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[GUIDE]How to Flash Your Vogue (CDMA Only!!!!)

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By egzthunder1, Admin Emeritus - Spirit of XDA on 1st December 2009, 10:37 PM
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Hi all!!

Ever since I got my Sprint Vogue, I have spent God only knows how many hours looking for and gathering information regarding this phone (flashing instructions, unlocking, SuperCID, etc). There are a few sites that have fairly comprehensive guides as to how to do this, but there are very few posts in the Vogue Section here at XDA-Developers.

Having said that, I figured I would create my own "How to Flash Your Vogue"-Thread. This is a multi-step process and I cannot emphasize the importance of following every step down to the "T", that is unless you are looking for a silicone-skinned brick...

Who is this guide for?

*Anyone with a CDMA version of the Touch. That means no GSM
*Noobs and Seniors alike.
*People who have trouble flashing their devices.
*Anyone looking for links to more information.
*Curious people in general.
*Anyone willing to get rid of the nasty stock rom and looking for a newer and cleaner OS (notice that I never said more stable, so do not blame me afterwards ).

Please keep in mind that there is always a chance of bricking your device with these procedures. I will not be in any way, shape, or form responsible if you damage your device while doing this.

Got your coffee? Alright, let's do this.
1st December 2009, 10:38 PM |#2  
Step 1. Preparing the device
As with every phone, you have to make sure that you have the following things done before flashing:

* Battery charged at least 50%.
* All the necessary programs (see next post).
* Instructions handy.

Make sure that you back up all your information (contacts, e-mails, files).... essentially, anything that you would like to keep post-flashing. You can do this via Active Sync/Mobile Device Center or via third party software (PIM Backup is really good)...

You will have to reinstall every last piece of software in your device as it will be hard reset. Some programs may work if installed in a SD card directly, but a lot of them write things to the registry and copy files to the device, which they require to run. Long story short, keep all your cabs and exe files in a safe place so you can restore later if needed.
1st December 2009, 10:39 PM |#3  
Step 2. Unlocking the Device (HardSPL)
Unlocking the device is done so that you can flash custom roms in your devices. The unlocker that you are about to download and use was provided by "ImCoKeMaN" at PPCGeeks. If you are interested in the full thread, please click here.

If you have read the above link, you will see two versions of the HardSPL (0.40 and 2.31). Simply use 2.31 as it works fine with most devices.

To use this under Windows XP,

1. Connect your device to your computer and make sure it is synced with ActiveSync.
2. Download and extract the contents of the zip file, which is an exe. Let it run to completion. You will be prompted to disconnect and reconnect your device at one point in the process. Do it... don't worry
3. It will look like it is flashing a rom via a RUU. Do not disconnect the device after it is done!!!!!
4. Once it is done flashing, you will see a prompt that says that it will run exitbl. DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR DEVICE. At this point, open ActiveSync, go to File>Connection Settings> Uncheck "Allow USB Connections". Continue following the on screen instructions and let it finish.
5. Go to bootloader once more to verify that it worked. You should see 2.31 CoKe MFG.

To use this under Windows Vista/7 x64 (thanks jitajt),

Originally Posted by jitajt

connect your device to WMDC (it's not necessary to set up device, just connect without setting up device)
then right click on the 2.31 unlocker and run as administrator
follow the directions, you will get an error about sleep.exe not being compatible with x64 but just hit ok and continue, (you will get about 10 of them)
then just keep following the directions in the command prompt and it will put your phone into bootloader then you have to disconnect and reconnect when it tells you to. and it will flash your phone and reset it. then your done you can close the command prompt and disconnect your phone.

I did it just like above and I have not had any problems.

Do this at your own risk as I am not responsible for your phone

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1st December 2009, 10:40 PM |#4  
Step 3. Flashing your Roms
The time has finally arrived. You sat down patiently through the unlocker and you are now ready to take the leap of faith into what you believe will bring your device to a new level of usefulness (also known as getting rid of that nasty, bloated, stock rom )

The process is relatively simple:

1. Download the RUU package from this post. I am only posting this because some cooks only post the rom nbh files rather than the whole package.

2. Go into the threads and look for whichever rom you prefer. Look at my signature to learn which one I am using. NFSFan (my current one) is by far the best one I have tried so far. You can download it from here

3. Put your device in bootloader mode and connect the device to the computer. Once in bootloader, activesync will NOT see the device. If the RUU gives a connection error, try to run it with the devices in regular mode (with ActiveSync connected)

4. Open the Romupdateutility.exe and follow the steps.

5. Once it is done flashing the rom, disconnect it from the computer and hard reset it. To do this, simply hold "Send" + "End Call" +Stylus in the reset hole for about 3 seconds. It will prompt you to erase all the data and restore to factory defaults. Press "Enter", which is the center button in the directional pad. Once it is done, press "Send" to reboot.

Congratulations, you just flashed your first rom for Vogue
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1st December 2009, 10:40 PM |#5  
Step 4. SuperCID
This step can be skipped if you are not thinking of doing anything as far as your radio (such as flashing radios other than the ones intended for Vogue). This is also used to do other things such as modifying certain important things on your device such as the NV files, which is information that will not be discussed here. However, if you are interested in finding out more, simply google it, there is a ton of information out there.

Anyways, back to SuperCID... here is the procedure (thanks to hpnasik at for the post)

1. Download the following special rom . This is an Alltel rom with radio 3.37. This was specially prepared to be able to reduce the Security Level of the device to level zero.

2. Download mtty since you will need it. Do not worry if you do not how to use it. You will have a step by step in this guide.

3. Flash the Alltel rom from above.

Now comes the fun part...

4. Disable USB in Connection Settings of Active Sync

5. Boot The Phone holding power button and camera button to enter bootloader.

6. Phone Will Display Serial in Bottom

7. Connect Phone to PC

8. Phone should Display USB instead of Serial in Bottom

9. start mtty.exe

10. Select All Default and Connect to USB in drop down box and Shoot the Following Commands (All Commands are case Sensitive)

11. run command rtask a : After this Command Phone will not Display any thing

12. run command echo_on : even though nothing is shown to screen

13. run command readCID : in Sprint it will display SPCS_001

14. run command writeCID 00000000 : Set CID Value to 00000000 replaces SPCS_001 in Sprint (This make PPC Radio Security Level to Zero)

15. run command readCID : This will Display the Update CID as 00000000

16. run Command retuoR : This will return to Original Boot Loader State

Congratulations, you just SuperCIDed your device. Original thread with the instructions can be found here if you are interested.
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1st December 2009, 10:41 PM |#6  
Step 5. Flashing your radio.
Now that your device has been SuperCIDed, you will have the opportunity to flash radios that have been ported to this device (ie. there is a version of the 3.42.40 radio for the Titan, which has been ported to the Vogue). There are two ways of doing this:

Way 1: Do it by flashing via RUU (same as with flashing a rom)

Way 2: Flash via microSD card. Simply put whichever radio that you wish to flash in the root of a 2GB or less microSD card formatted to fat32. Rename the radio to VOGUIMG.NBH and put your device in bootloader. The flashing will start by itself.

Way 3 (I know I said two ways...): There are a few stock roms that come with new radios. One of them can be downloaded directly from HTC and it is for the Sprint Touch. This one comes with Radio 3.42.30
The other one is for Bell Mobility and this one comes with Radio 3.42.50.

Why am I giving "Way 3" if the other two options seem much easier?? I have run into the problem where my device would not let me flash other radios than the one that I had. SD card method did not work and the RUU started out fine but quits at 8% rebooting my phone and displaying Error 328 in the RUU on the PC. Anyway, here are the links...

Sprint rom with radio 3.42.30

Bell rom with radio 3.42.50

Verizon Stock Rom

All Shipped Roms (All Carriers) - Thanks conflipper!

All Above Radios zipped

The newer radios perform a little better and give out better GPS signal (faster locks)....

Hang on a sec... did you just say GPS?!?!? But my Vogue does not have a GPS.... It does, just read a little further and be happy
2nd December 2009, 01:29 AM |#7  
Step 6. Enabling GPS, Returning to Stock, and Carrier Cabs
As I said before, there is a GPS hidden on your device. Now, if you are like me and went straight to the specs of the phone to confirm, you will probably try to call BS on this. Long story short, there are a few custom roms which have this "tweak" already implemented (like the one I am using from NFSFan). If you require some more info, I will post it later...

Location must be on or else your GPS will not work. To activate it, go to Settings>Personal>Phone and change the Location setting to ON instead of 911 (thanks for pointing it out, th3lolz)

For Verizon Users

Originally Posted by br125

For those of you with the official mr1 update from verizon that cannot get their gps working:

My xv6900 came with the official update and I got it working, it involves downgrading to a NON-GPS radio, then back to a gps radio...

go here:

now the instructions are going to imply that you must load the unlocker before each flash... bs don't worry about that

1. flash the .40 unlocker
2. flash the non-gps rom (reset before customization)
3. flash the 2.31 unlocker
4. flash the vzw rom (reset before customization)
5. flash any custom rom or android rom

that's it, time consuming, but it works
*ignore the multiple flashing instructions, its completely unnecessary, I've never flashed more than once with no problem ever....

I also suggest keeping the vzw radio, but do as you will, I like the 3.37.38 radio.. ain't broke don't fix it

lastly, just make sure you RESET BEFORE THE CUSTOMIZATIONS RUN...... that is what locks your gps.

good luck!

ps. the verizon radio rom that is in that post is for the "leaked" 3.37.37 radio, I reccomend using the official update from verizon here for the 3.37.38 radio rom instead:

How to Relock you phone
If, for whatever reason you need to return your phone for repair/replacement, you will need to relock it. To relock your phone, simply run the unlocker 0.40 and flash the stock rom of your carrier.

Carrier Cabs

Thanks to Codybear for gathering all of the cabs with settings for various carriers. But since the link went down, here is another one courtesy of LMiller1708

This information was only gathered by me and I take no credit whatsoever other than trying to put it in a one stop thread. Thanks to the following people

and a bunch of people that were involved in developing all this...
2nd December 2009, 03:14 AM |#8  
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Thread sticky'd as requested

3rd December 2009, 06:01 PM |#9  
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ok so im a noob n all at this but for some reason when i go to start the Vogue unlocker it tells me to connect my phone, when its already connected. Ive tried everything my even switched to an xp from vista but still no luck. Please help
3rd December 2009, 08:33 PM |#10  
Originally Posted by dwigginstm

ok so im a noob n all at this but for some reason when i go to start the Vogue unlocker it tells me to connect my phone, when its already connected. Ive tried everything my even switched to an xp from vista but still no luck. Please help

How exciting!! My first victi...erh patient

Did you put the device in bootloader mode? If you did and it is connected to the PC, you should see USB on the screen of your device. Also, do you have ActiveSync on your XP machine? You will need it for the drivers on this step. Changing USB ports sometimes help as well. And one last thing, do not use a USB hub, go directly through the USB ports in your computer. Good luck!
3rd December 2009, 09:20 PM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 2
yes i have activesync installed xp, and yes it changes from serial to usb in bootloader mode. But once i connect it to the pc while in bootloader mode my computer recognizes just activesync doesnt, only when its on and not in bootloader mode will activesync recognize it...
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