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[THEME] Dusk EVO 2.5 - V3.0 - HTC TP2 Sense 2.5 (manila)

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By mike2nl, Senior Member on 2nd April 2010, 12:07 AM
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This is the original one ... Dusk Theme from grzegorz10 and this is what you can downloading here.
Also i have done many changings in the theme, but the most is and will all the time the original one.
This is one part in the cooperation with grzegorz10. That will never be changed because i love
that theme and i can say i am slaved in this stuff

This thread is also started in cooperation with grzegorz10. His black DUSK theme for Evolution up to
version 4.0 is done and actually supported for many windows mobile phones with the default
and some 3rd party ROM's. Many different files are available but not all are working for the Touch Pro 2.
Because that and some new and original (HTC) roms for Sense 2.5 in the last few weeks it's time
to start a new thread specially for the Touch Pro 2..


Here now some shots from my changings...

This all will be possible with different mod's and tweaks. All changings are done in cabs, so you can
uninstall the changings all the time, if you have some problems.

Changings: (Lucida Handwriting font, co0kies mod, clocks mod, ...)


All files which you can download here are tested now on my phone (see signature). I was very
busy with all chaning and the whole is not finiseh yet, but i will give you the chance to use what
i have now and run with me into the new theme .

Dialer information:
The dialer is ready now and the last i have todo is test it one or two times on my main phone.
Then i will publish the download and some screenshots here. Because the vfhanings in the original
HTC rom there are two dll files noe for the dialer. The phcanImages.dll and the new one, the
phcanImages2.dll. The second one is not supported by default from Dusk Evolution, but now
everyone can use it.


Furhter moddings you will find here in this threat or the original links to my Sense 2.1 thread, or
to the developers who have done also a really amazing work..

George's Dusk mod's (Main cab, Start icons, WMP, Resco Radio, ...)
Mike's Dusk mod's (Manila TV Player, Call History, Manila Today Page, Ageye apps, Program icons, Taskbar, ...)


Which ROMs are tested for the Rhodium 100 (aka HTC Touch Pro 2)?

03. April 2010:
Working on the users (named) Phone ...
The original dutch ROM update is tested on three phones without any problem (ROM specification - see my signature).

User: mike2nl
Update to:
Windows MobileĀ® 6.5 Professional THC Sense 2.5
Published: 18. March 2010
File Name: RUU_Rhodium_S2_HTC_NLD_2.07.404.1_Radio_Rhodium_4. 49.25.91_Signed_Ship.exe

User: TheCyberman
ROM: 2.07.407.1 (80303) GER
Windows build: WM 5.2.21887 (21887.5.0.86)
Published: 04. February 2010

User: first time sprint user
ROM: Leo Cell Evo V7 (23550)
Additional info: No Cookies Hometab

Thank you for the phone information. So we can share this with all users who
are interested to use the Dusk theme.


Skin cooperations:
name - application link (short info)


More tweaks and mods:
All additional tweaks and mods from other coders here on xda and some from
me, you will find in posting #6. Other application skins will be posted from
posting #2 to posting #5.


Which items are now in the Dusk main CAB file:
File: Dusk_Evolution_2.5_Leo_2.02_v3.0.CAB

- TouchFLO 3d Manila 2.5
- Lockscreen
-WM 6.5 Menu and Icons, Extra Icons needed in Program CAB supplied. 149 Menu Icons in total. (Not on WM 6.1)
- HTC Fm radio.
- HTC Comm Manager.
- Footprints skinned (only visible is this activated in your original ROM)
- Photos Landscape Skinned
- Music Landscape Skinned
- WM Titanium v2 (Not on WM 6.1)
- Startup Welcome Screen.
- HTC Volume Control

Dusk Taskbar:
File: Dusk_6.5_WM_21872_Taskbar _Icons .CAB

Before you download any file... i can't give support to 3rd party roms because i don't use roms
like that. So if you have problems with Dusk, please un-install the files and use your default theme.
I will help so far as i can and have you ported your phone to dusk with a 3rd party rom, please
post this information and i will add this here in the 1st posting. Before you ask for help, please
write down your phone type, windows build, radio version and the manila version. So please give
me the needed information without any question about that from me. Otherwise there will be
no answer on your question.


More cab files will be posted over the easter weekend. Not all because it is my hobby. But my
greatest hobby are our childs and this will be fun this year with the easter rabbit.
2nd April 2010, 12:08 AM |#2  
mike2nl's Avatar
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Start Menu Icons

And this is the mod for the Start Menu Icons. Grzegorz10 has done here a very good job. For
the Touch Pro 2 i had some grafic issues, but these are solved with the cab file. I have tested
this on two TP2 phones. The first pictures shows the original tweak for the Dusk theme. The
second one shows the tweak for 4 columns for the start menu icons.


This comes from isangelous thread, he have given the name StartMenuGrid for the cab files.
He has done also a very good job. It was original for the HD2. But it is working very well on
the TP2 with the original HTC Sense 2.5. For this mod i have used the 4 column grid from
this post. With this tweak you can set 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns for the start menu.


2nd April 2010, 12:08 AM |#3  
mike2nl's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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The Dialer


And here it is .. the dialer for the original THC Sense 2.5 Rom. This is the version with the two dll files in the windows directory.
It was a very hard work to put all the grafics in the both dll's. Also i had to re-arange the most grafics. The original cab file do
not work on the new and original Touch Pro 2 Roms from HTC. But this is solved now.


Please give me some response after installing this cab file. It is tested (installation and functions) on two TP2's. I hope there
are no more grafic issues, but when you found one, please post it here in the thread. Not so much PM's please. My inbox is full
now and i have to read so many messages.


After the installation you have to soft reset (restart) your phone. Also it is possible that windows gives two messages because
the both new dll's have to be register for the system. You have to answer with yes. Otherwise the dll's are not working and the
dailer will not working anymore. Windows (for which one is that a wonder) reacts sometimes really strange. On my both test
phones only one gives this message. And that was after the second test the same message.


1. EDIT:
Because two little grafics issues in the 5th screenshot i have updated the dialer cab file. Also the version number is updated.
- Issuse (shadow behind the caller picture, right outside, pink in black)
- V1.0 (51 downloads) -> V1.1
- No need to update, normally you can't see it

2nd April 2010, 12:09 AM |#4  
mike2nl's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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4th - for future use ...
2nd April 2010, 12:10 AM |#5  
mike2nl's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Skins for additional tabs (MTVP, CHT, MTP, ...)
This post is reserved for:

- Manila TV Player (MTVP)
- Call History Tab (CHT)
- Manila Today Page (MTP)

All these three additional tabs are tested now for 3 weeks on my phone without any problem.
All these three additional tabs will have the ported Dusk icons and view.

Some last work i have to do before i will publish this here. To be shure i have used the right
files i have to hard reset my phone tomorrow and install all things again.
2nd April 2010, 12:10 AM |#6  
mike2nl's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Additional Desktop Tweaks and Mods !

- Co0kieMonster (Smaller HTC Menus - ExtraSmall)
- Co0kieMonster (Smaller HTC Menus - for Manila 2.5.20xx)
- Co0kieMonster (Co0kie's Home Tab - more then three links in the home tab - this is an monster application)
- thx1200 (BattLineSvc V2.1 - Battery Indicator Line in Title Bar)

- ZuinigeRijder (BattClock 1.9 - this app has an DP stamp - DP is Dutch Proved we say)
- whiskeybro (Animated backgrounds for sense 2.5 - there will be mnore animations in the next time)
- tacchan23 (SWYPE Keyboard DUSK Blue&Green&Red&Pink SKIN - the green one i am using)
- fAZernERo (fN Clock Array MOD v0.1 - i use only one manila file - the rest is my work for Dusk)

- more are comming, shure . Mhh, i have used three tweaks from co0kie. Oh oh i am slaved in that.

At least some screenshots:
1. swype with green keyboard mod
2. animated background wtith the black rose
2nd April 2010, 12:14 AM |#7  
xXJohnXx's Avatar
Senior Member
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Looking good Mike

Great work.

2nd April 2010, 12:25 AM |#8  
mike2nl's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by xXJohnXx

Looking good Mike
Great work. Greetz.

Hi xXJohnXx,

good to see you back here and thanks for your comment. This time you are the 1st one . The files are comming step by step in the next days. I am very busy right now with our twins because they are sick at this moment. Yes childs are allways sick. No sleep this night - i sing this on no milk today .
2nd April 2010, 01:03 AM |#9  
acidbath5546's Avatar
Senior Member
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Looks nice man
Always love the blends of Grzegorz Great Dusk theme.

2nd April 2010, 09:54 AM |#10  
koubiac's Avatar
Flag Rochester, Ny
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sick theme!
2nd April 2010, 03:01 PM |#11  
xXJohnXx's Avatar
Senior Member
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Have to say i have moved on Mike.
I got a HD2 now,but i always come back where i started.

You and G are real artist and make great themes.
Just want to say i think you do a hell of a great work.

My TP2 looked perfect with Dusk and just want to thank you and G
for that.

Thx to you and G for a great theme

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