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Android FAQ (IMPORTANT Please Read)

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By Moose8106, Senior Member on 1st August 2009, 05:56 AM
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Hey guys this is important I can't continue this FAQ cause I'm goin back to school in like 4-5 days (sophmore in high school takin ap classes hell yeah!)and I don't even think I will keep my vogue. Well anyway my point is I can't update this FAQ frequently anymore but I give full permission for a copy and paste of all the info I have as long as that person will keep an Android FAQ going and knows what he is doing.

New Builds posted check the google code page (created by Vilord)

I just needed to state this because for the past couple days I've been confused with who worked on The clean 1.5 cupcake build that is on the google code page and this is what was on Vilord's Thread
Credits for the kernel (zImage) go to DZO. This kernel is unmodified, it is his latest kernel
Credits for the system image go to many people, haykuro is the original source, then further modified by Vilord to get data, market, and SD card working
The initrd is pretty much all his (Vilord) now, with a radio library from DZO, srwalter, and himself
Once again apologies for whoever I didn't list I've read that countless times before but for some reason something didn't click!!

OK so there are a ton of android threads and developers and builds etc. etc. and not really many places to actually help you (besides the Android port help desk but that's just too cluttered and doesn't help you with installing and Vilord's google code page)
The first build I will help with is DZO's he has 2 builds a clean android 1.1 and android 1.5 cupcake and Vilord did most of the 1.5 build so credit goes to him too.(Full credits above) He provides all the necessary files
DZO's Thread
DZO's download site
Now he was the first person I remember that ported Android and he was the first one I used. The basic files are the default.txt-This tells Haret how to load Android Haret- This is the program that runs the Linux Loader zImage- This is the kernel (I believe that was done by DZO completely correct me if I'm wrong) Initrd- Data.gz- This is where your data is stored (contacts, settings, etc. etc.) System.img This is the actual system that starts I can't describe it better than saying it is kinda like the windows folder on your phone. All Android Builds need these files to work. The only one that isn't required is Data.gz (Haret will automatically create this if you don't have it)
So the first step is to obviously download all the necessary files many are scattered but if your new I would go with the 1.5 complete zip that can be found on this google code page (DZO links off to this too)
You must then edit your default.txt to suit your device (and preferences) first thing you will want to do is change the panel type I don't remember off the top of my head what each panel type is (1 2 3) but I suggest trial and error. If you get a white screen while booting Android you must change the panel type. Next you want to input your username and password for data to work sometimes you don't need to do this (I never changed mine and data works fine). Lastly if you want you can change the resolution default is 320 x428 that's fine it's totally up to you.
Here's my default.txt for my vogue "ppp.username=mobile@jamamobile ppp.password=telecom mddi.width=320 mddi.height=480 lcd.density=160 msm_sdcc.msmsdcc_fmax=32000000 pm.sleep_mode=0 board-htcvogue.panel_type=0 no_console_suspend"
There are some other things you can change but I wouldn't if you're new to Android. After you edit the default.txt your next step is to copy all the files to your sd card and they MUST be in the root of your sd card NOT in a subfolder. Also if you would like to have android programs you need to make a new folder on the root of the sd card that is named exactly like this (caps and all) AndroidApps and you find android APK Files (for instance Anycut.apk) and copy them to the AndroidApps folder I will post a few of my apk files later The last thing to do is to boot into Android!!!! To do this in windows mobile you go to file explorer and on the root of you sd card you run the program Haret and press run (assuming you left the name of Default.txt the same if not put in the name) Then Haret will start a Linux Loader some builds take a few minutes so BE PATIENT after it boots just go through setup and you have Android setup!!! For some builds in order to get Data working (I never had to do this but some have) before you run Haret you start a data connection (clicking on internet explorer will do the trick)and leave the data connection open while you run Haret. I don't think there is a build that has Bluetooth working yet (although I believe it's coming soon) and obviously wi-fi doesn't work because our vogues don't have Wi-fi. Different builds have different things working/ not working so check the builds.
If you guys can't tell yes i'm a noob (i don't know everything) but I will still try and help
1st August 2009, 06:02 AM |#2  
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New Rogers Build, Skinned build, and Hero (and lite) builds posted setting it up is virtually the same so I don't really feel the need to write about it and once again excellent builds pretty stable (especially the rogers, and skinned builds
*For any build you need the files listed above for Android to work)

Mssmison's Thread

Mssmison's mediafire folder

Mssmison's builds are the next ones I want to help with because many people are having problems with his Hero builds.
First off Mssmison has three main builds (they expand into later versions though) The Hero build (if you're not familiar with the Hero it's a new phone made by HTC that is set to debut here in the US in October the part people love about this phone is the senseui which is touchflo for Android and the various Hero builds focus on porting the senseui to our vogues. The next build is his rogers build and lastly the Hero skinned themes (cupcake build but skinned to look like the hero doesn't have touchflo though).
The Hero Build-It's very nice and definitely appeals to the eye however all builds (not the faults of mssmison, zenulator, etc.) are pretty slow on our phones. Mssmison gives you two files the system.img and the initrd you need both files and you simply rename the system file (the latest one is named hero251.img) to "system" (w/o quotes) and replace the files on your sd card with these two new ones from mssmison's mediafire folder. Once again you still need he files listed above default.txt, Haret, and Zimage you can download these on the google code page. This part is important open your default.txt and edit the resolution and lcd density I don't believe that any default.txt has a lcd.density string yet so just add it right after the resolution and also change the resolution to 320x480 if you don't do this the Hero splash screen will just keep looping. Basically replace "mddi.width=320 mddi.height=428" with "mddi.width=320 mddi.height=480 lcd.density=160" (w/o quotes)*As pointed out by JaredaKelly you shouldn't copy and paste because that will break the string so enter it manually* Mssmison's newer builds (2.0 and up) don't require a data file so you can just delete that if you have it. Now the key with this build is PATIENCE after you have finished following the instructions above you start Haret (its supposed to be on the root of your sd card if you followed the FAQ) ********It will take a little while to get to the Hero splash screen so be patient while it runs and creates a data file. When it does get to the Hero splash screen and the animation runs through it will take about 3-4 mins. so again be patient. When it finally boots up you will get a force close/wait screen click wait for however many there are until there is a force close only screen DON'T press force close yet wait (usually another 3-4 mins. could take longer though) for the language options come up (wake your phone up and unlock it if it falls asleep). After you see the language options behind the force close then you can hit force close and go through the setup after you go through it it will seem like it freezes (I think it's location consent) don't click like mad all around the screen just wait and it will reboot Android (not windows) and then it will start to load touchflo like I said wait it takes a while and when it finally does your done and you can now boot into The Hero build of Android!****** If you would rather it be faster on the home screen open the menu (volume slider down) and click settings>applications>manage Application>scroll down to touchflo and click it then press clear defaults. Then go back to the home (press the power button on top of the phone) and it will ask you for some default thing just click the check box on the bottom and press home and you won't have all the nice new widgets but you'll still have the nice new apps and hero splash screen etc. etc. and it will be way faster. Now there is a hero lite version if you want it just follow the instructions above (includinig disabling touchflo) and download the Hero lite version rename it to system and overwrite the old one on your sd card and you will be done!

New Hero Builds by mssmison posted on the google code page he gives you a data file so it loads wayyyyyyyy faster so if you have his newest build don't worry about the part in red

Next Mssmison Build I wanted to help with is his Rogers build I must say this build is very well done and one of the fastest I've ever seen. Basically it's kind of like Hero getting setup except like 50 times faster what you do is (once again assuming you have followed the FAQ and have these files listed above) go to mssmison's mediafire folder and obviously download the (you MUST use both of mssmison's files!!!)Rogers build and initrd rename the system file (the most recent is named Rogers2.0) just "system" (w/o quotes) and replace the 2 files on your sd card with the two Rogers build files then just like you do in the hero build open your default.txt and edit the resolution and lcd density I don't believe that any default.txt has a lcd.density string yet so just add it right after the resolution and also change the resolution to 320x480. Basically replace "mddi.width=320 mddi.height=428" with "mddi.width=320 mddi.height=480 lcd.density=160" (w/o quotes) I believe it is always better to start with a new data file when you try a new build so just delete your old data file and run Haret after it calls up the linux loader it will make a new data file and all you have to do is wait for the setup (like I said faster than hero) and there you go Mssmison's Rogers Build!!!

Hero Skinned Cupcake Build- This is one of my personal favorites I love the skin and it's a fast build. So first download the cupcake build from mssmison's mediafire folder*His newer builds are hereat the google code page After you download it (it's only one system file) rename it to "system" (w/o quotes) unlike the other two builds you can use any initrd you want (For the 10th time assuming you have followed the FAQ and have these files listed above) I just use the one on the google code page copy the file to the sd card and another thing you don't have to do is mess with the default.txt resolution I just leave mine at 320x428 because in my opinion I think it looks better but you can change it to whatever you want mine looks like this "mddi.width=320 mddi.height=428" (w/o quotes). After all is copied just boot up Haret (use any data file you want or use no data file because Haret will make one for you it doesn't matter) wait ouot the Linux Loader and you're presented with the setup screen and Ta-Da!! Mssmison's Hero themed cupcake Build!!

New Palm Pre Skin build!
Step 1: Make sure you have all the files listed above, if not download the cupcake 1.5 bundle from and put them on the root of your sd card
Step 2: Edit your default.txt (for more info look at previous posts)
*I put mine at 320x480 and it worked I'm not sure if it'll work with different resolutions (I would imagine so)
Step 3: Download the Palm Pre theme system.img from rename to "system" (w/o quotes) and overwrite the old system on your sd card
Step 4: Boot into Haret with File Explorer (or similar) and go through setup (unless you have your own data file)
Then your done!

UPDATE Mssmison posted a new file on the google code page rename it to system and follow these same steps Also Mssmison is now going to start posting on the Google code Page now so expect his builds to be there from now on
1st August 2009, 06:02 AM |#3  
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Zenulator's Build
Zenulator's Thread
Update Zenulator's New Thread
You can also find his builds here

Zenulator's google code page
Hero Build-This is personally my favorite Hero Build (and it's actually useable) it's very fast sleek and nice.
Step1: Download the Hero Bundle from the pages above
Step2: Copy them to the root of the sd card
*You could use your own data file but I prefer not to*
Step3: Edit the Default.txt you only need to change the panel type and the resolution to 320x480
Step4:Boot into Haret with File Explorer (or similar)
Step5: Go through the setup and you may get a wait/force close screen at bootup but just press wait and there you go Zenulator's Hero Build!!!
Forgot to mention the keys are remapped the volume sliders actually control volume! The power button is the menu the d-pad and middle button are the same and the side camera button is back while the end button is still power collapse If you want to have a home button goto App drawer>spare parts>End button behavior>click home,then sleep now when you press the end button it will take you home if you press it at the home it will goto sleep mode
P.S. The only things are switches for mobile and GPS and a clock. add more by pressing and holding a blank area on the home screen and select HTC or Android Widgets and to delete widgets press and hold the item then drag them to the bottom
1st August 2009, 06:03 AM |#4  
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Here's a couple of my APK files

Here are a few sites!index a thread with more apks

PM If you've got more apk files
1st August 2009, 06:04 AM |#5  
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Grantemsley has remapped the buttons here's his thread
1st August 2009, 06:05 AM |#6  
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Other Builds
PM me if theres a build you like that I don't have
1st August 2009, 07:14 AM |#7  
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I don't know how important this is,
But today I discovered you can turn the volume up and down by holding the camera button and the volume up/down.

It works, and its so convenient.
1st August 2009, 02:38 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by xeongx

I don't know how important this is,
But today I discovered you can turn the volume up and down by holding the camera button and the volume up/down.

It works, and its so convenient.

whew, many many thanks for that one mate.
1st August 2009, 02:50 PM |#9  
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how do you become a root user? also is there any way to reset the phone instead of just powering off?
1st August 2009, 06:51 PM |#10  
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I posted this in the Polaris thread to help users who were having problems getting the hero builds to boot:


I now have all the hero builds working.


Download zenulators hero-black build here

Connect to data in WinMo. (dont know if necessary but it might help with data issues).

Unpack to sd card and run.. no data image.. let it create one. it takes at least 10 mins to get to the lock screen.. dont touch anything even when the lock screen comes up .. clck wait on all the forced close boxes until it settles down. Add apn settings, connect modem and skip sign into google as this hasnt worked for me yet. Wait for it to become steady and the digital clock is on the screen then power off.

reboot and backup your newly created data image, you'll use this now for all these builds.

copy the hero image lite or full and run.. it should boot straight into Android.. enjoy the new touch flo.. realise its completely unusable but that you just had to see it anyway (even though you already knew that ) and then switch to the more usable lite version by copying the lite system image and renaiming it.

Good luck

You mightbe able to use it
1st August 2009, 06:55 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by bally3

I posted this in the Polaris thread to help users who were having problems getting the hero builds to boot:

You mightbe able to use it

Thanks I'll add that somewhere!
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