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[APP][22FEB10]TMC R&D: Get TMC from the FM radio of your device

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By beemerTPPC, Retired Recognized Developer on 6th May 2009, 05:20 PM
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The project have finnaly reached final V1.0 stage. It is based and born from the great project of forum user flywhc that you can read in "RDS-TMC FM Radio R&D: Get radio text, Alt Freqency, free TMC etc" thread.

This one is based on flywhc API ver 1.6: . It is operational and can be used with DecoRDS, iGo 8, Route 66, Navigon and any other program that supports Royaltek or GNS protocols for TMC.

01/19/2010: Added Samsung I800 support thanks to user phjz. Still in beta stage so you have to follow this instructions . Use this thread to report issues to phjc.

What is new in V1.0.1:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten V1.0 : Solves some issues with the volume.

What is new in V1.0:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten Beta 8.
Currently it works with M900 and M800 Eten/Acer devices only.
-Solved the issues with FM radio mute
-Solved the issues with sound redirection to speaker.
-No need to use beta 5 anymore, but I leave it in download area

What is new in Beta 9:
-GNS scan down support

What is new in Beta 8:
-Full GNS protocol support. Tested under iGO and Navigon
GNS needs TMC+GPS option to be selected althought if it is not, HyperGPS will send fake GPS sentences.
-Less CPU consumption and lower memory footprint
-Optimized test program: Now RSSI is correctly shown under Royaltek mode, unused buttons are hidden under GNS mode and all the behaviour has been polished.
-RDS and TMC indicator in test program.
-Log mode redesigned to make more useful and readable logs.
-Removed fake RDS message under Royaltek mode. Not necessary with correct timmings.
-Soved an issue with block ratio not always sent.

Known Issues:
-The FM radio can't be used for music, news, while the driver is active even if it is closed.
-If the driver is leaved loaded when not in use, the FM radio is on, what means a small current is dropped from your battery. Again HGPS_Switch can be helpful with this issue.

Use the cab provided to install/upgrade your current version. The cab will create a program entry in "Programs"
If necesary install the certificate
For Windows Mobile Standard only: Download the "HGPSClient FOR" file, unzip and copy it over the instaled one in \Program files\HGPSClient\HGPSClient.exe. Is a bad modification that at least will allow you to access to al configuration fields. I'll improve this in future releases.

With the headphones connected...
1-Start HyperGPS. A screen with several options will be shown:
-COM Port: select a free port on your device. I use COM9: and COM6: but any not listed on HKLM\Drivers\Active subkeys neither reserved for bluetooth should work.
-FM Band. Select the band that applies in your country
-Data output. Select "TMC" for programs that use separate serial ports for GPS and TMC and "GPS + TMC" for those with only one port connection.
-Sound output: Select Speaker or headphone for the main PDA sound output.
-Mute radio: Select Mute or tuned sound for testing.
-Log Mode: Not logged or data logged.
-Protocol: Select royaltek or GNS. For testing porpouses use Royaltek. Also for initial GNS tunning select first Royaltek.

2-Press the TMC button. The driver must load inmediatelly being shown at the top of the page. If an error pops up, you should install Some devices (or ROMs) needs the driver to be signed, others not. This driver is signed but as long as Verisign wants 400$ for a certificate I've done my own one, but it needs to install my certificate.

3-Once loaded, select Menu-Test
The test screen appears. We will use this to find a station that transmits TMC. You can enter a frequency directly in the top box ie: 95.8 and press Set, or tune with |< < > >|.
In the Send Box you will see the commands sent to the driver, and in the Receive the responses from the driver. Once you have found a TMC capable station you will see responses. The format depends on the protocol used.
The RDS/TMC indicator will show you if the station has that capabilities.
Man button means that the tunning is set to manual. Press it and the tunning will change to Auto and the driver will automatically search for a TMC enabled station.
GNS only support scanning UP but doesn't support auto mode in the test program. Also it doesn't show signal level.

5-You can leave the driver loaded and exit the program for testing porpouses, but it is STRONGLY RECOMENDED that you use HGPS_Switch to manage the driver and launch your navigation program.

Using it with iGO 8:
-Select Royaltek and TMC data on the driver.
-Open Igo, go to settings, TMC and select Royaltek and the port defined for the driver and press find hardware. You will see a screen that allows you to tune the radio. Use the automatic search function or unselect the automatic tunning and search manually the frequency that transmits TMC. Once reached you will see a message indicating TMC presence.
-Then you can go to the Map, tap in the GPS icon, and then in the car and you'll see the traffic alerts.

Using it with Navigon:
-Select GNS protocol and GPS+TMC data in the driver.
-Open Navigator, go to GPS settings, select combined receiver and the port defined for the driver. Go to Traffic and configure TMC. Select Fixed frecuency or automatic. You will see the TMC messages received.

I've developed a small utility called HGPS_Switch.exe that can be used with ANY of the HyperGPS versions.
Its is a small program that will load the HyperGPS driver, launch your navigation program, wait for navigation program exit, and then unload the driver.
With the driver being "fresh" loaded every time iGO starts, it should avoid the no TMC on second igo start issue. Also being unloaded when not in iGO, it should solve the No Awaken from suspend issue.
Also, with the driver unloaded the FM can be used to hear music

I've done it in a way that allow using it with different navigation or RDS applications withouth needing to change configurations.

1-Copy the HGPS_Switch.exe file from \Program Files\HyperGPS to the navigation application folder.
2-Create a link to the navigation application executable in the same folder.
For example, in your desktop, navigate to your mobile device, find the iGo8.exe file, and with the right mouse button select Create link.
You can do also wiith copy/paste link in Resco explorer
3-Rename the link to NavApp
For example, if you have igo8.exe.lnk rename it to NavApp.lnk (maybe you can't see the .lnk extension but it is there).

Unloading the driver:
-In this version you can't use the FM radio while the driver is loaded. To unload it enter the HGPSClient program and press TMC again until it unloads. Can take up to a minute and is faster if you disconnect the headphones.
-If you are using HGPS_Switch, the driver will unload automatically on navigation program exit.

User Nakebod have done an excelent tutorial about improving reception with a custom made FM antenna. You can find it here.

The driver needs the GPS intermediate driver to have a COM: output port configured. It is the usual behaviour on devices with GPS, but for those of you that cannot connect to the driver at all, please verify this.

Unninstall or upgrade it as any other Windows Mobile program, but for faster unninstall or upgrade be sure than the driver is unloaded prior to do it.

The protocols used by HyperGps are not not for free use. So this program must be considered experimental and educational and under no circunstance can be used for real navigation or professional uses.
GNS is a registered trademark of gns-gmbh.
Royaltek is a registered trademark of Royaltek

Please, help us to improve the code and justify ourselves with our families for the time taken in development, making donations to the following paypal accounts:



Thanks to the following donators:
Hans-D., Ido W., Luis D., David P., Robin L., Bjørn G., Mario v., Stefan M., Marcel C., Haicheng W. , Jeremy H., Pavel K., Rowdy v., Herbert K., Trimecs, Karoly B., Ingmar B., Rainer V., Volker K., Matthias B., PWJ C., Remko V., Alexandre K., Michael V., Awi S., Peter A., Cyril C., Markus S., Stefan A., GJAman, Robert M., Amos G., Herbert K., Paul V., Lars K., Michael S., Kévin L., Robert B., Alexandre K., Edwin P., Ginette G., Carlos E., Pekka H., Max B., Martin S., Hans-Jörg F., Stefan P., Benjamin H., Robert T., Georg G., Sven E., Miguel Z., Alan E., John P., Frank G., Florian G.,Mathias A., Andreas R., Daniel R., Mate T., Marco G., Lutz K., Kévin L., Marc W., Mario W., Bram M., Daniel S., Carbone C., Maniscalo M., Clemens G., Wolfgand V., Alexandre K, Lutz A.


Enjoy it!
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6th May 2009, 06:06 PM |#2  
Retired Recognized Developer
Flag London, UK
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Thanks beemer for adding my donation link and thanks donors for your support.
I listed all donations to my account in my first post of FM Radio RDS thread.

Note: please always use GFMAPI.dll come with hyperGPS. HyperGPS won't work with other version of GFMAPI. Also GFMAPI has to be digital signed in order to work with HyperGPS

Supported devices
HTC Diamond
HTC Raphael
HTC Blackstone
HTC Polaris
SE Xperia X1 NOTE: if your X1 has new media panel that integrated with FM Radio function, you may have to disable this panel.
HTC Topaz

Eten/Acer M800/M900/X650/V900 etc

Omnia II is supported by phjz's work.

NOT supported devices
HTC Rhodium/Leo cannot receive RDS data by using GFMAPI.
HTC Artemis is NOT supported yet.

I need help from VC++ developers with a HTC Artemis or Rhodium in order to get them working. See RDS FM Radio thread for details.
6th May 2009, 06:16 PM |#3  
Senior Member
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so I've tried the new driver:

- tuning goes much faster!


tmc signal and frequency are correct. testsoftware shows receiving tmc signal.

after starting igo8, setting port and royaltec protocol manually and clicking "start autosearch" it says: tmc hardware found! ok.

i can now tune the frequency. i go to 99.2 (WDR2 in germany) and i can now listen to WDR2 but it says "no tmc" and you can't see any rds infos. after some time (20 - 40 sec) you can hear a little crack sound from the speaker and seconds later it goes back to the tmc port settings and says "no tmc hardware found" it sounds like the radio gets a restart or the radio gets disconnected from the driver. after that, i can't find a tmc hardware anymore until reinitialising the tmc driver.

what could be wrong here?
6th May 2009, 06:54 PM |#4  
Junior Member
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Another bug (maybe) on Touch Diamond 2.03

As soon as i get a gps lock with igo8.3
i can not receive tmc messages anymore (or very slow). It feels like the signal strength goes down.
Without having a lock i do receive a lot of TMC messages in a short time - in about 1 or 2 minute(s), i´ve received all available. Even TMC Pro seems to work.

Does anyone else have this difficulty. Or is it just not enough testing (i tested it 3-4 times - after no lock, i can get message instantly) ?
6th May 2009, 07:05 PM |#5  
Junior Member
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I have porblem with sound on my HTC Touch Pro from O2 Czech republic (ROM 1.90.401.1; radio

When i set "Sound output"=Speaker my iGO play in headset
Where is problem? In my phoune, or in aplication? Help me please

(Sorry for my english, but I speak englisch very litle)
6th May 2009, 07:48 PM |#6  
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This Alpha2 version is much better!
Tuning in IGO only takes 3 seconds (per step) instead of 10 seconds in Alpha1.

Actually; the auto tuning function does work(!!!) what is exactly the reason not to use it beamerTPPC???
6th May 2009, 07:49 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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ok i found out, that the tmc driver hangs or crashs after its use in igo.

i start the tmc test prog after loading the tmc driver. i can see that the driver gets a lot of tmc data. i leave the test prog open (listening to the radio) and start igo. as soon as i am connected to the tmc port and can see the frequency, the connection between driver and tmc signal crashs. there is no error message but when i minimise igo and look at the test prog where the radio is still playing, the prog doesn't seem to get any tmc signals. you can still see the lines from the log where all the tmc data was received but now its hangs...

thats the reason why you get back to the settings screen and it says "no tmc hardware found" or you just can't find any station with tmc.
6th May 2009, 08:14 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by ArtaxXP

ok i found out, that the tmc driver hangs or crashs after its use in igo.

i start the tmc test prog after loading the tmc driver. i can see that the driver gets a lot of tmc data. i leave the test prog open (listening to the radio) and start igo. as soon as i am connected to the tmc port and can see the frequency, the connection between driver and tmc signal crashs. there is no error message but when i minimise igo and look at the test prog where the radio is still playing, the prog doesn't seem to get any tmc signals. you can still see the lines from the log where all the tmc data was received but now its hangs...

thats the reason why you get back to the settings screen and it says "no tmc hardware found" or you just can't find any station with tmc.

Nice testing!! I think I have the same problems, until now I am not able to test the TMC signal in IGO because there is no traffic. But I do have the symtoms as you describe. Especially that after a while IGO doesn't find the TMC hardware.
6th May 2009, 08:29 PM |#9  
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Flag Munich
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Ok amazing how fast the versions come out!
I tested the newest version, but i have the same problems like with the last versions. Ican't find tmc messages. I found out that these radio stations send tmc messages:
so i choosed "ANtenne bayern"
here you can see that in munich where i life it's 101.3
I can hear it without problems but it says $RTRDS not $RTTMC!!!!
What can i do to test the tmc messages manually?

ANother question is: Does igo only detect hyper gps when TMC-Data has been found?


P.S. i think when this program works perfect a year old dream came true.....this should bring a big donation to you guys :)
6th May 2009, 08:41 PM |#10  
bauerpavel's Avatar
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Thumbs up
Works exccelent for me! Using iGO8 v8.3.2.83157 (Apr 3 2009).

Just copied 2 dlls to win directory, ran HGPSClient.exe, set to port 9, used TMC ready radio station (googled for that) and within first 2 mnts I recieved over 140 warnings!!

PS: I'm in suburb of Prague, Czech republic

Has been using iGO for about 30mnts now and no dissconect problem at all. Seems to be steady solid.


Thanks a zillion!!!
6th May 2009, 08:47 PM |#11  
hommer101's Avatar
Flag Netherlands
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I've tested this driver combined with iGO with some success, but unfortunately also with some misfortune.

The driver works quite well for me actually and iGO is able to use it.
But at some point it went terrebly wrong; The driver would not load anymore, complaining about unavailable COM port (I use it at COM9 all the time). It turned out that it somehow managed to disable the GPS receiver as well, or mess up the COM ports, since the HTC GPS tool can't open COM4 anymore....
Back to HyperGPS, trying all the COM ports from 1 to 9, it won't install on any. A softreset does not help at all....
A hard reset did in the end. I won't use it for now, but I'll certainly keep watching it. It looks promising!
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