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[Android] Eclair on Kaiser/Vogue/Polaris -- polymod 2.1g Full Market Update 23 Mar!!

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By polyrhythmic, Senior Member on 14th December 2009, 06:06 PM
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android by polyrhythmic:
Eclair 2.1 for Kaiser/Vogue/Polaris -- polymod 2.1 gamma [Based on OpenEclair 1.2.2 (XDA thread)]

Now available in TWO shades:

and Dark

BOTH themes have updated Desire settings icons and QVGA dialer:

Originally Posted by ctso

OpenEclair is a community ROM based on the AOSP 2.1 source code (with lots of Cyanogen mixed in).

The goal of OpenEclair is to bring to the community a fast and stable Eclair 2.1 ROM, with contributions from numerous ROM developers.

A few things to look forward to in this build:
  • OpenGL Hardware Acceleration! (thanks again to the amazing dzo!)
  • Much improved battery life
  • Working autocomplete (for Spanish and English) touch keyboard
  • Working Google Voice and Maps 4.0 with Full Nav (or int'l Maps 4.0 with Nav)
  • GPS with AGPS (Network "Cell-Tower" Location reported buggy for some users)
  • 5 home screens and Full QVGA Compatibility
  • Stability. The OpenEclair base is the most stable yet
  • New install system (which means easier upgrading and multiple themes in the future!)

Thanks to all devs who have made this possible! zenulator, dzo, vilord, srwalter, mssmison, manup456, enatefox, jnadke, wesgarner, ctso, zapote21, bcrook, JAguirre1231 to name a few
I'd also like to thank Android Framework Engineer Dianne Hackborn , the many reponses to devs' questions she has left all over the net have taught me tons about Android.

A huge THANKS to those who have already donated!!!
Pandemic187, manu33xtro, kevinddavis, Robert H., Chui M., Dermot M., Jake Y., S Suresh K., Michael W., Rafael R., Edward C., Steven H., Stephen P., Dirk L., Adam P., Mile V., Leann M., Dave W., anonymous, Steve R., Avi R., Sebastian C., crymzyn, aikeru, Fiddelm3742, Steven T., Morten M., kendav911, James B., Peter V., and Stefan P.
Also much gratitude to ponack for providing free hosting!

UPDATE 10 Feb 2010:
polymod 2.1a released!
Based on OpenEclair 2.1, this should be the most stable base going forward.
Install process changed.

UPDATE 11 Feb 2010:
polymod 2.1 alpha 2 package with working OpenGL now released!!!

UPDATE 12 Feb 2010:
polymod 2.1 alpha 3 package with working init and compache now released! Major speed improvements!!
2.1a3 changelog:
  • Some improvements from OpenEclair 1.1.5 added
  • Fixed init scripts
  • No more hot wifi! Better wifi power settings!
  • Fixed missing hw3d driver (sorry y'all!)
  • Compcache added (ram swap only, no backing or disk swap, at least for now)
  • Custom userinit.conf supported for power users (just copy /system/etc/userinit.conf to andboot folder on your sdcard and tweak to your liking)
  • Additional polymod alpha 3 Release Notes

UPDATE 15 Feb 2010:
polymod 2.1 alpha 4 now released! Much easier install process for NAND/ext2/fat32 install. More bugfixes.
2.1a4 changelog
  • no more switching default.txt/kernel! Installer and 3d now both in one kernel.
  • NAND now supported too!
  • Installer will prompt you! Press and hold d-pad center to launch installer.
  • Improved tiwlan.ini settings
  • Facebook full sync working
  • AndroidApps app install now working
  • /andboot/userinit.d folder now supported for multiple init scripts
  • app structure changed for NAND-compatibility
  • Run less services - Corporate Calendar (MotoCal) & bluetooth now uninstallable
Also, custom splash screen for Kaiser! (I don't have the files to build this for Vogue or Polaris)

[ Download Here ]

UPDATE 19 Feb 2010:
Displayfix update released

UPDATE 20 Feb 2010:
There have been some minor kernel updates. Please get the latest .nbh from KaiserEclair folder or kernel zImage-Eclair from

UPDATE 23 Feb 2010:
polymod 2.1 beta now released!
2.1b changelog
  • All possible apps png-optimized for less memory use and speed
  • Compcache settings optimized for faster app loading and switching
  • Phone app (and others) reprioritized to improve responsiveness
  • Java (JBed) fully working! (Tested with the latest Opera Mini 4.2)
  • Apps separated for NAND-compatibility and uninstallability
  • Smooth Animation and working 3D
  • Media folder includes a couple Drum n' Bass ringtones and original Sonic the Hedgehog notification sounds
  • Other minor updates/bugfixes
  • New sourceforge kernel has vastly-improved installer (credit goes to dzo, vilord, mssmison, and more)

UPDATE 4 Mar 2010:
polymod 2.1 gamma now released! This is a major update!
2.1g changelog
  • Upgraded base to OpenEclair 1.2.2 -- faster apps, less bugs
  • Better memory management -- compcache & swap turned off by default
  • More apps are uninstallable
  • Regular Maps is included (but is uninstallable)
  • Updated Facebook app (uninstallable)
  • GPS is more stable; GPSTest is working and included (and uninstallable)
  • Dialer customized and recompiled from source for QVGA
  • Phone & incoming calls are more responsive
  • Colored Settings icons from the Desire
  • Lockscreen: No more menu-to-unlock, slide to unlock only
  • Light theme includes 'Bounce' animations
  • Dark theme available, more themed than before, includes custom "Super D" animations
  • Many Live Wallpapers are working, including Grass, Bezier, Bobs, Polar Clock
  • CLI Editor nano now included (use OK button for CTRL, Fn + Left Softkey for pipe)
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

UPDATE 15 Mar 2010:
polymod 2.1 g BT Update now released + .NBHs for Polaris!!
  • BT Audio routing and PAN Networking does not work properly yet on Eclair! You can pair with devices, and send files, but if you attempt to make a call with BT audio, you'll probably end up with no sound and will have to reboot to fix it. However, we will likely fix that soon, and you'll only have to update your kernel.
  • You can again thank dzo (Donation Link) for coding the fix, and also thank fellow xda member Mr. PaveL for tirelessly building and testing .NBHs with me while dzo updated.
  • The only other noticeable updates this kernel provides is soft-reset support for Kaiser and working speakerphone -- so if you don't need these features and polymod is already working well for you, there is no need to update!
Grab the and the zImage or .NBH for your Kaiser or Polaris from the polymod @ ponack repository. Place androidupdate.tar from the zip in your /andboot/ folder, replace your zImage or flash your .NBH, and use the installer to update the system.

UPDATE 18 Mar 2010:
polymod 2.1 g WiFi Power Level Updates released!
Head over to , and get .zips for Low, Medium, High, and Over 9000 WiFi Power Levels. Each .zip contains an androidupdate.tar, place it in your andboot folder and use the installer to update!

UPDATE 19 Mar 2010:
Latest .NBHs and Kernel for Kaiser & Polaris posted to , thanks again to Mr PaveL for building them.
If you're using HaRET, the same zImage now works for Donut AND Eclair. For Eclair you will need to add hw3d.version=1 to the command line in your default.txt . If the previous BT zImage wasn't working for you, this one should. (New Vogue .nbh and the same kernel can be found @ dzo's site.)

UPDATE 23 Mar 2010:
Full Market update released!
Use the installer to apply the update, and then 'fix permissions'.

SD install:
Download the latest basefiles ( from SourceForge
Make sure to use the correct default.txt for your device. The default.txt must also point to zimage-eclair instead of zimage.
If you want to partition, you will need your partitions to be:
1: FAT32 (at least 512MB, to be safe) / 2: EXT2 (256MB) / 3: ext2 (256MB)
Warning: Partitioning your SD card successfully can be difficult, I recommend using Linux.

NAND install:
This is an beta build! I am not responsible if you brick your phone or a tornado lands in your yard due to flashing to NAND!
How to flash a ROM for Kaiser
Download the latest .nbh from SourceForge -- Make sure to use the kaisereclair / polariseclair / vogueeclair variant

The polymod package:
[ DOWNLOAD Eclair polymod 2.1g Light-Themed for SD install or NAND ]
[ DOWNLOAD Eclair polymod 2.1g Dark-Themed for SD install or NAND ]

[ Link to the background wallpaper ]

Installation Instructions:
  • Place the androidinstall.tgz from in your /andboot folder on your SDcard. Hold dpad-center when prompted during boot to install.
  • Let the system boot, and don't do anything but go through the setup wizard pressing skip. Don't sync accounts, or setup data, or set your wallpaper. After skipping through the setup wizard, wait at least 5 minutes, then turn off the device.
  • Now power-on your device (this is a good time to backup, just in case) and after boot you can start setting up your accounts like normal.
If you do ANYTHING more on the first boot, your data may get corrupted and you may get FC's. I don't know why that problem happens, but I know if you use the above instructions you will end up with a very stable and fast Eclair build.

Need better instructions? Try reading j101399j's awesome polymod Eclair install guide with images!

Questions? Don't forget to use the search!! Your question has probably been asked and answered before. Also, here's an Android on Kaiser FAQ

Please use this build with the latest radio, for Kaiser that is Old radios are not supported.

What works:
Normal Sleep/Suspend (not hacked!)
3G Data/MMS
Full GPS with AGPS
Network (Cell-Tower-based) Location (buggy)
Hardware OpenGLES
Google Apps
Google Sync
Exchange Calendar

Apps included in this build:
Live Wallpapers: Grass, Beziers, Bobs, Polar Clock, Visualizations
Astro File Manager [Free]
Taskiller Free 1.8.1 (no ads + CUSTOM THEMED TASKBAR WIDGET) [Free]
Facebook (full sync working)
Car Home
Desk Clock [new!]
Powerbar Widget
Genie Widget (a.k.a News and Weather app)
Nav Launcher [Free]
Tetherbot [Free]
GPS Test [Free]
extra terminal tools in bin/xbin: rwsystem, rosystem, nano & more

Optional Apps (in zipfile):
Maps (US and Int'l Nav)
HTC_IME (for 320x480 white soft-keyboard)
PinyinIME (Chinese soft-keyboard with auto-complete)
HTC Notes (nice, but always runs in background)
Amazon mp3
ConnectBot (latest from Google Code repo)
Jbed (for Java apps)
Frozen Bubble
Gestures Builder

Not working:
Voice Dial/Search/Keyboard
YouTube HQ

  • Create full /andboot/ packages for n00bs
  • Create androidupdate.tgz for different WiFi power levels
  • Create androidupdate.tgz to switch animations
  • Test light-to-dark and dark-to-light
  • The 'Cell-Tower' Location bug has been found (fix in progress)
  • Full-Build PNG-Optimization (in progress)
  • Clean up the in-call dialer buttons
  • Improve the music app for QVGA
  • Make menu-to-unlock a Spare Parts option (fix in progress)
  • Camera, Bluetooth, Audio-In, Video Playback (fixes being worked on, volunteers always appreciated)
  • Add Kaiser vendor to OE github
  • Rebuild themed .apks from source

Skin information & credits:
* Light Tray Launcher from gChrome by Moonspoon (link)
* Dark Tray Launcher from Gloss by Moonspoon
* Dark Theme Colored Notification Icons from Zapote21's Zapmix 0.95
* Black Notification Bar and Notification Tray Handle from OpenEclair MetaMorph put together by JAguirre1231 (link)
* custom wallpaper, robot from (link)
* custom dark-themed taskiller bar
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14th December 2009, 06:36 PM |#2  
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something wrong with the rootfs file, cannot download, can you upload to another mirror server?
14th December 2009, 06:36 PM |#3  
Senior Member
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Thanks! Downloading and will try it later.
14th December 2009, 06:40 PM |#4  
polyrhythmic's Avatar
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Originally Posted by idinaxui

something wrong with the rootfs file, cannot download, can you upload to another mirror server?

mirror added
14th December 2009, 07:42 PM |#5  
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Does it work if one has PIN set up on his SIM card? I know 1.5/1.6 didn't. I would check it myself, but I don't have PIN and I heard that once set one can't undo it on my SIM card...
14th December 2009, 08:15 PM |#6  
Flag bucuresti
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polyrhythmic, because of you, we can test this new build. We value your contribution and we are not left out.
14th December 2009, 08:21 PM |#7  
aikeru's Avatar
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Wow!! Thank you! I'll have to try this out! I'm pretty newb when it comes to HaRET
14th December 2009, 08:28 PM |#8  
JeckyllHavok's Avatar
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Here guys, i modified the rootfs from polyrthmic to work with msmissions and vilords eclair hero.

Uploaded second version with init.eclairhero.rc as init.eclairhero.kaiser.rc

Changelog from Polyrythmics one

-copy init.eclair.kaiser.rc to init.eclairhero.kaiser.rc
-works with
14th December 2009, 08:38 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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I installed this version and:
- it works slow - first version for kaiser so I understand it
- BT and WiFi not work
- GPS - I didn't check
- something strange with battery - when charging it shows i.e. 73% and battery widet shows 77% but this is probably not Your fault ;)
14th December 2009, 08:39 PM |#10  
Flag bucuresti
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It seems to be a full night. and it seems that we still have devs on our Kaiser phones. God bless you all. Now I test Zen's build, and after that, thanks to JeckyllHavok, msmissions and vilord's build.
14th December 2009, 08:47 PM |#11  
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No idea how to get this to work, not had trouble before with Ion donut.

How is it meant to look on the SD card?


is how mine looks, is this right?
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