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VaniljEclair RLS11 - A fast & stable CM 5.0.8 for Vogue/Kaiser/Polaris [2010-08-19]

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By kallt_kaffe, Senior Member on 12th June 2010, 07:31 AM
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I just wanted a plain, clean, vanilla Eclair so I did my own Cyanogenmod-5 port.

I've worked with the assumption that CM is allready heavily optimized and I've tried to change the bare minimum to make it run on my Kaiser. I also wanted to try the odex idea that dzo suggests here:

So everything is pre-odex:ed and zipaligned when you install this which means first boot is quick and you can start using it at once.

It's using LCD density 120 which is the default for 240x320 Android devices but the original build is designed for 320x480 at density 160 so some adjustments had to be done.

No many bells & whistles... just a plain Cyanogenmod-5 based Eclair build. Add your own choice of "bells & whistles" from the Market (or other sources).

Some screens of how it can look, depending on how you set it up and what you install:

- Get it here:
- Install as usual, NAND or SD, whatever suits you.
- Boot and use it. No need to wait a magic period of time. Everything is zipaligned and odexed allready.

Post installation configuration scripts (run them without parameters to get valid options)
Run them as root (type su before running them)

Known issues
- BT works for phonecalls but not for listening to music (same for all Eclair builds)
- Video playback

Changes in RLS11
- Removed busybox and symlinks that wasn't used.
- Some script changes
- Added and initrd.gz that supports it (see this thread for more info)
- Put back som iptables commands in wireless_tethering_2.02.apk that was previously removed due to lack of support in kernel.
- Added missing netfilter/iptables modules to the kernel and also one module that I believe will make Droidwall work.
IMPORTANT! To use wireless tethering and/or the apps relocation you must flash one of the new NBH's (attached). HaRET users, just use the included kernel and initrd.gz.

Changes in RLS10b
- Has the latest where 3G/2G switching works much better.
- Updated so that it updates build.prop AND changes network mode in realtime (no need to reboot).
- Added that can be used to easily enable/disable the bootanimation (speeds up booting with about 15-20 seconds)
- Updated (due to changes in

Attached files for RLS10
- A better version of where "Use only 2G networks" works much better.

Changes in RLS10
- SIM pincode support
- Cell tower location support (Kaiser/Polaris)
- Decreased height of Android keyboard slightly
- Support for "Use 2G networks only" (Kaiser/Polaris)
- Adjusted script so that is also used to set default network at boot time (Kaiser/Polaris)
- Replaced bluetooth firmwares and loading method with the ones used by dzo in Fresh Froyo.
- Added script to easily change this value in build.prop

Attached updates for RLS9
New with
- cell tower location working (on Kaiser/Polaris)
- SIM pincode support (not tested on Vogue)
- "Use only 2G networks" now works
The "gsm_only_at_boot" update has a modified (and the new that has a little hack to force GSM only at boot time. Without it it always defaults to WCDMA(3G) preferred at boot. Choose this update if you want GSM only be default. If not, choose the other one.

Changed in RLS9
- Removed LatinIME.apk and VoiceSearch.apk and replaced them with VoiceSearchWithKeyboard.apk

Changed in RLS8b (RLS8 to RLS8b update attached)
- Fix for the wifi tethering
- Included urban69's script. It's not needed now, but may be useful for future versions of the Wireless tethering app.

Changed in RLS8
- New compcache modules (needs a recent kernel as they expect support in the kernel). Compcache also enables after a 120 second delay just like in the recent Froyo releases to avoid SD-card issues.
- Updated camera libs which makes the build support Froyo kernels (11Mb extra memory) (Thansk dlepage for the work with the Eclair camera lib)
- Superuser permissions app now works as it should (thanks urban69)
- Wifi calibration is now saved on /data instead of /sdcard so sdcard does not need to be present for Wifi to work. (another nice idea from urban69)
- Slightly modified Wireless tethering app included (modifed to read calibration data from /data/calibration instead of /proc/calibration (thanks to urban69 for figuring out what needed to be done to get this one working on our devices)
- Added HTC_IME touch input. (as there was just enough space left in the build)

Changed in RLS7c
- see below. Just made a new complete archive with the safer scripts.

Post RLS7b updates (attached)
- Some changes to the scripts that changes build.prop (,, and as I noticed they totally wiped build.prop when used on Froyo. Haven't seen that happen on Eclair but just be sure, apply this update if you plan to use any of these scripts.

Changed in RLS7b
- Replaced camera libs with the working one. If you are running RLS7, no need to reinstall, just use the

Post RLS7 updates
- 2010-06-30 - - New version of the camera libs.

Changed in RLS7
- Changed Wifi power mode from high to medium.
- Added scripts to change wifi power level, default_network, hsxpa, gprsclass and lcd_density.
- Tweaked odex script to handle upgrades and uninstalls.
- More QVGA adjustments to Phone.apk
- Removed the outdated Google Maps.
- Updated camera lib to latest version.
- New zImage for HaRET users (fixes BT phone calls on Kaiser which has been broken since the 2010-06-23 kernel).
- VoiceSearchWithKeyboard attached as an update (pre-odex:ed and zipaligned)

Changed in RLS6
- Garbled text bug fixed thanks to yath2r.
- Camera now works thanks to dlepage.
- Did my own QVGA adjustment of Contacts.apk (Dialer)
- QVGA adjusted Phone.apk (in call keypads)
- QVGA adjusted DeskClock.apk (Clock app)
- Autodetects device and sets up the correct model name so Polaris users should see "Welcome to HTC Polaris" and so on.
- Added (disabled by default) renice service (/system/bin/ and script for advanced users who want to experiment with changing prios. (Not tested)
- Tweaked LED controller a little.
- Added HaRET boot environment to make it easier for new users.

Changed in RLS5
- New base CM 5.0.8DS (See CM changelog for details). Some things you will notice is the new launcher, music player fits better in QVGA and Spare Parts is integrated into Settings.
- Wallpapers have been resized to QVGA.
- busybox and toolbox symlinks are setup at first boot.
- Modem app added.

Changed in RLS4
- QVGA dialer
- Wifi & bluetooth LEDs (flashing when turned on)
- Propably the last release based on CM 5.0.7

Post RLS3b updates (attached)
- 2010-06-18 Stole some .xml files from Contacts.apk in Polymod 2.1g and made the dialer fit better in 240x320@120dpi (QVGA).

Changed in RLS3b
- Google sync works again.

Post RLS3 updates (attached)
- 2010-06-17 RLS3 to RLS3b update. Fixes Google sync issue.

Changed in RLS3
- Default LCD density changed to 120 (because screen calibration doesn't like 106)
- Included screen calibration app.
- Included the original Google Maps that is supposed to go with the build as it nows fit within the system partition.
- Resized the boot animation from 320x256 to 240x192 so save space and also to make it look like it's intended to do.
- Compcache can now be enabled/disabled in Spare Parts. Default is to use 25% of the available RAM. Edit /system/bin/ to tweak the settings.
- Odexing of Market apps and the Marketenabler (both disabled by default) can be enabled in /system/bin/
- Included the patch that was release after RLS2 (BT headset fix, getprop fix and charging LED fix)
- Propably something else that I've forgotten... EDIT: Just remembered. I've done some tweaking in /system/build.prop so if you have problems with data (non-wifi-data) let me know and I'll make an update.

Post RLS2 updates
- 2010-06-14: Added /system/bin/getprop to stop Better Terminal from crashing.
- 2010-06-15: Replaced /system/lib/hw/ to fix charging LED
- 2010-06-15: Replaced bluetooth firmware to fix bluetooth headset support.

Changed in RLS2
- Default LCD density changed to 106
- Full market
- Odexing of /data/app/*.apk disabled by default to avoid problems when upgrading apps.

For advanced users
- To enable automatic odexing of Market apps edit /system/bin/ Upgraded apps will be odexed upon next restart. Uninstalled apps will have their .odex files deleted upon restart.

- To enable paid apps script ( edit /system/bin/ Be aware that it may hide your APN settings but they will still work. If you only need paid apps temporarily, start a terminal and start (as root) before starting the Market.

- To change the default Compcache settings edit /system/bin/ You will need to restart the phone for it to take effect as unloading the kernel mods does not work and it will therefor keep the old settings even if you turn compcache off and on again. Learn about Compcache here:

Recommended apps
From Market
- Dialer One - Spell name and it filters your phone book, loads quicker that contacts.apk IMHO. Uncheck "Show titlebar" for extra space and "Vibrate" for extra speed. Use "Wallpaper" theme for nice looks.
- Launcher Pro - really nice launcher, highly recommended. Do check it's preferences. Lot's of nice features to try.
- RogueTools - for LCD density tweaking (and overclocking but I found very little advantage of overclocking)
- Astro File Manager - to easily install apps from SD card.
- Opera Mini - a nice browser
- XDA forum app - a must have...
- GPS Test (Chartcross inc) - well... for testing the GPS.
Not found in Market (asfaik)
- Modified Google Maps by Brut.all - international navigation and some other stuff (that I haven't tried)
- Weather Widgets ( - nice flipclock and weather forecast widget/app

Attached files (place on SD card and install with Astro File Manager)
- Corporate Calender 1.0.6
- Gallery3D - Kind of cool but not sure how stable it is on our devices.

All your cash are belong to us...
Attached Files
File Type: apk CorpCal.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.19 MB, 1124 views)
File Type: apk Gallery3d.apk - [Click for QR Code] (563.7 KB, 1056 views)
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12th June 2010, 08:14 AM |#2  
manu33xtro's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thumbs up I can't wait...
Hi kallt_kaffe,

I download your build right now for test it.
Thanks in advance for your work.

I tell you what works and not.


Originally Posted by kallt_kaffe

I just wanted a plain, clean, vanilla Eclair so I did my own Cyanogenmod 5.0.7 port.

I've done VERY LITTLE testing so, well... have fun.

12th June 2010, 09:44 AM |#3  
blindguyinanorgy's Avatar
Senior Member
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everytime i settle down another build i have to try comes out.

i dont think i can call that a complaint though
12th June 2010, 11:01 AM |#4  
zenity's Avatar
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Just have to try this one, sounds like a nice basic, clean port, just what I want for my spare phone

Edit: Just installed, it's very clean, boots fast, got a few new errors at post install startup, which i assume is normal since they refer to removing files which are not yet created (temp.odex , dalvik-cache), looks very nice on 320x428, which is my 'standard' res, nice to see it pick up my APN without the need to edit, has been a minor niggle with other ports, so many builds miss these little details, which confuse the less experienced users.

It is a clean, basic build, and seems pretty damn smooth as a result, no excess baggage, and as stated, anything you really cannot live without can be downloaded from market.

What works? So far, everything I need, Wifi works normally, I'll test GPS in an hour or so, BT works, Camera? Well no camera, but it is Eclair

I can even see this making it to my main phone for next week, and possibly to my userbar, ( might have to design a new userbar for this ).

Edit: GPS works fine too, installed on my main phone now, first build to correctly set up my APN for Virgin UK, most see T-Mobile, still shows as One To One Person onscreen though, but that's no matter, audio is good on wired headset, in fact, I'll be designing that userbar when I get home
12th June 2010, 04:51 PM |#5  
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What with A2DP in that build? BT audio works?
12th June 2010, 04:52 PM |#6  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by pentagramII

What with A2DP in that build? BT audio works?

No idea. The kernel I'm using have broken BT code and I don't have any BT headset anyway.
12th June 2010, 04:53 PM |#7  
chourmovs's Avatar
Senior Member
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really convincing one for the moment, on POLA100
thank you for your work, i do further test right now
12th June 2010, 05:00 PM |#8  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by zenity

Edit: Just installed, it's very clean, boots fast, got a few new errors at post install startup, which i assume is normal since they refer to removing files which are not yet created (temp.odex , dalvik-cache),

Yes, it's the script that tries to odex files in /data/app, perfectly normal, but I will disable it for RLS2 (I'll come to that later)


looks very nice on 320x428, which is my 'standard' res, nice to see it pick up my APN without the need to edit, has been a minor niggle with other ports, so many builds miss these little details, which confuse the less experienced users.

It uses the APN list that comes with CyanogenMod and it doesn't have a marketenable script running so no APNs are hidded either.

RLS2 will have full market (I'm allready running it on my phone) and I will add support for paid apps but it will be disabled by default as it having it enabled makes the APN setup very confusing. In fact you can run the script manually in the terminal whenever you need to access paid apps or just enable two lines in sysinit.rc if you want it enabled all the time.

Also the odex skript will be disabled by default. That means it will not odex Market apps by default. Why? Well the .odex files will not be removed if you uninstall an app and will likely cause problems if you upgrade an installed app. Not a biggie if you are an advanced user and know how to handle it (uninstall and then delete the .odex files manually, then install new version). If you are advanced enough to be able to uncomment two lines in your sysinit.rc then you are advanced enough to be able to handle any upgrade troubles that it may cause you.

In your specific case (allready running HVGA = full market) you propably have nothing to gain from RLS2. You may want to edit /system/bin/ and remove the mount commands that I left by mistake which isn't needed but it's not doing any harm really... maybe adding some milliseconds to the boot time.
12th June 2010, 05:33 PM |#9  
OP Senior Member
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RLS2 in first post.
12th June 2010, 06:06 PM |#10  
Dukenukemx's Avatar
Senior Member
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If this Android build is like your GPS and wifi fixes, I can expect to see great things from this build. Kinda funny that a lot of Android authors come to you for wifi fixes.
12th June 2010, 06:12 PM |#11  
mnjm9b's Avatar
Senior Member
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thanks a lot, I think I am switching builds more than my underwear...LOL

I have been waiting for this.
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