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[ROM][WWE][30-08-09]Fusion Power|Base ROM Preview...Check Post #630 or #1

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By At0mAng, Account currently disabled on 11th August 2009, 05:22 AM
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First I would like to thank all the all the people who conrtibuted to my work by donation, testing or both.
Thanks to:
bkeaver | Wordsmith9091 | matthewgann | nnkumar73 | slawcop | ragpaoa | kcnaylor | yaronr | Ral | venelar | brutel | cobbs | Wiz | woeds | Sergio76 | gjergji1 | bukwit | Enclavet | osrix25 | ninja.rogue | Cal-El | tasi |

A very BIG THANKS to Ark666!!! Thanks buddy!

Also thanks to HelterSkelter67 & Joechan for giving me FTP server space to host my ROMs.

Big special thanks to NRGZ28 and Da_G for allowing me to pester them with my questions and helping me work through the bugs I encountered.

HotFix for a few small bugs can be found in post #5. Some files were not cooked in properly porting new apps into build.

At0mAng Fusion Power BETA 21839 ROM Series
Windows Mobile 6.5 (Build 21839)

The visuals are just your stock WM 6.5 for now with TF3D2.1. Will update graphics when ROM is tested to be stable


My ROMS are designed to be fast, stable & have decent battery life while retaining the OEM look and feel. It is mostly a clean ROM built for you to customize how you like. All ringtones, media files, and other miscellaneous files have been removed to recover storage space and useable memory. Major tweaks have been applied to every part of the ROM.

What's Inside:
All ROMs contain apps & drivers from the Touch Pro2 (Rhodium), Diamond2 (Topaz), Leo and other new devices. Software included in all ROMs are base HTC & Microsoft apps including Java, MP3 Trimmer, MS Office, YouTube, Comm Manager, Streaming Media, Camera and a few other apps.

Most software such as GoogleMaps, Opera, Bing, Facebook, Windows Live and other miscellaneous apps & utilities are not created with the ROMs. They are however include in the Pre Install Pack which you will read more about in the next few posts. I highly suggest you take the time to read about UC and/or other ways to customize your install at the final stage of installation.

AT&T Edition of ROMs are identical to HTC ROMs except the AT&T Edition have Push To Talk, AT&T Tilt2 Dialer and Video Share to allow Video Share calls on AT&T Network. AT&T HotSpot Enabler is included as an add-on.

ITA ROMs will be just as WWE but with Italian language of course.

The ROM was built this way to provide a clean & stable base ROM for you to customize how you like.

ROM Notes
This is a clean stock ROM for now. Compared to AT&T 6.5 ROM I was able to save over 120MB of storage space and lots of program space. No visual customizations have been made yet but plenty of performance tweaks.

No Radio comes with the ROM so use what radio is best for you. Once a HardSPL and unlock are released there will be diferent Radio's for you to try.

DO NOT ASK HOW TO FLASH! Read the forum and find out what we are waiting for. Hint: (HardSPL)

BETA ROM so there will be bugs. Please do not expect perfect ROM yet.

This ROM is built from the latest Official HTC WM 6.5 Test Build for Rhodium Device. Everything in this build is designed for WM6.5 on Rhodium.

Bug version is built with Leo packages and it includes Manila 2.5. It will be buggy and that is why it is called bug version. Please do not make many post about bugs in Bug Version. Search through thread and Bug Post, if you do not find your bug please post about it.

Since this ROM is BETA we will have a few Bugs to squash before Final V1.

This is a clean stock ROM with no visual modifications yet. Only performance Tweaks have been applied. Visual tweaks will come in new ROM and if no bugs are found in this BETA then the visual tweaks can be applied by cab so no need to flash again.

ROM is fully UC compatible. You should read about UC here especially if you are new to flashing. It's a great way to learn how to configure your programs and settings to be restored after a hard reset of fresh install.

Below you will find a configured Pre-Install Pack for you that has the basics for a UC setup.
11th August 2009, 05:23 AM |#2  
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Pre Install Pack Coming Soon!!!
The Pre Install Pack contains programs that have been modified so the icons and shortcut locations are placed in the correct folders to keep the theme of the ROM. Download Pre Install Pack, extract SDConfig.txt to the root of your SD card and extract all CAB files to a folder named Cabs on your SD card. If you already have a SDConfig.txt file then you should know how to modify it to use the programs I suggest.

Programs included: ClearTemp, Soft Reset, Advanced Config. Total Commander, SPBScreenshot, G-Config, Facebook, Resco Explorer and Registry Editor (Trial), Opera (From latest AT&T ROM), Bing, GoogleMaps, MS MyPhone Beta, and OZ IM.

All Apps have been modified so the shortcuts are placed in the apporiate folder. For example, Google Maps will show up in Naviation and Opera will show up in Onlie folder. All Apps are lastest version unless noted.

GoogleMaps with Layers

Opera - From 6.5 ROM. CAB created by me. Edits have been made so Opera does not stay in memory.


HTC Touch Pro2 Wallpapers - Stock Wallpapers that came with HTC Touch Pro2

Touch Pro Rings & Alerts
All Rings and Alerts from Touch Pro

Rhodium Rings & Alerts
All Rings and Alerts from Rhodium (Touch Pro2)

Topaz Rings & Alerts
All Rings and Alerts from Topaz (Diamond2)

Splash Screen(s) Coming Soon!!!
11th August 2009, 05:24 AM |#3  
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FAQ & Install Instructions
Install Instructions
Read The Flashing Your First GSM ROM Guide
Make sure your battery is 50% charged or more
Prepare you UC setup or whatever else you may use.
Power back on and sync with PC
Flash ROM
Cancell first Connection Setup prompt and accept second prompt later in Customization.
DO NOT CANCEL CUSTOMIZATION! Very important since changes are made during the final setup.
Boot up
If you have trouble with data connections make sure Connection Setup has run and Disable Proxy in Programs/Network Center/Proxy Manager


Q: Why do I get Invalid ID when I try to flash ROM?
A: Cause we are waiting for HardSPL!

Q: How/What do I need to install this ROM?
A: Please read the install instructions and all related guides before you install.

Q: Why is my antivirus warning me about a possible trojan/worm/virus?
A: It is a known problem with the CustomRUU.exe file. There is no trojan/worm/virus and your AV programs is just giving a fals positive. Search around these boards to confirm the problem.

Q: Why is Opera, Google Maps or other programs not cooked into ROM.
A: Not everyone uses the same version of those programs so it is up to the user to install what version they like. I have provided links to the latest versions of each in the following posts.

Q: I have problems with so and so?
A: Please take the time to read or search the thread to see if someone else was/is having the same problem to see if there is a solution before posting a question about your problem.

Q: I would like to report a bug.
A: Read and search through the thread to see if the problem has been already reported. If not then post about the problem. I will add it the bug list and look for a possible solution.

Q: My keyboard is not working correctly.
A: Go to Programs/Tools/Keyboard Tweaks and you will find a few tweaks to adjust keyboard settings.

Q: Which Edition is best for me?
A: Depends on what your use is like. If you are an AT&T user and use video share then get the AT&T edition.

Q: I like to use different flavors of TF3D or customize TF3D to my liking.
A: Download the No TF3D version and apply what interface you like.

Q: Can you cook in this version of TF3D?
A: No that is why I created the No Manila version.

Q: I have no data connection. Connects to data but no apps will get data from internet.
A: Goto Programs-->Network Center-->Proxy Manager and run Disable Proxy.

Q: You claim GPS is fixed but I still not get a signal.
A: If you are not on the AT&T network please go to this thread and see what changes you need to make in the registry. If you figure out the correct settings please post them in this thread along with what country you are in and who is your wireless provider.

Q: My phone is not GSM based device can I flash with this ROM?
A: No, this ROM is just for GSM Touch Pro devices.
11th August 2009, 05:24 AM |#4  
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Download links
Thanks to HelterSkelter67, Flippy & Joechan for giving me FTP server space to host my ROMs.


By clicking link to download you acknowledge you have read all posts on first page and understand how to flash a ROM, report any bugs and understand the guidelines to keep this thread free of non-ROM topics.

Previous Versions : USA Mirorror - Asia Mirror - Europe Mirror

USA Mirror
At0mAng Fusion Power FINAL TEST Build 25-08-2009

WWE - HTC - OEM/Pro Version
At0mAng FINAL TEST 25-08-2009 HTC TF3D2.1

ITA - HTC - OEM/Pro Version
Coming Soon!

WWE - ATT - OEM/Pro Version
Coming Soon!

WWE - HTC - Bug Version
Coming Very Soon!

ITA - HTC - Bug Version
Coming Soon!

WWE - ATT - Bug Version
Coming Soon!

Asia Mirror Coming Soon!!!

Europe Mirror Coming Soon!!!
11th August 2009, 05:26 AM |#5  
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Hot Fixes & Bug List
AtomAng Fusion Power RC2.1 24-08-2009
Icons for Power and Device info not working properly.
Download and install this file to fix.

AtomAng Fusion Power RC2 19-08-2009
Battery driver missing or not working.
Get battery fix here.

AtomAng Fusion Power I BETA 19-08-2009
Bug: Program Menu Icons are not correct. Left over from my custom stuff.
Kill: Manually delte shortcuts from HTC Program tab.

Bug: Connection Setup Runs on every restart.
Kill: Manually delete the following reg keys

Bug: Opera shortcut is located in Windows folder and not correct folder. Opera will not uninstall.
Fix: Manually move the shortuct or create one. Or download the Opera ShortCut Fix. Short cut will be placed in Start/Online folder
Opera ShortCut Fix

Bug: No 3G Icon in Comm Manager
Download this file to fix

11th August 2009, 05:32 AM |#6  
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Tweaks & OEM Packages
List of Installed OEM Packages

List of Tweaks Applied to ROM
Coming Soon!!!
11th August 2009, 06:55 AM |#7  
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good luck..
good luck.. wish we can try this one b4 weekend
11th August 2009, 07:07 AM |#8  
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So... we getting closer with Hard SPL ???


11th August 2009, 07:48 AM |#9  
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schweet.. i hope to get a TP2 soon..waiting for Tmo rls.

Bring on the custom roms!!!
11th August 2009, 09:19 AM |#10  
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Woww!! i hope the HardSPL gets released very soon! i need a good stable, fast custom ROM!
11th August 2009, 11:36 AM |#11  
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Thanx. I hope we have the ability to flash this rom soon.
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