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[Don't steal my phone] Another thief protection software

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By popol256, Member on 4th December 2009, 12:28 PM
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I've found many software that supposed to help in case your phone get lost or stolen.
Some were expensive, some were free, but none fitted perfectly to what I was really expecting. So I've made my own.

The closest in terms of functionnalities (and price) is Remote Tracker, but it requires .NET 3.5 which is not installed on my WM6.5 phone, and honestly, it's a very fat dependency.

The idea is that you install this software (no CAB, simply copy the 2 files on your phone), and run it once to set up the configuration. Then forget it.

In the case the phone is stolen, the software will send you a SMS with the thief's phone number, it's GPS position, the CellID in case the GPS pos is not available.
You'll then be able to act on your phone remotely by sending it some SMS (described in documentation).

The features that makes this software unique are:
  • It's possible to destroy all your personal data remotely (call log history, contact, emails, SMS, calendar, owner info, storage card) -> help social engineering to get back your phone.
  • It's possible to make the phone send you back the call history and the sim contacts.
  • Slut mode (see the documentation for details).
  • WOULDYOUSHUTUP mode (where the phone is very very nasty).
  • All other tracking software features...

This software is open C++ source (GPLv3), small (75ko with no dependencies), and free.
You'll find it at (documentation on that page)

Or the direct link is attached.

Beta tester welcome (I've tested all functions already, but, you know what software development is....)

Some remarks for those who don't read threads:
  • whereRU: requires you to have at least a .wav file in your windows ring folder. I thought all phone had at least one .wav based ring. In 64kb, I haven't included a MP3/AAC/MP4 player.
  • owner: This is what I said in my first posts. Microsoft didn't feel it was interesting to document how to retrieve owner info. So, almost all manufacturer have made there own proprietary stuff. I've a HTC phone, so I've checked the code work for HTC. If you have more information about where your phone store its owner information in registry, I can add your phone support.
  • contact: On the main config dialog, in the combo box where you can enter the phone number to contact, you'll have a phone number list. It's the same list as returned in the "contact" command. So if you don't have such list in the config dialog, then this means that either you don't have any contact on your SIM card, or it's not working (in that case PM me).

Please read the website
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4th December 2009, 12:28 PM |#2  
OP Member
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To install the software:
1. Extract the zip file (either on your phone, or on the PC, and then copy the 2 files from archive to your phone)
2. Run the extracted exe on your phone. If you have signed warning say yes.
3. Set up your configuration (DON'T check "Don't show this screen anymore")
4. If you have a GPS in your device, go outside to make sure the GPS is working with the configuration you've made
5. Enter a (not yours) phone number in the SMS par edit/combobox
6. Enter a password in the edit box on the bottom
7. Click done => Say yes.

8. Start the software again, enter the previous password in the field on the botton to unlock the dialog, then click on "Configuration done, install now"
9. If you have signature warning for the DLL say yes.
10. It should display "Installation done". You can then send yourself a SMS with the right format to check if it's working.
11. If it's working, delete the SMS you've just sent from your outbox, and trash, and then start the software again and check "Don't show this screen anymore". You'll have to click "Configuration done" again, but this times, you shouldn't have any warning.
12. If it's not working, well post on the forum.

- Added "allow" command so it's possible to use multiple allowed SIM card. Setup the software as described above, and then change your card. You'll get a SMS with the new number (if not, your configuration isn't good). Then reply with the command "dsmp # allow # password" with no space between #. This SIM card is then allowed. You can have up to 4 allowed SIM card.
- Fixed an installation bug on non-french phone. Sorry, I've been lazy, and it should be fixed.
- Added support for "Dsmp" in addition of "dsmp" as trigger code
- More owner info retrieved for HTC phones

Please go to page ( ) if you want to get the debug version or source code.
4th December 2009, 12:58 PM |#3  
Senior Member
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sounds impressive ! i might give it a try!

good work !
5th December 2009, 07:23 AM |#4  
Curb71's Avatar
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CDMA diamond running a 6.1 rom. got to step 8 and each time I enter in my password and close my keyboard the screen where the keyboard was (touchpal is my SIP) shows the screen behind what it should show. hope that makes sense. how do I uninstall this software?

also, I dont see anywhere where it says what WOULDYOUSHUTUP mode is.
5th December 2009, 09:55 AM |#5  
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WOULDYOUSHUTUP is what happen when you send a sms with "whereRU". The phone rings at max volume for 60s with no possible way to stop it, even if it was in silent mode.

Useful when you've lost your phone nearby, (it won't stop until you've found it, or 60s later), or, as intended, to become a nuisance to any thief in the middle of the night.

To uninstall the software you must click on "Zap" button, but you need your password for that. BTW if you haven't done step 8, you don't need to uninstall, as the installation proceed only when you click "Configuration done" button.

If the software doesn't accept the password you've set at step 6, then it's likely that it was entered wrong at first? I'll PM you about this, if you don't mind.
5th December 2009, 03:05 PM |#6  
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installed it, and tested a whereRU with another phone, doesn't work. :\
5th December 2009, 03:36 PM |#7  
OP Member
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I've answered with specific details by PM. I trying to understand why installation didn't work for you. I'll update the post with the informations you'll give me.
5th December 2009, 03:48 PM |#8  
bliblablub's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Bavaria
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sounds really nice.

I just see some problems. These problems apply to any anti-theft program :
  • If you have a pin-lock for the device (not sim card lock, the built-in windows lock), the thief will not be able to change anything (owner, ...). He can only change the sim and try to boot, what will of course fail. As this fails (without unlocking phone-lock, no dialing), he will not be able to establish a connection to his mobile network and you will not get his number (?!)
  • As hard-reset is always possible (every thief can google ) w/o the program being cooked into rom, this software is senseless if you can't cook roms. I can't
    If I understood it correctly, you would need to edit the 2 files to your needs (with numbers aso) at first instance and afterwards cook them into rom. This has to be done by each end-user each time he flashes a new rom and cant be done by rom-chef because he doesnt know your data.
    Isn't it possible to make that wireless? E.g. you specify an email there and the programm will at first boot after hardreset (after cooking into rom) establish a connection to a server (or mail to specified mail) to download the details (cell number, pw, ...) you entered in the server? ^^
  • You only can enter one own cell number. Bad if you sometimes switch the sim's.
    Would be better to implement that from remotetracker:

    SIM Cards: you can set up to four known SIM cards. If you, or anyone, change the SIM card to an unknown card, your emergency number and e-mails will receive a message alerting you about the change and with the new number

5th December 2009, 05:44 PM |#9  
OP Member
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* If you use this kind of software, you'll want to make your thief believe he succeed owning your phone. If you PIN-lock your device, then the thief will have to hard reset the phone to use it, defeating the whole process.

* In my previous phone (Universal), there was a Extended ROM made by the operator that survived hard reset. I've used that ROM by that time.
Now, you're perfectly right, with a single ROM, the hard reset kills the software. Your idea of using a external server is genius. I guess I'll add this, using your device ID (which doesn't change whatever the ROM) (or IMEI), to retrieve the config for your phone. The config will be saved on a server, and the config can be sent back by SMS (so even if the thief doesn't have network contract, it'll work).

* You switch SIM ? Is 2 SIM okay ?
I wanted the software to be extremely simple to setup, so it detected the IMSI by itself.
Now, if you need to store 2 IMSI, it'll need another edit box to let you enter the IMSI numbers.
I can add a new command "allow" that, when you've inserted your second SIM, will allow the new IMSI upon receiving.
Let me think about this.
6th December 2009, 05:04 PM |#10  
bliblablub's Avatar
Senior Member
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Yep, but I won't -of course- disable excellent built-in security mechanisms to make it *perhaps* easier to get the phone back just in case someone steals my phone.
The phone-lock is ideal to keep away random access to private and corporate data from other persons (friends, aso).

Despite the lack of some functions I installed the program yesterday and it doesn't work as thought:
  • The program loads after each reset again with the config screen
  • The program is active in task manager (dsmp.exe)
  • The sent commands aren't executed. If I send the commands (e.g. rst or whereRU) to the phone, the display turns on but nothing happens.
(perhaps the first 2 problems are caused because I did not hide the program yet with "Do not show this anymore" Not sure about that )

You could just say at setup: Now turn off the phone and enter your other sim and start the setup again to detect the second sim
6th December 2009, 05:46 PM |#11  
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hi popol256,

is there a chance for a very thin application, that after installed on a phone (e.g LEO) makes JUST the following:
- receiving a predefined SMS lock's the phone and encrypts the msd card.
To unlock the phone and decrypt the msd card, just a so called "master password" or whatever needs to be input.
That's all
thank you,
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