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By Norax, Senior Member on 6th January 2010, 11:29 PM
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If you don't know English use

Hi all,

I hope this ROM will help everybody who wants to install WM, but is not good enough in English to feel confortable with a phone in the Shakespeare language and want to work with the Cervantes one

I made my first attempt of cooking my own ROM and I'm glad to say that it has been fortunately successfull. Based on Keyx's ipaq 91x 28011 - WWE Kitchen and using the Language Localization Packages 28205 release from Da_G and the Hp official spanish files, I finally got my longed Windows Mobile 6.5 in Spanish.

Wifi works, bluetooth, phone, gsm, 3g... everything.
I also installed successfully some programs as Spab shell, mobireader, MemMaid, skype, youtube, facebook... so everything works.

Total Commander, Xtask and some other programs non included into the Hp's original version are already installed. I edited the folders at startup menu to put in all default programs in; quite elegant

Here comes some images:



Cualquier comentario es de agradecer, pues me anima a seguir corrigiendo y mejorando la ROM.
Y considera hacer una pequeña donación para ainmarme mas aún! jejeje.
Acepto sugerencias

Any comment is welcome, it encourages me to continue correcting and improving the ROM.
And consider making a small donation to encourage more even! hehe.
I accept suggestions

Special thanks to Keyx, who guided me to go on my way



Sencillamente Norax (91X v1.65)
La ROM perfecta a mi gusto : )
La configuración de los botones está en Configuración -> Personal -> Botones, y la conexión USB se activa en Configuración -> Conexiones -> USB a PC

Norax 61x v1.40 Spa WM6.5.3 build 28011
En fase de test. Funcional, pero con detalles a limar.

Otros idiomas (francés, italiano, polaco, chino, neerlandés)
Other languages (French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Dutch)

Tutorial para cambiar el idioma
Tutorial to change the language


Flashear el aparato es peligroso. No tendria porqué pasar nada. De hecho, mucha gente lo hace, incluido yo; pero lo haces por tu cuenta y riesgo.

Flashing your device is dangerous. Nothing should happens, since a lot of ppl, included me, do it; but you do it by your own risk.

Instrucciones para flashear:

De los links de abajo consigues un archivo .zip. Lo descomprimes y tienes el .dio. Éste se mete en una tarjeta de menos de 2 gigas (si no no funciona, porque no puede ser sdhc) y ponemos el telefono en modo sdloader con la tarjeta dentro. Para ello hay que pulsar Vol+ y tecla Ok lateral y apretar reset sin dejar de soltar las otras dos teclas. Luego, el chisme hace una serie de cosas y acaba haciendo un clean reboot. Después de todo el proceso, aparece una pantallita azul y unas instrucciones que si se siguen, llevan a la pantalla de inicio de WM6.5

Instructions for flashing:

What you get from my links is a .zip file. Decompress it and you have the .dio file. Put this file into a less than 2 gb sd (sdhc won't work) and put your device in sdloader mode. This happens pressing together volumeup + ok and pressing reset releasing the two vol and ok buttons. After doing this, the device checks the file integrity, flash to your device rom and do a clean reboot. When is finished, it ahould autoreset, but if not, it will show a black screen for a long time. Is then when it has finished, so then make a reset and your device will have installed the WM6.5!! Folow the instructions and that's all


Arreglando 9xx [email protected] SOLUCIÓN:

Después de hacer una actualización desde una mala Sd o un archivo .DIO corrupto, hay una manera de volver a la normalidad. Se necesita:
DNW (archivo Include Driver)
El archivo FLASH.DIO con el que se quiera resolver (preferiblemente el de Hp original; entrar AQUÍ, bajar la actualización de la ROM de unos 60Mg, descomprimir con WinZip el archivo .exe y renombrar el FLASH.NBF)

A continuación:

- Abrir el DNW.exe, [Configuration] => [Option], cambiar [Download Address] desde 0xc000000 a 0x3000000
- Renombrar FLASH.DIO (ó .NBF) a FLASH.nb0
- Poner el chisme en download mode: VOL.UP + OK + Reset
- Enchufa el teléfono al ordenador y selecciona manualmente el driver a instalar (los archivos están en la carpeta SEC)
- Volver a DNW.exe y [USB Port] => [UBOOT] => [UBOOT] y seleccionar Flash.nb0

Fixing 9xx [email protected] SOLUTION:

After doing a ROM updrage from a bad miniSD card or .DIO file, there is a way to bring it back. You need:
DNW (Include Driver file)
Your device's Flash.DIO file (preferably the Hp original one; go HERE, download your ~60Mb actualization file, unzip the exe file and rename the FLASH.NBF)

How to:

- Open DNW.exe, [Configuration] => [Option], change [Download Address] from 0xc000000 to 0x3000000
- Rename FLASH.DIO (ó .NBF) to FLASH.nb0
- Bring your Device into download mode: VOL.UP + OK + Reset
- Plug your device in the PC, and manually select driver to install (files are in SEC folder)
- Back to DNW.exe and [USB Port] => [UBOOT] => [UBOOT] and select Flash.nb0
7th January 2010, 03:04 AM |#2  
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program not shown on start screen because in wm the start menu path is localized, so you need to change the path either using localized language or use unicode escape character xNNNN where N is a digit. check the initflashfiles.txt/dat
9th January 2010, 06:00 PM |#3  
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Thanks for your work!
Solo tiene el fallo en el inicio que mencionas. Por fin alguien se anima a hacer una en español.

10th January 2010, 12:19 PM |#4  
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Great! Someone is using it ^^

The truth is that I didn't have enough free time this week to continue fixing the ROM. I'll try to do it now and continue all the time possible. After all, this ROM fix MY ROM problems .

I'm fixing the initflashfiles.dat and seeing if it works. Probably after that is going to not to do strange things at startup.

I prefer only 3 columns at the start menu and some other things that comes with the v1.0, before changing the initflashfiles.dat, so I'll see how is going this new ROM and i'll post the results.


¡Genial! Alguien la está usando ^^

La verdad es que no he tenido mucho tiempo libre esta semana para seguir resolviendo problemillas en la ROM. Lo hago ahora y esperemos que con continuidad todo el tiempo que me sea posible. Despues de todo, esta ROM soluciona los problemas de MI ROM

Estoy arreglando lo del initflashfiles.dat a ver si funciona. Probablemente después de esto ya no haga cosas extrañas en el inicio.

Prefiero sólo 3 columnas en el menú de inicio y algunas otras cosas que aparecen en la version 1.0 antes de cambiar el initflashfiles.dat, así que voy a ver cómo va esta nueva ROM y escribire los resultados.

PD: A alguien le interesa que siga posteando en ingles/español?
10th January 2010, 08:22 PM |#5  
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I finally got it, I replaced the initflashfiles.dat with Da_G's buuut it doesn't work properly. I mean, the startup problem is fixed, and everything seems to be ok. But there are some key shortcuts which don't appear, and keyx programs are still not shown.

The truth is the appearence seems to be more... pretty

So I'm completing the initflashfiles.dat. I'll post results.

Norax v1.10 ESP WM6.5.3 build 28011 iPAQ 91xc
11th January 2010, 06:10 PM |#6  
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I've made another ROM, and this time I organized all initflashfiles.dat document manually myself to let me compare if the hole system is properly installed.

Everything works : ) But you have to edit the appbuttons manually cause there are some of them which don't appear at startup. So I'll let that part of the initflashfile in English to see if that fixes the problem. Is not important cause anyway is a non translated part of the sys by Hp.

In fact this ROM is more Spanish that the Hp's They let some parts in English that i've translated, jeje.

There are some programs I've included at the start menu that in fact i didn't include in the SYS, so I'm deleting them to clean the ROM.

This is the link to the lastest release:

Norax v1.20 ESP WM6.5.3 build 28011 iPAQ 91xc

Important: It seems that the usb connection is not activated by deffault if you come from an already installed windows conecction in vista. Is fixed simply entering in the Configuración\Conexiones folder and activating in Usb a Pc the "habilitar funcionalidad de red avanzada"
11th January 2010, 10:30 PM |#7  
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Cooking the new upgrade and uploaded some images from the device
12th January 2010, 01:50 AM |#8  
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too bad I have an ipaq 610c, if only some one ported to the 600 series

Gran trabajo! ahora solo desearia que alguien lo porteara a la serie 600 jejeje
12th January 2010, 07:28 AM |#9  
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Well, my work is exportable to a 600 series, I think. I could try to make the same structure I did with my 914 to yours, but you will have to test it yourself

Lo que he hecho creo que se puede aplicar tambien a un los serie 600. Puedo probar a cocinar para tu formato, pero tendras que probarlo tu mismo.

By the way, about the Norax v1.30 I tested tonight, everything works, all folders are ok, and only rest a problem with the registry of showcase and total commander. I hope with the new version I could fix this. But I don't know at the moment how to do it. I'll post results : )

Por cierto, que anoche probé la Norax v1.30 y todo va bien, todos los archivos y carpetas funcionan correctamente, y solo queda resolver un problemilla con los registros del total commander y el showcase. No se aún cómo resolverlo, pero pondré los resultados de mis indagaciones : )
12th January 2010, 09:30 AM |#10  
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Norax v1.40 --> I've remuved the Marketplace and My phone, cause I don't use it. I can make versions to let you have it.
And I've changed the initflashfiles to make showcase and total commander work from the begining. If this doesn't work, I'll remove both programs, cause is easy to install after installing Windows.

I'll upload only the final retail versions, cause by the moment the 1.3 works almost like 1.2

Norax v1.40 --> He quitado el Marketplace y el My phone porque no los uso. Puedo hacer versiones si queréis, unas con y otras sin.
Y he cambiado el initflashfiles para hacer funcionar el showcase y el total commander. Pero si no funciona los quitaré, que son fáciles de instalar después de instalar Windows

Solo voy a subir por ahora las versiones finales, porque la 1.3 funciona casi como la 1.2
12th January 2010, 10:09 AM |#11  
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It works!! Everything works perfectly!! ^^

¡¡Funciona!! ¡¡Todo funciona a la perfeccción!! ^^

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