[Manila Mod] (17Jul10) MaxSense v1.05 (lookout for MaxSense ROMs)

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By maxycy, Retired Recognized Developer on 23rd May 2010, 05:35 PM
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MaxSense Unleashed (POCKETNOW REVIEW)

If you are from outer space and wonders what MaxSense is all about, then please take some time to read through this.

This has taken a while longer than planned as I lack the free time that I used to have. Due to this, MaxSense will only be released in ROMs and there is no cab for it. This is to avoid answering questions all the time and give myself time to make further improvements. If you are a cook and intend to flash this to your ROM, you can contact me on my mail [email protected] for the latest files. Future updates will be posted here. The current version have some basic widgets but depending on the reception of this project, more things will be added.

What is MaxSense?
MaxSense is based on Manila/Sense 2.5. Unlike the original setup, MaxSense offers you total freedom to re-design your Home layout. All objects are now widget based and there are many customization options available to make your phone truly looks the way you want it. With full screen features and multiple screens, these allow you real estates to put things on the screen which were never possible. The UI design in such a way that it gives you access to the things you use frequently within a touch or scroll. I can go on forever but below summary of the features will bring to light what is there to offer.

Features of MaxSense
  • Full Screen ( Wallpapers 960x800 )
  • 3 Home Widget Screens ( Scroll left/right )
  • 60 Quicklinks accessible on all tabs
  • Tab launcher screen accessible on all tabs
  • Full Taskbar with dropdown features accessible on all tabs
  • Widgets ( a lot of customization options and more to come )
    - Clocks ( Analog, Digital, Slide )
    - Alerts ( Calendar, Call History, Mail, SMS, Voicemail, Alert Display Panel )
    - Quicklinks ( 10 additional shortcut widgets for program, contacts and bookmarks )
    - 11 Toggle Widgets ( Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane, Data, AutoLock, AutoMute, AutoBacklight, Weather Animation, Vibrate Toggle, Rotation, Display Off )
    - 6 Utility Widgets ( Battery, Memory Meter, Date, Alarm, Phone Signal, StartMenu )
    - Others ( Weather, Music Player, Favorite Contacts, Internet Search, Blank Panel, Scrolling Text )
  • General Settings
    - Weather Animation
    - Rotation
    - Autolock
    - AutoMute
    - Taskbar ( Hidden/Maximized/Minimized ) + Retractable
    - Text Color ( includes bottom arrow but exclude all widgets text which you can set individually )
    - High Quality Wallpaper
    - 20 pixel snap
  • Program Link Settings (LSK, Start, Date, Alarm, Battery, Memory, Calendar, Messaging, Email, TaskMgr)
Video Review/Tutorial
Review Video from Pocketnow CLICK HERE

Thks to Swiss420. Here's a very nice flash link where you can play around and find out more about the functions of the UI. CLICK HERE

Special thks to Bignadad for all the development support. Without him, Max Sense would not be completed.
CJ Lippstreu for the review and video on Pocketnow
Also thks to Co0kie for his multi quicklinks scripts
Bignadad, Millski and NRGZ for coming up with the first batch of Max Sense ROMs
Beta testers - Ceesheim, Millski, Big and his beta tester group
Language translators - Dan Nda, Kenia, Emra, Joaquim, Riku, Jan, Toby, Hector, Andreas, btxakita, Sandra, Renazzi and Dave ( let me know if I missed any names )

Links to ROMs with MaxSense

Millski HD2 ROM

Bignadad TP2 CDMA ROM

Energy ROMs (Released in regular threads. Look for the |WWE|·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ |May 30| 21905|23569 |`·.¸¸|MaxSense|¸¸.·´¯) title in your favorite device forum )

Help me buy a HD2
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23rd May 2010, 05:36 PM |#2  
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Updates / Changelog
HTML Code:
- Analog clock widget with dual time/clock feature (all new clocks)
- New Text scrolling panel widget ( text will scroll on the panel upon updates on registry ). This is actually planned for stock updates but I still don't have the time to update yet.
- 1 new weather layout
- Home buttons and keys now go straight to the main screen
- Program link settings for those featured applications
- Retractable taskbar settings
- Larger snap option in widget edit mode
- All alert icons are more responsive to touch
- New widget; backlight display off toggle
- Widget can now be deleted by moving straight to the bottom trash can in widget edit mode
- Display panel alert new auto close setting ( will close after pressing left top icon )
- Save & Restore Settings
- Extended Favorite Contacts Widget
- All new stock icons and backgrounds
- total 10 quicklink widgets. Can also now access to contacts and bookmarks
- toggle widgets (total 10)
  - Wifi, BT, Data, Airplane, Weather Anim, AutoLock, AutoMute, Vibrate, Rotation, AutoBacklight
- utility widgets (total 6)
  - Memory, Battery, Date, Alarm, Phone Signal, Startmenu
- New music player layout (Maximized and minimized)
- Added new alert widget for voicemail
- Added navigation icon for display alert panel
- Improved performance, smoother transition between submenus and main screen
- Improved gridlock on widgets and performance in widget edit mode
- Added many alternate external program links to the widgets
- Updated MaxGRPS.exe to detect no data package phone
- Adjusted the HomeButton press and sliding sensitivity
- Added a HQ wallpaper option in MaxSense Settings
- Added 3 additional shortcuts
- Appointments count fixed
- Fixed other tabs title appearing after coming back fm landscape
- Some other minor fixes
Due to time constraint, the other languages packages will only be released
on the next updates. Thks in advance to those who has contributed.
Requirements & Compatibilty
1. Supports both WVGA and VGA
2. ROM with Manila/Sense 2.5 ( MaxSense is only available "cooked" in ROM's. As of now there are no intentions of releasing a cab as a "Add On" to Manila/Sense 2.5 )

1. How to get speed performance in Max Sense?
Ans : Putting more widgets on screen will slow things down and the best way is to switch off certain settings when necessary. Below are some of the settings which you can tweak to get optimum performance
a. Minimize or hide weather animation
b. Minimize or hide taskbar
c. Minimize all alerts and use a single alert display panel
e. Use less widgets

2. How do I change the language in Manila?
Ans : You have to edit a registry value in HKCU / MUI / CurLang. The CurLang value determines what language will appear in Manila. After you've made the changes, re-start manila. Currently, languages to be included are as below with hex value.
a. English : en-us (0409)
b. Chinese (Simplified) : zh-cn (0804)
c. Chinese (Traditional) : zh-tw (0404)
d. Czech : cs-cz (0405)
e. Finnish : fi-fl (040b)
f. French : fr-fr (040c)
g. German : de-de (0407)
h. Greek : el-gr (0408)
i. Hungarian : hu-hu (040e)
j. Italian : it-it (0410)
k. Korean : ko-kr (0412)
l. Dutch : nl-nl (0413)
m. Norwegian : nb-no (0414)
n. Polish : pl-pl (0415)
o. Portugese : pr-pr (0816)
p. Spanish : es-es (0c0a)

More information regarding languages and their number in the below link.
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23rd May 2010, 05:36 PM |#3  
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23rd May 2010, 05:37 PM |#6  
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Howto backup maxsense :

To auto backup and restore please look at this post Auto backup

Open Task Manager and go to the Regedit.
Go to HKCU or HKLM .
Them go to one of the register key's mentioned in the code boxes.
Now click and hold the key you want to backup till there come's a pop up screen.
Then export the registry key.

To save your Quick Links that you use : ( Home\"*"] this is the number of the Quick link) there are 75 of them.

To save the maxsense settings :

To save Widgets (38)


1) Q: "Can you remove or hide placeholders"
1) A: yes you can , you have to edit the registry . [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila] to :




2) Q: How dos " auto mute " work .
2) A: Put your phone face down and it's muted (just a handy feature for some people)

3) Q: How dos " auto lock " work .
3) A: Put your phone top down( or reverse ) and it's locked .

4) Q: How do I change the language in Manila? (Multi Lang cab only)
4) A: You have to edit a registry value in HKCU / MUI / CurLang. The CurLang value determines what language will appear in Manila. After you've made the changes, re-start manila. Currently, languages included are as below with hex value.

5) Q: How can I get the stock look back .
5) A: Install this cab MaxSense Stock

1) English : en-us (0409)
2) Chinese (Simplified) : zh-cn (0804)
3) Chinese (Traditional) : zh-tw (0404)
4) Czech : cs-cz (0405)
5) Finnish : fi-fl (040b) (In multi cab)
6) French : fr-fr (040c) (In multi cab))
7) German : de-de (0407) (In multi cab)
8) Greek : el-gr (0408) (In multi cab)
9) Hungarian : hu-hu (040e)
10) Italian : it-it (0410) (In multi cab)
11) Korean : ko-kr (0412) (In multi cab)
12) Dutch : nl-nl (0413) (In multi cab)
13) Norwegian : nb-no (0414)
15) Polish : pl-pl (0415)
16) Portugese : pr-pr (0816)
17) Spanish : es-es (0c0a) (In multi cab)

MaxSense rom threads

Beegee_Tokyo "[June 10th] WM6.5 Build 21905 ROM with MaxSense v1.01" => The Thread

zard [Topaz WWE 23568 with Max Sense v1.02][20/Jun/2010] => The Thread

kenia [Blackstone WWE/ITA BlackNew with MaxSense v1.00][6/Jun/2010] => The Thread

pego2007 "[June 17th]Topaz-GER/WWE WM6.5 Build 21907 ROM with MaxSense v1.01" => The Thread

pego2007 "[June 20th]Topaz-GER WM6.5 Build 21907 ROM with MaxSense v1.02" => The Thread

zard Rhodium WWE 23549 ROM with Max Sense v1.02 [22/Jun/2010] => The Thread

j-a-c-k Touch HD RUS WM 6.5.x build 21661 MaxSense 1.02 ROM named 3.18MS => The Thread

dibbson RhodiumW 23569 w/ Max Sense => The Thread

pavanmaverick TP2, Sprint: Noobie ROM v0.1 alpha with MaxSense v1.02: Fast, Friendly, Stable.... => The Thread

Fab985 [ITA-WWE]DEV-FAM WaterBear MAX v0.2[2.13][576MB][23569/21905][MaxSenseUI 2013]=> The Thread

helgee> Topaz-RUS WM6.5.5 Build 23569 ROM with MaxSense v1.02 => The Thread

pego2007 TOPAZ_GER WM6.5 Build 21907 & MaxSenseV1.03 => The Thread

Thanks To:

Language translators - Dan Nda, Kenia, Emra, Joaquim, Riku, Jan, Toby, Hector, Andreas, btxakita, Sandra, Renazzi and Dave ( let me know if I missed any names )

All the Language cab's are for MaxSense V1.0.0 and will be updated later ( you can use them on later build's but some text will be wrong )

Get your Languages here :

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the new beginning.

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23rd May 2010, 06:16 PM |#7  
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With No doubt this new UI will be awesome, and Maxycy work alot of this project, but right now im a bit disapointed, because i was thinking that the Max Sense is stand alone complate new Revolution UI and everyone can use it without to have need from the Manila, now i read is again just new mod for 2.5 Sense this mean that only the peoples with new devices who are by default with 2.5 can use it..., of course everyone can flash a rom with 2.5 sense even on Blackstone but this is super super super slow interface...for our old devices, i like the Cooke mod too but i need to buy HD2 if i really wana use it, all other is JOKE and peoples with Blackstone and other Old devices who think they can use this manila 2.5 MODs.. know very well that this is not a interface for our devices, super slow,buggy lags etc....

I think the best UI need to be independant like stand alone application only then many peoples with diferent devices can use it and feel it, because if have some UI like this then we just need to Flash a fast clean rom without any Manila etc and just to use this UI alone, this is the REVOLUTION and complate new UI.

Anyway congrats for the work and will wait to see how this Max Sense will work if is posible please update with some Video when is released.

23rd May 2010, 07:31 PM |#8  
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@Maxcy send you a mail about dutch translation
23rd May 2010, 08:18 PM |#9  
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This is going to be good!
I can't wait.. This looks very good from the post above.. Great job guys.
24th May 2010, 02:44 AM |#10  
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Wow! I really appreciate all the work that has gone into rebuilding the UI. I can't comprehend the undertaking it was. I am still trying to get used to it though. What a change! Very complex and difficult right now to keep track of which home screen I am on. Navigating is not natural for me yet. I hope it becomes easier for me to remember how to move through it soon. Thank you to Maxyc and the whole team for all that you do.
24th May 2010, 09:35 AM |#11  
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French translation
Hi maxycy, PM is send, cordially.
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