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WP7 Donation Fund For Da_G (hd2+trace32) [DONATIONS REACHED 1350$ FOR NOW]

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By HD2Owner, Inactive Recognized Developer on 19th May 2010, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Da_G

Well guys, the only JTAG unit i'm aware of that is supported on Win CE/WP7 for debugging is TRACE32, and it costs more than a brand new in box HD2.. so unless someone is aware of a cheaper alternative, or has access to one of those units, it's not very likely that getting donations going to get me a device is going to go far enough to purchase one of those too..

Take a look here for some info about the software (note that it is a hardware module and software to drive it) - Edit: more info, if anyone's aware of a cheaper alternative, let me know

Da_G's WP7 DONATION LINK (donation goal reached for now; you can still donate of course but you wont be mentioned)

HD2Owner DONATION LINK (to thank me for my efforts)

350$ - HTC HD2 (tmobile 1024mb device)
+1000$ (APPROX)- Trace 32 tool.
= 1350$

Donations to da_G: >1350$ DONATION GOAL REACHED (it took around 14h)
Donations to HD2O: >45$-23$to da_g=22$

please post your transaction id, donation amount and currency.

zelduy - 153$ (Transaction ID: 7RA883622F224000R)
bminiman ( - $100 (Transaction ID: 4RR286306C770551E)
surur ( $100 (Transaction ID: 9K708796GN332282W)
ankur1234 - 100$ (Transaction ID: 0UA35528NH153211C)
ryanchauvin1 - 50$ (Transaction ID: 3CH616880L376172W)
callpartha - 40$ (Transaction ID: 6VG33073Y4654510S)
gguuss - 40$ (Transaction ID: 3DT88611E38039721)
kitron - 30$ (Transaction ID: 604501481X299694W)
saints5354 - 30$ (Transaction ID: 2B782370JG5008419)
black14987 - 30$ (Transaction ID: 3W3129712A921124X)
trueside - 25$ (Transaction ID: 07Y954189D212144E)
jrmatics - 25$ (Transaction: id-(6KY384059C729764G)
vizagdude - 25$ (Transaction ID: 491052987E228291R)
hd2owner - 23$ (Transaction ID: 16S22157YC497674D)
wingman1487 - 22.75$(Transaction ID: 8RC22675LC510350B)
montecristoffon - 20$ (Transaction ID: 0GA49009VJ159451H)
saints5354 - 20$ (Transaction ID: 2BF34993HV3096732)
ozkaya - 20$ (Transaction ID: 0G1048451W410922F)
mindreaver - $20 (Transaction ID: 06846837EJ2335018)
beastage - 20$ (Transaction ID: 89K68683MF606444D)
kukuriku - 20$ (Transaction ID: 2KK250331C748272K)
pkoper - 20$ (Transaction ID: 3S49351939128922W)
omarrpa - 20$ (Transaction ID: 3E403792XK930943S)
jr_daza - 20$ (Transaction ID: 57W59276Y7385835B)
delkasko - 15$ (Transaction ID: 0DW463996P415663T)
bshah - 15$ (Transaction ID: 9M440084MS661473D)
diboze - 15$ (Transaction ID: 58U26603DD4061709)
gianton - 10$ (Transaction ID: 5U2404331C980891M)
vodanhdaisu - 10$ (Transaction ID: 55948830S5446921G)
warenbe - 10$ (Transaction ID: 0LE31381BB838934F)
domineus - 10currency??? (Transaction ID: 6JB79913Y8407852V)
gamemanx - 10$ (Transaction ID: 31L01298EG343524Y)
skr_xd - 10$ (Transaction ID: ???????)
rustygrom - 10$ (Transaction ID: 15G91488287091428)
jgal - 10$ (Transaction ID: 4HG868641L120224V)
HaaSarD - 10$ (Transaction ID: 07J98266VE135612F)
ben_duder - 10$ (Transaction ID: 26M873622B0343423)
netdrg - 10$ (Transaction ID: 87X47270YB177241P)
calvano - 10$ (Transaction ID: 9152l2466652u178751t)
ntollemache - 10$ (Transaction ID: 5YG70401RJ764831D)
chrisnash - 10$ (Transaction ID: 3DE74493PE142064N)
dwali - 10$ (Transaction ID: 3C989648N5433343T)
curry684 - 5$ (Transaction ID: 9CX658683E829605H)
dior - 5$ (Transaction ID: 9UW778403X6542323)
Rujna - 5$ (Transaction ID: 37C49656BE827704N)
gorelshv - 5$ (Transaction ID: 2KH395428K608305B)
acdbox - 4$ (Transaction ID: 42T28548VW142042A)
avalst - $2.41 (Transaction ID: 39F67972DE352011R)
pastelidis.n.s. - 2$ (please post your transaction ID)
idloco - X$ (Transaction ID: 4YU82608NK733391T)
starbase64 - X$ (Transaction-ID: 8VD6649076101582A)
malavan - X$ (Transaction ID: 7GK72380H2479872E)
norgan - X$ (Transaction ID: 0R530383S04027309)
svyatko - X$ (Transaction ID: 63392853UC319092A)
19th May 2010, 04:25 AM |#2  
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Lightbulb WP7 Donation Fund For Da_G (hd2+trace32)

Nothing much i can help from here, just some token i can contribute either for Trace32 or HD2.

$20 from Malaysia (Asia):
Transaction ID: 2BF34993HV3096732
19th May 2010, 04:37 AM |#3  
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how much is this TRACE32? can we get a used HD2 and one of those for like $1000? I say we start a donation thread and buy these for the genius da_g. A small amount to pay for each of us to protect our investment and get updated software.
19th May 2010, 04:41 AM |#4  
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Transaction ID: 0R530383S04027309 For Wp7 fund ;P

modest amount but it all helps. i can't help but wonder many times in nearly anything in this world.

there are so many of us, if we all just gave up a dollar each once, that'd be billions of dollars made available for different things.

there are many people on this site, and i am sure a great number of them are keen to see wp7 running on hd2 or similar. i'd hassard a guess that there are enough people here wanting wp7 on hd2 alone to enable a hd2 device and JTAG purchase simply by all giving just a very small amount.

let's call upon this community to enable those that can to have the tools required to benefit us all!
19th May 2010, 07:47 AM |#5  
Thanks Meter: 2
Lightbulb WP7 Donation Fund For Da_G (hd2+trace32)
I'm ready to support all of HD2's alternative OS developments

Donated +1
19th May 2010, 08:51 AM |#6  
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Hi all! First of all awesome work from everyone!

What if you put up a list of tools you need and the total cost for it, and then update how much more is needed after you get donations? I think alot more people would be able to donate if they could see a clear goal for the money. Of course i dont mean you dont deserve some personal money for all the work you do, but thats what the beer donation button hehe

just a thought..
19th May 2010, 10:05 AM |#7  
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transaction ID: 0LE31381BB838934F

donated 10$.
can't donate more but i think every $ can help
19th May 2010, 10:27 AM |#8  
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Lightbulb WP7 Fund For Da_G
Da_G would need two things:
--An Arm v7 device. I propose the HD2 as it has had a large uptake and has a buzzing dev community for testing etc. (NB. This would have to be owned, since Da_G would want to play with the device in a way that would be beyond the condition expected due to fishing around with the phone during this process.
--The second thing required is the Trace32 JTAG Debugger. Why? We would have to unbrick a phone many times during the process, and JTAG is the only known way...only's expensive, although not more expensive than buying 3 HD2s, so it seems a more cost effective solution.[/SIZE]

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST (second hand HD2 from Ebay + Second hand JTAG tester):
Lower Bound: $300 (HD2) + $700 (JTAG) = $1000
Upper Bound: $350 (HD2) + $1000 (JTAG) = $1350...

Total so far: $1350+(see Da_G) = 100% of money reqired. WELL DONE! ANYMORE FOR ANYMORE???!!!!

EDIT: Due to overlap with merged thread...great mind think alike HD2owner!

So sad, I posted 2hours before HD2 owner and now its not even my thread :P
19th May 2010, 10:48 AM |#9  
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[Mod edit: Merged redundant threads]
19th May 2010, 11:01 AM |#10  
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thanks da_g hope will have a working os sooner or later.
$10 sent (Transaction ID: 5U2404331C980891M).
19th May 2010, 11:23 AM |#11  
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2$ from me because i have no time to full my card now...

i will pay again...

come on you can
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