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Apk Manager 4.9 - Makes Modifying Ur Apk A Breeze (Windows/Linux)

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By Daneshm90, Retired Recognized Developer on 5th June 2010, 06:43 PM
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15th June 2010, 10:13 PM |#71  
Senior Member
Flag Dublin
Thanks Meter: 38
OK I tried installing it through apk manager. What I get (this time I did quick modification and selected option number 7 to zip, sign and install):

1    System apk
2    Regular apk
Please make your decision: 2

7-Zip (A) 4.65  Copyright (c) 1999-2009 Igor Pavlov  2009-02-03

Creating archive ../place-apk-here-for-modding/repackaged-unsigned.apk

Compressing  AndroidManifest.xml
Compressing  classes.dex
Compressing  resources.arsc
Compressing  res\anim\fade_in.xml
Compressing  res\anim\fade_out.xml
Compressing  res\anim\hyperspace_in.xml
Compressing  res\anim\hyperspace_out.xml
Compressing  res\anim\push_left_in.xml
Compressing  res\anim\push_left_out.xml
Compressing  res\drawable-hdpi\icon.png
Compressing  res\drawable-ldpi\icon.png
Compressing  res\drawable-mdpi\icon.png
Compressing  res\drawable\appbackground.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\appbackgroundlight.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\appicon.png
Compressing  res\drawable\back.png
Compressing  res\drawable\bg_blue.png
Compressing  res\drawable\blank_tile.png
Compressing  res\drawable\blank_tile_white.png
Compressing  res\drawable\bookmarked.png
Compressing  res\drawable\browseforums.png
Compressing  res\drawable\close_thread.png
Compressing  res\drawable\default_avatar.png
Compressing  res\drawable\default_category.png
Compressing  res\drawable\default_forum.png
Compressing  res\drawable\default_subforum.png
Compressing  res\drawable\divider_bright.png
Compressing  res\drawable\entrynewforums.png
Compressing  res\drawable\error.png
Compressing  res\drawable\expander_ic_minimized.png
Compressing  res\drawable\fastback.png
Compressing  res\drawable\fastforward.png
Compressing  res\drawable\favorites.png
Compressing  res\drawable\forward.png
Compressing  res\drawable\frame.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\head.png
Compressing  res\drawable\icon.png
Compressing  res\drawable\ic_menu_gallery.png
Compressing  res\drawable\ic_menu_register.png
Compressing  res\drawable\imgback.png
Compressing  res\drawable\inbox.png
Compressing  res\drawable\logo_bottom.png
Compressing  res\drawable\menu_attachment.png
Compressing  res\drawable\menu_login.png
Compressing  res\drawable\menu_logoff.png
Compressing  res\drawable\menu_search.png
Compressing  res\drawable\menu_subscribe.png
Compressing  res\drawable\morefootlogo.png
Compressing  res\drawable\newpost.png
Compressing  res\drawable\next.png
Compressing  res\drawable\picture_frame.png
Compressing  res\drawable\quoteicon.png
Compressing  res\drawable\reply.png
Compressing  res\drawable\status_bar_background.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabbookmark.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabbookmarks.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabbookmark_icon.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\tabforum.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabforum_icon.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\tabforum_selected.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tablatest.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tablatest_icon.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\tablatest_selected.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabmore.png
Compressing  res\drawable\tabmore_icon.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\tabmore_selected.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_btn.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_disabled.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_disabled_focused.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_normal.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_pressed.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_down_selected.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_input.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_input_disabled.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_input_normal.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_input_pressed.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_input_selected.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_btn.xml
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_disabled.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_disabled_focused.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_normal.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_pressed.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\timepicker_up_selected.9.png
Compressing  res\drawable\twitter.png
Compressing  res\drawable\whosonline.png
Compressing  res\drawable\widgetbackground.PNG
Compressing  res\layout\appwidget_provider.xml
Compressing  res\layout\attachmanager.xml
Compressing  res\layout\attachpreivew.xml
Compressing  res\layout\categoryitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\directoryitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\directoryitem1.xml
Compressing  res\layout\entryfoot.xml
Compressing  res\layout\entryitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\entryview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\foruminfo.xml
Compressing  res\layout\forummainview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\forummenuitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\forum_item.xml
Compressing  res\layout\forum_radio_group.xml
Compressing  res\layout\forum_title.xml
Compressing  res\layout\fullscreenimage.xml
Compressing  res\layout\guestmainview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\imageinthread.xml
Compressing  res\layout\itemtext.xml
Compressing  res\layout\lasttopicitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\last_topic_radio_group.xml
Compressing  res\layout\main.xml
Compressing  res\layout\menulistitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\morefoot.xml
Compressing  res\layout\morefoot2.xml
Compressing  res\layout\moreitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\moreview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\myinfo.xml
Compressing  res\layout\newpm.xml
Compressing  res\layout\newtopic.xml
Compressing  res\layout\next.xml
Compressing  res\layout\number_picker.xml
Compressing  res\layout\period_picker.xml
Compressing  res\layout\period_picker_dialog.xml
Compressing  res\layout\pmboxitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\pmboxview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\pmitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\pm_radio_group.xml
Compressing  res\layout\preference.xml
Compressing  res\layout\progress.xml
Compressing  res\layout\propularimage.xml
Compressing  res\layout\quotelayout.xml
Compressing  res\layout\searchdirectoryitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\sectiontitle.xml
Compressing  res\layout\subscribe_topic_radio_group.xml
Compressing  res\layout\textentry.xml
Compressing  res\layout\threadfoot.xml
Compressing  res\layout\threadhead.xml
Compressing  res\layout\threaditem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\threadview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\topicfoot.xml
Compressing  res\layout\topicitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\topicitem1.xml
Compressing  res\layout\topicview.xml
Compressing  res\layout\topic_radio_group.xml
Compressing  res\layout\userinfo.xml
Compressing  res\layout\whosonlineitem.xml
Compressing  res\layout\whosonlinetitle.xml
Compressing  res\layout\whosonlineview.xml
Compressing  res\xml\appwidget_provider.xml
Compressing  res\xml\searchable.xml

Everything is Ok
Nazwa 'java' nie jest rozpoznawana jako polecenie wewnętrzne lub zewnętrzne,
program wykonywalny lub plik wsadowy.
can't find 'place-apk-here-for-modding/repackaged-signed.apk' to install

****************************** Apk Manager *******************************
Polish message says (dunno how to translate it correctly) something like "java is not a command, exe or bat file".

edit: I also did every step again, now manually selecting "zip" and "sign" and the problem is when I'm trying to sign this apk. Then the polish message pops up. Is it my java? I don't know. I'm using for a long time and it is working well. My OS is windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I have java for 64 bit operating systems.

edit: OK I found out that somehow my java wasn't in path, so I added it, but still nothing..

another edit...: nevermind. I found the java.exe and dll manually and I was adding wrong path to... path . I'm going to try this one more time..

final edit: for .... sake! I made it! Gah. I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep. Good night (it's almost midnight here).
15th June 2010, 11:17 PM |#72  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662
Lol BolecDST, atleast ur persistence paid off

But that brings up an important point, i will try to add a check for java/adb in the script just like farmatito did for the linux version
15th June 2010, 11:17 PM |#73  
Senior Member
Flag Dublin
Thanks Meter: 38
Just one more thing. Do you think it is possible to edit the arsc file which contains the language/texts? I would like to localise some apps for my own use.
15th June 2010, 11:21 PM |#74  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662
Im not sure, try using option 9, which will use apktool to decompile the apk. You should be able to edit the xml's and other resources.
15th June 2010, 11:57 PM |#75  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662
Originally Posted by farmatito

Attached V0.5

# Changelog for linux version:
# v 0.1 Initial version
# v 0.2 added "other" dir to PATH
# v 0.3 removed "function" bashism
# v 0.4 removed more bashisms
# v 0.5 added ogg batch optimization and quoted some vars


Nice. Here is apk manager 4.3 (Windows) :
- Checks if adb/java are in ur path
- added ogg batch optimization
- fixed batch apk optimize to avoid .9.pngs
16th June 2010, 03:03 AM |#76  
oMszKikiIzWavyo's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag North Carolina
Thanks Meter: 4
Okay Thanks For Bearing With Me Daneshm90, But One More Question, How Or Where Can I Download Java Since Its Saying "Java Not Found"?
16th June 2010, 03:13 AM |#77  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662

Click the free java download button.
16th June 2010, 06:35 PM |#78  
Senior Member
Flag Dublin
Thanks Meter: 38
Hey dude

Thanks for the update, but there's just one thing. Maybe it's just me, but the new version cleans the history. After making any operation "clean" menu pops up. There's no way to scroll up and see if everything went fine or there was some error. Could you check on that? Thanks.
16th June 2010, 06:48 PM |#79  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662
I mostly did that to keep it clean otherwise the menu comes to the bottom half of the screen and the top half has previous processes

Yea i could do that or create a log file. I think ill create a log file then, cool thnx for the tip.
16th June 2010, 07:59 PM |#80  
Daneshm90's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 662
Originally Posted by BolecDST

Hey dude

Thanks for the update, but there's just one thing. Maybe it's just me, but the new version cleans the history. After making any operation "clean" menu pops up. There's no way to scroll up and see if everything went fine or there was some error. Could you check on that? Thanks.

Regardless lol, i put up a slightly updated apk manager with your request in it. Now you can toggle *output* on/off with option 17.
16th June 2010, 08:17 PM |#81  
xaueious's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Toronto
Thanks Meter: 177
Since apktool handles .9.png files, shouldn't the png optimization tool now decompile with apktool, optpng, and then recompile the apk?
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