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[App] FindMe by SMS

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By adam2022, Member on 17th November 2009, 05:55 AM
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1. Install FindMeSMS on the Windows Mobile phone to be tracked.

2. Send SMS to the tracked phone. SMS message must have this code in it: fm?

3. Receive SMS reply. Click on the link in SMS reply to display map showing location.


Free. Simple and Easy to use.

Can be PIN protected so only those who know the PIN can find out the location.
The "fm?" is not case sensitive. Fm? or FM? etc. will work as well.
If PIN protection is enabled then the query SMS needs to inlude the PIN. eg: fm?1234

If GPS is not available then FindMeSMS replies with link that includes the CellID (telephone tower) information,
and clicking on the link in the SMS message will bring up a map showing location of the phone tower
with which the phone is communicating.

Does not drain the battery. Only starts when SMS received, and stops running after sending response.
Restarts automatically if phone is power cycled.

Person whose location is queried is not alerted that their location is queried.


Developed on HTC Touch Diamond 2 running Win6.5.
Let me know any comments that you may have or any improvement suggestions!


Change Log:

FIX - prevent power down during long GPS acquisition on some phones.
FIX - PIN protection
FIX - install locations

FIX - GPS co-ordinates normalized to standard used by google maps
FIX - returned link format changed to make it clickable on more phones

CHG - Logging to files in /ProgramFiles/FindMeSms/ directory is now enabled by default.
NEW - the "fm?" magic word can be changed using Registry key HKLM\Software\Ablesoft\FindMeSMS\magicword

CHG - Log files now saved in My Documents folder for easy retrieval.

FIX - Using registered version of smartassembly.

FIX - Beta6 had problems working on many phones. Beta7 hopefully fixes this.

CHG - traces now include list of other SMS interception rules active on the system

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File Type: cab FindMeSMS_Beta8.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (213.5 KB, 3967 views)
17th November 2009, 07:54 AM |#2  
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great app

17th November 2009, 09:20 AM |#3  
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this app has to be installed on the remote/another phone correct?
17th November 2009, 02:22 PM |#4  
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I believe that you install this on your phone, then if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can SMS it from another phone or the web and your lost/stolen phone will return it's coordinates in the form of an SMS message reply to where ever you messaged your phone from.

Simple and fast, thanks man.
17th November 2009, 05:34 PM |#5  
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does this work with both cdma and gsm? and are you planning on releasing the source code?
17th November 2009, 09:23 PM |#6  
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It seems to work, I got 2 SMS with the position of my phone, one with GPS ans one with CellID.
The only point: GPS was located in the eastern part of Russia near the chinese border, CellID located my phone in Nigeria.
But perhaps it's because I tried it within a building. Will try it tomorrow on my way to work. Hopefully with a correct postion
18th November 2009, 12:32 AM |#7  
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this app has to be installed on the remote/another phone correct?

Has to be installed on the phone which is to be located. Then the 'fm?' SMSs are sent to that phone.


does this work with both cdma and gsm?

If the CDMA phone has a GPS on it then the GPS based location should work.

The CellID that is used to locate the telephone tower is used by GSM only, so tower based location would not work on CDMA. Never tested this software on a CDMA phone yet.


and are you planning on releasing the source code?

Not at this stage. Maybe later.


GPS was located in the eastern part of Russia near the chinese border,

This is a bit strange. The co-ordinates supplied by the GPS system are quoted in the clickable http link in the reply SMS without any processing by the app (aside from some conversion to string trimming), so its puzzling why the app forwarded these strange co-ordinates.
There is a way to turn on logging for this app - in HKLM\Software\Ablesoft\FindMeSMS, set log to 1 and then you would see logs created when SMS is received. If you can post the logs then we can see what happening when the SMSs are processed. Can you tell us what phone you are using?


CellID located my phone in Nigeria.

The php script uses Google's CellID->GPS location database, so the GPS location reported there would be straight from Google.
Can you quote what was the http link with the CellID details? A trace from the app would also let us see exactly what is going on here.
18th November 2009, 08:24 AM |#8  
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Beta 2 uploaded. See top post in thread for DL.
18th November 2009, 10:36 AM |#9  
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But the link isn't clickable (I'm using SE Xperia with WM 6.1)

I changed the registry but where do I find the logs?

Edit: okay I think i found it. If it's logService.txt it has the following stored:

145931 S --------------------------
145932 pwr set mode -1
145932 pwr set mode -1 => 1
145932 svc start
145932 svc ril cid=29133, lac=10249, mcc=262, mnc=1, on=T-Mobile D
145932 rx adding to listPendingProcessing
145932 iReadInSmsXmlFilesCount=1
145932 sys ShortestTimeoutInterval=54000
145932 svc GpsStart call
145932 gps start begin
145932 gps start .open call
145932 GPS open begin gpsHandle=0
145932 GPS open end gpsHandle=393216
145932 gps start completed
145932 gps device : QualComm GpsOne Card, version 0.0, devstate=, servstate=
150333 iReadInSmsXmlFilesCount=0
150333 svc Gps timeout err. sending ril.
150333 SendSmsWithRilLink task list count=1
150339 task sent ril sms ril to +491xxxxxx]
150339 task list cleared ril ok
150339 task list count=0
150339 srv.ServiceRun returned
150340 pwr reset mode 0
150340 pwr reset mode 0 => 1

I deleted my phone-number
Tried to locate once again within a building.

Next edit: tried it outside the building. Also installes EopenCellClient, it found the cells with coordinates listet.
The log:

164129 S --------------------------
164129 pwr set mode -1
164130 pwr set mode -1 => 1
164130 svc start
164131 svc ril cid=46781, lac=10249, mcc=262, mnc=1, on=T-Mobile D
164132 rx adding to listPendingProcessing
164132 iReadInSmsXmlFilesCount=1
164132 sys ShortestTimeoutInterval=54000
164132 svc GpsStart call
164132 gps start begin
164132 gps start .open call
164132 GPS open begin gpsHandle=0
164132 GPS open end gpsHandle=1179648
164132 gps start completed
164132 gps device : QualComm GpsOne Card, version 0.0, devstate=, servstate=
164133 gps loc inv ts=1
164134 gps loc inv ts=2
164135 gps loc inv ts=3
164136 gps loc inv ts=4
164137 gps loc inv ts=5
164138 gps loc inv ts=6
164139 gps loc inv ts=7
164140 gps loc inv ts=8
164141 gps loc inv ts=9
164142 gps loc inv ts=10
164143 ok|18.11.09 16:41:43|0|lat|50,67401573|lon|7,17768015|head|152 ,6|satsol|8|satcount|8|endtime|18.11.09 15:41:44|
164143 gps stop begin
164143 gps stop removing event handlers
164143 gps stop .close call
164144 GPS close begin gpsHandle=1179648
164144 GPS close GPSCloseDevice call
164144 GPS close stopHandle=-337549942
164144 GPS close stopHandle EventModify
164144 GPS close handles
164144 GPS closed newLocationHandle
164144 GPS closed deviceStateChangedHandle
164144 GPS closed stopHandle
164144 GPS close end
164144 gps stop .close returned
164144 gps stop completed
164144 gps loc after ok
164144 iReadInSmsXmlFilesCount=0
164144 SendSmsWithGpsLink task list count=1
164151 task sent gps sms to [+491xxx] query [fm?]
164152 task list cleared gps ok
164152 task list count=0
164152 srv.ServiceRun returned
164152 pwr reset mode 0
164153 pwr reset mode 0 => 1

GPS-position also far, far east of my current location
18th November 2009, 08:34 PM |#10  
OP Member
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Thanks for the traces.
The latitude/longtitude reported by the GPS on the phone was:


Most likely what is happening here is that the "," that is used as a decimal separator mixes up the WWW php script. WWW site expects "." as a decimal separator.

Is the location quoted above correct?
Just to confirm, can you tell us what was the actual link set back in the SMS message? (we will add this tracing to log in next version)
Pretty sure we'll just need to change the "," to a "." and the web page will then show correct location.
Will post new software version in few hours.
18th November 2009, 09:15 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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More,674016,7,177680 was the link.,7.177680 is indeed correct.

Another thing: I believe that when having the app running (permanently on) the battery drains like hell although no commands are sent. Just yesterday evening my battery had only 5% left, although I left office with 100% a few hours eralier.
I have set it now to Off just to have a look at the battery status tomorrow morning. Will give feedback then.
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