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By babijoee, Retired Forum Moderator on 17th December 2009, 05:48 AM
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Welcome to the official XDANDROID thread which is dedicated to getting Android running on our beloved HTC devices.
So far devices supported are raphael|fuze|diamond|blackstone|topaz|rhodium
Over at the vogue forums, Zenulator has just released an updated version for Android. Codename Eclair, it brings Android to 2.0.1
Since then it has been bumped up and based upon Manup456 port. Many thanks
Stinebd has recently built an 2.1 AOSP build from source for those who want to use a clean 2.1 build. The current builds are based on the AOSP and we are waiting for 2.2 source
Phhusson: has dedicated most of his time helping users and updating kernel to run Eclair and his work for other msm7k devices. However phhusson is not alone as there are also other members working on this. You can find some of them on I've listed some of the developers i know of that currently are working on and they deserve credits and thanks. We also have to note that before this work done there was quite a substantial number of people starting working on linux for our devices. Without them we may not be where we are today. So respect and credits to everyone involved in working on linux kernel for msm devices.
I am not responsible for any damages or problems your device encounters. The build is relatively safe and shouldn't cause any problems.

Dedicated threads
Dedicated threads for other devices running XDANDROID

xda-developers signatures

For everyone posting on this thread about problems and issues, I urge you to please specify you're device or more conveniently update you're signature in control panel so it always has the details at the bottom of your posts.

This has lots of Q&A and is recommended to go through before posting bugs and problems

Media Scanner fix
For people who have problems with no having no ringtones, notification tones or general music problems look here:

Waiting for SDCard error
For people who have problems with sdcard message, add this to your startup
  • msmsdcc_1bit msmsdcc_fmax=14000000 msmsdcc_nopwrsave

Overclocking Android on MSM7K

XDANDROID boot-Animation | Wallpaper contest

TheDeadCPU video for XDANDROID

Thanks to

phhusson, zenulator, Chamonix, Stinebd, Makkonen, MrPippy, cr2, Markinus, bzo, captainoord, glemsom, balsat and anyone else who contribued or who i forgot
Thanks ben_duder for the awesome sig

Please consider a donation to the XDANDROID project. We work on this on our spare time, even not on our spare times and every little bit gives us more inspiration and motivation to continue providing you our friends awww* great builds and support

Thanks to from me and phhusson:

R^7Z | auss81 | Sergej Philipp | Malte Lewan | suksanto | Tyler Brixey | axelo | ElbertF
w3bm4st3r | Kenny Maples | Daniel Krebs | Dan Colardeau | Ghostdogg | Gregory Thomas
Vincent Paoli | nim_ayyan | mindfrost82 | Olivier van der Kruijf | Robert Russell
Kamil Kowalski | Tobias Kästle | Scrog | Mehdi Bouzakri | Jay Onisch | Daren Scroggie
Robert Batty | James Frank | Matthias Helfmann | colo-natas | Alexis Perez | Ann Marie Steichmann | Cristian Pereyra
Adam Williamson | Benedikt Wieloch | Brad Stage | Paolo Vernazza | CDK Hosting
Haicheng Wang | Jonas Lejeune | Haicheng Wang | Jonas Lejeune
Adrian Kajda | Wilson Seto | Pedro Aragao | babijoee (yup, myself XD)

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17th December 2009, 05:49 AM |#2  
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OP Retired Forum Moderator
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Thanks Meter: 164
Donate to Me

  • Touchscreen:
  • Vibration:
  • Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
  • Keyboard
  • Radio
  • Brightness Control: Must turn off autolight in WinMo
  • GPRS (thanks Phhusson )
  • Microphone works
  • Charging (phhusson )
  • Market
  • Sound ( Phhusson )
  • debugging breathing led for sleep mode: lets you know when your device is sleeping. This shouldnt affect your battery life at all.
  • Wifi: was always on when enabled. Now it is used alot less often so the device will be warm at most. (phhusson)
  • Task killer app.
  • Android information program.
  • Gsensor: fixed
  • Power collapse
  • Proximity sensor
  • ramzswap
  • idle sleep mode
  • deep sleep: Remove pm.sleep_mode=X from startup.txt if you have it in your default.txt
  • Accelerometer fix: Now very accurate and shouldn't cause your device to randomly change view. Thanks to mmone3
  • sms fix: yep the one you guys have all been waiting for ( thanks phhusson )
  • Android system wide Mic support. Eg: Voice dialer works. (phhusson)

  • updated apns.xml ( hopefully this should fix some 3g/GPRS issues people are having )
  • Fuze keyboard layout: (Stinebd)
  • Updated generic Raphael layout with better keymapping

  • Power off should work now (MrPippy)
    Tested and working on Raph100. Raph110 doesn't work. Weirdly doesnt work for raph800. Please dont post bugs and errors about this or you will be flamed :3
  • Keyboard arrows for fuze, raph users should now work. (Stinebd)
  • Fixed layout for 500,800 CDMA
  • Mapped PTT button for fuze only. (Stinebd)

  • Old plus new apns.xml merged plus some extras.This should re-enable data connection people had before but broke now. For people who never had data connection this may help or may not.
  • New RIL: now has geolocation: (Chamonix)
  • Apps now separate for people who want to choose what to put in Android. Will be placed within AndroidApps folder
  • Live Wallpaper ( Battery drainer )
    • Matrix code
    • Bubbles
    • Star field

  • Proper Backlight control: dimming and controlling brightness. No need to change in WinMo anymore (phhusson)
  • Updated RIL: force cdma option, for cdma topa/rhod since we have no way to detect that they are cdma
  • Slow sim option to slow down SIM access, I think this might fix the problem of people having crashing android with bad sims (phhusson)
  • Updated apps
  • Startup cmds:
    • force_cdma=1
    • slow_sim=<time in microsecond to wait between every SIM access)

  • Clean Build
  • AndroidApps now consists of 4 folders
  • Ring Delay set to 0 from 3000 milliseconds
  • Updated startup configs
  • System is definantly faster when stripped
    (Copy the applications you want to the root of AndroidApps. For people who dont know what core files to copy, i suggest you copy them all)
    • Core
    • Games
    • Media
    • Others
  • Nexus One media
    • Audio
    • Resource

  • touch screen calibration tool (makkonen & phhusson)
  • tilt2 keymap (adamw)
  • sensors for rhod/topa
  • LedEffect included in apps for diam/raph (chamonix)
    Update by leobaillard

  • ShootMe ( AndroidApp to take screenshot via shaking phone )
  • Merging the massive apns.xml direcly pulled from my nexus one into current one. I hope fixes data for some people
  • Overall smoother scrolling. (Stinebd)
  • Rhod210 keylayout (adamw)
  • Double RAM implement in kernel.

  • hw3d ( MrPippy & Phhusson )
  • Ramzswap: ramzswap settings from user.eclair.conf are applied ( Phhusson )
  • Wifi changes ( Phhusson )
  • No longer need wifi calibration file. it's readen from nand, and is written to data.img ( Phhusson )
  • Updated ledeffects ( Chamonix )
    Calibration file will be removed in future XDANDROID packages.

  • Bluetooth via new rootfs
  • Use Home++ as base launcher
  • Battery Indicator to show 1% increments in notification panel ( Note to ignore it in advanced task killer to keep service alive )
  • Topaz sensors added ( Markinus )
  • Latest updated rootfs
  • Removed gtalk, googlevoice for a very special members request
  • Added Genie widgit ( thanks for wpbcubsfan for extracting from nexus one )
  • Changed default lcd.density to 240. Majority android devices are using it even my nexus one

  • Slightly updated raph800 startup.txt ( Makkonen )
  • Slightly updated apns list for cdma networks ( Makkonen )
  • Readded gtalk, gservices apks
  • Removed topaz custom g-sensor and integrated with default one ( Markinus )
  • Updated Topaz startup.txt
  • Fixed Market downloads problem

  • Added DeskClock apk
  • Added calculator apk
  • Readded Gallery apk
  • Updated Home++, BatteryIndicator, Advanced Task Killer, AndroidInfo
  • Added OI file manager
  • Removed Astro File manager ( due to trial expiring and long waits )
  • Added updated version of Facebook
  • Removed google Maps to save 3mb space
  • Bundled with balsat zImage autobuilds without debugging for speed

  • Based on Stinebd MSM 2.1 AOSP XDANDROID
  • Updated hosts file to block ads in apps (delta_foxtrot2. Updated version by phaelox)
  • home++, Battery Indicator, IO file Manager, Advanced Task killer, XDA forum app
  • Updated ledEffects (charmonix)
  • Nexus Boot Animation
  • Nexus media
  • Fixed Startup configs

  • GPS ( phhusson , cr2, jonpry )

  • Readded Google Maps since we have GPS support now
  • Replacing default Music app modd by cacheinjection
  • Adding new launcher LauncherPro 0.3.0
  • Removing home++ as i think LauncherPro is quite awesome
  • Updated xda app, advanced task killer, OI file manager, Battery Indicator

  • Updated APN list from cynaogen nexus one rom
  • Using LauncherPro beta as default launcher
  • Removing default launcher
  • Updating music application
  • Removing apps from /system/app to AndroidApps on SD
  • Implementing test boot animation from lugiber [ NOT FINAL ]
  • Removing BatteryIndicator as reading are not accurate and always jumping.
  • Updating startup files
  • Removing livewallpaper picker and livewallpapers as they dont work at the moment.
  • Support for non ascii characters
  • Nordic raph keylayout
  • Uploading ext2 file for people using ext2

  • Updated build.prop
  • Updated Launcherpro to latest
  • Added libspeech for voice search support
  • Added 3D driver for 3D support
  • Removed Advanced Task killer

Not Working
  • Camera/videorecord

  • light sensor

Added but not yet released

Terms and conditions

Enjoy and remember to post some feedback.


21.06.10 | 2.1 builds NEW!
  • The latest release of XDANDROID for AOSP 2.1 based on Stinebd AOSP build kitchen.

Old builds can be located here
Here is a repositories for older releases of XDANDROID and Android1.6 donut files

zImage Autobuild: ( glemsom / balsat )
zImage are updated quite often but just because its updated, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work 100%. If a new zImage breaks and doesn't boot; load a previous working zImage. thanks

Rootfs Autobuild ( Stinebd )
  • Get the latest rootfs here from the rootfs build service provided Stinebd for XDANDROID

Initramfs Autobuilds ( Stinebd )
  • Get the latest Initramfs here from the Initramfs build service provided Stinebd for XDANDROID


WinMO/Android dual-boot
Yozgatg has released his dual boot WinMo / Android program for everyone to enjoy

LiteWM ROM to autoboot linux
MichyPrima has created a lite WinMo that automatically loads haret from your SD card. It loads pretty quick and i can confirm it works It has a boot option so just wait until you see Booting countdown and touch the screen.
Reboot, Shutdown, USB mass Storage and Continue Booting Android

TheBrilliantMistake has made a convenient program for people out there having installation problems with XDANDROID.
Have a look and see if you like it. If this proves successful we may roll out the updates like this in the future.

Chamonix ledEffects
LedEffects controls how your device reacts to calls, messages, charging and other phone status'
17th December 2009, 05:49 AM |#3  
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OP Retired Forum Moderator
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Place everything into the root of your sd card for Raphael and Everything in your internal memory for Diamond. Remember to copy the correct startup from the startup config folder.
It should look like this

-system.ext | system.sqsh

Startup|default configs options

acpuclock.oc-freq-khz=XXXXXX ( i use 600000 )
but it very unstable if you try to get higher than 650000-700000

Physical Keyboard layout

Button wake up
0 = screen only wakes on power button
1 = wakes on any keypress

Onscreen terminal keyboard
msmvkeyb_toggle= (on/off)
on = displays terminal onscreen keyboard
off = hide terminal onscreen keyboard

1=USB headset
2=3.5mm headset

Incall volume adjust

Enable/Disable handsfree

Recommended best loud and clear voice values are said to be 5/1

LCD density / resolution
210 = 640x480 VGA devices
240 = 800x480 WVGA devices

Load Haret

Load haret by going into FileExplorer and navigate to where haret is and load it.


Note: This is a dummy screen i took from google images Its not actually looking like this

1. Power Button
  • Press: Go home screen
  • Hold: Switch between Application

2. VolUP
  • Press: Increase ringtone, media and incall volume

3. VolDown
  • Press: Decrease ringtone, media and incall volume. Can also set vibrate and Silent.

4. Home Button
  • Press: Open up setting

5. Call Button
  • Press: Open recent call
  • Hold: Launch Voice dialer

6. Back Button
  • Press: Goes back one previous screen

7. Call end Button
  • press: Turn off display or end phone call
  • Hold: Set audio on or off, Airplane mode or turn off device

8. Center Button
  • Press: Accept or select. Also used as scrolling, zoom in or out.

9. Android Menu tab
  • Pull up or down to open / close Program tab

10. Notification tab
  • Pull up or down to open / close notification tab

11. USB
  • Plug in USB for adb, USB debugging, charging

Useful links
17th December 2009, 08:52 AM |#4  
nGm@ze's Avatar
Senior Member
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Nice to see someone contributing for the Raphael side of the forum, as i always felt why is support so good on the Vogue for Android? Why does Sense UI, most Android related etc. work on Vogue, well nvm. Looking towards the new build, nice work.

[email protected]
17th December 2009, 09:15 AM |#5  
chamonix's Avatar
Recognized Contributor
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RAPH110 not working
I had tried it two days ago with kernel 2009-12-13 and the original files and got freeze at the setup screen on my RAPH110.
Procedure was as depicted and after deleting data.img.
At the top of the frozen screen there was the "no network" sign and I did not get the usual sounds of GSM network handshake in my loudspeakers so the hang seems to be in really early stage. That was weird enough to mention because on donut the radio turns on before the GUI comes up.
17th December 2009, 09:50 AM |#6  
babijoee's Avatar
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It could be Android initializing hardware that our kernel does not yet support. All i can think of is GPS and camera. But i'm going to stick with GPS for the time being. As data connections can be disabled and other hardware is at a functional stage.
17th December 2009, 09:52 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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my device is resetting at the android splashscreen, I had one time where I've seen the setup page. but then freeze and reset...

I don't know if its a problem but my diamond isn't detected in this build, it's detecting a vogue. So probably its loading false drivers?

the recognition is in the rootfs
17th December 2009, 10:02 AM |#8  
lugiber's Avatar
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These are really good news!
I'm glad to see some one looking into this! I own a raph100 and (needless to say) i got no further than you guys. But is there some way i can provide information? I'm no programmer but if there is any way i can help let me know!

17th December 2009, 10:25 AM |#9  
cruzzmz's Avatar
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will try this on my diam100 ... i will only have to change the system.sqsh right ??? and keep all the other files

17th December 2009, 11:50 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by cruzzmz

will try this on my diam100 ... i will only have to change the system.sqsh right ??? and keep all the other files


I hope my guide was easy to understand . Its pretty much like any other build. The two main files are system.sqsh and rootfs.img. Kernel is always from glemsom autobuilds and the basefiles should provide the rest.
17th December 2009, 12:13 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Razzee

my device is resetting at the android splashscreen, I had one time where I've seen the setup page. but then freeze and reset...

I don't know if its a problem but my diamond isn't detected in this build, it's detecting a vogue. So probably its loading false drivers?

the recognition is in the rootfs

same behavior when recognizing diamond.

is there a logfile anywhere or an option for one? so that we can see at what task it fails?
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