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By NRGZ28, Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo on 21st May 2009, 08:14 AM
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Welcome to the "EnergyROM" thread !

This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the HTC Diamond device.

The current build numbers and date can be seen in the title of this thread. I usually update the ROMs about twice a week, as new builds come down the pipe or as new software/updates are available.

I build my ROMs with four main goals.
  • Eye candy ( I want my ROM to look great and for it to all flow together nicely)
  • Speed !!!
  • Smoothness, consistency and good aesthetics
  • Stability through private beta testing before public release

I pre-configure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go. So, expect the backlight to be set at the maximum brightness, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications to already be set. Doing it this way, makes for a nice ROM that's ready out of the box.

I recommend learning to backup your settings with either Sashimi or UC (User Customization). Backing up with SPB Backup or similar products, is NOT recommended, as they tend to backup the previous release's registry/file bugs as well!

Looking at the download folder you will find two core versions of my ROM.

  • The 21916 Build which is the most reliable, fast and bug free release. It has the Start menu button at the top left corner just like a stock ROM. I recommend you start with this first!
  • The 29022 Build that's the latest in the 6.5.3 series with the Start menu button at the bottom left corner and big softkeys. These builds reflect the latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft. These are also much more finger friendly throughout.

You can stay up to date on the status of my ROM development by "following" me on Twitter.

It's definitely the fastest way to get in touch with me and please don't be afraid to tweet me if you see major issues with the ROMs.
I generally do not answer "support" questions on Twitter, as it's really not the proper medium for that. Service packs and quick fixes will always be released as links in my tweets and that's definitely the fastest way to get a fix for a ROM.

To follow me on twitter, click here!

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21st May 2009, 08:15 AM |#2  
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This post features all the Cookie Hometab based ROMs I make.

The original ROM is the "energy" version and that's a good starting point. All the rest, are themes applied to that ROM.
They all come with
Cookie 2.0 (the ROM filename will be labeled "Cookie.2.0, plus the name of the theme)

You can see more screenshots of these ROMs a couple of posts down.

The two Cookie versions look pretty similar, but Cookie 2.0 has multiple sliding homescreens/freely moveable widgets (similar to Android) and
quite a few more features and speed.

My own 'Energy' style

  • This is the best ROM version and the way Sense should have been designed by HTC
  • Offers the biggest customization ability out of all versions. You can add/remove bars or items on the homescreen, arrange items any way you like, plus lots of extra features
  • Three built in lockscreens. "HD Mini" style, Manila style or Windows style
  • 3 pages of quicklinks with a configurable amount of shortcuts displayed
  • 3 Homescreen layouts to choose from, as seen in the above screenshots, all completely customizable !
  • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
Dinik's "Anastasia"
  • This ROM series is skinned with Dinik's great "Anastasia" theme applied on everything.
  • Everything has been skinned, including Sense, the start menu items, the soft keyboard, parts of the dialer... etc
_LeCiel_'s ".sencity"
  • This ROM is themed with the .sencity theme released by _LeCiel_ who is a very talented artist ! Please support his work if possible.
  • .sencity is not %100 complete yet, but _LeCiel_ is working hard on finishing his work to completely skin the entire ROM.
  • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
DJC & Bobsbbq's "Touch Of Glass"
  • This ROM series is skinned with DJC's "Touch of Glass" theme throughout Sense and the Start Menu
  • More will be skinned as DJC continues his work on the theme in the future...
  • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <
ElCondor's "GTX"
  • This ROM has the white GTX theme applied
  • Android styled taskbar, matching dialer, matching start menu background and Action screen background
  • GTX is a total reskin of the operating system, so expect a very different (white) experience
  • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <

ROMs mostly created for enthusiasts...


  • This series retains the stock functionality of the Sense UI. The files have been compressed by "CFC" compression. making the UI lighter and faster
  • This ROM still retains my theme and style, plus all the regular apps you find in my ROMs.
  • There are no homescreen addon-ons in this ROM. The best speed and the most stock functionality.

MaxSense UI (android style homescreen)

  • This is a complete rewrite of the Sense homescreen, by maxycy.
  • It features a 3 screen, Android style, homescreen with widgets! The widgets can be placed ANYWHERE on the three screens.
  • 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs
  • You should really visit the original thread for this mod shown on the next line to see all the features!
  • Link to the original thread for this mod is here > Click <.
Titanium (ROMs for raw speed!)
  • This is a minimal ROM version without Sense in it. It's used primarily for people that like to customize the default 6.5 homescreen (Titanium)
  • You can use it to install alternate homescreen interfaces like SPB Mobile Shell, etc
  • Very low memory footprint and good battery life, but very simple and lacks a lot of features that you would otherwise have available in Sense...

Click the following link for addons, XDA_UC help and various cabs specific to this ROM series

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21st May 2009, 08:16 AM |#3  
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List of installed applications

  • Bubble Breaker
  • Solitaire
  • Teeter
  • Digital Compass
  • QuickGPS
  • Google Maps
  • HTC GPSTool
  • ChartCross GPS Test
  • Opera 9.7
  • Jbed Java
  • RSS Hub
  • Remote Desktop
  • A couple of widgets for ROM Updates
  • MSN Messenger and Windows Live
  • Barnes Noble eReader
  • Facebook
  • Palringo
  • Windows Live
  • Messenger
  • Bing
  • Send and Receive All
  • Data Controller
  • Audio Booster
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 Trimmer
  • Voice Recorder
  • YouTube
  • InCall Recording
Office Mobile
  • Full suite of Office Mobile 2010
  • BsB Tweaks
  • Flashlight
  • Lock Device
  • Microsoft MyPhone
  • Registry Editor
  • PIM Backup
  • FDC TaskManager
  • Wifi Router
  • XDA UC
  • My own Settings Exporter tool
  • Shake and Save (screenshot app)
  • Wifi Monster
  • Wifi Router (internet sharing app)
  • tBattery
On the Start Menu
  • Backlight control app
  • Total Commander
  • Rotate Screen (by clicking icon or by pushing down Send key)
  • Windows Marketplace

ROM features at a glance:

  • Very fast startup time. You won't find any startup wizards in this ROM. You'll be up and running in a couple minutes after flashing the ROM and ready to go. No need to spend time to set everything up.
  • XDA_UC is built in. It will import your custom XML and REG files from your storage card after first boot.
  • My own Settings Exporter application is found in the Tools folder. Use it to export all your settings after you customize the device. When a new ROM comes down the line, use it to import everything and save time.
  • Everything is setup to use the phone right after flashing. Sounds, notifications, all options, etc
  • The HTC Messaging client is removed, leaving the windows built SMS client for much faster texting, but still able to use a nicely skinned Sense text messaging app with "iphone style" messaging bubbles.
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21st May 2009, 08:16 AM |#4  
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Release notes

July 4th, 2011

  • Wifi Router app updated for more compatibility (especially VGA devices)
  • USSD Service app fixed and updated
  • Removed rogue Imagio bootup welcomescreen and animation
  • Fixed InCall volume issues for 21916 VGA devices ROMs
  • Fixed Bubblebreaker for 21916 ROMs
  • VoIP components thrown back in


July 2nd, 2011

  • Updated to 29022
  • Bluetooth HID profiles cooked back in
  • Fixed Opera favorites problem in Titanium ROMs
  • SIM Manager not opening on some devices, fixed
  • Camera version 6.45 from Oboe integrated in all HD2 specific ROMs
  • Added Ninja Duck's "No WIFI Sleep" cab to the addons directory to stop wifi from sleeping during HTC Wifi Sharing operations (
  • Sencity skinned dialer made by "eac" (only on some devices, HD2 and VGA excluded)

June 1st, 2011

  • Fixed Music tab bug where songs don't play all the way or get stuck on "searching"
  • Fixed blue disabled button situation in certain instances, but keeping the WM contacts readable
  • WorldCard Mobile removed from ALL ROMs (useless, broken, app... if you want it there's plenty
    of cabs for it around)
  • Some ICONS are now squared for better compability with SPB and other apps
  • Audiobooster skin for Touch of Glass ROMs (WVGA only)
  • Added nice 28 day Agenda MOD to Calendar tab in Sense (thanks to slabbi! not sure if this got cooked in ?!? feedback please...)
  • Week view in Sense Calendar tab is now more legible with a blue highlight instead of grey
  • Palringo updated to 2.6.2
  • Stock CHT Layout restoration file fixed for all ROMs

    GTX Taskbar mod to 21916 ROMs for better visibility of task manager icon
    GTX Skin for TCPMP
    GTX Skin for the MP3Trimmer
    GTX Mod for the CommManager
  • All of the above GTX mods are thanks to member eac ! Romanian power! lol
  • GTX "music widget not displaying on homescreen bug" fixed
  • Slight adjustment to HD2 GTX dialpad


2010 (trimmed) -----------------------------------------------------------
2009 (trimmed) -----------------------------------------------------------
2008 (trimmed) -----------------------------------------------------------
21st May 2009, 08:16 AM |#5  
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User maintained FAQ post

How to install a ROM on diamond ?
WARNING : flashing can brick your phone and you'll loose your device guarantee !!!
If these consequences are too important for you then don't flash your rom !!!

• Check your diamond version = GSM or CDMA ?
This thread is dedicated to GSM diamond !!! Never install GSM rom onto CDMA device and vice versa!!!
• Read Tutorial made by tnyynt HERE

What is mtty ?
• mtty is a PC app which is useful to prepare your device for flash (but not only)
• read MysticGenius thread HERE

What's the difference between soft reset & hard reset ?
soft reset = safe operation, just reboot your device (switch device off-on by using power button or specific app as XDAshutdown/Slide2Shutdown by example)

hard reset = CAUTION! This will erase all the data and your device will be reset to factory settings : make a backup of your important data before !!!
How to Hard Reset your Diamond with hard keys :
1. Press and Hold the VOL. DOWN + ENTER (central key) buttons, then press RESET at the back with the stylus tip till message appears.
here you have 2 options :
2a. To HARD RESET (format internal memory only) = Press the VOL. UP, or press any other button to cancel.
2b. To HARD RESET + format internal storage = Press the VOL. DOWN, or press any other button to cancel.
How to Hard Reset your Diamond with wipe device app :
1. go to start>settings>system>wipe device
2. in old version you'll have to select the option of your choice : erase internal memory only or erase internal storage only or erase both.
In last version you can only erase internal memory (you can't erase internal storage)
3. type "1234' sequence and click yes

What's the difference between internal memory & internal storage ?
internal memory = main memory of your device (dynamic memory shared between storage, program and PP), this kind of memory is faster than NAND but space is very limited on Diamond
internal storage = 4Gb NAND for storage only (low speed but large space), also called SD card on other devices but this one is non removable

I flashed my rom but my diamond is stuck at boot &/or soft reset itself continuously ?!
• Either you flashed a rom not designed for your device or you flash with wrong HardSPL
• go to serial USB mode then try mtty method

What is Serial USB mode ?
• Also called Bootloader mode, this mode allow you to connect your device to your computer in order to use mtty or to flash.
• Hold vol.down key (don't release it till you see rainbow screen!!!) then with your stylus press reset button. When you see rainbow screen with "serial USB" message then release vol.down key & plug your phone to your computer.

What RADIO should I use ?
• There is no better Radio than another cause It depends on your device usage (phone/GPS) & location : battery drain and Joule effect (heat loosened by battery/processor...) will be different.
• The best is to make your own opinion by testing by yourself : check sblop thread HERE
• Good Diamond radios :,,,,,

Battery drains too fast, what can I do ?
• With normal usage (a few calls/texts, check mails) battery should last a day or two
• deactivate 3G & set GSM instead
• Backlight (the more you increase luminosity the more you decrease battery life) is set to max by default so set it to autoBacklight instead
• activate power management with DiamondTweak
• avoid battery eater like WiFi/BlueTooth/GPS/Games/Video
• check apps running into background : disable push internet & other functions that require data connection like weather...
• try a different RADIO (it depends on your usage/carrier/location)
• recalibrate the battery
• if nothing helps you then consider buying a 1350mAh power battery (900mAh by default)

How to recalibrate the battery ?
1. Discharge the battery completely
2. Remove the battery & let it rest 1H at least
3. Re-install the battery & charge your diamond (but keep power off) till the led stop blinking
4. Remove the battery & let it rest 1H at least
5. Re-install the battery & turn power on

My memory usage is very high !?
• use Tachi Disabler to remove HTC dialer & use WM dialer instead : you'll free ~5Mo
• Pay attention to the skins you install afterward : some are not compressed and can eat a lot of memory
• use htcAddicts CleanRAM to clean & free memory
• reduce PagePool to 8Mo
• enable compact start menu into settings menu to free ram ~20Mb

What is PagePool (PP) ?
• PP is a cache partition which allow the device to speed up when a function has been already called into mem : the other side of the coin is that PP is taken directly from RAM. So you'll have to find the optimum balance between speed/ram
• 8 - 12 Mo is a good range for diamond
• Read shaks1979 thread HERE for more info

I don't see Opera and GoogleMaps ?!
• only InternetExplorer is available because Opera & GoogleMaps can be installed on internal storage (you can choose destination drive only when you install cab by yourself) to save internal memory

How to install a cab ?
• copy the cab to your device either by activeSync or by DiskDrive mode. Use your file explorer to click on cab then installation will start.
• XDA_UC is a smart way too

What is XDA_UC ?
• Read THIS

I can't sync my phone !?
• Did you install Microsoft ActiveSync/WM device center ?
• It also might be due to your firewall/anti-virus (allow activsync into firewall setup).
• You can either uncheck enable faster data synchronization under ActiveSync option into start>settings>connection>USBtoPC
• if you've just flashed your device or made Hard reset then you'll have to create a new partnership with your computer

I don't see 3G anymore into taskbar !?
• Run connection setup wizard (settings>connections) to configure your network connections
• different bands available :
GSM = GPRS/EDGE = 2G/2,5G = G/E
WCDMA = 3G/3G+
• when you force radio to WCDMA you should have 3G/H logo into taskbar but it drains battery a lot and be careful of your gonades
• set GSM when you don't use data
• switch to auto when you wanna use data
• It also depends on your operator network in a particular place (city/metro/mountain...)

How to tweak Sense2.5 ?
Co0kie Home Tab : Read Co0kieMonster's thread (Sense2.5 only!!!)

I can't unzip the archive : archive corrupted !?
• you need the last 7zip because of new LZMA2 compression
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21st May 2009, 08:16 AM |#6  
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The XDA_UC cooked in my ROMs is modified from the stock XDA_UC made by Noonski. Great addon, by the way... Noonski did a great job with this !

The version in my ROMs is trimmed down to fit the needs of my ROM series.

Some of the extra features are:

  • It will copy shortcuts (.lnk files) found in \XDA_UC\Start Menu\ to the device's start menu folder (\windows\Start Menu) in the hierarchy that it finds on the storage card. For example: Let's say you have a navigation package on the storage card, like Navigon. If you make a shortcut to the navigon.exe file as Navigon.lnk and copy it to \XDA_UC\Start Menu\GPS\ as "Navigon.lnk" then on a fresh ROM install it will copy any shortcuts it finds there to the same location on the device, so it'll end up in \Windows\Start Menu\GPS\. This works for other folders on the Start Menu as well. Just put the shortcuts in \xda_uc\Start Menu\ in the folders you will like the shortcuts to appear to, on the device.
  • It will copy a custom splash screen from \Storage Card\XDA_UC\welcomehead.192.png to \windows automatically and overwrite the one in the ROM.
  • It will copy a custom Sense background found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\sense\wallpaper_sense.png to the device and set that wallpaper as default in Sense. So rename your wallpaper as "wallpaper_sense.png" and drop it in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\sense\ and on the next ROM flash that wallpaper will become your wallpaper in Sense.

Other than that XDA_UC works as designed by Noonski and it will do the following things:

  • It will automatically import your PPCbackup (*.pib) file found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will install custom XDAS scripts found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently install CAB files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will install special CAB files that require user input (such as Agreements or any type of prompt) found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\SD
  • It will silently import REG files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently install REG files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\Exporter, as exported by my own Settings Exporter, ONLY if the "automatic" file is also present in that folder (and it most cases it should be, enable that option in the Settings Export application's menu)
  • It will silently import XML files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently import CER files (usually Exchange certificates) found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently run custom MSCR files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\

That's it, but don't forget to checkout the Addons folder and look in the XDA_UC section for tips and tutorials on how to export your email/wifi settings and various little .reg and tweaks you can add to your XDA_UC collection.

As always don't forget to check what installs automatically before reporting a problem with the ROM. Most of the time, if you notice you have a problem that nobody else is experience is because one of the cabs you dropped in the XDA_UC folder is installing automatically while you don't even think about it.
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21st May 2009, 08:21 AM |#7  
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Report back ASAP...

Thank you very much for COOKING the GREAT ROM!
21st May 2009, 08:23 AM |#8  
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Is this the same one as the last update in the previous thread? Or another build?
21st May 2009, 08:26 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by the_scotsman

Is this the same one as the last update in the previous thread? Or another build?

If this is the followup pls mention -discontinued thread or something - on that other thread , looks a bit odd two postings in a row on nearly similar developments.

Must say that the rom looks very attractive and promising, will give it a try soon.
21st May 2009, 08:35 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by cescof

Aaaarg first link is down, an second file is corrupted....

First link works ok here. I'm downloading link 2 now (Titanium)
21st May 2009, 08:53 AM |#11  
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Thumbs up
You are a wonder
There is a cook to cook, depending on the desire, but you honestly think, as we think.
Thank you very much and respect you lower hat
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