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[APP][VGA][01.DEC.09]Manila 2.5.192X VGA Port (only for cooks)

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By Kisja, Senior Member on 16th November 2009, 10:41 AM
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After many different approaches, many different Threads and many hundreds of Posts, here is the definitive rollup thread with:

VGA Manila aka. HTC Sense 2.5

Current ported Manila Version: 2.5.19202525
Working in progress Version: 2.5.19211619

BIG THNKS TO: Akeo, amarullz, Captain Throwback, Kisja and all other contributors who made this possible!

Original Thread: [APP][VGA][14.NOV.09]NEW Manila 2.5.19202525.0 full VGA ported

This topic is only for chef's who want to cook Manila 2.5 in their roms!!!
To make cab's is impossible (at the moment), because there are too many different packages which are necessary for Manila 2.5 to work properly!!! (nearly the complete EXT part of the LEO ROM)

Main differences between Manila 2.1 and HTC Sense 2.5:
  • new Home tab with
    > weather forcast, location under the clock and animated weather background
    > quick-links (custom links to programs, contacts or other Manila features)
    > Animated Backgrounds
  • New People tab
    > All People now improved with better search, Facebook connection, Event view and Groups
  • Internet Tab now with Preview of the favorite sites
  • Pictures & Videos and Music Landscape view in fullscreen
  • Weather with "My Locations" using integrated GPS and Google Maps
  • much more powerful Footprints tab
  • Twitter Tab
  • integrated Date and Time pickers
  • All settings integrated in Manila (incl. Programs, Accounts, Sounds, SIP, Location, Memory, Date, Language/Locale)
    > never see native Windows Settings again!
  • Many other gui improvements
More detailed: Tab by Tab comparison of Sense 2.1 & Sense 2.5 by Captain_Throwback

Porting Progress & Downloads & Screenshots: Post 2

Needed Packages: Post 3, Post 4

FAQ & Tweaks & Howtos: Post 5

Modifications: Post 6, Post 7
16th November 2009, 10:42 AM |#2  
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Manila 2.5 VGA Porting Progress
Manila 2.5.2012 VGA BETA-PORT
2.5.2012 was come from Official Rhodium Manila 2.5

EXT Foundations
  • ORIGINAL Manila 2.5.2012 WVGA (RHODIUM) [ DOWNLOAD ]
  • Required EXT Package from TOPAZ 2011 - Ported by aamikam [ DOWNLOAD ]

  • [RC-01][2010-02-15] AMARULLZ VGA PORTED Manila 2.5.2012 [ GET IT HERE ] *

  • [TEST-6] AMARULLZ VGA PORTED Manila 2.5.2012 [ GET IT HERE ]
  • [TEST-5] AMARULLZ VGA PORTED Manila 2.5.2012 [ GET IT HERE ]



16th November 2009, 10:42 AM |#3  
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Manila 2.5 VGA Porting Progress
Manila 2.5 VGA Porting Progress & Downloads
You can found all the newest update of ported Manila 2.5 files/packages.
All the porting progress (changelogs) can be found here >>
All the work files can be found here >>


** Click on the date to know update info for the downloads


Main Downloads

BUILD 1921 *


Packages by Other Users


Old Packages


What you see is what you get!!

16th November 2009, 10:43 AM |#4  
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Dependencies #2 (continued)
These packages are not required, but they provide additional functionality.

AppointmentEditor_1_0_19202410_0 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • replacement for the native windows appointment editor
  • 2_5_19194032_lo00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • Older versions can be used without problems
  • provides an equalizer and sound settings for the music tab
BrowserSnapshot_1_0_19201131_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • generate thumbnail screenshots of favorite bookmarks
  • supports IE6 and Opera 9.7 (ONLY!)
ClearStorage_2_3_0_1 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO]
  • replacement for native "clear storage"
ConnectionSetup_3_1_19202627_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • Configures mobile data connections and MMS for the new HTC Messaging
  • requires a GUI package
  • requires Database from LEO OEM
ConnectionSetup 3.1 GUI [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • GUI package for ConnectionSetup 3.1
Contact_Picker_1_0_19202622_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • is used by AppointmentEditor, GroupEditor, HTCMessaging_Client, New_Contact_Card
DeviceInfo_2_7_0_1 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • replacement for native "device information"
DiscretixDRM_1_0_20090930_CP_01 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • play drm secured music (?)
NewMailAccount_1_11_0_1 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
Email_Setup_Wizard_2_3_19202831_10 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • Email account configuration (Outlook)
  • POP3, IMAP, Exchange, GMail
FormatSD_1_15_0_2 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • format internal storage/sd card
GroupEditor_1_0_19201824_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • contact groups function of Manila
HTCBirthday_1_2_0_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • contact's birthday
HTCMessage_1_00_281_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • messaging functions
HTCMessaging_Client_1_1_19203223_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • replaces SMS and Acrosoft MMS
  • ISSUE: has caching problems! Makes system unusable, if 1000+ messages in the database!!!
  • ALTERNATIVE: use amarullz's mod from here, and exclude HTCMessaging from your EXT
InvokeSIMMgr_1_12_0_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • library for SIM card functions
Media_Tool_kit_1_2_19201926_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • photo picker for backgrounds, contact photos, etc
  • required for all Imaging functions in Manila
Menu_Enhancement_1_1_19202527_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • replacement for native windows menus
mHub_VO_1_7_090929_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • codec for Album and camera
New_Contact_Card_1_1_19202528_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • replacement for the native contact editor
Power_3_5_0_1 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • power management config replacement
Sensor_SDK_4_2_19202033_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • Implements the G-Sensor
SimContactImport_3_4_19191429_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • copy contacts from SIM
SimContactImport GUI [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-FULL: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • GUI package for SimContactImport
SIM_Mgr_6_76_0_1 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • application for editing SIM memory
Text_Selection_1_0_19202229_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • Copy&Paste enhancement

3D Drivers:
Manila 2.5 uses 3D features and needs 3D drivers. Most kitchens have them already included (OEM, or EXT), but for the best experience and performance you should use optimized drivers.

Youll find a good starting point here: 2D/3D Driver Development for MSM720X devices (by NeoS2007)
16th November 2009, 10:43 AM |#5  
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Dependecies #1
Dependencies and needed Packages

Dependencies changelog:
- Album added
- Dshow moved to "required"

The packages are WWE only. For language files (muis) you have to dump an original rom in your language.

NORES = Package does not depend on screen resolution
WVGA = FULL Package optimized for WVGA devices
VGA-FULL = FULL Package optimized for VGA devices
VGA-ADD = ADDON Package optimized for VGA devices <- INCLUDES ONLY PORTED FILES

You can browse all packages in our 4Shared folder.

Extremely important:
These packages must match the used Manila 2.5 version and Manila will not start, if they do not match!

  • starts manila and manages the today items


These packages are needed for the base functionality of Manila 2.5:

Album_3_2_X [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Captain_Throwback) ]
  • required by pictures tab
  • older 3.0 version can be used, but without social netowrking support
aGPS_Confirmation_1_0_19201925_01 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • needed for location function
Audio_Manager_Engine_2_0_19201927_h [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • is used by the music tab
  • add this to the app.reg if you have problems updating album art:
    Thanks to aamikam for pointing this out!
    original post incl. a cab by aamikam :
Concurrence_Mgr_1_5_19191120_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • some codec?
Contact_Utility_Engine_1_1_19201730_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • is used for contacts
DRM_Middleware_1_5_19162824_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • is needed for music playback
Dshow_2_0_19203223_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • Codecs for video/audio playback
Facebook_Engine_1_1_19201832_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • is needed for Facebook integration
GoogleLocationService_1_0_1_21 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • needed the location and weather functions
Google Maps (GPS_GMM_3_2_116_1) [ NORES: DOWNLOAD]
  • needed for the location and weather functions
  • GPS_MM is a package from the LEO ext
  • original GoogleMaps from Google can be used without problems.
HTCBookmark_1_0_19202930_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • app for Bookmarks management
HTCFont_Link_1_0_19132133_1 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • font framework
HTCFramework_1_1_19202625_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-FULL: DOWNLOAD (by Programatix) ]
  • required by the Manila Date-/Timepickers, AppintmentEditor, New_Contact_Card
  • manages image and xml functions
  • provides different resource files
HTCGeoService_1_0_19201627_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • required by the location and weather functions
HTCScroll_2_0_19201130_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • required for all scrolling functions
HTCSettings_1_4_3_0 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
Settings_Improvement_1_0_19202927_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA: NO ]
  • required by the settings tab for sound and other configurations
SharedResource_1_0_19201926_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • core resources like textboxes, dropdowns, lists, etc.
Shared_Modules_1_01_19201225_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • important libraries for almost all HTC apps
Social_Networks_Engine_1_1_19202926_00 [ WVGA: DOWNLOAD, VGA-ADD: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube support
TimeZoneAutoFix_1_0_19203033_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • for Manila Clock and location service
VBookmarkMgr_1_0_19202626_00 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]
  • some library for bookmarks(?)
zlibce_m_1_2_3_1 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]

WM 6.1:

Since HTC switched to WM 6.5, some current HTC apps are designed only for 6.5 and do not run under WM 6.1
To cook Manila into WM 6.1, some older packages are needed.

HTCFramework_1_1_19183131_00 [ VGA-FULL: DOWNLOAD (by Kisja) ]
HTCScroll_1_0_1914_2726 [ NORES: DOWNLOAD ]


Footprints do not work on Diamond (and maybe other devices).

Optional: next post #4
16th November 2009, 10:43 AM |#6  
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Manila 2.5 VGA Other Stuff

PeopleMessageClassic Mods
Replace Messaging Client with Manila 2.1 Messaging Style.


Version State: 1.50-091201 by amarullz

  • This Mods included new People_Pages.xml. Please read Manila 2.5 VGA Updating Info on Manila 2.5 VGA References [post #5].
  • Delete Existing Conversation (SMS In Your Inbox) To Make Sure It Works

New Updated & Bug Fixed Info
  • VER 1.50
  • New Message Menu
  • Add Font Size settings in Menu -> Tools
  • Add Save To Draft = Save composed text to draft
  • Add Discard = Clear composed text
  • Add Forward in Messages -> Forward
  • Add Delete Messages in Messages -> Delete Messages
  • Move All Messages into Messages
  • Move Message Options into Tools
  • Add russian Language 0419 by Rimmy66

  • Older ChangeLog >>

Development Trunk
Registry Info
You can edit the app.reg for your needs

; Reg To Disable Messaging Client in Manila

; Tweaks Max SMS Per Page:

; Messages Font Size ( 0 - 8 )

; Reg for GSM

; Reg for CDMA
; "People.Message.IsCDMA"=dword:00000001
Download Package

Version State: 2.00-BETA3-100107 by amarullz

New Updated & Bug Fixed Info
  • VER 2.00-BETA3
  • Add MessageEnhancement Support (Link for Number, Email and URL)

  • VER 2.00-BETA2
  • Update: Fix Unrespond Messaging Tab on Unknown Number
  • Add Landscape Support
  • Add Interpolate for InputBox Positioning
  • Fix SIP PopUp AutoHide/Show

  • VER 2.00-BETA1
  • Copy/Cut/Paste Support (Text Editing)
  • New Interface (Like Messaging Client)
  • Fix Unknown People Double Tab
  • Fix Corrupted Drawing

Download Package
  • Complete Package Ver.2.00-BETA3 [ from: XDA ]


Compact Manila Internet VGA
Compact Internet Tab to Fit Our VGA Device.
Version State: 1.00-091129 by amarullz

[28.11.2009] Compact Manila Internet Standard [ DOWNLOAD ]
[28.11.2009] Compact Manila Internet 3 Columns [ DOWNLOAD ]


QILIN Phone Canvas VGA
Port Update 09-12-07 by amarullz - For WM 6.5 Only



HTCSense 2.5 Start Menu
Replace Windows Mobile Start Menu.
Version State: 1.0.1-100107 by amarullz

For WM6.1 users who don't like an old Start Menu, or maybe WM6.5 who prefer another Start Menu for your Program Launcher, can use this mods.

  • 1.0.1-100107
  • Run default start menu when Manila doesn't exists (not loaded/crashed/not run)
  • Fix back bug - back 2 step (Now will always back to Home Tab)

  • 1.0.0-BETA2-091221
  • Add Recent Programs
  • Add Settings to Right Softkey
  • Fix ManilaStartMenu.exe and Registry

The Following User Says Thank You to amarullz For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift amarullz Ad-Free
16th November 2009, 10:43 AM |#7  
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Manila 2.5 VGA References

Manila 2.5 VGA How To Cook
This tutorial is based on Ervius Visual Kitchen.
Thanks lunacie for your help

Preparation & Downloads
Download the following packages in preparation for cooking Manila 2.5 VGA on your device:
  • Manila 2.5 WVGA Package (ORIGINAL)
  • Manila 2.5 VGA Package (PORTED)
  • EXT Packages

These files can be found on the second post on Page 1 >>

You can choose which ORIGINAL packages you want to cook (CFC or Non CFC)
Important: ORIGINAL WVGA version must match the PORTED VGA package version (i.e. both WVGA & VGA packages need to be either 1920 or 1921, do not mix the two)

File Placement in Kitchen
After you download and extract all 3 packages, you will have folders similar to this:

 +-- Manila_Calendar_XXX
 +-- Manila_Core_XXX
 +-- Manila_Home_XXXX
PORTED VGA Packages:
 +-- Manila_Calendar_XXX_VGA
 +-- Manila_Core_XXX_VGA
 +-- Manila_Home_XXXX_VGA
EXT Packages
 +-- aGPS_Confirmation_1_0_19201925_01
 +-- Audio_Manager_Engine_2_0_19201927_h
 +-- Concurrence_Mgr_1_5_19191120_00

Copy all folders into your visual kitchen as follows:
For Diamond:
For Raphael:
So you will have an EXT folder structure like this:
 +-- EXT
     +-- Diamond / Raphael
         +-- Common
             +-- ...
             +-- 010_Manila_2_5_19XX_WVGA
             +-- 011_Manila_2_5_Requirements
             +-- 012_Manila_2_5_Optional
             +-- 020_Manila_2_5_19XX_VGA
             +-- ..
             +-- ..
         +-- Shared
             +-- ..
 +-- MyTools
 +-- OEM
 +-- ..
 +-- ..
Why Numbered Directories (010_XX, 011_XX, 020_XX) ???
Ervius Visual Kitchen will read and process the EXT directories in alphabetical order, i.e. the '010' files will overwritten by identically named files in '011',
and '011' files will be overwritten identically named files in the '012' directory, and so on.

ORIGINAL WVGA packages contain all manila files, the PORTED VGA only contained ported files. By placing the ported packages later in the Kitchen directory structure, we will overwrite the WVGA files with the necessary VGA versions, while other files that are required will remain in tact for the build.

And For Tweaks Files?
You can create new package(s) group(s) with higher numbers than the PORTED VGA Package, for example: 030_Tweaks_Manila

Start Cooking
Execute Erviuskitchen.exe, and smell the success... ( other users with more competance can explain how to cook the ROM )


Manila 2.5 VGA F.A.Q
Need some answers, please look at here, It will help you to troubleshooting your problems.

  • [Q] What is main differences between Manila 2.1 and HTC Sense 2.5?
    [A] Magnificent Tab by Tab comparison of Sense 2.1 & Sense 2.5 by Captain_Throwback

  • [Q] Do I need to include LEO initflashfiles.dat to cook this Manila?
    [A] No... initflashfiles.dat was parsed into individual app.dat in each VGA packages and EXT's packages.

  • [Q] How do I remove the HTX_XXX shortcuts from the Start Menu?
    [A] You need to set "IsShortcutEnable"=dword:0 on registry. [ GO HERE FOR DETAIL INFO ]

  • [Q] How to cook custom background wallpaper for Manila 3D 2.5 ( Home Screen ) ?
    [A] Read Here For Details >> Thanks CRACING

  • [Q] I have an ugly background, Why and How to fix it?
    [A] Manila 2.5 uses 3D features and needs new 3D drivers. try 2D/3D Driver Development for MSM720X devices (by NeoS2007)

  • [Q] Where is the CAB? How can I Install it in my stock ROM?
    [A] There is no CAB and not possible to run it on stock ROM. Here the main reason >> Thanks Captain_Throwback

  • [Q] Why the background doesn't change after I select wallpaper?
    [A] Make sure you use the proper Album and MediaToolkit - Here The Detail Info >>


Manila 2.5 VGA TIPS & TWEAKS
Want your Manila 2.5 VGA to fit your needs?

  • People Message Clasic - No Messaging Client SMS - 1.50 [ GO HERE ] by amarullz

  • manila.exe [CFC] for WM6.5.3 - Fix the position problem [ GO HERE ] by programatix

  • No HTC Phone Canvas - Native Windows Mobile Dialer Support [ GO HERE ] by amarullz

  • Change Left Softkey from Send to Back on People Messages [ REG | CAB ] thanks mwalt2 & dwizzy130

  • Rearranging tabs registry [ GO HERE ] thanks ltd

  • Sunny weather animation fix - more smooth [ GET IT ] thanks finsmaniac02 & skandal


Manila 2.5 VGA Updating Info
Update Your Manila without cooking

If you already cook and flash Manila 2.5 into your device, but want to test or update your Manila 2.5 with the latest files (without re-cooking and re-flashing your ROM), make sure you know about it:

Update package which contain XML File(s)
  • Make sure you delete \Windows\ManilaFull.xml in your device before you restarting the manila
  • Copy XML files into both \Windows and \Windows\ManilaXml

Update package which contain DLL File(s)
  • Make sure you disable the manila before you copy the files: Start->Settings->Today->Items->Uncheck HTC Sense
  • After it copyed, you can reenable the manila by Checking the HTC Sense

Copying Files
Natives File Manager or Default ActiveSync/WMDC Explorer may not replaced the file correctly. Instead use Total Commander or Resco Explorer or other 3rd party mobile file manager, or use tools like Pocket Controller for desktop.
16th November 2009, 10:43 AM |#8  
OP Senior Member
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More GUI Modifications

Manila Locker MOD by Kisja & amarullz

Modded Manila: This mod DOES NOT WORK with Max Manila, or other mods which change the home screen!

Version: RC 2.1

Changes RC 2.1:
  • better battery scaling (0>10>25>50>90)
  • helper app doesn't touch backlight settings if backlight changing is disabled
  • helper app code optimized
  • another force fullscreen fix
Changes RC 2:
  • Autolock on suspend
    - monitors system power state
    - locks if power button pressed
    - locks if system enters standby on timeout (power setting)
  • auto power off after timeout if locked (fixes idle timer reset by touch events)
  • unlock on incoming call (optional setting)
    -> if enabled: will full unlock on incoming call
    -> if disabled: dialer will be on top
    -->> dialer buttons can be used (eg. slide2answer or normal answer button)!
    -->> Only HW keys will be locked!
    -->> Backlight will be turned on, and after call it will be turned off again.
  • lock after call finished, if locked before the call started (optional setting)
  • allow appointments and alarms on top
  • turn on backlight on incoming call
  • force fullscreen if locked (bugfix)
  • optional setting to enable/disable vibration
  • optional setting to enable/disable background animation
  • Cab deletes ManilaFull.xml automatically (setup.dll by amarullz)
  • New language files (but missing 3 new options): 040c, 0410, 0419, 0804
  • other minor bugfixes

Complete Changelog since BETA3:

  • Switches to Fullscreen on lock
  • Slie2Unlock (gfx by amarullz)
  • shows Time, Appointments
  • shows Notifications (missed calls, messages, mails)
  • shows battery sttus and signal strength
  • Autolock feature
  • Animated background on lock
  • nice transitions
  • vibration
  • locks keys, lowers backlight
  • unlocks on incoming call (optional)

Manual Install:
simply copy the files from the PACK folder to \Windows on your device.
UPDATE: and copy Settings_Pages.xml to "\Windows\ManilaXml" AND "\Windows"!
If you are using 12Quicklinks or BG4ALL, copy the files from the according folders aswell.
Delete \Windows\ManilaFull.xml and restart Manila, or the configuration screen won't work!
Do not forget to import the configuration reg.

CAB install:
If you are not using any mods for the home tab, you can use the cab instead of copying the files manually.
If you don't see the configuration menu item ("Settings" -> "Personalize" -> "Manila Locker"), then the setup failed to delete \Windows\ManilaFull.xml, delete it by hand and restart.

All settings can be changed under "Settings" -> "Personalize" -> "Manila Locker". Check out the app.reg to cook settings in.
NOTE FOR RC2: Susped timeout has to be configured with Home.lock.SuspendTimeout manually in reg! Default is 30 seconds after lock.

Known Problems:
If you have problems with Backlight, try the HTCUtil.dll hotfix from the Lumos Thread by nik3r (directlink to cab)

WM 280XX: this does not work on 280XX builds correctly, because the Manila window never gets fullscreen. So the windows top and buttom bars are even visible if locked. It has something to do with the repositioning of the manila windows to fit the 280XX layout.

  • no autolock on AC (optional)
  • SuspendTimeout setting in settings page (dropdown box)
  • slide gesture for lock (instead of the lock in upper right corner)
  • WVGA version (work in progress)
Thanks go to:
Nik3r for help with backlight
jmckeejr for locker gfx


And again! Modded Manila: This mod DOES NOT WORK with Max Manila, or other mods which change the home screen!

[ 25.12.2009 ] Manila Locker RC 2.1 PACKAGE [ DOWNLOAD: XDA | 4SHARED ] *
[ 25.12.2009 ] Manila Locker RC 2.1 CAB [ DOWNLOAD XDA | 4SHARED ]

[ 16.12.2009 ] Manila Locker RC 2 PACKAGE [ DOWNLOAD: XDA | 4SHARED ]
[ 16.12.2009 ] Manila Locker RC 2 CAB [ DOWNLOAD XDA | 4SHARED ]



Still Background Picture MOD by Kisja

Version: 1.1

Changes in 1.1:
  • fixed: wallpaper didn't change correctly
  • added: if "Picture Wallpaper" is selected, Manila asks if it should restore original Background. Custom Picture can be selected by tapping on "No". "Yes" reverts the BG back to the original black.

This mod adds a new "Home Wallpaper" mode "Picture Wallpaper".
It disables the weather animation, if selected, so only the custom background is visible.

The package contains a changed Home_Pages.xml, so you have to cook it in, or change \Windows\ManilaFull.xml directly on the device manually.

[ 11.12.2009 ] Still Background Picture MOD 1.1 [ DOWNLOAD ] *
[ 29.11.2009 ] Still Background Picture MOD first release [ DOWNLOAD ]

Background for all pages (BG4ALL) by Kisja

[24.11.2009] BG4ALL Manila 1921 [ DOWNLOAD ] * (24.11.2009: fixed layer1 backgrounds)
[20.11.2009] BG4ALL Manila 1920 [ DOWNLOAD ]

12 Quicklinks in Home Tab by Kisja

UPDATE 31.11.2009: amarullz resized the icons for more eyecandy! THX!

NOTE: the archives contain 2 subfolders:
"Manila_1921_VGA_HOME_12_Quicklinks" -> 12 icons mod for plain VGA port
"Manila_1921_VGA_HOME_12_Quicklinks_BG4ALL" -> additional BG4ALL package

[30.11.2009] 12 QuickLinks in Home Manila 1921 [ DOWNLOAD ] *
[24.11.2009] 12 QuickLinks in Home Manila 1920 [ DOWNLOAD ]

Autumn Background animation by devision
For CFC compressed Manila only!!!

This mod replaces the Circle background animation!
[ 27.11.2009 ] Autumn Background animation by devision [ DOWNLOAD ]
[ 29.11.2009 ] Autumn Background animation CAB by devision [ DOWNLOAD ]*

Winter Background animation by devision
For CFC compressed Manila only!!!

This mod replaces the Circle background animation!
[ 30.11.2009 ] Autumn Background animation by devision [ DOWNLOAD ] *
[ 30.11.2009 ] Autumn Background animation CAB by devision [ DOWNLOAD ]*

Winter Background animation by vetvito
For CFC compressed Manila only!!!

This mod replaces the Circle background animation!
[ 29.11.2009 ] Winter Background animation by vetvito [ DOWNLOAD ]*
[ 29.11.2009 ] Winter Background animation CAB by vetvito [ DOWNLOAD ]*
16th November 2009, 10:48 AM |#9  
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Finally new, fresh and better organized thread

Waiting for links
16th November 2009, 11:10 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by amarullz

Manila 2.5 VGA Porting Progress

You can found all the newest update of ported Manila 2.5 files/packages.

2009-11-16 [ FOR BUILD - 1921 ] - [ DOWNLOAD PACKAGES ] *
Individual VGA Packages
  • Manila_Calendar_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Core_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Home_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Internet_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Mail_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Message_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Music_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_People_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Photo_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Settings_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Twitter_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]
  • Manila_Weather_VGA_1921 - [2009-11-16] [ GO ]


2009-11-14 [ FOR BUILD - 1920 ] - [ DOWNLOAD PACKAGES ]

Well, now we only have Core and Calendar of version 1921, others remains 1920 and some even unchanged in the 1921 package btxakita posts(as he stated, only Calendar, Core, Home, Music and Twitter has been updated). So I suggest you should release packages in full version, like Manila_Calendar_VGA_1_0_19211621_0.
16th November 2009, 11:50 AM |#11  
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program tab
Sorry for posting this in here too but this can come in very handy if we could get it fully working

Here is the program tab from Sense 2.1

The way it works
To add a quicklink where you want the link
2. in programlist choose a program now you need to press back to add it

problems can't use quicklink 1 and 2 at the same time (will cause all next links to have white icons)
pressin all programs opens the list but can't run programs from there and pressing back will add selected program to last added quicklink
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