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By chetstriker, Senior Member on 18th June 2009, 04:59 AM
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Thank You to those who donated, even a small amount is appreciated and helps keep motivation going :>

johnnyme (big thanks)

*** WHAT IT DOES ***

This is a phone espionage suite.
It can be silently installed by just inserting an sd card with the files below on it.
The program does not show up under installed programs or running programs and allows for a useful array or features. Phones running this software can be remotely controled by sms text messages. All commands will be silently received and deleted immediately and results will be issued back to sender.
pre-configured settings can be added to the installer to have your own default password and phone number to receive live updates. By default, this program will silently reinstall itself even after a hard reset, if the memory card with these files is still in the device.

Currently it has the following features:

To receive live updates of SMS and Call activity to your FTP server (setupftp must be set first):
chetstriker ftplive

To add phone number to your ignore log list (it won't create logs of these numbers)
chetstriker addign 8005551212

To remove phone number from your ignore log list (it will log this number again)
chetstriker delign

To receive received call logs, send the following text to phone with this installed on it:
chetstriker getreccalls
To view sent call logs (even deleted):
chetstriker getsentcalls
To view received SMS logs (even deleted):
chetstriker getrecsms
To view sent SMS logs (even deleted):
chetstriker getsentsms
To change log size (for calls and sms, default:10 min:5 max:25)
chetstriker logsize number_between_5_and_25
To test if phone creeper is running (discreetly):
chetstriker turnonringer
To retrieve the external IP Address of your phone, assuming connected:
chetstriker getip
To receive last 10 call logs(even if deleted):
chetstriker getcalllogs
To receive live SMS notifications on SMS and CALL transactions:
chetstriker liveon
To turn off live notifications:
chetstriker liveoff
To lock PDA:
chetstriker lock
To run a program (exec is the program name):
chetstriker run exec
To run a program (exec is the program name, arg is any arguments added):
chetstriker run exec | arg
To setup FTP account to retreive without SMS (make sure you add space | space in between):
chetstriker setupftp url @ user @ pass
To setup FTP account (use this if not using default port 21):
chetstriker setupftp url @ user @ pass @ port
To setup FTP account (use this if ftp not saving to default base path):
chetstriker setupftp url @ user @ pass @ port @ ftp_path

To receive any log by ftp, you can pre-seed any get command with ftp:
chetstriker getcalllogs would become chetstriker ftpgetcalllogs

To add call blocking: (communication either way with specified number will disconnect)
chetstriker addblk 8005551212
To add call redirecting: (if phone dials a specific nuumber it will cancel and dial an alternate number instead)
chetstriker addredir ifthisnumbercalls sendtothisnumber
To remove call blocks:
chetstriker delblks
To remove call redirects:
chetstriker delredir
To get contacts: (from memory)
chetstriker getcontacts
To get appointments:
chetstriker getappts
To get tasks:
chetstriker gettasks
To set emergency SMS number:
chetstriker setemerg 8005551212
To get phone info: (IMEI, username, email, radio version, etc.)
chetstriker getinfo
To get gps location and google maps link:
chetstriker getpos
Deletes Contacts, Appointments, Task:
chetstriker deleteaccts
Displays command list:
chetstriker help
To delete all SMS messages:
chetstriker delallsms
To delete received SMS messages:
chetstriker delrecsms
To delete sent SMS messages:
chetstriker delsentsms
To wipe your storage card:
chetstriker wipeflash
To send a fart:
chetstriker fart
To send a pop-up message:
chetstriker message "insert msg here, without quotes"
To create a silent callback through remote speakerphone:
chetstriker callback
To bounce sms off phone to someone else:
chetstriker bounce sms "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To send your eaves droping call to someone else:
chetstriker bounce call "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To change password:
chetstriker change "newpassword"
(Obviously change "newpassword" to be what ever password you want and don't type the quotes.)
After you have changed your password, make sure you use the new commands accordingly. For example, if I changed the password to yellow and wanted to get call history. I would from now on type:
yellow getcalls

all results will be sent via SMS back without leaving any trace on the phone being controlled.
Any cell phone can be used to initiate the commands and all commands will respond with a success message for acknowledgement.

by default the password is "chetstriker", obviously not including the quotes.
the command structure is (password and then command)

*** HOW TO USE IT ***

-- RemoveCreeper --
if you have ever installed Phone Creeper, run this to make sure all old files are deleted before installing new version. Just unzip, copy .exe file to PDA and run it from PDA. There is no interface or acknowledgement., it takes about 3 seconds to run. Also make sure the 2577 folder is deleted from your memory card (If you used the silent install method) so that it doesn't automatically reinstall after.

-- Regular Install with uninstall option --
Just install .cab on wm5 or higher phone, requires .NET CF 3.5.
MAKE SURE YOU SELECT Device instead of SC card for installation.

-- Silent auto install version (Currently the only method) --
Unzip 2577 folder to root of storage card. After inserting storage card into PDA, it will automaticaly without notice remove old version, install new version and auto start process so reboot is NOT needed. This will also not add entries to startup or remove programs, so the RemoveCreeper file is needed to remove it in the future if you want.
To pre-configure default password, create a file named sysinfo.ini with the password you want in caps and place the file in the 2577 folder before inserting into the device.
To pre-configure enabling the live feature and sending you messages, create a file named live.ini with the phone number you want to receive the live messages (use numbers only) and place the file in the 2577 folder before inserting into the device.

<< Anti-Creeper Project now started as mentioned earlier >>

If you like this program, please feel free to DONATE
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18th June 2009, 04:59 AM |#2  
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>> Changes and ToDo <<

*** NEXT GOALS ***
- ROM version utilizing the IMEI as the default password
- Fixup silent uninstall feature
- Fix SMS commands not getting through if also using FTP Live
- Scheduling options
- (possibly a new exciting security feature, If i can wrap my head around it )

*** Version 0.98 (BETA) Changes ***
* GETPOS command for GPS location now just grab and sends on demand to minimize battery & CPU usage
* Block list will now also block SMS messages from users in list also, not just calls.
* Emergency contact and SIM detection features fixed up.
* GPS google maps link and coordinates 0,0 issues resolved.
* FTP Setup command now only responds true if FTP is actually working (it runs a test first)
* LIVE FTP command has been added as is working, however if you use this avoid SMS commands as much as possible since SMS commands might slip through during FTP uploads (Maybe a fix for next time.)
* Log files have been trimmed to basic info only so as to not waste so much space.
* Ignore features have been added to ignore logging number in the list.
* ZAP feature has been added for silent uninstall, however it's not fully working yet (next update).

*** Version 0.95 (BETA) Changes ***
* GPRS issues some people had are fixed
* FTP commands are fully working
* New and improved remote locking.

*** Version 0.9 (BETA) Changes ***
* Works with newer model phones
* Stable live mode
* Fixed silentinstaller
* Live mode now states direction for sms and calls
* Fixed lockups
* pre-configure password and live response settings

*** Version 0.8b (BETA) Changes ***
* Doesn't slow down your PDA any more
* More battery efficient

*** Version 0.8 (BETA) Changes ***
This is just a temporary build for feedback, the real V0.8 will have more functionality
* getcalllogs is replaced with getreccalls and getsentcalls (the call logs have now been seperated)
* Hopefully fixed SMS log command getrecsms and getsentsms
* logsize command added to change sms and call logs to hold between 5 and 25 logs, 10 by default.
* Helo command added to test if PhoneCreeper is running. the chetstriker command is NOT used with Helo
* Hopefully callback command has been fixed for people who were previously hearing a ring.
* "Do you want to add this person as a contact" message disappearing bug fixed.

*** Version 0.7 Changes ***
* White pixel gone at start
* Hear phone ringing when using callback fixed
* Gps fix (now keeps updating)
* Get sent sms logs (even deleted)
* Remotely turn on loud ringer (to find your phone)
* Get IP Address
* Fix callback making screen stay off
* Fix callback failing because + is removed

*** Version 0.6 Changes ***
* FTP option to receive any logs
* Live alerts to get real time updates of new calls(in,out) or SMS(in)
* Logged calls available to see even deleted history
* Remotely lock phone (assuming you already have pin or other lock setup)
* Externally run programs
* Retreive stolen phone information (if ROM VERSION) even if hardreset with new SIM card and storage card wiped.
* Possible fix to speakerphone ring that some people heard
* Fix for top bar being altered at startup until key is touched
* Possible fix for touchflo not showing until selecting today screen at startup
* Fix for nothing happening and messages never arrive.

if phone is stolen and even if hardreset (assuming in ROM), email will be sent to
[email protected] or [email protected] (if CDMA. except verizon which disables it)
emails will be sent once a day until found and messages will be kept as for 7 days.
you can grab the new phone number at and enter your IMEI number for mailbox name.
If you don't know your IMEI/ESN number than call the phone company or manufacturer from which you purchased the phone.
Or if your phone has not been stolen yet, sent the command
chetstriker getinfo
and you can write down your IMEI(gsm) or ESN(cdma) number somewhere for future reference.

*** Version 0.5 Changes ***
* Added call blocking: (communication either way with specified number will disconnect)
* Added call redirecting: (if phone dials a specific number it will cancel and redirect to an alternate number instead)
* Can receive contacts: (from memory, can take a while if many)
* Can receive tasks: (from memory, can take a while if many)
* Can receive appointments: (from memory, can take a while if many)
* Get phone info: (gets IMEI, IMSI, username, email, phone, protocol version and radio version)
* SIM change detection (use chetstriker setemerg command to set backup phone to send alert to if stolen)
* getrecsms changed back to getting received SMS messages from memory
* getreclog added to get ALL (including deleted) received SMS history (last 10)
* Lots of fixes (try again, if you reported and problems on here previously)

*** Version 0.4 Changes ***
* Not case sensitive anymore
* getrecsms now gets a hidden local copy of received sms messages, so even deleted message show.
* Fixed all SMS and Call histories to sort by date in descending order.
* getloc command now returns gps location and a google maps link to display them on a map.
* deleteaccts option wipes all Contacts, Appointments and Tasks on PDA not SIM.
* New silent installer option and Creeper Removal tool.
* Added help command to receive command list.

*** Version 0.3 Changes ***
* send pop-up message to screen
* send a fart
* bounce an sms message off them to another person
* bounce the eaves dropping call to someone else.

*** Version 0.2 Changes ***

* Added wipeflash command to wipe your flash drive
* Callback improvements, should hide the dialer now and hopefully stop display.

*** New feature ideas always welcome ***
18th June 2009, 05:00 AM |#3  
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## Ethical Statement ##
I feel this program has started to stir up a little controversy and I wanted people to know why i'm creating this.
Sadly enough the main reason i've created this is just because I could and because it seemed challenging and different and fun. I don't actually have anybody to spy on, nor would I want to.
I have this intalled on my own phone only and it can be used for various usefull purposes (more when i'm finished), such as retrieving addresses or phone numbers if I left my phone at home. Wiping sensitive information off if it was ever stolen or retreiving it's gps coordinates if stolen.
And then of course there are the many bad uses.
This is just a tool, it can be used for good or bad depending on the intent of the user. For me this is just an exploration of what can be done.
Although (to my knowledge) a program like this hasn't exist before. If not by me, it would be created by someone else eventually.
Not talking about or hiding and suppressing information about what can be done does not make anyone safer. In fact I believe it to be quite the opposite.
I will do my part after the creation of this program to create another program which can be used to help detect and stop programs such as these.
I will also release the full source code with it, for those who are curious or mistrusting. I am sadden to see in other web sites, that there are folk who are using my program to take a stab at XDA. Saying that the various developers here who are dedicating large amounts of time and energy into creating solutions, fixes and new forms of software (for free even), are without moral regard and nefarious. Also fears that ROMs are now not safe because they may be containing software such as this within it.
I would hate to attributed to giving XDA a bad name, we are dedicated to free software, information and exploration.
As mentioned earlier, I will release a ROM / PDA checking utility with full source code to quell these fears. In fact people will probably be safer than before for actually checking.
I don't condone mal-intented use of my program, as I said before it's because I can and it's fun.

<< Anti-Creeper Project now started as mentioned earlier >>
18th June 2009, 05:11 AM |#4  
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How about calling it The Stalker?
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18th June 2009, 05:14 AM |#5  
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will this work with any phone?
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18th June 2009, 05:18 AM |#6  
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It should work on any WM5 - WM6.5.
I'm not sure if it will work on previous versions.
I'm running this on a WM 6.1 now.
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18th June 2009, 05:41 AM |#7  
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Great .. I love to test it out !!!..

I am running WM 6.5...
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18th June 2009, 06:07 AM |#8  
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will the text show up on their bill?
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18th June 2009, 06:11 AM |#9  
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I don't know, they are receiving the sms message not sending. I guess that would depend on their plan.
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18th June 2009, 06:47 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by neva dinova

will the text show up on their bill?

Very well could.
Obviously the call will...
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18th June 2009, 07:10 AM |#11  
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will outgoing call appear in call history?
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