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[6/7/10][UPDATE][ROM]CaNNoN202 Complete Eclair (v2.2.1)-(FAST & STABLE)

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By Cannon202, Senior Member on 28th May 2010, 07:29 PM
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With all the bugs reported in my 2.2 version I had to quickly release another version. I gotta maintain my reputation lol! I now PROUDLY present my new Complete Eclair 2.2.1!Download and Enjoy!
All donations are highly appreciated

Change Log


- Multitasking Kernel V7(V2 in previous CE2.2)
- Fixed Audio Issues
- Fixed Camera Issue
- Fixed Wifi Issue(Patch)
- Changed Power Control Widget colors to the Original Android Green
- Updated USB Tethering and Bluetooth PAN tethering
- Updated Music Apk Mod by Elliot

*Note*WiFi patch should be flashed after ROM/before gapps for those who need wifi in order so sign in to G-Mail

- Any SPL
- Added Multitasking Kernel
- Much Faster!
- Full Swap/Compcache Control via Spareparts
- Optimized All APK's
- Customizable Silent Mode
- Added Latest ADW Launcher(Recommended Zoom Speed 354)
- More Customizable Colors for Various Parts of the System(in Spare Parts)
- Removed Launcher Pro
- Ability to Load Custom Color Theme XML
- Support Album Artist in Media Scanner
- Various Code Cleanups All Throughout the Source
- Multiple Bug Fixes

- Highly Anticipated Major Release!
- Now Based Off CM5.0.7 Stable
- All The CE Goodies with A Couple Extras
- Completely Stock AOSP 2.1(Wallpapers,colors & highlights)
- Firerats "All In One" Fix Patch Included
- Enable A2SD via Settings/Applications(For those who didn't know)
- Compcache Increased From 24mb to 32mb
- Much Faster
- New Default Wallpaper
- Resized All Wallpapers to 640x480(Perfect for G1 & MT3G!)
- Video/Camcorder
- Youtube Standard/HQ
- Added Launcher Pro
- Added Cache Cleaner
- New Music Apk Mod from cacheinjection
- Removed Tweetcaster
- Removed Wireless & Wired Tether(Activate Tether via Settings)
- Removed Home++
- Removed Launcher2
- Removed Stock Nexus One LWP's(LWP's from market work great)

*Note*I recommend flashing the ROM and enabling A2SD before flashing the Google Add-on's to save space
*Note*Black patch is to be flashed over the base CE2.1(It is not a ROM!)...and no,the battery is not circular lol(After flashing you must change the text color via Spare parts)

- None to name

- Full Wipe
- Danger SPL(For G1 users only)

Partition Layout
- Fat 32
- Ext 1-4
- Linux-Swap

- G1
- MyTouch 3G


Firerat, KingKlick, Cyanogen, Jac, Eugene373, Modaco, Mr.Incredible, KenMood, dumfuq, Daneshm90 and the Open Eclair Team for all you've done for the community!

Complete Eclair v.2.2.1
WiFi Patch
Black Theme(Patch)
Google Add on


Complete Eclair v.2.2
Complete Eclair v.2.1
Complete Eclair v.2.1(Any SPL)
Complete Eclair v.2.0
Complete Eclair v.2.0(Black)
Complete Eclair v.1.2
Complete Eclair v.1.2(Black)
Complete Eclair v.1.1
Complete Eclair v.1.0

My Screenshots
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28th May 2010, 07:32 PM |#2  
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downloading now....

booting now....

I'm giddy with excitement!
28th May 2010, 07:35 PM |#3  
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What does the Google Add on includes ?
EDIT : I'm downloading it, it seems very nice !
Thanks for your job man !
28th May 2010, 07:37 PM |#4  
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downloading now...
and will flashing soon...

thank you for your hardwork

*Greatly appreciated....
28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Brian_Fr

What does the Google Add on includes ?
EDIT : I'm downloading it, it seems very nice !
Thanks for your job man !

Market,Maps,Gmail etc...
28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Brian_Fr

What does the Google Add on includes ?
EDIT : I'm downloading it, it seems very nice !
Thanks for your job man !

Google Apps Like Market
28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#7  
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read the FAQ's below

28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#8  
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Cool CE 2.2.1 FAQ, Patches & Themes
At the request of Cannon and Firerat this post will house the ongoing FAQ and Patch list. Please keep in mind, I am not a dev and I don't write/examine code - so any help I'm able to give on those types of questions will be extremely limited.

Make sure you setup a signature for yourself with your phone info - it makes it easier for us to help when you have questions.

Please read the entire FAQ before posting any questions... a lot of issues can be solved here.


c5cf4227a3aaf974c0d16e420bae9592  CaNNoN202-CompleteEclair-v221
6ce87e782a4c261386760203851b227d  gapps-ds-ERE36B-signed
34453698c42a721148544ddc48f3e3f6  CE2.x-WiFi-Patch
439cc77b02e9c335b8988e4d083e527e  CaNNoN202-Complete Eclair-BlackTheme
08757ff2cd5c58b222487750d21966b488bba924  CaNNoN202-CompleteEclair-v221
6f9d034a2ba9571a82970d1216c54e7da9731f18  gapps-ds-ERE36B-signed
d46904d31001ef6a6ffdd312aaa99e92a119bfc9  CE2.x-WiFi-Patch
cfd367ea4c6dfa72fe707d6bdfd5858ae43f91fd  CaNNoN202-Complete Eclair-BlackTheme


*** FLASHING ***

Q: Is CE 2.2.1 overclocked?
A: Yes. This newest version of CE uses version 7 of the OC'd multasking kernel. It's overclocked to 576MHz. If you're not comfortable with having your G1/MT3G being OC'd, you can scale it back down to 528MHz with SetCPU.

Q: I have a myTouch3G, do I need the DangerSPL?
A: No. I'm still running the stock SPL on my MT3G Classic... you're good to go.

Q: Do I need to have the DangerSPL on my G1?
A: Yes, the DangerSPL is a requirement for CE 2.2.1.

Q: What steps do I need to take to flash the DangerSPL?
A: Follow this guide on the CyanogenMod wiki. Make sure you also check that you have a compatible radio version as well. If you don't have the proper radio flashed first, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE. That being said, the instructions in the wiki are very well-written and straight-forward, if you can follow them, you'll be fine.

Q: Can I use CE 2.2.1 on the myTouch Fender Edition or myTouch 1.2 (the newer version with the headphone jack)?
A: XDA member "mistere372002" confirms that CE 2.2.1 works.

Q: Can I use CE 2.2.1 on my EBI1/32A phone?
A: XDA member "kwanbis" reports that you can use CE 2.2.1 on EBI1/32A phones. See the write-up with patch links here.

Q: Do I REALLY need to wipe before flashing?
A: It's recommended that you do a full wipe when flashing a major upgrade or switching ROMs - unless of course the Dev says it's a no-flash update. If you want to backup your apps and data, I suggest checking out Titanium Backup and MyBackup Pro in the Market.

Q: If I'm coming from CM5 (or any other CM5 variant) do I still need to wipe?
A: People have reported that it is possible to make a no-wipe transition from CM5 based ROMs to CE 2.2.1 - but it is still recommended you to a complete wipe to avoid any issues. Flash without wiping at your own risk.

Q: How long should I wait after flashing before I can start setting up CE 2.2.1?
A: The best way to know when the first boot setup is done is to watch the logcat - when it stops scrolling like crazy and settles down, the ROM has finished loading. If you're not at a computer that you can watch the logcat from, a good rule of thumb is to let it sit for about 10 minutes while the ROM does it's first boot procedures. (I've personally clocked it at about 5 minutes while watching logcat.)

Q: How can I watch the logcat?
A: Assuming you have ADB setup as a system variable in Windows - connect your phone to your computer via USB and type the following into a command prompt:
adb shell
Q: Where are the Market, GMail and all the other Google Apps?
A: Download the Google Add-on zip. Reboot into recovery, flash the zip from there.

Q: I'm pretty new to all this flashing stuff, can you give me a step-by-step guide on how to do it?
A: Follow the guide I wrote here.


Q: I decided not to wipe before flashing. Now I'm having problems with getting apps to install to my SD card, what can I do to fix this?
A: XDA members "rumsey" and "mr_deimos" have figured out a fix for those that decided not to wipe first. Note: It is still recommended you do a full wipe and follow the flashing guide in order to avoid Apps2SD issues from the start.

Q: If I have Apps2SD turned on, will the Google Apps install to my SD card?
A: No, they do not. XDA member "cloverdale" talks more about it here.

Q: I've tried flashing the Google Apps, but my G1 is stuck on the loading screen, what can I do to fix this?
A: Firerat talks about space issues with G1s here. Note: The steps he outlines are slightly outdated now, but I'm keeping it around for reference. Follow my step-by-step guide instead.

Q: I tried flashing the Black Theme from recovery, now I'm stuck on the G1 screen, what happened?
A: More then likely, you were very close to filling /system on the internal memory and the black theme pushed it to 100%. Try restoring the last backup you made and moving the ringtones from /system/media/audio/ringtones to your SD card. That should free up enough space for the black theme to flash correctly.

Q: I turned on Apps2SD, but I keep getting an error of "Insufficient Space", how can I fix this?
A: Firerat talks about space issues with G1s here. Note: The steps he outlines are slightly outdated now, but I'm keeping it around for reference. Follow my step-by-step flashing guide instead. Remember, myTouch3Gs have enough internal storage space that you more then likely won't ever need to turn on Apps2SD.


Q: I don't like ADW Launcher, but I can't uninstall it, how can I fix this?
A: Type the following into your favorite terminal app on your phone:
mount -o rw,remount /system
rm -r /system/app/ADW.Launcher.0.7.7_standalone.apk
Q: I love the included ADW Launcher, but I want to replace the standard launcher with the newest ADW so I only have one... how can I do this?
A: Follow the mini-guide in my tweaking tips post.

Q: I'm not comfortable typing codes, is there another way to replace the launcher?
A: XDA member "sleepfu" has made an awesome video that shows you how to replace the regular Home app with ADW or LauncherPro without entering commands into terminal or ADB. Note: This is an old video now, I recommend following the mini-guide listed in the question above.

Q: How can I activate and setup swap?
A: Activate it with Firerat's All-in-One Patching Script. Set it up with Swapper2 from the market. Note: Do this at your own risk. There are multiple reports of swap causing random reboot issues on G1s, and it's not needed on the MT3G.

Q: Can I use JIT on this ROM?
A: It's been reported that you can - but I don't remember by whom. You'll have to search the forum, I don't use JIT on CE. Sorry.

Q: Why don't live wallpapers work?
A: Get Firerat's All-in-One Patching Script - instructions on how to use it are in the post. (If you followed my flashing guide, they should already be working.)

Q: Can I push the stock Nexus live wallpapers from another ROM - will they work?
A: Per Firerat, the stock Nexus live wallpapers will not work - but, LWPs from the Market will.

Q: I have a QWERTZ keyboard, but they keys aren't mapped correctly, how can I fix this?
A: XDA member "arceles" has researched a fix - follow his instructions here.

Q: I have a French keyboard on my phone (AZERTY), how can I remap the keys for my hardware?
A: XDA member "superpigeon" has a fix - follow his instructions here.

Q: I flashed the black theme, but now I can't see the time in the notification bar, how can I fix this?
A: Open your app tray, go down to Spare Parts. You can change your colors there. Reboot your phone to see the changes.

Q: My battery drains very quickly after flashing, what can I do to fix it?
A: Try doing the battery calibration procedure discussed in the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Q: I followed the detailed flashing guide exactly, but I'm having problems with my Wifi, how can I fix this?
A: Try flashing the Wifi Patch again from recovery. XDA member "TheLaughingMan" talks about it here.

Q: The volume is really low on my phone, how can I fix this?
A: Check out the Louder Volume Hacks by XDA member "Meltus". I recommend using the "Generation 7 v2r2" files, they give the best results. Follow the guide by "LucidREM" in that thread to install them or use your favorite file manager with root permissions to place the hack files in /system/etc.

Q: I tried using the loudspeaker, but sound is only coming from the regular handset speaker, how can I fix this?
A: Try the Louder Volume Hacks linked in the question above. That should correct the problem.

Q: People tell me that they can barely hear me on the phone, is there a way to fix this?
A: Flash this fix by Firerat from your recovery.

Q: It's so slow! How can I make it go faster?
A: While most people haven't had any problems with speed... those that DO have issues with CE crawling on their phones - or just want to try to squeeze a little more out of it - can check out the Tweaking Tips post I've started.

Known Issues:
  • Regulatory domain in Advanced Wireless settings defaulting to 11 Channels after reboot. - Reported by: tsheeley
  • Turning on swap causes random reboots on G1s. - Reported by: Cannon and others.
  • G1s reporting background noise on call - Fix here.


Firerat's All-in-One Patching Script - LWP Fix, Facebook Fix & More. More info also here. - For G1s reporting background noise issues while on a call.

Themed Versions:

Black Themed
The Official Black Theme by Cannon - No Wipe Required

Older version of CE that are themed
Cyanoch Theme - CE 2.1 - Posted by opasha
(MD5SUM: 1aecbfd40b670c5b44f30cdaacba7fcd)
(SHA1SUM: c4d6ae9b727b762bae46663a2471a7ab2551226e)

Serenity Theme - CE 2.1 - Posted & Ported by opasha

28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#9  
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Cool! Couple of question:

- Does CE2.1 use Firerat's CacheHack so Danger is not required on the G1? (if Danger SPL is required, that should be mentioned)
- Is there no black notification bar version available?
28th May 2010, 07:39 PM |#10  
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Downloading & Flashing now
I'm downloading and flashing immediately! Hope we have voice to txt goodness! Thanks for all your hard work!
28th May 2010, 07:40 PM |#11  
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Awesome, been waiting for this ever since it was first mentioned. Thanks for all your hard work much appreciated. Just wondering though, is there gonna be a black theme release of this?
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