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[ROM] KiNgxKxROM Sense Hybrid Version 2.3 "Back to Work We Go" <11/9/09>

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By kingklick, Account currently disabled on 22nd September 2009, 05:33 PM
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Video of v1.9 in action:
Ok guys so just as I promised, my ROM is finally here. This ROM is COMPLETELY FULL. Tell me if you would like something added and I will be glad to do so. A "lite" version may also be in store. I implemented a lot of speed boosters, tell me this isn't a blistering quick ROM. THIS IS VERY FAST.

NOTE: Things can be kind of slow at first boot. Give it a few minutes to get all settled in and things will be blazing I tell you!

Changelog will be on the next post.


1. Haykuro's "death" spl
2. Latest Radio (Both can be found here:
3. 3 Partitions in this order: Fat32, Ext 1/2/3/4, Linux-Swap
4. Class 6 sd card (like every other Hero ROM)
5. Cyanogen's Recovery image 1.3.1+

If you're having problems wiping or installing apps from the market:

# mount -o rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system/sd
# rm -rf /system/sd/*
# rm -rf /system/data/*
# reboot recovery
How to edit your user.conf settings (swappiness, comp cache or swap, etc) by me

How to partition your sdcard the easiest way/ upgrade to ext4 on your g1 with no pc needed at all: Thanks Lycoln, you da man

Please give me FEEBACK! Devs are nothing without feedback!

Without further ado!

With my customized "Red Rosie" Hero theme v1 (Beta 1)Use the red wallpaper for sweeet results ) Screenshots below

With my boot images and sounds (Beta 1):

Just like any other dev, I am not responsible to whatever happens to your phone *surprise*

I'd like to give thanks to: Cyanogen, CCyrowski, Haykuro, MoDaCo, Stericson, JAC, miketaylor00, Drizzy, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention, and most importantly, my patient lady for putting up with ma devin'


"I live to DEV another DAY" -My quote

Follow me on Twitter if you like my work:
Below are screenshots of the "Themed Rosies," starting with my personal favorite made by me: RED ROSIE

Lycoln's Themed Versions of my ROM's:
Attached Images
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22nd September 2009, 05:34 PM |#2  
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What She's Got:

Version 2.3 <11/9/09> 6:12pm PST

Same stuff as 2.2 except:

- Removed Overclock Widget
- Removed Taskiller
- Added Astro
- A lot more optimization (roughly 25% more)
- New A2SD script *Thanks MikeTaylor*
- All system apps on Internal Memory
- Cleaned up some things
- Changed user.conf
- Changed swappiness to 60
- Other things I'll add as I go along

Version 2.2 <10/31/09> 4:30pm PST

Same stuff as 2.1 except:

- Removed setCPU
- Removed better terminal
- Removed BB2.apk
- Removed Spare Parts
- Removed all warez
- Added Terminal
- Added overclock widget/overclock app
- Added Task Control
- Optimized rosie
- Fixed FC in rosie wallpapers
- Fixed Camcorder Sound
- Fixed Voice Recorder Sound
- Other tweaks/fixes not worth listing

Version 2.1 <10/26/09> 12:26am PST

Same stuff as 2.0 except:

- Removed regular terminal
- Using Better terminal now
- Fixed Market !
- Using swap setup a 64-96MB swap partition
- More optimization
- Optimized widgets
- Fixed Flash !
- Removed Quake 2 until I find a working one
- Added working IM client
- Lockscreen still transparent but has Wallpaper, can remove upon request
- Ill add as I rememebr

Version 2.0 <10/20/2009> 1:50pm PST

This build is essentially the same as 1.9 but with a few things from "Drizzy's Final 1.0" Is technically v1.1 and so on:

- Transparent Lockscreen is back
- A LOT more optimization
- Super Optmized Rosie
- "sdparted" in xbin thanks dusty/lycoln
- HTC FootPrints is back
- Widgets far more optimized
- New people widget!
- Added latest HeroLED (use app to set up first) *thanks fictionles*
- Rosie does not FC when you open the keyboard!
- BB2.apk still included
- Using New Sense!
- Tweaks for speed FAST FAST
- Transparent status
- Flash Player not working... Will fix this
- Camcorder sound working
- Voice Recorder sound working
- Meltus audio hack for clarity *thanks Meltus*
- BFS 302 *Thanks CC & JAC*
- Other things I forgot that I'll put up here

Version 1.9 <10/17/09> 8:30pm PST

Same stuff as 1.8 except:

- Newest HeroLED, VERY nice (Use HeroLED app to set up first) *thanks fictionless*
- More optimization with my method (doing a handful per release now)
- Tweaks on framework
- Full MT3G support! LED's as well!
- Worked on HTC_IME (should be snappy let me know what you think )
- Swap by default now (Recommend 120MB swap partition)
- Tweaked user.conf
- No reboots in a week
- Transparent Lockscreen
- Added "Portal"
- Added Quake 2 (It's freeware do not worry)
- Added BB2.apk
- Some visual changes (semi blur look on a couple things) *thanks lycoln*
- Few other things I forgot and will probably add here

Version 1.8 <10/13/09> 12:20am PST

Same stuff as 1.7 except:

- Changed Meltus's hack back to clarity hack
- Added my NEW hacked "secret optimized" rosie
- Optimized almost every apk widget *thanks for the help jdubz*
- Changed CompCache settings
- Newest HeroLED 2.0.3
- Added newest Wireless Tether 1.60p3
- Changed user.conf
- Give it some time after rosie loads the first time to get fully set up
- Couple other things I know I'm forgetting

Version 1.7 <10/12/09> 12:30am PST

Same stuff as 1.6 Except:

- Added meltus hack with bass
- Tightened sound on voice/video recorder
- Added newest "HeroLED" app *thanks fictionless*
- Added Prioritizing script *run the "phone prioritizer" app* (speeds up HTC Music and incoming calls) *thanks miketaylor00*
- Made status bar transparent *thanks lycoln*
- Optimized more APK's with MY secret method
- Optimized a couple widgets with MY secret method
- Using CC
- Added "switchrom"
- HTC Setup Wizard is now QUICK

Version 1.6 <10/08/09> 12:04pm PST

Same stuff as 1.5 Except:

- Hacked Rosie more optimization
- No more black boxes on rosie *thanks for your help Lycoln*
- "rosystem" works
- Ext4 Support now!!! Use it!
- Put resize2fs back into tools
- Still using CC with backing- Use 64MB swap partition
- Microsoft Exchange included

Version 1.5 <10/07/09> 3:00pm PST

Same stuff as 1.4r1 Except:

- NEW OPTIMIZED rosie with MY secret technique
- Changed to different BFS *thanks a ton CC*
- Updated WLAN.ko
- NO REBOOTS anymore
- CC with Backing- Use a 64MB swap partition
- Few other things I cant think of right now
- Swap -s works in terminal

Version 1.4r1 <10/6/09> 12:33am PST

Same stuff as 1.4 Except:

- Removed "RAM Hack"
- Reverted back to new ,but older BFS for stability
- "rwsystem" is now usable *no permission denied anymore*
- Couple other things I can't think of at the moment

Version 1.4 <10/5/09> 7:10pm PST

Same stuff as 1.3 Except:

- Auto correct put back into HTC_IME
- Updated Comp Cache
- Now using Comp Cache with backing swap by default!
- Fixed most reboot issues
- Few other tweaks I forget all meant for SPEED

Version 1.3 <10/5/09> 12:00am PST

Same stuff as Version 1.2 Except:

- Added Final HeroLED *thanks again jinx10000*
- Fixed camcorder sound
- Fixed voice recorder sound
- Changed Meltus's Audio Hack
- Implemented newest BFS 302 *Thanks a ton CC*
- Fixed Multi-Touch *no patch needed*
- More optimization on more than a handful of apk's
- Fixed ALL wi-fi issues
- All HTC Scenes
- Added extra RAM hack *EXPERIMENTAL* but makes it FAST FAST FAST

Version 1.2 <9/30/09>

Same stuff as Version 1.1r1/2 Except:

- Implemented LED fix into the ROM (Patch is JUST for Multi-Touch now) here:
- Implemented BFS 240 *thanks JAC/ccrowski)*

Version 1.1r1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 Except:

- Fixed SU
- Couple other bug fixes
- Added Multi-Touch! Just patch v1.1r1 with: This patch also includes blinking LED's and some bug fixes
*makes it "r2"*

Version 1.1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 EXCEPT:


- Meltus's Loud Volume Hack with clarity
- New Hero LED fix (thanks Jinx10000)
- LED notifications
- 90% Optimization (MAY be able to shrink PNG's on a couple)
- Kept the stock HTC boot screens and sounds
- Using my "Red Rosie" (Will upload other stock rosie version upon request)

Version 1 <9/24/09>

-Same stuff included as Beta 1 EXCEPT:


- Meltus's audio hack
- 10% more optimization (more to come)


-Footprints (Does ANYONE even use this?)
-Footprints widget
-HTC Sync

Beta 1 <9/22/09>

- Latest JAC kernel
- Included apps to sd (thanks Cyanogen!)
- ttc_smokee's gps fix
- CPU scaling set to 245 minimum 528 maximum
- Kept MoDaCo's UI setup
- LED fix by twisted, shafty, and fictionless (Some Notifications seem to be working!)
- Semi Optomized APK's
- My User.conf with swap setup by default, Swappiness of 80
- Comp Cache Modules included
- Busybox 1.15
- Has terminal
- Haykuro's apn list
- Optimized HTC_IME (thanks Jubeh!)
- Added Set CPU
- Has tether
- Has Stocks
- Has Maps with GPS!
- Amazon MP3 (O YA!)
- Has Spare Parts
- Has HTC Sync
- Has teeter
- Has Task Manager
- Has Foot Prints
- Removed WP files (except Location WP)
- KiNg KlicK CUstom splash Screen
- Has Java
- Has Flash Player
- Has Footprints
- Has PDF viewer
- Rosie Themes Available NOW!
*And a few other goodies i forgot to mention


-Quick Office (not my choice)

In the Future:

- Other "schtuff"
22nd September 2009, 05:39 PM |#3  
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Well, I'll giver a go! love hero ROMs, but use bluetooth to regularly to keep em. But I dont mind guneapigging out a little!
22nd September 2009, 05:43 PM |#4  
jubeh's Avatar
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Just a quick note on the IME. It's got some bugs, I went trigger happy with the red marker and it has a couple errors. I'll try to fix it and I'll post on this thread the fixed one.
22nd September 2009, 05:43 PM |#5  
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... Wrong thread
22nd September 2009, 05:56 PM |#6  
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can you make a hero with out rosie, but with the widets? like a lite with widgets.

22nd September 2009, 06:06 PM |#7  
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cant wait to test this room. hope my sdcard error gets fixed soon.
22nd September 2009, 06:08 PM |#8  
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Ooh very nice will definitely check it out! I have a slight fever so I stayed home from school and thus have tkm to :)
22nd September 2009, 06:14 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by *black*silva*

can you make a hero with out rosie, but with the widets? like a lite with widgets.


Well I'm in class right now so I can't answer it definately, but I'm not sure it would work because the widgets seem to look to rosie. Im not sure at all tho, hopefully another deg can give a better answer
22nd September 2009, 06:18 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by prince.siraj

Ooh very nice will definitely check it out! I have a slight fever so I stayed home from school and thus have tkm to :)

The second I made this ROM, I thought of you prince, flash n let me know wat you think buddy
22nd September 2009, 06:20 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jubeh

Just a quick note on the IME. It's got some bugs, I went trigger happy with the red marker and it has a couple errors. I'll try to fix it and I'll post on this thread the fixed one.

Ok get me the fix when u have it
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