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[DISCONTINUED][Custom ROM]Rafyvitto BlacK NeO_v.3.0_3.003

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By pongothemagnificent, Guest on 19th December 2009, 07:37 AM
Thread Deleted Email Thread
Here's my rom finally, i have cook't it in two different flavors 21883 and 23519, i made them as much stable as i could, im still making changes but i felt like i should release the rom since most of you been wanting to flash it for some time now =D.

Please if use my roms add it to your signature, so that i can better help you, when you have questions about my roms.

Warning: tsamolotoff has warned us about the incompatibility hes yamato_panel.txt has with chainfires graphics patch, do not install chainfire graphics patch as it will most probably slow down your device and jumble your graphics.

Screen shots updated.

This is how the roms will look like once you have flashed them.

Both roms are exactly the SAME only difference is the builds version's

Included Packages in both rom's

1.Adobe PDF Reader
2.Rss Hub
4.HTC Calculator
5.Opera 9.7
6.HTC Youtube app
7.Mp3 trimmer
8.HTC Animation
9.HTC Leo Ez input
10.Office Mobile
11.And many others

Flashing my rom:

Customization i made to the rom:
Change a lot of icons, i also added quite a few registry changes.


Click Here to Find all the V3.0 roms


Vanilla v2.7 roms:
USE THIS EXTROM.bin for v2.7 vanilla roms, dont use the one i provided with the vanilla roms, thank you.

28205(remember to download the cprog.rar and trow the cprog.exe into windows to fix the caller ID

Vanilla versions:
21876 coming later today

21876(cant open emails, install will fix it)

Vanilla versions of my roms(meaning no htc apps only acer oem apps)

Special Thanks:
Hdubli: For teaching me how to cook roms and helping me a LOT wile cooking my roms, without him this rom would have never come to life.
Rodrigo: He also help me a lot clearing out many question in my head =D.
Unforseenenemy and Mikeoppegard:For also beta testing my roms, thanks for your help guys apreciated.
Amarullz: for hes great position fix and task manager also hes green black theme.
Valkyeri for hes sms fix.
Brian for hes amazing taskbar.
grgeorz10 for hes manila 2.5 1920 b4all.
Livven for hes beautiful startup animation.

Donations are never expected but ALWAYS appreciated:
Guys i spent more than a month working on my rom's to make it look and work/feel the way it does, so any kind of donation will be GREATLY appreciated.

Donations List:
mikeoppegard: 10USD THANK YOU!!
tsourisg: 10USD THANK YOU!!!
westswamp: 10USD THANK YOU!!!
Laurent: 25USD THANK YOU!!!!
zexilonoxiouz: 10USD THANK YOU!!!!!
genius_kz: 40USD!!!!!!!!!!! omg thank you!!!
adsbar: 15USD!!!! THANK YOU!
Saqib: 20USD!!!!! THANK YOUU!!
ajfajardo41: 25USD!!!!! THANK YOU!!
Lutz: 10USD!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Simon: 20USD!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
fdelfino: 15USD!!! THANK YOU!!!
drag: 10USD!!! THANK YOU!!!!
netnerd: 20USD THANK YOU!!
John: 10 USD THANK YOU!!
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19th December 2009, 07:47 AM |#2  
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Change Log:

v3.0 Leo Rom Changes:

1.New 3.003b OEM drivers
2.Rearranged the start menu , its all in its place now.
3.Made amarullz green black theme default.
4.Added latest Sun Java from Leo 2.02
5.Removed the extra setting icon in start menu.
6.Added color to the call history thank to the amazing job by bnm7bnm
7.Deleted unnecessary modules from the new xip
8.Clean up the oem drivers and manila packages from useless big files, thus giving more free internal storage.
9.Fixed the gsensor setting issue were it would lost the saved programs once the device was restarted
10.Added Superboy007 HQ Portrait & Landscape B4All 4 1922.
11.Added back satellite data
12. Changed the default background.
13. Fixed the bug in which users wernt able to add contacts from manila, by adding a missing package.
14. Removed Htc Wifi Wizard, wasnt playing nice with the new oem drivers.
15. Opera Mobile 10beta2 is now default browser instead of opera mobile 9.7
16. Working SMS, mss are still not working will iron this out on the next version its on top of my todo list.

v3.0 Vanilla Roms Changes:
1. Left htc ezinput in, since some of you wanted it in the past vanilla roms.
2. Left Sun java in.
3. Htc album is also in.
4. Sames fixes that leo roms have, vanilla roms also have them.
5. Acer f1 homescreen as default today screen(My wallpeper might not show as default, just go to \My documents\My wallpapers\ and choose the "wallpaper_004" as background)
6. Acer dialer as default dialer
7. Opera mobile 10beta2 default browser instead of opera mobile 9.7
8. Working SMS, mss are still not working will iron this out on the next version its on top of my todo list.

v2.7 Changes
1.Added Remote wifi access to system tools.
2.Added the new Bing with the nice UI to the internet folder.
3.Deleted unnecessary xip modules and files from sys, thus giving more free ram and internal storage space.
4.Updated Roms to 21889 and 23518(solid stable)
5.Error reporting turned off.
6.Application unlock the roms.
7.Wake up issue should be fixed as i replaced the powerapplet.cpl to the one from 1.0 oem drivers.
8.Deleted memory optimazation module from oem drivers.
9.Changed a couple of registry's

v2.0 Changes
1.Added htc lockscreen
2.Rearrange the start menu
3.Added latest OEM drivers 2.004
4.Made the extrom.bin smaller by adding most of the apps as oem packages
5.Updated Manila 2.5 to build 1922 which has the documents tab and landscape mode.
6.Added pocker rar
7.Added input and owner information setting to personal settings to build 28205
8.Added the new yamato_panel.txt by tsmolotoff, landscape is as fast as portrait now.
9.Added Threaded emails from 23518 to build 28205
10.And other stuff i cant remember.
11.Added grexgzor manila 1922 clocks.

Bugs in version all v2.0:
1.There 2 setting icons in startmenu, the first one goes to default ms settings, the other one goes to manila settings. il work on a cab to delete the one that goes into manila settings tomorrow.
2. Wake up issues seem to be there still.
3.And any other you might find if find any lol.
4.The landscape view of the htc album is all mirrored, this is because htc youtube is missing, if i add htc youtube it breaks wmp .mp4 video play back.

V1.0: Public version released
19th December 2009, 07:47 AM |#3  
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How to Flash your Acer NeoTouch s200

- Download any of my roms
- Extract "my roms.rar' where-ever you choose(I prefer the Desktop)
- Navigate to '(wherever you extracted "my roms".RAR)'
- Double Click on 'ACER_EUU.exe'
- Click 'Next'
- Click 'Continue'
- Click 'Yes'
- Click 'OK'
- Completely power off your phone
- Once phone is powered off hold down the 'Camera' Button and press the reset button on the right side of your device until LED indicator starts blinking red.
-Connect it to your computer
- Now follow the onscreen promts instructions(sometimes they pop up sometimes they don't)
- Wait until 'ACER_EUU.exe' says 'Finished'(It should take 15-25 minutes)
- Once it is done flashing, hold 'Power' button on phone until it vibrates, enjoy the new life withing your Acer s200
19th December 2009, 07:47 AM |#4  
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Bugs in both roms:

1. Going into manila settings tab/other/CSD type will most probably hang the device

2.Going into manila settings tab/other/Gravity sensors will make the device stay on that screen restart will only take it out of there.(try pressing volume up)

3.Going into manila settings tab/Power Options will most probably hang the device.

4.Footprints still dosnt work

5. Music and pictures and albums tab still cant rotate to there respective landscape modes, not untill rostrain releases hes new gspot =D

6.Sometimes the device might not wake up from stand by, i still havent been able to fix this =[, tryed many different power modules but nothing.


1.Album is almost 100% fully working, still cant view facebook albums

2.Photo picker works meaning you can choose any animated wallpaper you like or Still wall paper that you might like.
19th December 2009, 08:50 AM |#5  
Senior Member
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Good news man~ Waiting for your new rom.
BTW, Hong Kong released a new rom and fixed many problem.
So can the Black Neo Rom use the newest driver from that?
19th December 2009, 08:51 AM |#6  
Junior Member
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I very like your rom, pls add htc youtube to your rom, thanks
19th December 2009, 08:55 AM |#7  
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Is the rom based on 1.00 oem drivers ?
19th December 2009, 12:25 PM |#8  
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Yes i added htc youtube and many other htc apps, and yes its based on 1.00 oem drivers =]
19th December 2009, 12:50 PM |#9  
Flag London, UK
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its gorgeous! I can't wait

nice work man!
19th December 2009, 04:54 PM |#10  
tsamolotoff's Avatar
Senior Member
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Hey man, have you tried to extract OEM CorePlayer from Toshi's TG01 ROM? And what's the difference between 1.00 drivers and 2.00 ones?
19th December 2009, 05:11 PM |#11  
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The difrence between the 1.00 and 2.00 oem drivers was explaing in the beta 3 thread...and about the toshiba tg01 dump, il look for it and dump it and see if i can get the core player to work.
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