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UPDATE: 2-19-10
Newer User submitted ROMs now available. Thanks to madnish30 for updating some items and working hard to update the ROM. Here is a link to his sense 2.1 post, which hopefully he will keep updated. And here is his Sense 2.5 version. I think I will let this thread go to user submitted ROMs for now. Then you can get the Chrome ROM feel but in different flavors. Remember to keep kitchen questions to the kitchen thread. Good luck guys, and God bless. I may return at some point, but I just dont have the motivation right now and am spending all my time trying to salvage my marriage.

Check post 2 for links to User Submitted ROMs, but always read the thread to find the latest updates.

UPDATE: 1-11-10
I didnt make a lot of changes in the ROM, most changes are on my end with the kitchen. It is a newer build which has a new feature, Threaded email. I havent used it personally, but hear good things.

Chrome 23518 Titanium

Chrome 23518 Sense 2.1

Chrome 23518 Sense 2.5

Change log from previous ROMs located in posts below. Make sure to have a look to see what has changed since 21232.


Before I give you the rundown, just gotta say thanks to everyone here and at for making this possible. Special thanks to hilaireg, Da_G, At0mang, NATF, NRG, Holdemdogg, Volt, bilbobrian, Giannis86, all various developers, and everyone I missed.

I will not be held responsible for any Damage in any form for any cause
If you have a complaint make a suggestion or do it yourself

Download Section:

23016.6 Manila 2.5(Sense) BETA

23016.6 No HTC MSG

Chrome 23016.6 NewMix LEO

Chrome 23502


If you enjoy the ROM and want to help keep skinzone online consider posting or donating at

ROM Mirror Site Provided by llamalord Poke around all you want

Please check the version you downloaded. My FTP has been having issues. I am workin on it. You can always visit the link below and Download the correct version. This is the best way, as you know what you are getting.
Download older versions here.
LEAVE FEEDBACK so I can perfect this.
Also, Please note: My ROMs do not include a custom splash screen. There are 2 available to match the ROM available apon request.

Now the lowdown:
See post 2 for full list of Packages\Apps (OLD). Following is a list of Chrome custom addons:
-Added shortcut for switching between HTC Dialer and MS one.
-Added custom program and folder icons to nearly every program. Added "My Apps" folder for your installed programs and more organization. I like to keep the start menu clean and beautiful.
-Included a custom taskbar by bilbobrian and modified by me to be a bit lighter
-UPX Compressed most of the exe files to save space and speed up loading times

290MB of 320MB Free Storage after customization(can anyone provide this? I have a lot installed through UC, so my numbers are way off)
120MB of 193MBFree RAM at first boot

This ROM comes equipped with a lot of extras and is by no means a "Light" ROM. It is quite fast, and still has plenty of space for anything you want to add(if there is anything to add ) I might consider a light ROM later, but for now I wanted to have a Cadillac of ROMs. Everything is included if I need it, if not, it wont hurt anything. I have included several Titanium plugins for people using Titanium instead of TF3D (Certain versions). I might also make a TF3D version which would remove Titanium for us manila users to have more free storage.
Suggestions are welcomed, but not necessary meaning it will be included/excluded.

17th May 2009, 09:57 PM |#2  
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Included Software/Packages
Chrome User Submitted ROMs. Built using Chrome ROM Kitchen as a base.

Madnish's ROM updates:

CHROME ROM Sense 2.1 Build 23529 -- Updated 2-12-10

CHROME ROM 23529 Manila2.5.2012 Landscape BETA by madnish30 -- Updated 2-12-10
Sense 2.5 Mirror by ajdrausal
17th May 2009, 09:58 PM |#3  
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Bugs and Fixes(This ROM is a work in progress. Rome wasn't built in a day)

-Some updated system files for build 23053. Missed these before build went online. This will make taskbar dropdown list work. I never used it during testing, so missed it Just overwrite the files in Windows folder.
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (769.5 KB, 300 views)
17th May 2009, 09:59 PM |#4  
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Addons for Chrome 6.5

- Manila TV for GenY Manila 2.1

-The newest version of MyPhone is attatched here

-Prefer Manila's SMS interface? SMS tab is set to open MS threaded messaging by default in this ROM. Install the attatched cab to revert.

-To make SIP menu work fully install PatchedBiotouch.dll. Note that this may cause some scrolling issues, but none that I notice personally.

-If you prefer "Home" hardware button to go home instead of opening start menu, install Chrome Also attatched a cab ro make Home open start menu(revert)

-If you prefer the old fuzzy circle in start menu, here it is. Extract and copy into windows folder, overwriting the original.
17th May 2009, 09:59 PM |#5  
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Changelogs: Full List
Changelog for previous versions. Most changes are carried over to new versions, so reading this can give you a better idea of where the ROM has been and where it is going.

UPDATE 12-4-09
Here is a variety of ROMs to fit all your needs :D
First there are COM2 ROMs from build 21882. These have older UI style(which is what the now official 6.5 uses)
Not so many changes here, just an update. I did however change some files to modules to have them load from virtual memory rather than RAM, and compressed many image files(for space and faster loading)

Next is the COM8 builds(with lage bottom bar and start menu on bottom left)
There are some small changes across all builds mostly with dialers:
Manila 2.5 build uses newly ported LEO dialer which works hand in hand with manila 2.5. There is a small graphic glitch in this dialer noticable when keypad is shown(in SIP menu area)
Manila 2.1 and Titanium use Rhodium dialer, which should work better with Manila 2.1 and Titanium. 
I have updated some applications in the 28008 builds including CleanRAM, BING(a new beta)
The titanium build also uses new Opera 10 beta2.
Sure there are more changes, but none I can recall off hand :p

All links are found HERE

UPDATE: 11-13-09
(from my original post)
All ROMs are uploading and I am spent. No more updates for a while. It was very difficult to pull all of it together because my kitchen has now tripled in size and it takes at least 330 minutes just to scroll through and make all the right selections. Then flash each one, test a bit, reflash, test, etc. I wont be around for a while, but dont let that stoip you from donating :p 
23506 Titanium   Thank ChrisNoel for nudging me to put this one together

23506 M2.1   Recommended for usual COM5 upgrade

23506 M2.5 This one will have some minor issues due to M2.5 and new WM UI. Mainly Photo and Music tab rotation will not hide taskbars. 

23016 M2.5 Beta2  This the one I recommend for testing Sense 2.5, and the one I'll be using this week I think :)

There are a lot of changes, but each ROM has its own qualities and changes. M2.5 of course has updated Manila 2.5 files and LEO packages that correspond to it. All HTC software upgraded to latest 1920 versions from LEO with exception of NewContactCard which is still 1919 build. Removed extra Titanium plugins(if your not using Manila I recomend another ROM anyway)
M2.1 has some minor changes, mostly theme from previous COM5 build. Re-Compressed all images for space
Titanium has all Manila items and dependencies removed. Slightly different MenuEnhancements because latest ones wont work without Manila enabled. They are yet untested.

For all builds:
-Removed most Themes
-NEW HTC Calculator from LEO
-Most will include program called Flip_it which will allow you to use GSensor for rotation.
-Removed SpriteBackup
-Removed some other items to save space
-LOTs more

UPDATE: 9-20-09
-Build 23053
-Full and Titanium will be available at
-Updated Showcase. Long press on Windows soft key to launch Showcase, can set X to close with shortcut under Start Menu/Settings/System/Administrative Tools
-Added Zensor2 for Autorotation to work in all apps if wanted(autostart with FlashBack Tools)
-LOTS more !! I am short on time ATM, so I will try to update as I can.
-Get the cab from post #3 for updated Taskbar files(missed these before uploading)
-Here is Full version for now:
Mirror Provided by llamalord

UPDATE: 9-15-09
-Build 23049.1
-Brought back setvolume and FingerMessageBox
-Removed Sprite Backup
-Added The Weather Channel from Topaz. Full weather details and Radar, Satellite, Videos, etc :D
-Minor tweaks to Manila R_1.5(2.1 from Yoztag)

UPDATE: 9-12-09
-Added 23047.2 with manila R1_5
-Added my Chrome custom addons to manila(few skinned areas, greys, All Programs Grid, Background 4 All tabs, etc)
-SSmaHo not working therefore not included
-Added Windows live messenger
-Camera has a blackout issue. There is a cab posted HERE. And fix post HERE
-lots more 

-I did remove SetVolume, Fingermessagebox for now.
-SSmaHo isnt working again, so not included
-Added MSN Messenger
-Rhodium menus are still included, but disabled by default. Use the option under tweaks\Rhodium Tweaks to change
-Some theme changes(menus, buttons, checkmarks, etc.)
-Odd button in Tachi dialer is a known ssue. I have no fix as of yet
-Updated manila position fix. Now can be used for other programs by addding to the registry.
-Titanium uploading now. Check my FTP at:
ROM Mirror Site Provided by llamalord
Thanks to llamalord again :)

UPDATE: 9-6-09-New build 23409
-Some graphical changes to theme
-Updated CleanRAM 1.7
-Some tweaks to flashback and autorestore scripts

UPDATE: 9-6-09
-Build 23016.4
-Just a refresher for the old UI
-Updated graphics and software

UPDATE: 8-22-09
-BUILD 23034 :D
-Setvolume runs at startup so volume buttons will open it by default. 
-Showcase Taskmanager added
-FIX scrolling in Internet Tab :cool:
-Did some skinwork with bottom buttons
-Much more I cant recall ATM

Update: 8-20-09
-Removed cHome editor
-Added GoogleSMS(GooSMS)
-Added ReRemind
-Changed Toolbar buttons with my own skin :)
-Added invisible taskmanager icon. Pressing where icon usually is(on clock) brings taskmanager dropdown
-LongSend mapped to Taskmanager for easily closing and switching tasks
-Fixed bug in FlashBack script where it would not restore SSmaHo settings
-Speed up customization even more :eek:

UPDATE: 8-19-09
-Build 23016.3 Revised, Build 23016.3 Titan(Titanium only), Build 23030_TEST(uses new 6.5.1 UI)
-Basically ALL new icons for programs and settings(in high quality format). Let me know which you like and which you might like to see different.
-Faster customization(only has 1 cab and maybe 2-3 other settings that need to run)
-Removed ReStart
-Removed WiFi Monster
-Added music ID software(account may be required for some services)
-Removed Manila TV to repair menu in Calendar tab(was not working previously, strange that Manila TV  breaks it but it does)
-Lots more...

UPDATE: 8-15-09
-Build 23028
-M$ added some new skinnable parts
-I added some graphics
-New icons
-As a workaround for volume issue I have added SetVolume found in System folder. If you run the shortcut volume buttons will work as volume buttons again until soft reset. They do not open HTC Volume control but SetVolume which is skinned like HTC Volume control

UPDATE: 8-11-09
-Build 23025
-New build has large toolbar on bottom which causes some lost screen space in TF3D and other programs :(
-YouTube sound working again
-Manila 2.1
-Some issues with programs that call on Pocket Outlook :(
-This build is simply for those that want to see what direction M$ is going with 6.5.1. It is usable, but expect some incompatabilities with certain software. Some programs will require using back button to exit since they moved X button to bottom bar and some software does not support this. 
-Expect more scrollbars where you didnt have them before because of the enlarged Toolbar. 
-Volume hardware buttons are not working correctly at this time :( Seems they open the new Taskbar helper instead(can also access by touching clock). 
-New magnifier is disabled by default, find a script in Settings>Admin Tools to change it.
-Expect the current images on softkey buttons to change eventually as I will hopefully be skinning that. For now it uses the default images from Classic Blue.tsk
-lots more I'm sure ;)

UPDATE:[/B] 8-9-09
Finally got 2.1 working to my expectations, so here it is:
-Manila 2.1
-Youtube sound is not working 
-Build is 23016
-Updated "Back FavPeople Up!" to latest and included quick links to backup restore in one click. Backup loaction is set to Storage card\Phone Backup by default. You can change this by changing th links with Resco or Total Commander
-Converted greyscale skin to 2.1 manila
-Please dont report manila bugs here as I have no control over these(same with the Youtube for now)

UPDATE: 8-4-09
-Build 23017
-Updated Commanager with built in support for Wifi sharing
-Updated FlashBack
-Updated XDA_UC 
-Reverted to previous New Contact Card. Last one crashed out on facebook tab :(
UPDATE: 8-1-09
-Build 23016v2
-Changed Youtube because of connection errors in 2.5 version
-Added drag and drop icons to start menu :)
-Added support for FlashBack auto restore(still have UC, XDA_UC, SASHIMI)
-Added more options to backup with FlashBack. Note that Wifi backup is not working at this time
-Added some tweaks to scrolling in start menu
-Forgot, new build of NewContact card

UPDATE: 7-23-09
-new build
-this build is a hybrid of sorts. was able to implement the start menu system from 21928 :D:cool: This means when you exit some settings screens it wont close the start menu, and also the drag and drop is working in start menu :D
-fixed shadow in start menu
-added consistent battery fix
-updated GoogleMaps to 3.2 with Layers(see Dev & Hacking)
-updated clean RAM to 1.6
-updated Wifi Monster to
-updated Facebook IM to 2.2.8
-updated Streams widget
-added HTC wifi internet sharing(shortcut in settings>connections)
-reverted keypad.dll to 6.5 version(opens start menu). See post 4 to make it "Home" key. Trying for more stability.
-removed patched biotouch.dll(fix for SIP menu) for stability. Will attatch cab to post 4
-remapped long press send to Input Selection(to change input method on the fly)
-lots more...;)

UPDATE: 7-17-09 21925v2 is ready.
-changed home key back to home key instead of "start"
-different YouTube build 
-Fixed TCPMP
-Moved ProFuzeKeyboard settings to Settings>System>Administrative tools. Also included a few scripts for common changes. Threaded SMS to disable/enable Threaded SMS, Push Internet to enable\disable push internet through registry(disabled by default and changing in manila wont work until changed in registry)
-Added some radio stations to Manila TV
-more I cant remember right now

UPDATE: Added build 21921  
-New build: 21921
-Added Manila TV page and found some pretty decent streams. If you run across a great one let me know. Might try adding Radio too.
-Battery icon issue seems to be fixed.
-Still using gwes.exe from 23001 for icon issues. 
-Push internet is disabled by default and Opera is set to "realexit", so if you want Opera to load faster 
-The above tweak seems to save a considerable amount of RAM, but it does make Opera so its not instant like before
-New build allows you to return to settings page after changing a setting. A feature I really missed from 6.1
-Some UI aspects are changed(M$ seems to be trying to go more finger friendly, but it still needs skinned. Hope they keep on it)
-Overall I am very pleased with the new build, lets see what you think ;)

UPDATE:added 23004.1
-New build
-updated all apps
-new folder icons(ROM is undergoing a facelift)
-New icons for RAR and ZIP programs and files(in explorer)
-Radio Off scheduler
-Compressed some more files
-Changed from full auto back to standar setup, but you can still skip welcome screens ny adding file na,ed welcome.not to root of storage card

UPDATE: 7-6-09, added 23003.1
-New build
-Optimized some programs(changed files to modules in most cases)
-Same as below

UPDATE: 7-3-09, added 21820.3(Full Auto)
-Updated all apps with exception of Wifi Monster
-Added AppToDate
-After flash, no screen alignment needed. Makes it easy if you want to flash and walk away. With use of UC or other restore programs you can now flash, walk away, and return later to see device is fully set up. Note that it takes a minute for customization to start because usually it loads while you are aligning screen. To do screen adjustments later, go to Settings>screen>align
-Opera build 16983(Compressed)
-LOTS more. Check posts later in the thread.
17th May 2009, 11:10 PM |#6  
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Looks pretty good. After you get a few nibbles and I hear good things I'll give it a shot.
17th May 2009, 11:16 PM |#7  
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This is great, Love the work you put into this, the new builds (21232 V2 DA-G's) are much smoother and would be perfect with your build. Thanks
18th May 2009, 12:32 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Bowdowntozoltan

Looks pretty good. After you get a few nibbles and I hear good things I'll give it a shot.

I can say one bad thing right now. Not too bad, the audiomanager found in multimedia has the slider misplaced. I had it working before, but I think I must have changed something because it either gets messed up from MP3 Trimmer or the fix would be having AudioManager with everything in place and MP3 Trimmer with some things mixed up. Working on it right now. Other than that, we'll have to see. I'd like to have both, but might have to remove one or the other. The audiomanager has an MP3 Trimmer built in, which is part of the problem. Being that it is a beta build, I am not too worried about it. I'll get it fixed up soon.
EDIT: I have an odd fix for it right now, but I'm gonna narrow it down and make it easy for ya
EDIT2: Duh, the problem was on my end in a plugin I had installed during sashimi. No wonder it worked before, I added the problem myself later. So, please report any real bugs not related to addons.
18th May 2009, 02:41 AM |#9  
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I noticed you didn't mention the keyboard...
The mapping in the 20771 didn't work out for me... I messed around with it for a while and didn't end up fixing it... I ended up having to flash 2 or 3 times... (Finally back to stock, and then on to something else.) to get it to work right again... Except for that..I really enjoyed the rom...
Damn... it sure does look sexy...
18th May 2009, 03:32 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by modulusman

I noticed you didn't mention the keyboard...
The mapping in the 20771 didn't work out for me... I messed around with it for a while and didn't end up fixing it... I ended up having to flash 2 or 3 times... (Finally back to stock, and then on to something else.) to get it to work right again... Except for that..I really enjoyed the rom...
Damn... it sure does look sexy...

This has just stock input method. No TP2. Don't need more to worry about.
Thats strange about the 20771 mapping. It was working fine for me in a few builds. Only time it was off was if I had enabled XT9, but still wasn't too bad. Maybe you have touch pro instead of Fuze? And you are talking about one of the hybrid builds right? Maybe I'll go back and make one with the standard keybooard.
If anyone having trouble downloading, I am having problems getting onto skinzone for some reason, so I don't know what is up. Let me know if its working right.
18th May 2009, 04:06 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jmckeejr

Bugs and Fixes
I found this after installing Audiomanager Titanium plugin. I think it is due to that, but thought I would post it here. Appears the plugin installer includes an AudioManager.exe file which was different than the one I cooked in. So, this most likely will not be needed.
An odd bug due to the adition of a standalone AudioManager and MP3 Trimmer. The graphics are a butSince it is an odd bug, here is an odd fix. You need to install the attatched Glossy_VGA_AudioManager cab, soft rest, then uninstall the cab. I have no idea why this would fix anything, but it does work. In process of looking furher into this. Make sure to install to device of course.

I've been trying & requesting an .exe or version of Audio Manager that will work outside of TF3D/TF3D2 for a while now. I don't like WMPlayer and I use CorePlayer for my .avi but it sucks as a finger frienldy music player. This also comes in handy when using SPB-MS3.

A custom "Programs" folder under the "Start Menu" would be nice to control clutter and add organization for installed programs.

Haven't flashed yet cuz I'm still luv'n your 6.1 Chrome w/Notification.

Thanks again
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