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By chompx2, Senior Member on 9th January 2010, 07:53 PM
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This installation tips should be applicable to most of the protective films on Tilt 2/TP2.

There are quite a few posts already comparing various protective shields for the TP2. It would be redundant to discussing which one is better.

After reading on most of the threads on this subject, I went ahead and got the GadgetShieldz. I am quite careful with my phones and I have only used screen protectors but never full coverage shield. I figure using the coupon, it only cost $5.59 and it is cheap enough for me to experiment.

The package arrived quite fast even during the holiday. There were no instructions sent. No problem, I went on line and got the instruction. However, this instruction is only for the installing the screen protector.

The instruction is good and easy to understand. Since I do not have baby soap, I use Neutrogena body soap instead. It worked fine.

Part One
I have the stock screen protector on my Tilt 2 already and I wanted to pick something easy to try before I attempt to do the screen. So I decided to try out the back first. The center strip for the camera is small and flat and it seems to be the easiest to apply. So I started with this piece first. I would recommend to do this piece first as it would give you some idea what it is going to be like when you are doing the bigger pieces.

I removed the battery cover from the phone. As I was a little worry working with water near the phone. I wiped the battery cover with an alcohol swab to remove any grease. Clean it again with a clean cloth.

Remove the film from the backing and dipped into the soapy solution and I applied it with no trouble at all. I removed the excess water and a tiny bubble with a “credit card”. Everything worked as advertised.

So I proceed with the battery cover. Again dipped the protective film in the wetting solution, followed the instructions by removing the excess water with fingers. Applied the film at the center and positioned it. It was not difficult to move the film, as I probably left the film too wet. Once I am satisfied with the position. I squeezed out the water with my “credit card”, removing any air bubbles at the same time. The center part of the battery cover was a piece of cake but the corners are impossible to apply. I simply could not get the corners down correctly. 30 minutes passed and I am still not satisfied with the result. I actually have to re-wet a corner just to get the finger/tabs into the right places. I was also very careful not apply too much pressure because I do not want to stretch the film. I was thinking this is not going to work and I probably wasted my $5.59 and all my time. Then all of a sudden, it seems the corners are going down on the case. After the first corner went down, the rest was easier. I work the corners mostly with my fingers, only used the “credit card” on some of the edges.

I took me an hour to do the battery cover. I probably had too much water on the film.

I grabbed a tissue paper to wipe off any excess water off the edges of the film (Mistake No 1.). The lint off the tissue paper stuck to some of the excess glue residual. While the film is fitting the corners very well, the edges were fuzzy with lint.

I left the cover out to dry. While the lint was not that visible, it still bothered me. So after a couple of hours, I use my 10 X glass to inspect the edges. I was not happy. By then the film is sitting on the cover pretty firm and it did not like it was going to move. I went ahead and use a hair drier to speed up the process. I am glad that I did. The heat improved the appearance of the film and it was not as lumpy as before. I realized what had happened. The film is made of some kind of polymer plastic. Polymer plastic has a tendency to shrink when exposed to heat. The hair drier was shrinking the film and made the film fitting the cover tighter. This is a GOOD thing. If you stretched the film, this applying of heat should correct some if not all of this. Just be very carefully not to apply too much heat or you distorted the film. The edges of the film must not protrude beyond the case as this would cause the film to lift.

I admit that I am picky, the lint at the edges were bugging me. So I use a few wood tooth picks and a bottle of Glue Off. (Citrus adhesive remover) and remove all the excess glue and the lint off the edges. The results were good. There were still a little glue left on some of the edges but this is not noticeable with a naked eye.

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Part Two
Installing the protective film on the sides (Chrome Bezel).
I started with the bottom strip first as it is one of the shortest one. I always choose the easiest task to gain experience. There was a notch on the bottom left size. I believe it is cut out for the microphone. Worrying that I might cover the microphone, I lined up the film strip to the top edge of the chrome bezel (Mistake no. 2). I was careful; not placing the strip too far up or it would catch my finger when I push those hardware buttons on the lower edge. The bottom film strip was short and I more of less got it in a good position.

Then I started both side pieces at the same time, wetting the strips (Mistake no.3). I then placed them on the sides trying to line them up against the upper edge and not too far up so they would protrude above the chrome bezel. I just could not get them in the right position. The film strips were long and limpy. They slide and glide along the edges. It was a chore just trying to position one piece. Doing both was impossible. I had to place one at the edge of the bowl that contained my wetting solution (adhesive side up). Working with one piece was still impossible. I just could not place it correctly; the film would not stick until the wetting solution was almost dry up. By the time the film was ready to be glue down, the position was not right again. So off it went and back to the wetting solution bowl.

I was fretting and not in a happy state until I took a look at the "credit card" that was used to remove bubbles and excess water. I made a bad decision when I tried to line up the film strip against the top edge of the bezel. I should have line it up with the bottom of the bezel. It was actually easy if I slide the "credit card" between the screen and keyboard. The lower edge of the film could just be resting on the "credit card" while it was waiting to be dried. When the film was ready, I pressed the middle and worked my way to the edges of the strip. Once the film is secured (not longer moving) on the chrome bezel. I pulled the "credit card" out and used it to remove bubble and excess water.

The opposite long strip went on without any fuss. The last piece on the top got done in a short time also. It took quite some time but most of the time was waiting for the wetting solution to be dried. Before I figured out how to do this, I was trying constantly holding on to the strip correcting its position.

The cut out on the top piece was a bit tight and I did not get it place perfectly. Otherwise, it was on quite well. I ended up using a X-acto knife and knick off a tiny piece to uncover the whole power button.
The top part of the battery cover was a little too short, an additional of 0.8-1.0mm would be about right.

The smudge on the edge is my finger print.

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Part Three
I installed the film on the screen last as I was worried about not doing it correctly and ended up with bad gaps and bubbles. Actually this was the easy part. I did have to peel it off twice before I got this correct. I thought I would speed up the process by getting rid of most of the wetting solution on the film before I apply. The film was applied and was sticky very fast. I could not move the film and position it. So I have to peel it off and wet it again. It was the third try before I got it right. I was worried about too much wetting solution getting to the speaker. I should have applied the same amount just like when I did the back. I did have some Q-tips at hand to soak up any wetting solution that was squeezed off the edges. I then applied the hair dryer carefully to speed up the process,

Do not afraid of the wetting solution. Using more will make it easier to position but it’ll take longer to stick. I would avoid removing and reinstalling the film. This would give the adhesive a chance to get lint or dirt stick on it.

Use a smooth card instead of a credit card. Hotel room key card works great. Hotel room key card does not have embossed letters. You can use it to roll over the edges on the film.

Slide a card between the key board and the screen for the Chrome Bezel. Line the film on the bottom edge. Do not let any film protrude above the screen.

Do not place any tissue close to where you are working. I know about the lint issue but still grabbed the tissue just because it was at hand.

Applying heat with a hair dryer is fine and it will cure the film and you can use the phone next morning. Just be very careful not over heating the phone.

I applied this set in 3 evenings. I did one part at a time so I could give as much time as possible for the film to dry.

GadgtShieldsz fits OK. The top piece for the chrome bezel should be longer and wider.

The back piece could be slightly bigger and the gaps on top 2 corners could be narrower.
The screen piece fits great. It does drags very little but I have no problem with it.
Otherwise, this GadgtShieldsz is hard to beat. It is cheap and provides good coverage (protection) all over,

Learn from my mistakes and may your installation comes out better than mine.
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Great job, mate! I think you did excellent! Unfortunately, they don't make shield for the unbranded version I have so I had to buy one from bodyguardz which I still wait to receive, but I bought one for my friend's Omnia and is great, came in 3 days also

I still believe it's the best considering the price!
11th January 2010, 08:42 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by MightyCrys

Great job, mate! I think you did excellent! Unfortunately, they don't make shield for the unbranded version I have so I had to buy one from bodyguardz which I still wait to receive, but I bought one for my friend's Omnia and is great, came in 3 days also

I still believe it's the best considering the price!

Thanks Bud! I notice that the Bodyguardz has those pieces on the Chrome Bezel. Just remember to slide a card between the keyboard and the screen. This would make the installation much easier and the protective film is straight. If the film is cut right, you do not have to worry about the film protruding above the Bezel. Good luck on your installation and do not forget to post pictures.
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