[ROM] JACxHEROSkiv2.2- JAC/CC (JAC-SKI HTC KERNEL BFS-240) Dream/Mytouch 9/30/09

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By justanothercrowd, Senior Member on 8th July 2009, 06:18 AM
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WWARNING:You must Have The Correct Radio and Latest SPL! You can find them here (RADIO MUST BE INSTALLED FIRST) You can find it here


First A big thanks to Haykuro for providing the system dump of the latest known Hero build. Great contributions from Haykuro always!!! Make sure to thank him!!!

This ROM is based off the latest "HTC" ROM leak 2.83.x.x with tons of mods enjoy!!


NOTES:Swap is linux-swap by default. Edit the user.conf in /system/bin to change swappiness etc. Compcache modules built with the latest source are included if you want compcache or compcache with backing etc. Run sh /system/bin/swap -s to check swap status and other mod values.

JacHEROSki-v2.2 - Experimental A & B
- [email protected]
-BFS 240
-supports MyTouch out of the box!
-various ramconsole and usb patches
-other things I can't think of

-same as A with the 10MB RAM hack (10 extra MB of RAM)
-other things I can't think of

-This ROM will auto-mount, so when flashing make sure it isn't plugged into your computer!
-People search still force closes.

JACxHEROSki-v2.1 - Experimental
- [email protected]
-BFS-211 w/ updated dalvik etc
-fixed reboots (none in 8 hours)
-please note this is an experimental build FAST
-compcache and compcache backing enabled by default

memlimit: 32
swappiness: 60

linux-swap partition = 64MB

-New Kernel and Compcache Modules swap_free now working
-removed app scripts as they conflict with BFS
-MT now working!

-Remixed 1.5/1.6 with the latest 2.83.x.x HTC Hero Dump
-Kept Old Mms.apk
-Removed Plurk related .apk's (I dont like plurk )
-Updated Modules with backing swap bugs fixed
-Updated libs from dump
-Compcache with Backing Swap now on by default instead of Linux-Swap (Still need the 3rd partition for backing swap!)
-added back the ophone dropdown
- Everything else reads as 1.6r2a does

- Thanks to Haykruo for the 1.79.482.3 Hero Dump .img's
* New 2.6.29 kernel by JAC-Ski w/perf patches
* Enhanced ramdisk with auto EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 A2SD Support!!
* Cyanogens Apps2SD with a2sd ran before user runtime starts
* Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems (Thanks Cyanogen!)
* Apps2SD is automatic. All you need is a second partition.
* Supports ext2/ext3/ext4 for Apps2SD
* Squashfs/Cramfs Support
* Linux-Swap is automatic! All you need is a linux-swap partition (32MB~)
* fsck at boot (should stop FS corruption)
* Tweaked frequency scaling options to be more responsive (Thanks Cyanogen!)
* Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz
* TCP buffer changes
* PATH variable updates
* Calls to /data/init.rc /system/init.rc
-Latest BusyBox with working Modprobe
-Module updates
-Working Audio/Modified for better speaker/mic clarity
-Shafty's LED fixes on boot (not perfect)
-Auto backlight turned off by default in build.prop
-rwsystem, rosystem for easy remount from terminal (Thanks Soulife!)
-lucid already in /system/bin
-DalvikVM optimized
-Compcache 0.6+ modules included
-Linux-swap support
-swap is controlled via user.conf in /system/bin
-Flash 9

Added Items
added ext2/ext3 tools to /system/bin
added Lucid script to /system/bin
added SDcard placeholder
added Telnet Binary
added BusyBox
added Java.apk (thanks xDan)
added Voice Search
added Wifi tether
added Superuser Binary
added sysctl.conf
added Haykuro's APN list
added HCItool to /system/bin
added Terminal
added EN_US to Locales

Removed Items
removed Learnmore.apk from HTC
removed HTC PCSync
Everything else has a function for someone or another remove via terminal if you dont want Stock etc


************************************************** ********PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING**************************************** ******************************

Please use Cyanogen's recovery image it is awesome!

First step for 2.63 is to setup our SDcard...back your stuff up and lets go!

Formatting you SDcard

You only need to do this once folks..if you already have 3 partitions including linux-swap move to step 2

You need Recovery image 1.31 to do this folks!

To format card SD card with linux-swap WARNING!!! this will reformat you entire SD card!!

You can use the recovery console and parted to format SDcards with 1.31 folks, no more going through hassles you have the tools on you G1! is an example of how to do this in recovery console using parted. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 32MB SWAP!!!

Example for 8GB card (this example plays it safe and will leave a small amount leftover regardless of the 8GB card)

Reboot and enter recovery
Enter console
#parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
#print (to verfiy we know what size card we are dealing with, the details should be straight forward)
rm 1
rm 2
mkpartfs primary fat32 0 7200
mkpartfs primary ext2 7200 7700
mkpartfs primary linux-swap 7700 7732

#print (to verify we have the 3 partitions)

Example for my 4GB card

#parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
#print (to verfiy we know what size card we are dealing with, the details should be straight forward)
rm 1
rm 2
mkpartfs primary fat32 0 3420
mkpartfs primary ext2 3420 3932
mkpartfs primary linux-swap 3932-3964

Example for a 2GB card playing it safe

#parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
#print (to verfiy we know what size card we are dealing with, the details should be straight forward)
rm 1
rm 2
mkpartfs primary fat32 0 1200
mkpartfs primary ext2 1200 1700
mkpartfs primary linux-swap 1700-1732

"End?" you need to place the last value for the linux swap eg.3964 for my 4GB card

#print (to verify we have the 3 partitions)

Next we need to "quit" parted and upgrade our ext2 partition to ext3


Swap value is set to 30 currently, you can change this by modifying the "echo" value for swappiness in the script

For a longer more detailed parted turorial read this

Flashing the ROM

The second part is getting the ROM on our phone

Copy the ROM to you sdcard as, enter the recovery console via home+power and lets flash, Check ext filesystems first, if it tells you to go to console to manually check do it! After I've repaired the EXT partition or if it didn't need repair I will now wipe and then apply the update and reboot...Done!

See this thread for a FAQ/Walkthrough a forum member created about Hero and installing it on your G1


To use only linux-swap
-set compcache=0
-set cc_backingswap_en=0
-set linux_swap_eanable=1

To use only compcache without backing_swap
-set compcache=1
-set cc_backingswap_en=0
-set linux_swap_eanable=0
-set cc_disksize=32 (32*1024 = 32768kb = 32MB)
-set cc_memlimit=0

To use compcache with backing_swap
-set compcache=1
-set cc_backingswap_en=1
-set linux_swap_eanable=0
-set cc_disksize=0
-set cc_memlimit=8

To use compcache with linux swap
-set compcache=1
-set cc_backingswap_en=0
-set linux_swap_eanable=0
-set cc_disksize=32
-set cc_memlimit=0
-set linux_swap_en=1

originally posted by uwonsum

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **********


JACxHEROSki-v2.2a please give 15 minutes to upload

JACxHEROSki-v2.2b please give 15 minutes to upload



JACxHEROSki-v1.6r2b &


All builds can be found here if you don't see the one your looking for linked

I would like to thank daproy, JesusFreke, Cyanogen, Haykuro , xDan, Sangeet.003, Twisted Umbrella,, xrevox and everyone else in the android community helping out with this and other ANDROID projects.

I'f you like what I do, please consider donating here

If you like my work visit me at my Twitter.
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8th July 2009, 06:18 AM |#2  
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JacHEROSki-v2.2 - Experimental A & B has been performance benchmarked extensively by MikeTaylor00. The recommended settings for optimal performance are included in the build. You do NOT need to modify the user.conf file. Make sure that you have a 64MB linux-swap partition before flashing this build. To see some of the benchmark results used to determine the optimal settings for this build click here.

Compcache is enabled on both of these builds and will perform better than it has in the past. The memlimit was being set much too low, on all ROMs, because of a misconception of how Compcache works. The memlimit is the limit of the size of the data before it has been compressed. It is not the total amount of memory that Compcache can use for compressing data. These settings will not use a significant amount of RAM. With the default setting of 48MB it will only use about 6MB-12MB of RAM based on benchmark test results.

Experimental B includes a hack that increases the amount of RAM by 10MB. It has not been tested thoroughly and may not be stable. It may cause problems with 3D applications as well as Street View. Flash this build at your own risk.

- DesertLake-Labs
8th July 2009, 06:22 AM |#3  
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JAC, two quick things:

1) The title is listing on the page as JACHero 2.3.5 instead of 2.3.6. People aren't flocking because there are two threads, both with the title of "JACHero 2.3.5"

2) Any idea on when you'll be getting a chance to upload? I'll be around.

EDIT: 2) Uploading now. Very excited.
8th July 2009, 06:22 AM |#4  
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Sorry, double post.
8th July 2009, 06:25 AM |#5  
johnnylicious's Avatar
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can't wait to flash this 2.3.6 =D great job JAC.
8th July 2009, 06:27 AM |#6  
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mani am excited for thiss!!
8th July 2009, 06:29 AM |#7  
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I haven't been on Hero for a while, I am going to be checking out this 2.3.6 build to see the performance difference. It sounds like SuperHero v3 is coming out soon too so I might check that out.

It is nice to see a new thread, the previous was getting a bit ridiculous at over 850 pages.
8th July 2009, 06:29 AM |#8's Avatar
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SWEET! the thread has been cleared, no more junk questions!

lets keep this one clean guys. seriously

btw, flashing 2.3.6 now
8th July 2009, 06:30 AM |#9  
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yeah its also easier to help people in a clean thread cause everything is cleaner adn answers are more visible than thru 50 new posts everytime u hit refresh
8th July 2009, 06:33 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by tinyaznboi

yeah its also easier to help people in a clean thread cause everything is cleaner adn answers are more visible than thru 50 new posts everytime u hit refresh

Do you think it would be possible to rename this the Dev thread and the other the Newbie thread or something? Or would something like that get locked by the mods?
8th July 2009, 06:35 AM |#11  
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*snag* one link is up guys
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