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[Resources] Flashing your First GSM Rhodium Rom (For Noobs)

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By mskip, Retired Senior Moderator on 20th August 2009, 11:20 PM
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Before starting, backup anything you might want to keep after the new Rom has been flashed as all contacts, emails, texts, notes, Internet BookMarks WILL be lost!!

PimBackup is good and free (copy any mms attachments to your storage card or computer seperately)


*DO NOT start another process while the flashing process is taking place*
*DO NOT click off of the status bar... Let it stay in the foreground*
*DO NOT let the Screensaver activate*

Any of these can lead to a bad flash and possibly brick your phone




The Original HardSPL Thread is *HERE*

Each user gets 1 license, or perhaps 2-3 on request if needed (valid forever and works as transparently as possible, so it won't be a problem at all)
you can send a request for 1-2 more devices for private user (free) at (ONLY at this link, not in PM).

This package is for Rhodium (Touch Pro 2, not the original Touch Pro) devices. CDMA-GSM worldphone version is not accepted (RHOD400, RHOD500 modelids), that will have its own HardSPL later. This HardSPL supports WM6.5

NOTE2: If you have Vista or Windows 7, update WMDC to v6.1 *HERE* first

Flashing via ActiveSync with USB Lead
(thanks to
1. Download HardSPL package from *HERE* and extract to an empty folder
2. Synch Phone with PC in Windows Mobile!!! It has to be connected to activesync or WMDC via USB cable and it must not be in Flight/Airplane mode (i.e. radio should be on)
3. NEW: Internet access is required as the program checks online for updates and license
4. Run
Rhodium-HardSPL_V2_00R3.exe on PC, make sure it's launched from a local drive (not through network drive, etc.). XP requires Admin logon and Vista/Windows 7 will automatically prompt to allow it to run in Admin mode, allow it. If you get an AntiVirus warning please ignore it, it contains no harmful code (just used a packer to compress it).
5. Follow steps as prompted in the HardSPL program. If this is the first run of HardSPL on a device after Hard Reset, you must select Automatic Flash Mode (first button in Welcome Screen)
NOTE: You should usually go for Automatic Flash Mode. The Manual Flash option is only to be used as noted below and you must only attempt the Manual Mode option if Automatic Flash Mode or SSPL-Manual.exe already put device in black screen. Any other errors triggered while running in Autoflash Mode will have to be fixed as instructed in the error message.
6. It will ask you to wait while it prepares for the flashing, press OK
7. Now it should go through without any error messages, if one does pop up then follow the instructions included in the error text. If no specific instruction is shown then ask for help in the thread, but this should not ever occur (as this means a really fatal error occurred)
8. At this point the phone hopefully went to a black screen (reporting version as 1.01.C-SSPL only using "info 7" in mtty), this is the SSPL version, which is temporary. Then RUU will instantly launch
9. NOTE: When RUU says it will Hard Reset do not worry, it is not going to do that. Also when it says the flash will take 10 minutes ignore that, it will only take a minute or so
10. SPL flashes, device automatically reboots, job done

*Go into BootLoader Mode
(do a Soft Reset while holding the "volume down" key on the left side of the device. Keep holding the "volume down" key until you see tricolour screen which is the bootloader mode, then release it) and verify the screen shows 0.85.OliNex, which is the HardSPL version*

NOTE1: This is unsigned HardSPL. No limitations on flashing ROMs (except of course some Radio roms). Also this has overwrite protection against HTC RUU's overwriting HSPL with a stock one.
See steps in the Original thread about how to reflash stock SPL.

NOTE2: Anyone having USB problems with the device after it enters SSPL mode, download SSPL-Manual-Rhodium.exe, copy it to the phone and run it. Once the screen has gone black, run the HardSPL package on the PC and select Manual Flash option.
*IMPORTANT* Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in and device is synched to Windows Mobile even if doing manual method.

NOTE3: Do not use this RUU for anything other than SPL flashing (i.e. hardspl or stock spl restore)!!! Nothing other than SPL's made by Olinex team (using OliNex custom cert, which is not public) will flash to make SSPL more secure. If you want to flash another rom then use shipped RUU or Rhodium customRUU if you want to flash cooked ROM.


NOTE: Check the Roms Thread for any specific Flashing instructions. If there arent any then you can use the following guide.

Flashing Via ActiveSync
1. Download your prefered Rom from the Rhodium Rom Develpoment Page and unzip/unrar it to your computer
2. REMOVE SIM and microSD CARDS!!
3. Turn phone back on and wait until it syncs with your PC
4. Run the CustomRUU.exe
from the Roms Folder (if one isnt included then download it *HERE*)
. Follow onscreen instructions to set up your New Rom
6. Once phone has gone through the customisation procedure then replace Sim and microSD Cards
7. Turn phone back on and set up as required

Flashing Via MicroSD Card
1. Make sure your microSD is Formatted to fat32 (you dont have to delete all files but it is safer if you do)
2. Download your prefered Rom from the Rhodium Rom Develpoment Page and unzip/unrar it to your PC
3. Goto the Roms Folder and rename the .nbh file to RHODIMG.nbh
4. Copy the RHODIMG.nbh file to the root of your MicroSD Card
5. Plug the MicroSD Card into the phone
6. Enter the BootLoader screen, you will first see a tri-color screen with the phone and SPL Information at the top
7. Follow the On Screen instructions to start the update
8. After flash has completed, press the reset button with the stylus to reset the device.


For more information about compatible Radios go *HERE*

Flashing Via ActiveSync
1. Sync your phone with the PC
2. Run CustomRUU.exe from the Radio's Folder and follow the instructions
(if one isnt included then download it *HERE*)

Flashing via MicroSD Card
Use same method as Flashing a Rom via MicroSD Card

5. JOB DONE. Well Done YOU DID IT!!

I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.
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20th August 2009, 11:20 PM |#2  
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Post #3 for mskip
20th August 2009, 11:20 PM |#3  
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Post #4 for mskip, just in case
20th August 2009, 11:20 PM |#4  
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FAQ for Flashing your First Rhodium Rom

1. What Operating systems are supported for Flashing HardSPL?

Supported OS versions: 32bit and 64bit XP, Vista, Windows 7RC and later. win2000 was untested, and pre-RC win7 (lower than build 7100) is explicitly not supported. Also the program may be unstable or not work on Virtual systems, so it's recommended to try outside Virtual OS software. Also version verify: if HardSPL package says V120R in first Welcome dialog title (and version 1.20 in About box) it is the latest version, not some crappy beta/old version.

2. Why is it recommended to remove the Sim Card and microSD Card before Flashing?

microSD Card removal is recommended just in case any self booting programs or UC setup files are on there that might interupt or conflict with the setup procedure after flashing.

Sim Card removal is recommended because as soon as your phone reboots after flashing your phone will be live and if you get a call or text message during the initial setup it might interfere and ruin the setup.

If you flashed with both the cards in it should be fine as long as none of the above situations happened. Just be aware for future flashes


3. What are the different types of Unlock? (answer by DaveShaw)
The three stages of unlock are:
SIM: Allows you to use SIM's from another carrier. Can be done using codes or unlocker programs on xda-devs.
Security: Allows you to flash radios from another device (radios intended for your device only need Hard SPL) - It does other stuff, but this is all the casual user will use it for
CID: CID unlocking is an old concept, nowadays you flash Hard SPL instead. Hard SPL lets you flash any ROM, Splash or Radio (depending on sec unlock) to your device. The stock SPL's only let you flash signed ROM images that match the CID & Model of your device. N.B. the CID is the carrier ID (e.g. HTC__001, or VODAP100).

Also, SuperCID is setting your CID to a value that allows you to flash other signed (shipped) ROMs, even if the CIDs are different after removing Hard SPL. - SuperCID is performed by the Olipro unlocker.


4. What is the difference between ROM and RADIO?
The Rom is the operating system and included patches, tweaks and programs. The Radio is a seperate part of the firmware on the phone that handles all communation related matters such as signal, gps, bluetooth, camera, wifi and sound. Newer Radios to include improvements or fixes in older version, or even just to compliment an existing Rom or network so a newer Radio isnt neccessarily better. Radios also need to be matched to the correct Rom so you cant just put any Radio and Rom together.


5. How do Stock ROMS differ from Cooked ROMS?
Stock Roms usually have extra 'bloatware' added which take up extra space on the phone. Custom Roms are stripped down to provide more space and most are tweaked to provide a faster more stable Operating System. Every chef is different so you have to look around the forums to see which Rom is best for your needs.

20th August 2009, 11:28 PM |#5  
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Great post for people thats new
20th August 2009, 11:55 PM |#6  
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Nice one Mark.

21st August 2009, 02:34 AM |#7  
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i have to say, that no matter what color font, special &$^#%@ that you use, someone will NOT follow the directions. This is a VERY in-depth guide!
21st August 2009, 03:34 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by slimsuse

i have to say, that no matter what color font, special &$^#%@ that you use, someone will NOT follow the directions. This is a VERY in-depth guide!

Too true....I remember how scared I was when doing my first flash on my Wizard though. Somethin like this at the time would have put my mind at ease (would have probably scared me to death even more at the same time! ).

It's funny how, with experience, that fear fades away and you just flash as if you've been doing it all your life. Some people will learn the hard way...others will read, read, read like I did many years ago! (as they most definitely should)

Nice post mskip.
21st August 2009, 07:23 AM |#9  
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When flashing a new ROM via Active Sync, is it really necessary to remove the SIM-card and SD-card? I didn't and the flashing did go well. No problems at all!
21st August 2009, 07:25 AM |#10  
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Just extra precaution against wiping your cards out or God forbid getting incomming phone signal during flash and having that interfere!
21st August 2009, 09:20 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by slimsuse

i have to say, that no matter what color font, special &$^#%@ that you use, someone will NOT follow the directions. This is a VERY in-depth guide!

Unfortunately flashing HardSPL on a Rhodium is a very in depth process and no shortcuts can be taken for the safety of the phone.The purpose of this guide is to give someone the whole process from flashing HardSPL to changing the Rom or Radio and save them having to keep 4 or 5 screens open with all the different information.

I remember when I first flashed my OLD Hermes many many years ago (god that makes me sound old haha) I was trying to pull all the information I needed together and ended up with over 15 pages all with different information and different methods on how to do the same thing and it took months off my flashing life.

I only made this up last night and the HardSPL information is taken directly from the creators thread. I will go through the HardSPL section and try to "dumb" it down so its easier to understand but if people want to customise their device then they HAVE to be prepared to follow all the steps to the letter and not complain that its too hard or too in depth.

This is the third one stop flashing guide I have written and the other ones have helped thousands of people flash their phones, the fancy fonts and colours are just their to help point things out

Any improvemants or additions are welcome (although my 10000 character limit has already been reached so if I add something then something else has to be taken off)
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