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By skyler17, Senior Member on 22nd August 2009, 03:08 AM
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(If you want to see more apps than those that are listed on the first page, navigate to the end of the thread. Stuff there gets posted there before anything is added to the first page)

I'm addicted to flashing. But I like my apps. I had always wished that there would be a central place that I could look at for quality apps for the Rhodium that others can confirm work. The download links are in the descriptions.

First, make sure you have:
.Net Compact Framework 3.5: Many applications here require this. Chances are you already have it though.

Click on the program's name to lead you to a page where they my be downloaded.

*If the description is in this color, its because it is a program that is highly recommended by myself*

Recently Added:

Opera Mini 5 native: Non-Java. Faster and works better than Opera 10 on the Rhodium. Its my primary browser now. The only issue I've had is when downloading files within the browser. (freeware)

Android on Rhodium: Honestly if you haven't tried Android on your TP2, hop over to the subforum. The link here is for the biggest project. (freeware)

Tsowen Taskbar Collection: Bored of your taskbar? Well get a new one! (freeware) ~ Thanks twistedcloud

Birthday2Calendar: Add Outlook contact's birthdays to your calender (freeware) ~ Thanks twistedcloud


Slacker Radio: The Pandora wannabe! Nahh, slacker is actually great. Stream good internet radio now! You deserve it since we have been deprived of apps like these on windows mobile. (freeware)

Max Manila: Got Manila 2.5? Get Max Minila for more functionality or get the Cookie's mod. (freeware)

Co0kie's Home Tab: My favorite Manila 2.5 mod right now. Slick and functional. (freeware)

Custom Manila Sliders: Get some fresh new icons for your TF3D or Sense tabs. Lots to choose from. (freeware)

WiFi Remote Access: A really neat app that lets you browse the contents of your device over wifi by using a web browser. I use it all the time for transferring files to my phone. (freeware)

LockDevice: A device lock .cab that is dead simple and I love it. All it does is lock your Rhodium when you press the power button. Designed for the TP2 so works perfectly. You open your phone, it automatically unlocks. Wondrous! Direct download here. (freeware)

Proximity Sensor for Screen Off: Enables blocking the proximity sensor in order to turn the screen off. Works wonderfully with LockDevice... just put your phone in your pocket and it will lock its self! (freeware)

S2 Applications: All of them are great, check them out. (freeware)

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More Utilities:

PIM Backup: By xda's own dotfred. Simple and configurable backup software for contacts, appointments, call logs, etc. (freeware) ~ Thanks John Charles

Slide2Shutdown: A very simple and convenient app to shutdown, restart, or make your device sleep. I reccommend downloading this .cab but there are others to choose from. (freeware) ~ Thanks Humble1

myNote: A stunningly good looking note-taking application. Has the Palm Pre-look written all over it. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

HTC Network Plugin: Allows you to tap into your home network and access your shared folders. Curious for a demonstration? View this video. (freeware) ~ Thanks mastermarv

RaceChrono: GPS based lap timing software. A must for every motor vehicle performance tester or racer. (freeware) ~ Thanks veepee78

uConvert: A fantastic looking and functional unit converter. You may need Flash Light 3.1 for it to work. Free but $.99 for an upgraded version with currency conversion (freeware)

Task Facade: Direct download latest version 4 here. Nice looking way to switch between open applications. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

LockDevice: Another great application that locks the device with the tap of the power button. Uses the standard windows lockscreen, very lightweight. (freeware) ~ Thanks thierry2064

CallFirewall: Rejects unwanted callers. Direct download here. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Microsoft Tag: Snap a 2D barcode (not 1D like the barcodes you find in stores) and get information. Neato. Try it out! Direct download here. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Mochasoft FTP Server: Turns your TP2 into an ftp server. (freeware) ~ Thanks glw35

Evernote: A fantastic notetaking/capture/indexing app. What makes it great? Your notes are saved in the Cloud. (freeware) ~ Thanks glw35

KeepMyTones: Save and backup your contact ringtone, sounds, and notifications settings. (freeware) ~ Thanks kovacszj

i-nigma reader: Another 2D Barcode reader. In some ways better than Microsoft Tag. (freeware) ~ Thanks firefurby

Cinemo: Find showtimes for movies in your area. (freeware) ~ Thanks t69broken

Rhoduim Keyboard Controller: Remap any key on your TP2 to any desired action. Only for Rhodium devices, don't use for other phones! (freeware) ~ Thanks thierry2064

TaskSwitch: Quickly switch between open applications. Works nicely by mapping a front-facing key with the Keyboard Controller. (freeware) ~ Thanks thierry2064

Mortscript: More an hacker tool without a nifty interface, you have to write your scripts with any text editor. With it you can remote control or launch other applications. (freeware) ~ Thanks sleonard

Barcorama: A 1D/2D barcode reader application. Worth trying out. Is being developed and new releases are being churned out frequently. (freeware) ~ Thanks nemo0405

File Explorer Extension: Adds extra features to the WinMo standard File Explorer. Follow the link for a list of all of the improvements. (freeware) ~ Thanks DaveTheTytnIIGuy

BarCodeManager: One use of this software is to save your store's discount cards to your phone. Then when you forget your card at home, just display the barcode on the screen for scanning. Cool stuff. (freeware) ~ Thanks t69broken

Microsoft Reader: Start reading those ebooks! (freeware) ~ Thanks planmanb

QuickMark: 1D/2D Barcode scanner. Direct Download Link. (freeware) ~ Thanks sniczz

Flashlight: Turn your phone into a flashlight. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

TurnOffTheLight: Program that turns off the screen backlight. (freeware) ~ Thanks Ut0p1a

Pocket Sports Center: Sports tracker that also works reasonably well with Radar Weather. (freeware) ~ Thanks amw1972

Radar Weather: Advanced Weather Tab for TF3D. (freeware) ~ Thanks amw1972

G-Trigger: Allows a movement detected by the G-sensor to perform an action or run a program on the phone. (freeware) ~ Thanks lysergication

MarketplaceRegionSwitch: Switch which country your WM Marketplace thinks you are in. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

nueUSBKeyboard: Turn your phone into a usb keyboard when connected to your PC. (freeware) ~ Thanks DaveTheTytnIIGuy

The Tool: Another File Explorer and Task Manager. (freeware) ~ Thanks jayr04

TellMe: May not work for some. Could be WM 6.5 dependent and may require MS voice command. But what the program does is transforms voice to text. Pretty cool stuff. ~ Thanks fishwiz45
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Navigation/Search/Anything with a map/GPS:

Google Maps Mobile: Best mapping application for our phone. (freeware)

Bing: If you are familiar with Windows Live Search, this is it- rebranded. It is useful. Want the older bing? Download here. (freeware)

Mapyx: Digital mapping software that works great for UK users. (freeware) ~ Thanks richarda35

Waze: Allows you to build and use live maps. Need more info? Follow the link. Waze does a better job of explaining their software than me. Note, only works in the USA currently. (freeware) ~ Thanks nemo0405

Tapster: Avoid the popo while driving, you know... the fuzz, or.. ahem, the police. (freeware) ~ Thanks go to many people

AmAze: Free voice-guided navigation app. (freeware) ~ Thanks regis.stration

TrackMyRun:GPS software, great for runners. (freeware) ~ Thanks BluEyedTiger

GCz: All in one app for GeoCatching. (freeware) ~ Thanks Gech

Freecaddie: Free GPS golf range finder for your local course. If a map doesn't exist for your home course you can make one in five minutes on Google Maps. Simple and brilliant. (freeware) ~ Thanks John Charles

GPS Cycle Computer: By xda's own Andy Zapp. Gives you max speed, distance, time etc as well as a graph of your route which you can import to Google maps. Neat. (freeware) ~ Thanks John Charles

Weather4me: Another application to check the weather. Can never have too many, no? (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Insurance/ Backup:

Remote Tracker: In case you lose your phone, or it is stolen... makes me feel safer (freeware)

Microsoft MyPhone: Backs up your texts, media, contacts. Overall useful application if you don't go for Dashwire. (freeware)

Dashwire: Free, like Microsoft's MyPhone, it is a backup of contacts, pictures, videos, etc. But then from online you can send texts from your phone. Its cool. Rebranded to MIQ by Best Buy (freeware)

Adobe Photoshop Mobile: Lets you upload and share photos, up to 2GB for free. Tested and working on the TP2. (freeware) ~ Thanks Lord_BlackAdder

Flexilis: Nifty security, backup, and location information of your device. (freeware) ~ Thanks nemo0405


Microsoft Recite: Stores voice memos and can look them up via your own speech. Surprisingly useful. Worth a try. Note- beta will expire on Dec 31st. Hopefully Recite will be re-released as a non-beta or integrated into another program. (freeware)

SportyPal: A nice app to track work out sessions (especially cycling/running) with your GPS. Uploads to a website where you can view your workout on Google maps and more. ~ Thanks vHatch

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Windows Live: An essential, allows push email if you have a Hotmail or Live account. Is usually preinstalled, but here it is if you are somehow missing it. (freeware)

Facebook: Is a good application that runs smoothly. My only gripe with it is that the feeds are not 'pushed' to the application. Instead if you want to find something out, you have to refresh it. You can upload pictures, videos, update status, comment on other's, etc. (freeware)

FIM: Facebook instant messenger. I love it. plus, it has all of the functionality of the official Facebook client (freeware)

PockeTwit: A great twitter client. There are others out there. This is one of the best, second only to moTweets in my perspective. (freeware)

Skype: Fun, useful and saves minutes if you pay for the VoIP. You can send texts for free through it though. A definite plus. (freeware)

Qik: Stream live video from your phone to the web. 120% awesome. (freeware)

GPS Location: Send your location via text, email or do other things. VERY useful at times. (freeware)

Viigo: Excellent RSS reader. (freeware) ~ Thanks Sino8r

Palringo: All-in-one IM.. Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Gadu Gadu, Jabber, and iChat on your mobile phone. (freeware) ~ Thanks pcboyy

Nimbuzz: Another great IM client. Facebook, Google, yahoo, etc. (freeware) ~ Thanks potatochip

VZOchat: Easy to explain: an application for video-chatting. (freeware) ~ Thanks JustBored

Seven beta: Follow the link and select 'Touch Pro P3450' the .cab downloaded supports WVGA. Kind of a big deal- push email for all major email accounts. Gmail? check. Yahoo? check. Doesn't waste battery life because no connection is maintained until the email is pushed to the device. In you Inbox screen, make sure to change the drop down list on the top right from 'conversation' to 'date received' or however you want your mail organized.. Nonetheless push Gmail is awesome if your exchange account is already put to use for something other than Google Sync. (freeware)

moTweets: Easily now my favorite Twitter client. Free version w/ some ads and a paid version for $3.99 without ads. Twitterers unite! (freeware)

Titanium Artesea: A titanium plugin for Twittaholics. For WM 6.5 standard interface, not TF3D or Sense. (freeware)
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WiFi Internet Sharing: Turn your TP2 into a wireless router. Nothing short of amazing! Or, want it integrated into the Comm Manager? here you go. (freeware)

Safe Inbox Extender: Gives outlook, SMS, etc. the option to either "Mark all as read" or "delete all". I use the "Mark all as read" option all the time. (freeware)

Smabergs Actionscreen: Hold down the power button for 3 seconds to get a list of shortcuts. (freeware) ~ Thanks samstables

SU2U: If you want an Iphone-esque unlock screen. Tap the power button to lock the device. For landscape support make sure to go to S2U2 settings>Advanced>Display Mode and select RawBuffer instead of DirectDraw. (freeware) ~ Thanks samstables

G Alarm: Tired of the Windows mobile alarm clock? Try this. (shareware). ~ Thanks sandoro

Gremote: Control your PC with your phone. (shareware) ~ Thanks sandoro

WkTask: Switch running applications easily. It also has function to connect/disconnect 3G or gprs.. and also shortcut to control screen brightness/volume. (freeware) ~ Thanks pcboyy

SMSDR: Displays the contact name on each miscalled SMS that your receive. Soft reset after install. (freeware) ~ Thanks pcboyy

Total Commander: Latest version. File browser, text editor, registry editor, etc. galore! (freeware) ~ Thanks freakingwilly

Klaxon: Finger friendly alarm that Android users will be familiar with. (freeware) ~ Thanks sino8r

Batti: A pretty battery bar across the top of today screen (or manilla!) similar to hidevistabattery. (freeware) ~ Thanks sino8r

K for Raphael: Allows the keyboard to be used for emulators. (freeware) ~ Thanks sino8r

WVGA Fix: Changes screen resolution so that non-native-resolution apps will work on the TP2. (freeware) ~ Thanks sino8r

Synchrotime: Synchronize your PDA clock to Internet time server. (freeware) ~ Thanks henkreyn

mToolbox: The Swiss knife for your Pocket PC featuring a water level, a light sensor, a shock sensor, a ruler, an angle meter. (freeware) ~ Thanks henkreyn

TimeSyncTZ: A wonderful Time Zone aware NTP client that also copes with Daylight Saving Time. Written by fellow xda-developer member DaveShaw

xdaShutdown: A fully skinnable shutdown application. Written in native Win32 C++, so load time is admirable. Written by fellow xda-developer member DaveShaw

Pocket RAR: Open those zip and rar files with ease. (freeware) ~Thanks mdalacu

SmartLock: Tap the power button to enable the lock screen. Works like S2U2 and is great with WinMo 6.5. Find it under system settings once installed. (freeware)

Dusk 6.5 Lockscreen: An enhanced version of the standard 6.5 lockscreen. 120% more awesome. Designed for the Blackstone, but works great on my TP2. I use this + Smartlock and I love it. Direct download link (freeware)

AntWorks TF3D Wallpaper Changer: Changes your TF3D Homescreen wallpaper automatically on a set schedule. Some things might not work perfectly, as the program is a beta right now. But expect updates. Follow the link for more. (freeware) ~ Thanks Wintir

Virtual D-Pad: Use the G-Sensor as a d-pad. A bit gimmicky, but fun. (freeware) ~Thanks humble

Gyrator: Rotate your screen left, right, and even upside down according to the G-sensor. Has a couple of problems in TF3D, but works great in programs. (freeware)

Shake And Save: A brilliant screen capture utility. Pretty self explanatory. Run the app and shake and save your current screen. (freeware)

MyStopWatch: An excellent stop watch utility. The original skin looks like it belongs in Manila.

MyMobiler: View your mobile screen on your desktop. PC app. (freeware) ~Thanks GordonTGopher

Mobile Registry Editor: Remotely edit your phone's registry. PC software. Good for copying and pasting registry entries from your desktop. ~Thanks GordonTGopher

Pocket Putty: an open source SSH client. Find the TP2 optimized version here (freeware) ~ Thanks gtsili/mdalacu/avaterera

Disable SMS Sent Notification: A must have if you hate that annoying "SMS sent" notification. Now if only there was a "SMS not sent" notification. (freeware) ~ Thanks southphillysean

VolDpad: Gives you a D-pad using your volume rocker. Awesome if you are missing the D-pad that the Original Touch Pro had. (freeware) ~Thanks humble

Change Screen: Another program to autorotate your screen according to the G-sensor. Works even in TF3D. (freeware) ~Thanks Mektah

TrineFix: Removes duplicate contacts and other mishaps. My hero! (freeware)

Web Video Downloader: Download videos from online sites such as Youtube... or other types of sites. (freeware) ~Thanks nkognegr0

CleanRam 1.7: Helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85
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Web Browsers:

Opera Mobile 10 beta: The most functional and stable internet browser for the Touch Pro 2. (freeware)

Skyfire: Quick web browser. Works great on the TP2. Uses rendering on Skyfire's servers, so uses less bandwidth. Flash Support! (freeware)

Dorthy Browser: WEBKIT bowser! Is in beta currently, and has a ways to go... but it is getting there. It is definitely usable, but I would recommend Opera Mobile over it. (freeware)

Opera Mini 5 Beta: The new and improved Opera Mini. Don't worry about Java or lack of a shortcut; the link here leads to an awesome .cab file that installs all you need. If you want to use it as an RSS reader type in "feed:list" in the address bar and bookmark where it takes you. (Thank you bgsitizen for the RSS tip) (freeware)

Iris Browser: Webkit browser. Don't expect it to get any better though. Development has stopped. RIM purchased Torch Mobile, the makers of Iris. Curse you RIM! (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85


Radio: The mystic missing program for the GSM TP2 (despite it having built-in radio functionalities) No luck for CDMA devices, the hardware is not there. But I'm sure you guys are enjoying your 3.5mm headphone jack. (freeware)

Kinoma FreePlay: An excellent media application. Although it does use quite a bit of memory- its All-In-One aspect justifies its use of RAM. It plays your music, photos, and video... But you can also access YouTube, stream radio stations, Flickr, you name it! Kinoma FreePlay is free but the upgraded version, Kinoma Play is $30. (freeware & shareware)

WunderRadio: Want online radio? Go ahead and check it out. (shareware) ~ Thanks sandoro

Smartlinks: Displays lyrics for HTC Audio Manager and Windows Media Player Mobile. (freeware) ~ Thanks Lord_BlackAdder

Midomi: A working Midomi app with WiFi and 3G .. search any song title/singer by humming to your PDA and the app will search the title for you. (freeware) ~ Thanks pcboyy

Sirius: You must be a Sirius subscriber to use it. Select your user/pass and be sure to check cd quality in settings. (freeware but need a subscription to Sirius) ~ Thanks Sino8r

DivX Player: Plays Divx files. (freeware) ~ Thanks henkreyn

myPlayer: A stand-alone, light-weight application that accesses the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu and Five On Demand services directly - eliminating the requirement for a (flash-enabled) mobile browser. Wonderful app, REQUIRES CORE PLAYER to use though. (freeware)

theChanner: Find many internet TV stations from many countries. Works great. (freeware) ~Thanks adribee

Nitrogen: A fully skinnable, lightweight and awesome music player. It is what I use to listen to music. (freeware)

S2P: Slide to Play is a music player that integrates with S2U2. Iphone-esque. (freeware)

XnView Pocket: A multipurpose image viewer/correcter. (freeware) ~ Thanks mdalacu

Beyond Pod: Easy to use rss reader and podcast player. Manage and delete podcasts with ease. (freeware) ~ Thanks John Charles

Mobipocket: eReader software. Loads of books that no longer have copyright available from Gutenberg etc. (freeware) ~ Thanks John Charles

Groovefish: A Grooveshark Application. Play any song in the world, on demand. Now. Amazing. Free. Isn't working for you? Download quickfix here. (freeware)

HTC Mp3 Trimmer: Trim your Mp3 files easily and intuitively to make ringtones, etc. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Telesketch: A doodle sketch pad that you can draw and mms to someone or you can take a photo, then draw on and mms. direct download (freeware) ~ Thanks khtims

NFL Mobile Live: If you like the NFL, you will like this app. Trust me. Note: may be regionaly locked so if it doesn't work for you, change your region to the USA/English (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Xperia Panels: Xperia panel app from the X1. Works like a charm. Experiment with more panels by getting them from this thread.

I would like to make the thread easier and update the first post with your contributions. Please let me know in your replies if I have permission to incorporate your contributions into this post!



If you feel like I have missed an application, please post it and share!
And If you like this thread please say it, rate it.
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Xtrakt: A 3D fun game that was intended for the Xperia, but works great with the TP2. (freeware)

Snails Reloaded: Not free, but definitely worth the $2.99 that it costs. If you have ever played "Worms" on the PC, this game is meant to emulate that. 2D graphics, very fun. (shareware)

Smart Simon: Is the classic Simon game, makes you think. (freeware)

Uno: The classic card game we're all familiar with... (freeware) ~ Thanks ohyeahar

RealDice Texas Hold'em: Free poker game. Can play online as well as against AI. (freeware) ~ Thanks ohyeahar

Astraware Sudoku: normally $9.99 USD, but free if you register at Microsoft’s Total Access site. Completely legal! (shareware) Thanks ohyeahar

Astraware Boardgames: normally $9.99 USD, but free if you register at Microsoft’s Total Access site. Completely legal! Includes Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Snakes and Ladders, and Tic Tac Toe. (shareware) ~ Thanks ohyeahar

Jakob Dam Fruity: A free puzzle game similar to the famous Bejeweled game ~ Thanks lilchip85

Jakob Dam Touch Break: Similar to Arkanoid / Breakout. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Towers of Glennoi: Similar to the Tower of Hanoi game. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

TripYzee: A clone of the popular dice game Yahtzee. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Note: For some games such as Jakob Dam Fruity you may need Flash Light 3.1.

DragonBall: A strategy game where you launch colored balls from the flying fan in the bottom of the screen. Chains of three or more balls of the same color pop to clear your way to the next level. Not to be confused with the "Dragon Ball Z" franchise. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

hdWobble: Hmm, you can make things wobble with this app. don't be too much of a pervert with it. (freeware) ~ Thanks the0ne

HG-Proton: Click on the nearest red proton (+) before it reach the front. Be carefull, speed gets higher and wrong tap decreases your score! Landscape position is recommended for play with both thumbs... (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Farkle: There are six dice. You must score at least one dice or dice combination to continue your turn. The last turn is defined by the first person to reach the end game score, this allows everyone one more turn. Person with the highest score wins. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Spin the Arrow: Spin the bottle... but with an Arrow. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Collapse Chaos: A game like Tetris/Bubblebreaker which you have to touch similar colors to clear the stage. There are several types of gameplay as well as "Quest" and "Free Play" modes. Direct Download Link Note, may be regionaly locked to the USA (English) So change your regional settings if its not working. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Lineaplolis: Java game created by mrdarek: Follow link for instructions on how to play. (freeware)

Sink My Ships: Just like the popular game, Battleship. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Touch The Music: In essence, Guitar Hero. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85
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One of these days I will sort all of this stuff... but there is unfortunately a limit on how many characters each post can contain so its all a mess to add stuff...

I can't promise any time soon though, but once I find the day to relax I will.

Kinda Recent, not really

Bananas: Set forth for a trip with a monkey Filbertom on jungles to find 5 totemov forces. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Planet Protector: New sense 360-agree turn shooter. The enemy approaches in order to destroy a planet of the screen center. Blast them and defend the planet! (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Autumn Dynasty Lite: Direct your armies with brushstrokes in the spirit of classical maneuver warfare. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Weather Bug: Weather app with good Today Screen integration for those without Touch Flo 3D. (freeware) ~ Thanks Dan McBoost

TF3D to Mobile Shell Switcher: Easily switch between Mobile Shell and Touch Flo 3D. (freeware) ~ Thanks Jegor84

Sashimi: Use this if you want to install a whole bunch of applications or if you want to configure many settings in one process. (freeware) ~ Thanks DaveTheTytnIIGuy

VTI Pocket Emulator: Emulator for the Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-85, TI-86 and TI-89. Download recommended ROM here legally. (freeware) ~ Thanks DaveTheTytnIIGuy

FingerKeyboard2: A good portrait and landscape keyboard QVGA VGA WVGA compatible. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Advanced Configuration Tool: A great configuration utility. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Clipboard Tool: Handy little tool for your copy-cut-paste action. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Contacts Search: Search through your contacts in many ways. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Free42: An open-source HP-42S Calculator Simulator (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Tms Uninstaller: Will allow you to delete programs that don't show up in the normal remove programs. Direct download in link. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Power Radio: An FM tuner app with more features than the HTC-made one. Obviously no mystical CDMA support since there is no FM hardware. Only GSM. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Keep Recordin': Make an audio wav file, save it where you want. Simple. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

WinamPAQ: Music player. WinAMP for your phone. Download good skins here, courtesy of Senax. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax Stream radio stations via worldwide http links. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

Visual Task Switcher: A very nice looking task switcher. (freeware) ~ Thanks Senax

tnyynt SD TuneUp: a driver for the sd card slot. Should help read speeds, but use at your own risk. (freeware) ~ Thanks Shasarak

AE Button Plus: Like the Keyboard controller. Has many features. (freeware) ~ Thanks OmsagroSylph

ApptoDate: Attempts to update applications that have newer versions. (freeware) ~ Thanks YL Groper

PocketShield: An intelligent screen locker, and alternative to S2U2. (shareware) ~ Thanks RangerX

Smartphonetracker: Find your lost/stolen cellphone. ~ Thanks micel65

Pocketstarcraft: A fun game. Unfortunately the site is in Russian, for the English speakers. Google Translate Link. (freeware) ~ Thanks bomix

NaviComputer: GPS/Map tracking software. (freeware) ~ Thanks pistou

Experiment 13: Fun, stategy adventure game with awesome graphics. (freeware) ~ Thanks lilchip85

Noni GPSPlot: Tracks where you have been without a map, just shows your trail so you can retrace your steps. Useful even without the internet. (freeware) ~ Thanks trevoroni

Security Tools: Do things such as Ping, traceroute, WHOIS, and port scan and use them from anywhere in the world. xda post (shareware) ~ Thanks Punkster812

S2 Applications: All of them are great, check them out. (freeware)
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This could be a great thread if the 1st post gets updated and if links are provided to the software. Hoping that's going to happen!~

Here's my contribution!

Uno: The classic card game we're all familiar with...

RealDice Texas Hold'em: Free poker game. Can play online as well as against AI.

Astraware Sudoku: normally $9.99 USD, but free if you register at Microsoft’s Total Access site. Completely legal!

Astraware Boardgames: normally $9.99 USD, but free if you register at Microsoft’s Total Access site. Completely legal! Includes Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Snakes and Ladders, and Tic Tac Toe.
22nd August 2009, 06:30 AM |#10  
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Thanks ohyeahar, your contributions are now part of the first post.
22nd August 2009, 07:34 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by skyler17

Do I have your permission to update your contributions to the first post? I can definitely credit you for each contribution by saying that it was your submission at the end of the description!

Yeah, go for it!
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