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Let's face it: HD2 has many problems.

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By mjordan79, Senior Member on 24th February 2010, 01:49 PM
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No need to hide. This phone has many problems, still many people seems to ignore them completely. No need to start the "It's your phone, it's strange, I use it a lot and it never happens" saga. The problems are there. And for everyone. The fact you don't notice some bad behaviours doesn't mean the phone is perfect or that your baby is exempt from problems. Let's start:

1) Suboptimal WI-FI performance. On a 802.11g wireless network, connected to an 8Mbps internet connection, the phone can't even saturate the badwidth of the network. reports an approximate 2Mbps download capacity (EDIT for those who cannot distinguish: 2 megabits, not megabytes). Test it yourself: try to download something from a fast website and try to figure out which is your maximum download transfer speed. You will be disappointed. As a comparative, this means the phone can use 1/4 of the available bandwidth. A SonyEricsson Satio can fully use the available bandwidth, instead (someone told me "tell me a phone that can do it. Now you have one).
2) Stanby freeze: it's there. The phone freezes randomly while in stanby draining all your battery juice. Sometimes happens rarely, sometimes happens frequently.
3) Poor memory space handling: after just 20 days of use from a fresh ROM update, my free memory space on ROM is just 36MB. Without installing big things or hacking anything. Sure, there are fixes produced by the community, log cleaners, temp files deletion utilities, etc. etc. Still, it's a quite a disappointement: it means this phone can't work properly in a "factory state" for much time.
4) "Always on" features: nice, apart the fact in random periods of time the services just stop to download data. The Twitter client doesn't work well. Sometimes you can hear a tweet sound, sometimes it downloads data without the sound, sometimes it downloads nothing until reboot.
5) Poor stability in general: the OS crashes frequently. Less frequently than the first shipped rom. Still it's not very stable.
6) Poor support in general with the updates: finally the SMS stuck problem has been fixed but they spent 3 months for it without a valid solution. The camera fix doesn't hide the fact the sensor is defective.

I don't say this to start a flame, of course, but only because I'm frustrated with these problems. And people, instead of spreading words about them, just pump the hype, including some notorious web sites that have no scope but pushing the hype even further. But the truth is another: this phone doesn't work as expected.
24th February 2010, 01:58 PM |#2  
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I honestly do not have the problems you're describing..
Your "truth" is very different from mine, but ne1 is allowed to have no
24th February 2010, 01:59 PM |#3  
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Can't comment on all those, but i hear you, defo had some of them and i'm on my 2nd unit after 2 weeks.

With Nokia it took them at least 6 months to iron out the flaws in their released phones, defo the case with N95 & N96, i didn't expect it to be the case on this phone.

SMS fix? is it? or only in 1.66, because the hotfix's don't work on the 1.44 ROM

I would like to add the Audiobooster problem to that list
24th February 2010, 02:03 PM |#4  
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well, I don't pretend mine is perfect but there are more things to love than to hate about it. regarding the problems, I think you cannot generalize because I've never experienced some of your issues but I'm bothered by other myself. finally I guess it's just a subjective call anyway...
24th February 2010, 02:05 PM |#5  
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I had some of your problems when my HD2 was on the original 1.48 WWE Hong Kong ROM. However, since I flashed HSPL, Merlion LEO V1.90 ROM and Radio version, it's been faster and absolutely stable. No more freezing/"Sleep of Death"/etc...
24th February 2010, 02:12 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by jonbaker76

I would like to add the Audiobooster problem to that list

That one really annoys me too. Still can't find a way to get video and audio in sync without manually adjusting the offset whilst encoding. And HTC still can't get the hang of getting Audiomanager to handle AAC files properly (ie sort albums in track order, or show.their album art). Still, it's a lot quicker than my Touch Pro was ; )
24th February 2010, 02:28 PM |#7  
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Yeap! I'm very happy that I could be refunded. Too many bugs for such a device.
24th February 2010, 02:32 PM |#8  
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If you want something that works out the box, get an iPhone
24th February 2010, 02:35 PM |#9  
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I have none of your issues and i can prove it with tests and videos.

I wish i had an "unlike" button to use it here. You are frustrated because either you don't know how to work with this phone or you have some bad software or even a bad phone. Replace it!

You are emitting false statements here!

PS: I have the phone for 2 months.
24th February 2010, 02:36 PM |#10  
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I'd love to see a phone or device that was perfect.

Every piece of hardware has its own problems.
24th February 2010, 02:38 PM |#11  
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I've been waiting for so long for someone to start a thread entitled as "Let's face it: HD2 has many problems". Eagerly watching this thread for some positive and negative input.

All in all, HTC Sense is at it infant stage. This "is" the culprit. Perhaps by end of this year, we will worship it someday...

To the developer/creator of HTC Sense, please use your common "sense" when trying to convince people to buy your idea. The first major mistake was SMS failure. Totally non-Sense.
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