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[APP][VGA][11SEP09]Gen.Y Manila "Revolution" R1.5 VGA Port CFC

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By yozgatg, Senior Member on 29th July 2009, 04:47 PM
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"Posts that do not contribute to progress are not useful because they make it complicated to find relevant information for people who can help."

Before we start, my thanks go out to sztupy and 6Fg8 for their amazing tools, without them this port wouldn't have been possible. Another big thanks goes to ChainFire for his amazing CFC GUI which saves alot of storage space.
Thanks also go out to xbmod for his work on the VGA port of the new manila which served as an inspiration for this port, and to Captain_Throwback who has helped me with testing (WM6.5) and cabbing up the package.

While xbmod's vga port was a great feat, it did have some shortcomings since it was based on a beta version. We have all waited a long time for a new version, but since xbmod wasn't able to continue his work, I decided to give it a shot myself. This port was not easy, alot of hours have been spent trying to port the layout to VGA. But it's finally getting ready to be released.
This release will not be perfect, the first release will also have limited landscape support, but the new v2.1 manila is a great improvement in terms of stability and performance that make it worthwile.

Main new features of v2.1 over v2.0:
- New add push page dialog: you can enter your own push page manually, no longer needed to first add it as a bookmark to opera (see screenshot below)
> Also, now a warning will pop up when enabling push page (extra data transfer etc.)
- New messaging screen: thumbnails have been removed to create more space for the messages themselves (see screenshot below)
- Calendar auto-adapts to regional settings: calendar now starts on monday if your regional settings are right (see screenshot below)
- Complete facebook integration: no more connection errors
- 6 more program icons available in start menu/programs tab (+ it's adjustable, so you can even get more/less)
- WM6.1 & WM6.5 compatible!
- Numbers / web links in SMS messages are now pressable
> clicking on a number will open a new screen where you can add to contacts, make a call or send SMS
> clicking on a link will open the web browser
- New text message font in Message tab (Helvetica LT35 Thin)

R1.5 (new Build 38680)
- New "My Location" in Weather Tab
> uses GPS to automatically locate your position and adjust weather tab & world clock accordingly
- Weather Tab now takes date into account and adjust accordingly

Gen.Y Manila VGA Roadmap:
Revolution (R1.5) - Released: 11 Sept 09
> Perfect portrait mode, improved landscape mode
Evolution (R2.0) - ETA: canceled
(kimi_sae_ireba will be picking up from here to release a new version of the port based on the latest 2.1.1920 branch with weatherclock & animated weather on home tab)

The R1.5 Manila kitchen & the unported 2.1.1918 manila kitchen can be found here (fixed link and removed password)

The Next Episode (Gen.Y Sense v2.5)
> ETA: ???

Gen.Y Manila R1.5 VGA CFC Progress Report:
Excel 2007
Google Online Spreadsheet

Gen.Y Manila "Revolution" R1.5
- Restarted with new build 2.1.38680.1
 > all decompilation errors have been fixed (all files re-ported again)
- New "My Location" in Weather Tab
 > uses GPS to automatically locate your position and adjust weather tab & world clock accordingly
- Weather Tab now takes date into account and adjust accordingly
- G-Sensor switch now compatible with SensorSDKv4 1911!

- Fixed animations in weather tab (fade up/fade down text)

- All Tabs: Fixed double horizontal line in header at the top
- World Clock: Fixed scrolling and missing scroll bar
- Alarm: redid layout from scratch
- Add new push page: pressing on the input box now correctly scrolls up the display
- Album tab: improved layout (pictures are bigger, picture stack now positioned higher)
- People tab: slighty improved layout (picture aspect corrected, positions slightly modified)
- Single Contact View: Message tab now displays the last message correctly when entering (no more scrolling down)
- Add stock & add weather icons and text positons modified to fit all languages
- Weather tab layout improved (slightly bigger text & icons)
- Fixed scrollbar not visible in Weather Tab > Add Location
- Internet Tab: fixed scrolling issues
- Email Tab: fixed bladelist scrolling to bottom
- Calendar Tab: smoother scrolling through months
- Stock Tab > Single Quote Details: scrolling enabled, layout fixed for VGA
- Home Tab: reduced amount of appointments visible to fit screen estate (fixed slider overlapping)

- Add new push page: inputbox & menu items now correctly adapted to landscape mode
- World Clock: Hitzone for clock now corrected
- Stock Add Quote page: inputbox and list now correctly adapts to landscape mode
- Stock Tab > Single Quote Details: landscape layout fixed
- Settings tab: settings tab now fully functional in landscape mode
- Internet Tab: Search bar width now correct, layout adjusted for VGA landscape
- Dialog menu's now are correctly shown (except for music tab)

& many more minor fixes
Please read the progress report before reporting any bugs! (only report bugs that are not yet known)

I would like to express my thanks to all of you who have provided (and are still providing) me with feedback, bug reports and donations.

If u like my work and would like to support further development of the project, you can always donate
29th July 2009, 04:48 PM |#2  
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What's this SMS issue about?
- ActiveSync confirmed to be working fine
- Microsoft MyPhone confirmed to be working fine

Possible new solution to PIMBackup!
This solution will screw up some special letters (letters as ç, ü, â etc..)

Originally Posted by Kisja

Hi, I didn't read all posts, so excuse me if it is already known.

I was able to fix my contacts without readding them (2 SMS send if PimBackup used)!

1. run PIM Backup, select ONLY Contacts for Backup, tap "Next"
2. UNCHECK "Binary Backup"
3. Proceed until finished
4. Unzip the created backup (pib) file
5. Open the contacts_*.csc file with Notepad++ (or any other editor supporting encoding conversion)
6. Select "Format" -> "Convert to ANSI"
7. Save the file
8. Pack the file back into the PIB file (use zip)
9. run PIM Backup again and choose the modified PIB file for restore
10. choose to delete all existing contacts
11. Let PIM Backup assign the columns automatically (";" as separator)
12. Proceed until restore is complete

It worked for me! No SMS bug anymore! So only one SMS is sent!


* UPDATE: Possible solution to PIMBackup problems HERE (thx go to drake2007)
Manila v2.1 (and newer versions like v2.5) are not compatible with the way PIMBackup restores your contacts. If u do use PIMBackup, you'll most likely face an issue when sending 2 messages after one another to the same person (the first message will be sent, but when u press send after your 2nd message, you'll get a message saying "Text Message cannot be sent"). Those who are using ActiveSync should not experience any problems.

here's the final word on the SMS Issue (taken from Dutty's thread):


Regarding manila v2.1 with sms I think one user who had probs sending and recieving through manila interface as narrowed it down to unicode in contacts so probably htc changed few stuff,

So backing up ur old contacts and using manila v2.1 could give u the sms bug before, probably explained why some user who doesnt get like me as I use activesyc to back up all contacts.

so basicly, if u have ever restored contacts from pimbackup, you will most probably get the sms bug (even if u use pimbackup, then activesync, then delete contacts and use activesync to restore contacts)

if u have never used pimbackup, you're good to go
if you did, like me, you will probably have to delete and re-add all your contacts (i tried this out, and basicly i deleted a contact, re-added his number, and voila, sms issue is gone)

I have the Manila Start Menu now and i can't acces windows settings? Where is it?
Go to the settings tab and press all settings, voila you're there

Why is there no weather forecast in the calendar tab?
To enable weather forecast in calendar tab day view, u need to add your city in the weather, then go world clock and make sure your city is selected there as well (the forecast will only be visible if the weather city and clock city are the same)

If that doesn't work, change the following registry key (standard = dword:00000000)

I can't open my e-mails, how can i fix it?
Originally Posted by superman.namrepus

For those of you that are having problems with opening email. This is what I have found...

Look at your registry and see if it reads as follows.


If this true you need to change it to the following and reset your phone and all should be good.


I hope this helps as it did for me. This was a problem some time back and some one over at PPCGeeks came up with the fix. I do not remember who though.

Registry Tweaks

All registry tweaks apply to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila]

; Disable LetterPicker in Weather Tab > Add City
"Weather_DisableRandomAccess"=dword:1 (default = dword:0)

;Modify the standard search engine in the internet tab (default below is Google)
;Disable the search bar in the Internet Tab
"DisableInternetSearch"="true" (default = "false")

;Increase amount of push pages in the Internet Tab 
"Internet.DefaultCount"=dword:4 (default = dword:4)
29th July 2009, 04:49 PM |#3  
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reserved for Mods / Tweaks / Fixes

Be Advised, most (if not all) v2.0 mods/tweaks will not function properly and may crash with manila v2.1

Gen.Y CDMA SMS Fix v2
v2: new SMS fix for "Revolution" R1.5

Fix for CDMA users who can't send SMS using the Manila interface
Copy and overwrite the file to \Windows\

TF3D v2.1 Language Packs

Weather Editor for TF3D2.1

Panoramic Background for Gen.Y Manila

BackgroundAllTabs for Gen.Y Manila

CompactHome for Gen.Y Manila

Four column Program Tab for Gen.Y Manila

Manila v2.5 slider icons

Manila 3D 2.1 Fix for WM6.5.x (BUILD 23034+)
29th July 2009, 04:49 PM |#4  
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Gen.Y Manila R1.5 VGA CFC by yozgatg [EXT]

Visual Kitchen packages ready for WWE/NLD/ITA/GER roms (other languages need additional MUI files)

WM6.1 Build 21000+ recommended
All WM6.5 builds should work fine

FOR WM6.5 Chefs:
Do not forget to activate the registry switch in manila for WM6.5 compatibility!

Included in OEM
- AudioManager: required for searching and playing music (included in htc stock rom)
> requires DRMMiddleWare
- AudioBooster: required for the AudioBooster link in the music tab (included in htc stock rom)
- EnlargeStartMenu (new version): required for Manila Start Menu
- HTC EmailSetupWizard: required for the mail setup link in settings and the mail tab
- PushInternetEngine: required for push internet
- FaceBookEngine: required for facebook integration
- NewContactCard: required for the edit contact link
> Requires ContactUtilityEngine
- HTCSharedModules: required for Manila & Haptic Feedback
> Haptic Feedback requires DShow from Topaz/Rhodium
> Topaz/Rhodium TouchFlo MUI file(WM6.1 only): required for extra options in TouchFlo settings
- Album v3 (or newer) and MediaToolkit: required choosing contact picture and setting wallpaper
> Album requires HTCScroll (v1 or newer) and ResourceProxy
- SDKCerts

"My Location" (GPS) requirements
- GoogleLocationService
- HTCGeoService
> requires HTCFramework

- SensorSDKv4: required for Manila auto rotation switch*
- Tachi/Topaz or Rhodium VolumeControl: required for single/dual volume control setting
- YouTube v2.5 VGA (by Captain_Throwback)

NOT Included in OEM
- Arcsoft MMS: required for "Send Contact by Message" link
- Tachi/Topaz or Rhodium dialer: required for dialing out from the manila contact page
- Google Maps v3.x: required for pinpointing a location that's saved in a contact's info





29th July 2009, 04:49 PM |#5  
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Gen.Y Manila R1.5 VGA CFC by yozgatg [OEM]

Thanks to jmckeejr (with some help from hilaireg) for putting these Legacy Kitchen packages together!!

Posted here:


Gen.Y Manila R1.5 VGA CFC by yozgatg [CAB]

WWE/NLD/ITA/GER language packs included

Packages included in R1.5 cab:
Thanks again goes to yozgatg for the port and providing the files to make it easy for me to cab up .

WM6.1 Build 21000+ or WM6.5 recommended!!

NOTE: Tachi/Topaz/Rhodium/Qilin Dialer is NOT included in this package, but is NECESSARY for calling from the People tab of Manila. Download links & information regarding the dialers can be found in the Tachi Dialer thread and in this post.


1) Disable "TouchFLO 3D" from your Today items. Soft reset.
2) Go to System Settings, "Power", and uncheck all of the Options on the "Advanced" tab (see this post for details/screenshots - thanks dharvey4651)
3) From the "REQUIRED" folder, install the "" (install may take 10 minutes or more). DO NOT RESTART.
4) Install the appropriate Language Pack for your locale (0409 is WWE). DO NOT RESTART. NOTE: Languages besides 0407/0409/0410/0413 are included in the "Additional Languages" folder in a single cab file.
5) Go into the "WM6.1" or "WM6.5" folder (depending, of course, on your build) and install the appropriate version of HTC Scroll. NOW SOFT RESET.


Optional Installs (included in R1.5 package):
- HTC (WWE) - This is the Album version from the Tachi, which includes Media Toolkit. This allows you to choose Wallpaper from the Manila interface using Album, and allows you to choose a Contact picture in the New Contact Card using the "Open Album" Menu option. NOTE: 0407/0410/0413 users will need to install the language pack for their locale in addition to the main Album cab file.
- HTC SensorSDK_4_0_19112326_0 - For Manila Auto-Rotation. This can be toggled from the "Settings" tab of the Manila interface. NOTE: If using Album versions older than 3.0, installing this will prevent pictures from rotating on the device, and may also effect the orientation of pictures taken with the Camera.
- HTC - This gives you the option to "Save to Contacts", call people from e-mails, etc. NOTE: This does not work with all ROM versions!!
- HTC - This is for Tab Vibration in Manila. Most ROMs will have a version of DShow already included, so installing this cab may not be necessary. NOTE: Some other device apps use DShow, so installing this version may cause issues with your device.
- HTC - This is a newer version of Volume Control that allows you to choose between Single & Dual Volume control using the "Sounds" option in the Manila Settings menu.

Known Issues:

- Facebook integration no longer gives you an option to sync Birthdays with Facebook contacts.
- If using Message Enhancement, Company Directory does not scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Message Enhancement does not work on all ROMs.

When installed on ROMs with a previous TF3D version included, there is an issue with the ability to open e-mails. This is related to Message Enhancement. This cab is the Manila 2.1 WWE install package, not including Message Enhancement (Optional folders & HTC Scroll also not included in this package). This will correct the issue, but it must be installed INSTEAD of (or as a replacement for) the above versions. Confirmed by owlmatt to be working. UPDATE: Megaupload Mirror




R1.1 Optional Installs:


R1 Optional Installs (included in Download package):
Album 3.0 (requires install of language pack for your locale)
Sensor SDK 4
Volume Control (older versions of volume control will not toggle properly between single & dual in "Sounds" menu)

Tweaks: (also included in R1 Download package)
29th July 2009, 04:50 PM |#6  
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More screenshots..
29th July 2009, 06:11 PM |#7  
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Frequently Asked Questions (part 2):

Q: What does WWE stand for?
A: World Wide English - If you live in the US and speak English, that's the one you want.

Q: I installed this, and all my Manila tabs now say "IDS_...." on them. What gives?
A: You didn't install the Language pack for your locale. See above question if you live in the US, speak English, but don't know which one to install.

Q: I installed this, and now Opera is loading on boot? How do I fix this?
A: This is because you're using a version of Opera 9.5 that is older than 16277. You can either update your Opera 9.5 version, with one that is newer and that was made for an HTC phone (i.e. one you'd likely find on XDA - 9.7 Beta will NOT work). Those are the ones that will work with Push Internet. Or, you can disable Push Internet by installing this cab: T-Back Disable Push

Q: I have a Diamond. Can I install this?
A: Possibly, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're running a ROM with no Manila (TF3D) already installed. A Diamond has limited intermal memory, due to its large Internal Storage; however this Manila MUST be installed to the device memory. I recommend flashing a ROM that already has this included, such as yozgatg's Gen.Y D2 R2 (WM6.1 + TF3D2.1).

Q: Can this be uninstalled?
A: Possibly. ALL Manila-related process MUST be stopped in order to try to do so. That means you will need to disable TouchFLO 3D from the Today items and Disable Push Internet (see above for how to do that). Then, soft reset. Kill any processes linked to Manila (i.e. CommManager, AlbumSearcher, ContactEditor, OOBE, Opera) using a Task Manager such as dotFred or SKTools (actually, SKTools would be better to use to uninstall it). That should get you a clean uninstall.

Q: Is this for GSM or CDMA?
A: Both. This Manila originated from a GSM device, though, so there are some fixes for CDMA users that will need to be applied for everything to work correctly (there are issues with SMS and Weather tab updating that have been reported). yozgatg is aware of these issues and is working on a fix. UPDATE: See HERE for CDMA SMS FIX v1.

Q: This has been installing for almost 10 minutes. Is that normal?
A: Yes. It's a LOT of files . You may want to go into your Power settings, and uncheck all of the boxes on the last tab to ensure your device doesn't go to sleep during the install. That would just make it take longer, and could corrupt something.

Q: My hardware keyboard is vibrating after installing this. How do I fix this?
A: This seems to be a problem only for CDMA users. See here for solution.

Q: Will this work with the "regular" HTC Dialer (i.e. the Slide-to-Answer dialer) that comes with the Diamond/Raphael?
A: No. You NEED the Tachi/Topaz/Rhodium Dialer in order to make phone calls from the People Tab in this Manila. Get it here: Tachi PhoneCanvas

Originally Posted by Tenny

I have the Manila Start menu, and when I go to the Settings tab and press All Settings it just takes me to the Connections Setting only..

Originally Posted by yozgatg

this is because you didn't activate the WM6.5 registry key
Do not forget to activate the registry switch in manila for WM6.5 compatibility!

Originally Posted by slayer69

Auto rotation: I installed the SDK that was sent with the cab and still am unable to get the auto rotation to work. I was wandering if anyone else has noticed this. I can manually switch to landscape with no issues and it looks sweet. Would love to get the auto rotation working.

Originally Posted by Captain_Throwback

As it turns out, Manila isn't included in the Whitelist for rotating apps in the version of SensorSDK4 I made that cab from. Here's a nice program that lets you easily add apps to the Whitelist:

[APP] G-Config (Configurator for the new SensorSDK 4)

In the meantime, these are the registry entries that should be added for Auto-Rotation in Manila:


Originally Posted by hvbelton

how do you add a new city, one that is not already in the list, to the weather tab?

A: Manila 2.1 Weather Editor PPC Edition - thanks to JVH3
Originally Posted by wmserver

Also, for custom city, you'll need this reg entry:

"Weather.ServerURLOverride"=" 1&device=innovation"

Originally Posted by Alkhal

Anyone else having issues with weather not connecting?

A: Weather Fix:
Originally Posted by carzev

1. Turn off touchflo3d
2. Go to file explorer
3. My Device
4. Application Data
5. HTC
6. Databases
7. Then delete forecast_cache
8. Restart touchflo3D

Originally Posted by Röchelhilpert

why i don´t have a working internet tab .... i have also no internetglobe .... Do you have a new plan ? I read about a file InternetPortal-en-de.xml .... but where to find ?

Originally Posted by zyz696

To resolve the internet tab issue, just copy the "27c65cbd_manila" from the 0409 folder to your language folder....

Q: I have no audio in YouTube/Video Player, or playback is messed up. Why?
A: This appears to be an issue with the new Full Screen Player. If you cooked this in, try using an older version of Full Screen Player. If you installed the Album cab, Here is a version that doesn't include the Full Screen Player: HTC_Album_3_0_19141129_0. Please try these solutions and report back. UPDATE: The issue appear to be with the DShow package. Here is a rolled-back version of DShow: HTC Please note that you will lose haptic feedback by installing this version, but video playback should work correctly.

Q: Why don't I see weather in my Calendar?
A: Because you first need to select your local city in the World Clock, and make it the default (or the first city in the list), and then the weather will show up in the Calendar.
29th July 2009, 06:11 PM |#8  
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Good work.

Side note: anybody know what ever happened with xboxmod? Did real life issues take precedence? Lose interest after the first port?
29th July 2009, 06:21 PM |#9  
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great work sir. I eagerly await the release so I can go back to TF3D2...

Space for rent. PM for prices!
29th July 2009, 06:38 PM |#10  
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Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the hard work.
29th July 2009, 06:42 PM |#11  
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B-E-A-utiful!!!!!!!!! I cant wait... I see the add stock image but I was wondering what the stock tab looks like... I kinda hoped that you ported the GizmoRoot part of the Stock tab. The one in the image below.

I think it blends better with the mail and people tabs... I was looking at the mode9 file and trying to play with it.

yozgatg, if it would be ok can I PM you. I would appreciate some advice. I do not like to bother people unless I have permission. Please PM me if I can get advice or direction.

Thanks for all your hard work... it looks GREAT!!! I can not wait.

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