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ORDER Social Group... For us with ORD (Obsessive-ROM Updating Disorder)

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By egzthunder1, Member Advocate Admin - Spirit of XDA on 26th March 2010, 05:27 PM
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7th April 2010, 01:25 AM |#81  
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Talking PROUD
Hey, My name Is Esteban and I'm an ORD Survivor...

I started I'm not sure how long ago, but these last few years (this account is new other one i totally have forgotten the username and password or which e-mail I used) have been filled with constant ROM updates and what not. But I steadily broke the addiction, now I only flash if there is a some annoying bug and I got for the Newest built of that ROM. SO yea I had ORD, but now I'm pretty cured , How did I do it?:
  • Started to starve myself of XDA
  • Started to actually pay attention and actually listen to my girlfriend (she talks to much)
  • Taking her out
  • Xbox took replacement of the ORD but I soon got bored and got rid of Both.
  • Paintballing people for amusement

To tell ya the truth, ORD got rid of my Stress but now I just sleep it off

Also...I might be leaving for the dark side....."Why did I have to open my big mouth and get an IPhone"

Important thing is that I'm an ORD Survivor and You can be TOO!
7th April 2010, 01:27 AM |#82  
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My name is Fabio and i have ORD. i would say that i like and never bured. always searching for the perfect ROM for me!

7th April 2010, 01:31 AM |#83  
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Do we get free government funded medication? If so...

I'm Santaria, I've had ORD since the Hermes days....
7th April 2010, 01:45 AM |#84  
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Unhappy too bad, I have ORD
I am Bruce and I have ORD. It is a shame that this is my first post on XDA, though I joined last year.

It started with my wife's O2 Neo, which originally had an German ROM. While I do not know a single word in German so when my wife ran into problems with the phone I was not able to help. Then one day I discovered XDA and thanks to the detailed instructions, I flashed an English ROM to the Neo. I can not remember who the cook was, because it was a long time ago and I was new to the community. It was a Clean ROM and it looked ugly. Then I started to look for better ROMs. Really can not remember how many times I had flashed the poor Neo. Then I bought my own guessed it..
7th April 2010, 02:22 AM |#85  
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Android the saviour
Hello i am Thor and i HAD ORD And this is my story.

It started and ended with Xperia(when it broke...), it was my first Windows Mobile phone, but i flashed it already 2 hours after unboxing/charging it! :P
Than i flashed like crazy, maybe a record was once 1 month with a very good ROM from Itje, other than that i replaced them very often.

A couple of times, i downloaded ROM in the morning, saved to MicroSD and on a bus, or sometimes in class i was flashing
Sometimes i saved a couple of ROMs to SD card and tried them flashing in a row

Once or twice i even downloaded ROM from Xperia over UMTS And than flashed, all while in the class Like laptop, i didn't need PC to get stuff or to unrar, xperia could do all that.

Than after half a year(it seemed to me ethernity since i flashed like 50 times) phone broke i was 2 months using Nokia crap phone with 1.8" screen, since i thought i would get it back, but they returned unrepaired(i droped it..) so i repaired it myself, got all the parts from ebay AND IT WORKED, for a day... i gues i didnt't repair well

So i sold it for parts and gues what i got a Droid/Milestone(Android based)phone!! AND THAT SAVED ME FROM ORD Totaly unexpected, but hey, i was happy with it out of the box, and i must admit, there aren't rly any custom ROM's for Milestone yet (just some backup based-customs) So i only update ROM now, when official new versions are out. (i did try one custom backup once)

Do you think i am cured? Or will the apperance of custom ROMs make me an addict again?

Apart from that i believi i am adicted to instlling new apps now, instead of flashing LOL.
7th April 2010, 02:56 AM |#86  
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ROFLMAO! This thread is awesome...

I have a good excuse for having ORD!... I'm an Aspie (Person with Asperger's Disorder)... So obsessively messing with my electronics goes hand in hand with the disorder.
7th April 2010, 03:16 AM |#87  
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I'm so obsessed that I need more tea but don't want to get up. I have to go back to a Nandroid, but am too lazy!
7th April 2010, 03:25 AM |#88  
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i think i may have ORD...oooo the humanity
at first it started with modding phones and basic bios hacking of my cingular 331 gsm until the day i found out i could simply buy a new phone and drop my sim in and be back up and running and i was fine with that for years ....and then one day my friend showed up with his dimond and was showing off so i begged the wife to let me go get a new phone and we went to the local used phone place and she bought me my first win mo phone and i took it strait home and downloaded the clean 6.1 rom and used it for about 2 days and made an account on xda and then found out that the 6.5 rom had been released for the samsung epix and i flashed it and then another and another and another untill they stoped making roms then i started perusing craigslist for good deals on phones and found the TP2 and was like 150 cash sure i drove an hour shelled out 150 and took it home didnt last a day with the stock 6.1 rom i hopped on xda at work on my cig break downloaded the stock 6.5 rom from TMOUS and flashed it while i smokes a cig and then the next day downloaded project android ...and recentaly xdandroid ....and ubuntu so now it has 6.5 with sence and titainium swichable by mort and 2 versions of android and ubunto for when i realy want to use the net you tell me if i have ORD or not wife would say i do
7th April 2010, 05:47 AM |#89  
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Red face I am an addict to roms... :(
Hello everyone.

I am a university student. I had problem stop burning roms to my WM phone(Eten x500+)...
The craziest thing I ever did was to burn roms for myself and my dad in the middle of night before my final. It's not hard to see why I failed my final exam now isn't it.... I pray to god to cure me of this sickness and he answered my prayer by reminding me with good words from Bible. "Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart." 2 Tim 2:22 (KJV)

I am waiting for a good Toshiba TG01 rom to come out now~ any second...
7th April 2010, 05:55 AM |#90  
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I have ORD
Hello I am Damien and I have ORD.
It started in 2006 with the Herald (aka P4350), then got worse with the Blackstone, (aka Touch HD). It is now at it's peak thanks to Nandroid backup on the Hero.

It's encouraging to know that some found a cure, hopefully one day I will.
Thanks for listening.
7th April 2010, 08:57 AM |#91  
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Hi i am Alex AND I HAVE ORD. It all started back when the G1 was rooted. i was fascinated and learned how to do it and i did eventually. after hearing many ppl telling me to go to XDA, i did and found the roms. i just wanted to make my phone better and it was but then it got worse i started flashing more and more by the week, and then i experimented with new ROMS like SENSE and i was hooked on it, but found that it wasn't for me. so i went back to cupcake but then know donut is here so im on that but also tryed eclair but it was not for me it just didnt have many things that got me hooked like donut roms. but now i stick with my usual donut rom and just keep up to date with it, i did find my self longing on XDA on my phone and well ALOT! well thats my story and good luck to all with this addiction
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