working for you). The more graphical an application is, the more chance you have this makes a difference. I've seen no differences with normal "GDI" style applications (normal apps), but for example on my Kaiser the difference in Manila 2D is enormous.

"What about this video-running-in-the-background-thing I keep reading about?"
If done properly, that has the same effect as GfxBoost. Just not as easy and it doesn't think about other applications that need this chipset feature.

bla bla Coreplayer bla bla


1.2 - 22.09.2009
- Some changes to fix issue of GfxBoost not showing up in control panel for some users
- Slight adjustment to loader code, hopefully works for more peoples now (always a guess, if not you can always use 0.7)

1.1 - 01.05.2009
- Some patches to service code and handling
- Added registry fixes for common issues
- WM6.5 icon adjusted again

1.0 - 29.04.2009
- Fixed service version, hopefully this one works

0.8 - 29.04.2009
- Service version

0.7 - 28.04.2009
- Changed loader mechanism

0.6 - 28.04.2009
- Loading of dependencies is dynamic - with error messages
- All files are now signed
- Added program icons [Thanks to 12aon]

If everybody who uses this buys me a beer, I will be a very happy and/or drunk Chainfire. Please make this happen. See the link in my signature - it's not there for decoration!

Yarr, it r here!

If you are updating GfxBoost, please first "Disable" and "Exit/OK" GfxBoost! Don't forget to soft-reset after installing the new CAB!

There are multiple downloads here, the is the (now old) 0.7, the other are the new 1.1 and 1.2 service versions. Note that in the service versions, the settings panel is under Settings -> System, not under Programs!

You only need to install ONE of these. Older versions are only still available because they work for some people while the newer does not (and vice versa). Do not forget to soft-reset after installation, waiting a minute or two, then opening the Start -> Settings -> System -> GfxBoost and clicking Enable!

(Downloads < 1.1: 3820, 2043 old 0.7)
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27th April 2009, 07:18 PM |#2  
mbarvian's Avatar
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great job as always Chainfire!

keep up the good work
27th April 2009, 07:35 PM |#3  
flitzjoy's Avatar
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OWO ChainFire is developing the Holy Grail of the Qualcomm processors!
27th April 2009, 07:40 PM |#4  
Dredd67's Avatar
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Ha ! I found you, you're quick as always... Just got the time to express an idea and you've already done all the theory and the app is on the way...

Glad to see it led somewhere.
27th April 2009, 08:04 PM |#5  
Mikulec's Avatar
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I was wondering where have u been so long. Looks like u have done a good job, as always. Thanks.
27th April 2009, 08:11 PM |#6  
JeckyllHavok's Avatar
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Nice to see you back, with a boom like always
27th April 2009, 08:26 PM |#7  
12aon's Avatar
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Insane ! You have a nag for improving our lives a lot with very complex improvements. I don't think I fully understand what this does, the thought creating it hurts my brain, Thanks a lot
27th April 2009, 09:07 PM |#8  
nuke1's Avatar
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Mr Burns: Excellent!

With nueDynamicClock hopefully getting o/clocking and a graphics boost, my Diamond will take to the skies! Hopefully...
27th April 2009, 09:09 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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Another great project, thanks!
27th April 2009, 09:42 PM |#10  
fards's Avatar
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So you're forcing the backbuffer to draw to screen, Is that right?
28th April 2009, 01:14 AM |#11  
Chainfire's Avatar
OP Moderator Emeritus / Senior Recognized Developer - Where is my shirt?
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It are the released!
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