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[App][18 Dec 09]BlueProdigy V2 - Appointments in Titanium[2.0]

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By MichelDiamond, Retired Recognized Developer on 5th December 2009, 01:06 PM
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A new Plugin for Titanium - BlueProdigy

And now: V2
Please red installation instruction in middle of this post!

Download: *Blue Prodigy V2*

Major Changes and new skins - look into changelog
Special Character Set-Skins(Taiwan,China,Hebrew,Russia): Post #2
For FAQs: Post #3

The design-idea and images are from Matt_Jackson - and it's like a Skin for JMLToday - but as own Plugin. Also Calendar-Function is JMLCalendar from JMHL.

BlueProdigy is developed it in C/C++ in all of it's doing (animations, overview-update, apointments-scrolling, clock-resizing,...) and using it's own notifications for clock, alarm and calendar. Only the control of menu and language by menu is in mortscript - but that has no effect on performance - because it's only for changing settings.

So - it's extremely fast and has no noticeable effect on battery.

Please read installation instructions in middle of this post!

- Portrait & Landscape
- MUCH LANGUAGES already integrated (en,us,de,fr,es,tw,ru,au,it)
- Correct Timeformat & Start of week for this Languages
- You won't be asked for your language - Plugin uses settings of JMLToday to identify your LAnguage
- Full skinable!
- Skin support by menu
- Buttons-Support (JMLPanex) - over full PAnel to expand/collapse/jump to apps/...
- Installed by TICS - so you can use it in each Titanium Theme like Bliss, Neo,... (and can make you special skin for it)

- Settings by Menu:
-- Calendar: Max Days = how much days do you want to see? ( up to 365)
-- Calendar: Max Items = how much appointments should be displayable?
-- Animation-Speed (1-300 ms)
-- Skin-Choice (you can choice of the skins which are in V1 or each other skins you made or downloaded
-- Choice of call of your Apps for Calendar, Alarm, Clock by menu
-- manual calendar update (is done also automatic by system if next appointment shall appear

Changelog V2_2.0 - Additional Features of V2:
- Detailed view for each appointment! (just click on date/time of appointment)
- More animations - especially for detailed view
- Tab on appointment in detailed view (eye symbol) - direct jump to the day of this appointment in calendar
- In Main Panel - Tab on weekbar - you jump into week view of calendar
- Much more Images & Texts for Skinning - good example is "Duality" - look into FAQs of Post #3
- New Notifications - runs faster and no side effects with other plugins
- BlueProdigy suspends itself, if Titanium is switched off (e.g. you are running Sense or TouchFlo)
- New Refresh (MichasRefresh) - better free space for your device at all, saves much Soft-Rsets
- New Skins like Transparency or Duality for the new keys
- Better Font-support
- Better support for foreign countries with special character sets (e.g. Hebrew, Russia, Taiwan, China,...)
- Changeable path for analog clock in Menu
- some little bugfixes
- some more Menu options for pathes
- better translated language files for some countries
- some more little needful things - I have forgotten, what

Here's the Skins inside basic .cab of BlueProdigy V2:

and 2 more additional Skins for you to use or change like you want (download: click on pics or bottom of this post) :

Installation instructions (overjump step which you already done) - please remark - BlueProdigy is a "SubPlugin" of JMLToday - so you need at least the installation:

1. Install JMLPanex >= 2.30 (It's now released , but BluePRodigy notices older version and will give you a menu point to install it for you.
(Thread for JMLPanex: *click here*
2. Install JMLToday >= 5.5 : *click here* (all from JMLToday 5.6 which is needed, is direct in, so never mind )

3. Disable Titanium (otherwise the installation could fail and you have to re-install .cab again)

4. Install Blue Prodigy - Cab

5. Enable Titanium and enjoy - if Font isn't displayed - you need a Soft-Reset (will be told to you by BlueProdigy)

6. If you don't see a calendar entry or wrong date after enabling first time Titanium - please choose "Update Calendar" from Menu - afterwards new notifications are set permanently

Some more Screenshots:

*TaiwanBlue* (external download, Size 2,5 MB)

In Post #2 / #3 I will collect Skins and FAQs.

MATT_JACKSON for this great Design!!! ( you can also look for his ideas here: inside is Design-Page:

Listed at: * - PPC-Software and WinMo-Freeware*

Have fun


BlueProdigy, TitaniumRSS, TICS, TitaniumStarter, JMLLibrary and the other stuff-
Like my work? To spend much more nights, if you want, you can donate a cup of coffee for me.
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5th December 2009, 01:07 PM |#2  
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# 2: For other Skins also later as collection for skins of other users perhaps)

Special Font Skins:

*TaiwanBlue* (external download, Size 2,5 MB)

Skin-Hints (also to find as Text-File in Skins-Subfolder of BlueProdigy) :
The directory structure of skins is alomst the same as in JMLToday.

Each subdirectory of "skins" is an own skin - as maximum it consists of:

.plg = Skin File
(same name as directory = SkinName, otherwise TICS would give message, that .plg wasn't found)

.ttf = FontFile for the Appointment texts/Digital style
(name indifferent, only one .ttf-File, will be copied to \windows,
sometimes WinMo needs SoftReset to use new .ttf, perhaps MichasRefresh or later MichasSpecialRefresh is enough)

BlueProdigy.pnx = Panex File for Button-Definitions
(fixed name - please red instructions for Area Button, to understand, how you can define Tab-Areas.
Will be copied to BlueProdigy-Main-Directory after skin change)

.\clockA = Images for analog clock
(fixed name - perhaps later on possible to use your clockA-Directories in JMLToday)

.\BlueProdigyImages = Images for BlueProdigy at all
(All Images for BlueProdigy - if you skin it: ALL Graphic-Files of Default must be also inside this) 

If some of this 5 Directories or .plg/.pnx/.ttf-Files are not defined in Skin - then this part is used from
( ...\BlueProdigy\skins\default)

So: IF you only change .plg - then it's enough to put .plg to new directory. Name of the .plg must be
the same as the directory. The Rest is used from default - that's the easiest way to move some things a little bit.

Please don't forget PLG-Resizer to share your skin to all users for all resolutions.
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File Type: cab HebrewBlue_V2_001.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (337.7 KB, 63 views)
File Type: cab RussianBlue_V2_001.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (33.4 KB, 61 views)
File Type: cab SimplyChinaBlue_V2_001.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (890.3 KB, 385 views)
5th December 2009, 01:08 PM |#3  
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#3: FAQs

What can I skin in BlueProdigy?
Clocks, Appointments, Alarm, Fonts,... everything you want - only look into "howto.txt" in skins-directory. (Please look only for Fonts which are free of charge!)
BlueProdigy mustn't be blue You can skin new animations. You can rearrange icons and text and you can use other Formats for e.g. Date.
Only look with CHome-Editor into BlueProdigy-Page1, what's possible.
Just share it afterwards - and please use PLG-Resizer that every user can use it.

Does I always have to make a Soft-Reset after changing to a skin with another Font?
No - on some device at the first time, that the new Font is linked by WinMo - therefore you get the message from BlueProdigy "You need perhaps a Soft-Reset"
If you see a standard Font (Tahomo) instead of a Font on Screenshot - then you need a Soft-Reset one time - afterwards no more, if you change back to this Skin again


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5th December 2009, 02:47 PM |#4  
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@all : JMLPanex V2.30 released.
5th December 2009, 03:30 PM |#5  
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happy to see this release
but there's a lil problem , it only can show all day's application on my device....

and the second problem is... the smallist chinese font is almost 3 M, it's too huge...
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Name:	7777.jpg
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Name:	cal.jpg
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5th December 2009, 04:02 PM |#6  
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@JMHL: I updated Post #1

All days applications in chinese? Then we must have a look if JMLCalendar newest version works with chinese, too.

The font can't be resized by .cpr? Just edit .plg - it is a .ttf, right?
Looks already nice in Chinese
5th December 2009, 05:09 PM |#7  
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Thx 4 credit

n1 presentation!

Work 4 me:
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Name:	Prodigy02.jpg
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5th December 2009, 05:21 PM |#8  
kane159's Avatar
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ohh no, that's the report for the beta one ...
mmm i tried this one, and... it dont show anything for me....
even all days applications dont show ( set 365 days and 20 shows)
and ya, it's a 2.87 Mb's ttf file
5th December 2009, 08:04 PM |#9  
MichelDiamond's Avatar
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ok,then let's have a look,what's the difference is in chinese language appointments. 2,23 mb for a .ttf - you have really much signs in chinese...
please have a look in hkcu/software/jml/blueprodigy, if the appointments aree read coorect from jmlcalendar in chinese. you can also attach the content as .reg herr.
at best together with hklm/software/microsoft/chome/blueprodigy

No... thanx for your great idea and images

6th December 2009, 04:15 AM |#10  
kane159's Avatar
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ok here's the reg, total is 0 in jml\BlueProdigy
mmm so , what you think?
maybe that exe file need to change to real unicode
donno, I just guess
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6th December 2009, 09:53 AM |#11  
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Hmm - ok - it's not from BlueProdigy - it's from JMLCalendar (even by manual update of calenar the key of JML/BluePRodigy is empty?)
Registry is alays using wide char (unicode) - so I must talk to JMHL for JMLalendar.
Can you switch so long to another language like english to get the results? (The Menus,... are in chinese correct? )
(Or copy JMLCalendar.exe from jmltoday 5.5 to BluePRodigy-Directory and tell me if this works)

I also want to wait for russian feedback - because there is also something to do.

But both will be Skins with special .ttf-Files, which can be seperate downloaded for BlueProdigy - because that would need to much space for install as Main.

@All: No wishes? I know what I would do for V2
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