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[ROM][WWE][11-10-10] LIA ROM Series V3.1 21681 Sense 2019 Touch Of Glass/Standard *

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By bobsbbq, Senior Member on 4th April 2010, 01:44 PM
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Welcome To Lost In Asia ROMS, Reliable, Stable, and Fast ROMS. Configure and install what you want with our Lite ROMS. Built with the Latest WM CE OS Core.


This ROM Series is now going to be offered in 2 versions, with the default build being the Standard Lost in Asia Look. With all standard icons and no other customizations other than some nice apps.
Then a New version called "Touch of GLASS". With all glass theme icons, clock, manila slider etc. This new theme will be made with new GLASS theme and Icons. See this Thread for more information.

Other customizations such as color taskbar, Black Blue dialer, and more available in Preset Installer.

Touch Of Glass_____________________________________________ Standard Version

More Screen Shots Below



First I would like to Thank a few people who have helped me, and some great friends who I have worked together with. Sorry if I left anyone out.

jerpelea: who posted his kitchen and inspired me to start cooking, and has helped me a lot.

XannyTech: Thank you for your friendship, and working together to better our cause.

Miri: Thanks for all your help and patience my friend, You are a great inspiration to me.

Bepe: for your great Kitchen tools. And HSPL for LEO

Ervius: For your Wonderful Visual Kitchen for Bepe's Tools

Da_G: Thanks for you sharing your kitchens

DFT Boomer and Mwang for sharing WM OS builds

Kwbr: for your help and Blackstone cooking class. One of the most knowledgeable cooks on xda and a good inspiration to others

Olinex, Cotulla: for his HSPL. without this what would we do

NGRZ28: For some tweaks from your kitchen. Thanks

NeoS2007: For your continued graphics support and help.

Sparkienl: For you providing the updates for the Ervius Visual Kitchen for our Blackstone and HD2.

OndraSter & Airxtreme For you Visual Kitchen. A Great Fast Easy to use Kitchen.

Djcedric, Whiskeybro, Dinik: For your great graphics and Themes

Birkoffsjunk For your Kitchen and some tweaks.

BT73 For your great custom action screen, Thanks.

Star For helping me get my kitchen up to date after 2 months of no cooking.

And many other great cooks and friends here.


First Let me say, Everyone has different taste. This is why we have so many different ROM's to choose from. Most all of the ROM's here are good and I find it just comes done to personal preference. Some people like black others don't, some like ROM's ready to go out of the box, others don't and want to configure themselves etc etc.

This ROM is made with some changes from the stock ROM. It uses the Latest MS builds and a few customizations. With some of my personal start menu organization. I like a clean start Menu. I have made some tweaks for speed and stability. I find that our HD2 is already plenty fast for any user so there is no need to cut up and gut out our ROM's to gain some small amount of unnoticeable improvement. I also like to give users the choice in how they like to configure there ROM which is why I use Preset Installer. There will be Many programs you can install from Preset Installer instead of having them built in. I have added a few apps, and a few removed. You can load them from cabs found here on XDA or Through Preset Installer. Or let me know and I can provide it for you.

** Before you FLASH this ROM-YOU MUST HAVE HSPL2 or Now HSPL3 I recommend 2.08 HSPL. See this thread for HSPL and instructions. Please we owe it to Donate to DarkForces Team HardSPL by bepe and Cotulla. Without our HSPL were would you be?

NEW Rom Online

Which ROM is right for me?
: Comes with most all software and apps and is ready to go after flash.
Standard is also a Full version of HTC Sense With all Languages included.
Standard also is good for users who wish to apply themes and or add and remove manila mods etc.

Lite Version: Rom is a light base ROM that can be customized to anyone needs through Preset Installer. This ROM is also faster because all the apps loaded after flash benefit from the Extendir performance increase.
Many of the stock and custom apps have been removed for installation through Preset Installer.
Manila is less than half the size of the ship ROM. More than 3000 files are removed from the windows folder with this version.
Manila is cfc compressed, and all Lang files except WWE are removed.
Manila mods are uninstallable, if you uninstall a manila mod you will have to reinstall manila again from Preset Installer. (Not a big deal only 2 min)

========================================NEW Version 3.1 Standard WWE CFC HTC Sense 2019========================================

LIA V 3.1 21681 Standard Sense 2.5 20191914.0 CFC UPX Extendir 2+ WWE

This ROM is Multi Radio compatible for NON TMOUS users. Meaning you can use a .50 or .51 radio. TMOUS users Never FLASH a .51 RADIO OR IT WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE, Flash Radio or above before flashing this ROM, or you will have a device stuck at HTC screen.

LIA ROM Series V 3.1 21681 Standard WWE

MD5 Checksum:

================================================== ================================================== =============

=======================================NEW Version 3.1 Touch of Glass WWE CFC HTC Sense 2019=====================================

LIA ROM Series V 3.1 21681 "Touch of Glass" with 20191914.0 HTC Sense 2.5 CFC UPX Extendir 2+ WWE

This ROM is compatible for TMOUS .50 Radios 2.08.50 or above. TMOUS users Never FLASH a .51 RADIO OR IT WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE, Flash Radio or above before flashing this ROM, or you will have a device stuck at HTC screen

LIA ROM Series V 3.1 21681 Touch of Glass WWE

MD5 Checksum:

================================================== ================================================== =============

=======================================Lite Version 2.8 Standard WWE CFC HTC Sense 2018=====================================

LIA ROM Series V 2.8 23134 STD Lite with 20182814 HTC Sense 2.5 CFC UPX Extendir 2+ WWE

This ROM is Multi Radio compatible for NON TMOUS users. Meaning you can use a .50 or .51 radio. TMOUS users Never FLASH a .51 RADIO OR IT WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE, Flash Radio or above before flashing this ROM, or you will have a device stuck at HTC screen

LIA ROM Series V 2.8 23134 STD Lite WWE

MD5 Checksum:

================================================== ================================================== =============


How to install?:

Copy the Extendir folder found in download to the root of your storage card. Flash the ROM as usual, Soft Reset, then go to th Start Menu and select Preset Installer. When Preset Installer comes up you can click next and install the programs or utilities you want by checking the boxes for each program. You can Also choose from one of the Preset Configuration if available for that version. Then Click next and then install. NOTE: A box with a bold check will install automatically to Device, if it has a faded check this means you will be prompted for install location. This is needed for programs that require user intervention like FingerKeyboard Google Mapsetc. Don't let device go to sleep during install!!. Device will reboot after installation. You can remove any of the programs as needed from the Remove programs in System. I have made some new .cab files with shortcuts to my Start Menu folders structure. So if you try to use these cabs on another ROM it likely will not work. Read the install instructions inside the Extendir folder. [COLOR="Red"]WARNING do not copy or redistribute any of the cabs found in my Extendir Folder. I name them with LIA to distinguish them as being modified for my ROM. Some of these apps are proprietary and can cause trouble if posted somewhere else.


Preset Installer is a Visual UC Interface which allows you to add your Cabs and customizations after Flash. See this Thread for More Info:

WARNING 1: Read the Installation Instructions found in Extendir folder.
WARNING 2: Read the instructions and this thread carefully. I take no responsibility for any harm to your device. Flash at your own risk.
WARNING 5: It is recommended to use one of these Radio's before flashing to prevent problems with Hang at HTC Screen.,, 2.12.50.

Known Bugs:


First let me say I do all this work as a hobby. However it makes me feel good and that my work is appreciated for the many hours spent working and flashing to make ROM's for the community.

**If you like my work click: Donations Here**

If you like my work but are unable to Donate then PLEASE
at least Say Thank You in this Thread and Give Me a good Rating.
See the Top of this Thread.

The Following User Says Thank You to bobsbbq For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift bobsbbq Ad-Free
4th April 2010, 01:45 PM |#2  
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Version 2.9: (V3.0 Changelog coming tomorrow)

Changelog V 2.9

Updated WM CE OS 23138 6.5.3 AKU 5.3.9 (Thanks to DFT and Boomer for sharing)

Updated HTC Sense 2.5 20184125 (Except STD Lite version is 20182814)

Updated the following Exteral Packages from Oboe Ship ROM 1.07 and some From Huashan 1.20 Test ROM

Browser Snapshot v1.0.20183814.0

Contact Utility Engine v1.2.20183320.00

Comm Manager v2.10.6.1

Contacts Enhancement v1.1.20182921.00

HTC Bookmark v1.0.20183714.0

HTC Lock Screen v2.0.20191232.00

HTCMessaging_Client_1_8_20191825_00 (From pyrorob)

IE6 Enhancement v1.0.20183814.0

Long Press End Key v1.5.20191231.00

Menu Enhancement v1.1.20191232.00

MP3 Trimmer v1.2.20183714.0

Opera Browser v9.70.36034.0

Sensor SDK v4.2.20191330.00

Voice Recorder v2.0.20173229.1

Volume Control v2.2.20183525.00

WLAN Settings v2.7.B.0

Fixed Contact save issue.

Fixed Bubble Breaker Game

Removed GPS Tracker Sense Tab

Changed Slider to a new version

and some more I'm forgetting for sure.

Changelog V 2.8

Updated WM CE OS 23134 6.5.3 AKU 5.3.9 (Thanks to DFT and Boomer for sharing)

Updated HTC Sense 2.5 20183025 (Except STD Lite version is 20182814)

Updated the following Exteral Packages from Oboe Ship ROM 1.04

Appointment Editor v1.0.20182927.0

Contact Picker v1.0.20181326.00

Email Setup Wizard v2.3.20182029.20

Group Editor v1.0.20181314.00

HTC Lock Screen v2.0.20182027.00

Message Enhancement v1.2.20181629.00

MP3 Trimmer v1.2.20182814.0

New Contact Card v1.1.20182914.0

Notification Enhancement v3.5.20183233.00

Opera Browser v9.70.36027.0

Quick GPS v2.0.20182329.00

Settings Improvement v1.0.20182927.0

Wi-Fi Wizard v1.46.2.0

Added GPS Tracker Tab (Disabled by default) Thanks to MoonNah and xaoc747

Removed Bing Wave files from Ringtones

New Touch of Glass Swype Skin Thanks to DJC

Some registry cleanup

Changelog V 2.7

WM CE OS 6.5.3 23133

HTC Sense 2.5 20182814

And new graphic tweak to really speed up and smooth HTC Sense scrolling

New Lite version with many new changes

And a lot more I'm forgetting at the moment will update later

Changelog V 2.6

Updated SYS to WM CE OS 23129 Official from shipped ROM Oboe

Updated to HTC Sense 2.5 2018

HTC Messaging Client from Pyrorob 1.8 2018

Change Manila Message to 2.5 2018

Fixed Clock and Weather issue

Fixed Contact Photo soft keys buttons

Fixed Icon in Tools for eT9 MyWords

Changed default wallpaper to a new slightly different design

Changed Action Screen and EndKey Apps Backgrounds to match

Removed Start Menu Semi transparent overlay. Causes the start menu to be darker than home screen. Now the screen is nice and bright same as today.

Skinned Retractable Slider Icon in Co0kies Home Tab


Changelog V 2.5.1

Fixed the Sense not able to arrange tabs and a few more due to a invalid file left in ROM from Cab version.

Updated to Manila Message 2.6 2017

Skinned most of the New Messaging buttons


Changelog V 2.5

Updated all WWE Language files for 23128 Thanks to Boomer and Mwang from DFT

Updated HTC Sense 2.5 to 2017

Updated HTC Messaging to V 1.8 (Thanks to Pyrorob)

Added HTC Messages Color add on pack (Thanks to Pyrorob)

Updated The following Packages from the OBOE V1.01 Ship ROM (Thanks to DFT and Mobile Underground)

* AdobePDF_2_5_1_0_404840_06
* Audio Booster v2.5.20173128.01
* AppointmentEditor_1_0_20163010_0
* Audio_Manager_Engine_2_0_20173725_h
* Boot_Launcher_1_0_20143626_2
* Calculator_1_1_20171114_0
* CMWifiAdvanced_1_0_5_1
* Contact_Picker_1_0_20172921_00
* Email_Setup_Wizard_2_3_20163221_21
* GroupEditor_1_0_20172326_00
* HTCBookmark_1_0_20173214_0
* HTC Framework v1.7.20171620.00
* HTCGeoService_1_0_20171626_00
* HTC Lock Screen v2.0.20173725.00
* HTCMessaging_Client_1_8_20171628_00 (Pyrorob)
* HTCMessaging_Color_Functions
* Media Tool Kit v1.2.20173231.00
* Message_Enhancement_1_2_20172320_00
* MP3_Trimmer_1_2_20163610_0 (new interface! )
* New_Contact_Card_1_1_20173626_0
* Notification Enhancement v3.5.20173722.00
* Quick_GPS_2_0_20162513_00
* RSS Hub_2_1_2_1115_01
* Shared Resource v1.0.20171228.00
* Teeter_2_2_20153632_p0
* USB_To_PC_Pop_Up_2_3_20171924_00
* Voice_Recorder_2_0_20173229_1
* Wi-FiWizard_1_44_0_0

Added In Call Recorder Package

Updated to Turbo3D Chainfires drivers (Please Donate something to him Read Here)

Added Special BatteryDriver for better Battery performance (Thanks to Sanjeev)

Added TimeSync by Dave Shaw and a tweak to silently run it at startup.

Added Tweak to Automatically set data connection to turn off after use. Unfortunately does not work on a few connections like twitter, weather. But better than nothing.

Added Facebook Instant Messenger App

Upgraded Facebook Tab to 1.6 (Thanks to Meltwater)

Updated Total Commander to 2.52 beta 3 Much better.

Fixed issue with having to press Start button twice on first startup.

Changed PagePool to 22

CFC Compression on HTC Sense

UPX some apps you will notice the difference they open much quicker. Here are a list of some of them
Office Mobile 2010 All
Opera 9.7
First Release of Touch of Glass Theme Too many individual things to list but many things are skinned See this thread for more info

Thanks to Antoniomistetta for use of his frameless icons

And big Thanks to my partner on this Theme DjCedric for all of his work

And a lot more I'm forgetting I'm sure.


Know Issues: Photos thumbnail not shown on first time to Photos tab. Just click on a tab next to it and then back again.

4th April 2010, 01:46 PM |#3  
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Touch of Glass Screen Shots
More Touch of Glass Screen Shots

4th April 2010, 01:46 PM |#4  
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More Screen Shots
Standard Version:

If you would like a custom Touch of Glass splash screen see this post:

4th April 2010, 01:52 PM |#5  
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screenshots buddy !
4th April 2010, 03:46 PM |#6  
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in my Leo now

4th April 2010, 05:33 PM |#7  
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i want to see the changelog first
4th April 2010, 06:14 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Qazz~

i want to see the changelog first

There you go.
4th April 2010, 08:07 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by bobsbbq

Lots and Lots of Eye Candy
Completely new Look Throughout the whole ROM, New Theme, New Icons, New Buttons Everything (It's Beautiful)

Can I see some screenshots chef? It's sound nice
4th April 2010, 08:19 PM |#10  
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i waiting ... for the best rom ...
4th April 2010, 10:34 PM |#11  
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I take it a release version of Extendir 2 is on its way?

EDIT: Was installing the most recent version of you ROM the other night, with the lovely new DINIK icons. Had an idea for the regular version - most of the icons from the Start Menu are stored as .png files in \Windows. Can you create an \Extendir\Windows\Icons folder and have them all installed in there? Much like the Manila folder, it would tidy up the main Windows folder a bit, and would also be easier to check which icons you have available (I copied over all of DINIKs icons so I can fill in any missing ones I have).
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