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|RAPH|6.5||ROM||WWE|| ** EnergyROM Series 3.0 21222 ** || Build 51209 ||

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By NRGZ28, Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo on 2nd May 2009, 03:45 AM
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Welcome to my ROM thread!

This ROM is the "3.0 series" of my ROM line, and it's designed to have the latest and greatest applications and improvements. Because of this it may not always be as stable or bugfree, as a stock ROM. However, I can assure you, it's much... MUCH faster than any stock ROM on your device.

The ROM is being continuously developed and bug fixed and there's almost daily releases. I've decided to name each release by the date when it was released. For example, 50109 would have been released on May 1st, 2009. I should also mention it's UC compatible and more info about that can be found here.

The ROM is currently based on the 21215 OS core, with all the new goodies from the newly announced Topaz device (the Diamond2).
It's got the new new Manila interface, new HTC enhanced finger menus (which can only be accessed using certain themes), new notifications system, album, FM radio and MP3 trimmer, connection setup etc.

If you own a Touch PRO, use the "Keyboard Selector" application under Utillities (after you flash the ROM) to select the proper keyboard layout to use. The ROM comes with the Fuze layout by default.

- This ROM is a Ferrari, therefore it drinks a lot of gas and burns a lot of rubber (RAM)... so be prepared to charge it more often!


Build 51209

Updated to 21222
Physics engine changed behaviour
IE6 little improvements....

Download Regular Version
Download MSVC Version
Download "Stock Manila" version
Download "Stock Manila" + MSVC version
Download "Plain Jane no homescreen interface" version


Download older builds here

2nd May 2009, 03:45 AM |#2  
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OP Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo
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Known bugs

The lock screen interferes with the HTC Dialer application. It's best not to use it for now. If you have to, you will have to deal with weird behaviour from the dialer!
If you want to use the microsoft dialer instead, open up Advanced Config under Tweaks (in the Start Menu) and disable the phone skin (first item in the Phone section). Reboot...

The names appear to overlap in the dialer when scrolling down in it. This is a known bug in all 6.5 ROMs and there's nothing we can do about it until HTC updates their dialer
2nd May 2009, 03:49 AM |#3  
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OP Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo
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2nd May 2009, 03:52 AM |#4  
NRGZ28's Avatar
OP Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo
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One more post for me... Please post your feedback now. Thank you
2nd May 2009, 03:53 AM |#5  
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This ones mine, downloading as soon as its up!
Downloading now. First post, YEA!!!!
2nd May 2009, 03:55 AM |#6  
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What a fantastical gift for me to arrive home to after work. Great work by the way. I've been following this since 1.0 and this is my favorite rom series for the Touch Pro.
I look forward to flashing 3.0 ASAP.

Bug Tracker:
FIXED - Cannot Select a City as TF3D World Clock local time - simply loops back to country selection after selecting a city - FIXED - simply did a soft reset after setting time zone in the standard clocks & alarms settings and it allowed me to select a city just fine.
Pandora doesn't work but still streams data - this seems to be an issue with all 6.5 roms in general sadly
TF3D Settings tab - left soft key All Settings - bug - confirmed

Otherwise, everything is fantastic, this will be the rom to get me back into using TF3D again.
2nd May 2009, 03:55 AM |#7  
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DLed, flashed, enjoyed!
Looks great! No trouble so far. NRG reminded me to apply another theme and then come back to his to get the 'full effect'
2nd May 2009, 03:56 AM |#8  
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Beauty, thx
2nd May 2009, 03:57 AM |#9  
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Thank you, dl'ing now. The new theme looks great and I like what you did with the Start menu
2nd May 2009, 03:59 AM |#10  
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JUST A REMINDER: this is a GSM only ROM. ROM for CDMA version found HERE. If you just got your FUZE and this is your first time using a custom ROM you may need to START READING HERE FIRST before you proceed.PAGE 1


1. to change taskbar:
more on taskbars

2. Solution for sms/email recipient autocompletion issue. Many thanks to qsqa (Chef of Proven ROM) for the solution:
You have to delete "email" and "phone" keys/values from
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Inbox\RecipientAutocompl ete\SuggestionGenerators]
Soft reset and you`re done.

thanks to Warjcowski for the LINK

3. Battery Drain Tips THANKS TO Nvious. We miss you MATE!

4. Da_G created a nice little wait cursor that replaced the spinning color dots with 3 green dots that turn on and off in succession. Try this cab...if you dont like it it's uninstallable Be aware that it might break your custom taskbar icons if you have any installed... if you don''t then nothing to worry about ROM/Da_G Th...ait << this one coming from the chef himself

5. Here's a MMS sending limit fix for roms with the newer version of ArcSoft.

6. WM6.5 Titanium plugins!

7. This cab will fix the QuickGPS problems

8. from Warjcowski: I cannot confirm if or how well this works, but for those who do not like the TD3D2 messaging and want to use the old WM interface Kryzsiec's post might do the trick. (this has been confirmed to be working by at least two users, DerekZoolander & thianlim)


1. Is there anyway to add uploading to YouTube or Facebook in on the 3.0?
NRGZ28: Look for an Album 2.0 or 2.5 cab with the facebook upload feature.
havoc99: For the facebook & you tube uploader, disable TF3D and SR (Need this to shut down the old album. THen instal the two cabs here. You'll get the upload functions enabled.

2. I'm trying to cook my own. I was wondering how you managed to get the lock working so well?
I like to use autolock when the screen turns off. On every other WM6.5 ROM I have tried, including my own, there is a delay before
the lock slider becomes responsive. Like, I can see it, but I can't slide it for a few seconds.
However, your ROM doesn't have this delay. Have you done something to improve it, or is it coincidence?
NRGZ28: Havent done anything special but use the lockscreen dll from 21198

3. Can somebody try turning off TF3D for a little while and see if the mail application keeps popping up on in the foreground ? I thought it was bootlauncher that kept launching it... but it's not...hmm
SHOWACO: Its a 6.5 issue, its done it on every build I've used so far. I'm sure it can be fixed, but just hasn't been tracked down yet.
NRGZ28: It seems that tmail needs the -RuninBKG background argument instead of -NoUI. Ruppy found it and he let me know about it. We'll get this incorporated in the next release as well. next release, probably tonight or tomorrow

4. Gps is amazing with this rom and latest raphael radio.
A weird bug. If I have tomtom on and somebody calls me, after I hang up It says waiting for GPs device for abot 5 secunds and the GPS does not work.
Tryed it 20 times
aruppenthal:Theres no way to fix that. Due to the way that agps is implemented some rege entries have to be changed. Therefore the data and phone do not work at the same time. It takes it a few seconds to resume. If the reg is set to allow multiple connections it breaks gps. I have tried to no avail.. Its something well have to live with in exchange for decent gps.

5. Is anyone experiencing their email account poping up sporadically? If so and fixed it, how.
gmgonzal:This is NOT a bug. It is a setting in several programs.

Check in activesync on your phone under menu, schedule. Set both peak and off-peak to "Manually."

Check your weather settings for autodownload. Check quickgps to see f you have autodownload on. And check your email address options to be sure they're set to manual if that's what you want.

6.I do miss a start menu so I can acess Notes or Tasks directly... here I'd have to add them to TF3D or go through several Honeycomb style menus.
gmgonzal:Tap and hold your favorite items in the menu and you can move them to the top level. Try it, you'll see what I mean.

7. I'm sure it's been discussed... but is there and app yet that allows you to add cities to the TF3D 6.5 version weather. The closed city in the db is a long way off.
zend:TRY THIS You want the Rhodium version. Works great. You can save your cities and then add them with a single step when you flash a new ROM.

8. As always, thank you for such a wonderful rom NRG. I really like the transparent toolbar on the home tab, i was wondering if its possible to have it transparent for all the tabs. After applying Showacos all tab background cab it would be really cool to have it transparent for all the tabs. Thanks again for the awesome rom!
ryuujinsan: CHECK HERE

9. Great job but I still have this problem with world time clock that change automatically when I go in the app, impossible to keep the good time ! is there any solution ?
AMoosa: I posted a workaround to this for Energy 2.0. It works great in Energy 3.0 too as I am using it now! See

10. I guess I need to learn the UC so my initial setup doesn't take so long. (or you may want to look up SASHIMI..bapski)
Trunkzeh: TRY HERE

11. does anybody know how to put the wallpaper behind all tabs in TF3D2?
BigBadger: Supposedly it can be done but adds significant lag. CHECK HERE

12. Did anyone notice a dual image when you get the slider over the stocks tab?
NRGZ28: Yeah... it's a bug with the transparent slider. I'll fix it one of these days...

13. can someone link the wallpaper for me, i seem to have deleted it by mistake?

14. Anyone have problems with subscription music services like Rhapsody? Rhapsody and WMP don't seem to recognize my phone as a subscription music device after I installed this ROM. Is it a WM6.5 problem?
NRGZ28: DRM has to be removed in the 6.5 ROMs at the moment, in order for ringtones to be able play, otherwise you get the good ol "corrupted ringtone" problem. I'd rather have ringtones and notifications than DRM'ed music

15. NRG, Any chance you could help with the text size of the lock screen. If it's a small, html like change in a file or two....a point in the right direction would be awesome. My future appointments will not show enough, otherwise I love the lock screen as is.
xmckinzie: That worked perfectly for me, besides LS_LockScene_640x480 (for landscape) and LS_LockScene_480x640 (for portrait) were swapped. Thanks!
The reboot lasted longer than normal and the files were read-only. Keep that in mind if anybody else decides to alter these files.

continued in next post....
2nd May 2009, 04:00 AM |#11  
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JUST A REMINDER: this is a GSM only ROM. ROM for CDMA version found HERE. If you just got your FUZE and this is your first time using a custom ROM you may need to START READING HERE FIRST before you proceed.PAGE 2

16. I thought I was going crazy! Email application continued to popup every time my IMAP or POP reconnected. NRG changed it to RuninBKG as promised, but it didn't work for me
mindfrost82: My way around this issue is to make tmail.exe an exception in the Task Manager. This way once you open your SMS/Email it'll stay open in the background and it'll prevent the empty Messaging window from opening. I've had that problem with every WM6.5 ROM, but my workaround is fine with me since SMS/Email is something I ALWAYS use.
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