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[ROM]|[32B/A & G1] eViL SenSe v2.0.1 & nano SenSe v2.0.2 [2/27/10]

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By eViL D:, Retired Recognized Developer on 29th October 2009, 07:30 AM
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So much for my little hiatus. Now, during my relaxing period, I had an epiphany of sorts. I though, how can we get Sense/Hero to run even more quickly and smoothly. I first looked at a "normal" cupcake/donut ROM, the first thing that stood out in my mind is use of the system partition. Now, in these normal ROM's, everything is on 1 partition, and thus you generally get a faster experience (Yes, I know about the slow NAND). In Sense/Hero ROM's, most cooks have decided to offload the system/app to the data partition. In doing this, you have plenty of space to create a full featured Hero build. But, by doing so, the system/app (symlinked) is cut off from the rest of the guts. This causes alot of problems when libs or the framework call on the apps, mainly LAG or total freezes! I've decided to try to cut out the middle man, like Tom Shane. Now, there is a limit on how much can be put in the system partition, but no data, so building a ROM like this is really tricky. You HAVE to sacrifice some things, but my goal is to get everything wedged in there. Realistically, it's not possible, but I will try.

On with my new creation.

What is it?
Sense build based off 32A dump. Fully optimized by me.

What makes it special?[I]
Everything is on the SYSTEM partition! I'd love to see someone build something faster. Seriously!

Did you have to cut things out?
Yes, but I don't consider this (SenSe) a "LIGHT" ROM

Is it a work in progress?
Not really. It's actually pretty stable. But, me being me, it'll probably be constantly updated.

Can it be improved?
I hope so! I'm hoping to get more apps super optimized by either me or the community. Suggestions can also make it better.

Will it work on 32A or G1?
No Idea, but feel free to try it out and let me know.

Anything else?
I moved Customize, etc and Fonts to the Data partition. They just sit there for the most part. Oh yeah, no apps to sd. No Boot screen, yes, it will just turn black! And, one other thing, it's ENGLISH ONLY! for now.....

What is required?
32B, 3 partitions (if I want to be a hardass, I can make it only 2) fat32, ext/2/3 and linux-swap and 1/2 a brain.

Yes, Jac, ccyrowski, Drizzy, Twisted & cyanogen. The XDA community, goldenarmz, coolbho3000 and anybody else I forgot.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
****nano SenSe ROM is made for customization. It is bare bones Sense. The newest version will allow for you to install about 9-10MB of apps left out to the system partition. You will still have 250mb+ of space on the data partition/internal flash.

Check out nano SenSe in action here! Thanks Lumsdoni!

nano SenSe 2.0.2 (test)
Added gscripts & scripts
Changes sounds

nano SenSe 2.0.1 for 32A with BT
Uses hotweiss HoFo kernel from 3.0.7
Should work fine for 32A users without any modifications
32B users, it will REQUIRE you to flash the 32A radio AND recovery in order for this to work.Follow eugene373 instructions in his OP HERE.
Version for 32B uses eugene's 32A kernel (awesome job!) ***Seems to be an issue with this kernel. I would hold off flashing it until eugene gets things sorted out.
Use Swapper with 32B

nano SenSe 2.0.1
Fixed app icon sizes
Fixed Android analog clock
Fixed Calendar Widget FC
Fixed Phone icon
Little more app optimization

nano Sense v2.0
More optimization
more space 2.6mb + 6.5
Droid app icons
Droid wallpapers via Scenes

nano SenSe 1.3
Slight optimizations
A tiny bit more space, not sure how much exactly
Themed just a little (thx twisted)
JAC #5 kernel
Changed fallback font (for users that frequest Asian sites, let me know if this worked)

nano SenSe v1.2
Some more small optimizations
Saved around 200k space
Changed wallpapers
Clicker works now, can calibrate IME
Updated build.prop

nano SenSe v1.1
Changed kernel. (if you flash an app in the downloads, you should go to the kernel folder and reflash the kernel back)
Small optimizations
Removed all apps on Data partition
No widgets or shortcuts loaded on the homescreen. (Most of you probably remove anyway)
6 wallpapers available through "Scenes"
250+MB of free internal flash!

nano SenSe v1
Basically the same as eViL SenSe v1.5 (check the change log), BUT
Everything is on system partition now, even customize, etc and fonts (Can it get any faster?)
Removed ALL widgets
Removed some weather dbs
Linux-swap only
Around 6.5MB free on sys. to push back to system/app (only can do this AFTER first boot)
Text file with what's not included

Addon/update package for nano SenSe which will basically add widgets and apps that aren't possible with the initial flash. Here's what's included: AmazonMP3, Ringtone Trimmer, Twitter, Voice Dialer, and Sound Recorder. Widgets: Music, Twitter, Weather, Bookmarks, Calendar, Clock, Message & Photo. Old boot screen is now included, but doesn't sync correctly. Will be in the update folder. Boot to recovery and flash. You DO NOT need to wipe. **Only for nano SenSe!

NEW! Signed apps for all widgets/apps missing from the base nano SenSe build. Since you only have around 6.5MB of space to install to the system partition, I have made it simple so you can choose. Simply download, copy to the root of your SD, reboot to recovery and flash. You do not need to wipe. After the names of each name, there is a number. That number is how big the file is and how much space it will use. It's all in KB. 1024KB = 1MB.***All the app packages use Drizzy's Kernel

eViL SenSe v2.0.1
Fixed app icon sizes
Fixed Android analog clock
Fixed Calendar Widget FC
Removed Latin IME
Fixed Phone icon
Little more app optimization

eViL SenSe v2.0
More optimization
Droid app icons
Added Weather and Mail widgets
Droid wallpapers via Scenes

v1.6.1 - Fixed, for real!
Slight app optimization
Clicker now works, can calibrate IME
JAC #5 kernel
Changed wallpapers in Scenes
Changed widgets again, this time based off how many times they were downloaded
Gone: twitter widgets. Also latin IME, twitter & overclock
Added: HTC IME
Kept: Clock, bookmarks, photo, contacts, music & message widgets & Mail app.

Added back MUSIC WIDGET!
Added back photo widget
Changed to Linux swap only
Removed some modules

Market working again
MORE "optimization"
Google talk back
Calculator is back
Updated apps: Astro, adfree & beyondpod

"ALMOST" a complete/full sense build now.
More app optimization (Previews look even worse, but you understand what you're picking)
Added back Twitter and widget
Added back bookmark, message and mail widgets
Browser flash is back
Removed Google Talk
Removed Calculator
Removed some "questionable" apps

Added BACK Mail app
More app "optimization"
HTC Sync is now gone
Gone with the widgets: Music, photo, message, mail.
Widgets there: Clock, calendar, contacts/people
Flash has been removed from the browser
More I left out as usual.
*Note, the mms app does not have a default sound, just vibrate.

Fixed swap issue
Moved xbin back to system part.
Removed Mail app
Added Widgets: Music, contacts, photo & message
"Optimized" widgets (the previews will look like garbage, but don't worry)

Moved xbin to data partition
Added back Mail app
Added back calendar widget
Removed HTC_IME
Added latin IME

Sense Build 3 something (will fill it in later)
jac/ski kernel #5
All Sense, core and libs on the system partition = FAST!
No a2sd
Compcache and linux swap enabled (cc 32/24, 60 swappiness, ls 60 swappiness)
Modified update script
Most apps, missing Mail for one.
Lost widgets. Obviously needed room
Lost most sounds. Who uses the default ones anyway?
Black dialer (thanks for your hints Twisted!)
Custom lockscreen, notification tray, gmail and message icon. Also, custom look HTC_IME (base IME from Hero_Over). May switch to latin IME.
No boot screen! Don't complain, it saves space. Maybe i'll move it later.
No Bluetooth, don't even try to start it
No Wallpapers, it WILL FC if you try to add one from the gallery (or was it the album?)
More I might add later if I can remember. Brain is burnt right now and so is my ION.....
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


BFS Repository
nano SenSe v2.0.2
29th October 2009, 07:30 AM |#2  
eViL D:'s Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 1,345
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Reserved for space.
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29th October 2009, 07:47 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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will be first to try
29th October 2009, 07:49 AM |#4  
oshizzle1991's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Vancouver WA
Thanks Meter: 12
man i just dl'ed reignzones 1.1........fml. what to do?????
29th October 2009, 08:21 AM |#5  
eViL D:'s Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 1,345
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It's here, download it and give me some feedback.
29th October 2009, 08:44 AM |#6  
Junior Member
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wow.. extremely fast!! im kinda new to the sapphire and hero roms.. been trying to get a reliable rom on my mytouch ever since i got the phone and this has loaded fast and is extremely responsive! Good work!
29th October 2009, 08:52 AM |#7  
Reignzone's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Dallas, Texas
Thanks Meter: 57
Thumbs up
I'm working on a similar project Evil. So, this is very nicely done...I wasn't planning on releasing until Saturday. You managed to beat me to the punch; then again...I thought I had all the time in the world.

Seems pretty sweet.
29th October 2009, 08:56 AM |#8  
eugene373's Avatar
Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 7,488
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lol, same here. Oh well.

Nice Job eViL.
29th October 2009, 09:01 AM |#9  
eViL D:'s Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 1,345
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The more the merrier guys.
29th October 2009, 09:44 AM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 81
hi EAGER to try out your rom but I'm with a 32A device, I wonder can you make a quick 32A kernel patch-over for this to work for us too? Thanks a bunch!!!
29th October 2009, 10:23 AM |#11  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
thank you for the work

Why work all your side?
you could work together, Evil, Eugene, Reignzone, Qtek, ... ? and create the perfect rom

Excuse me for english, iam french

Xda Rocks
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