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By babijoee, Retired Forum Moderator on 27th June 2010, 10:42 AM
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Welcome to the official XDANDROID AOSP thread which is dedicated to getting Android running on our beloved HTC devices.
Phhusson: has dedicated most of his time helping users and updating kernel to run Eclair and his work for other msm7k devices. However phhusson is not alone as there are also other members working on this. You can find some of them on I've listed some of the developers i know of that currently are working on and they deserve credits and thanks. We also have to note that before this work done there was quite a substantial number of people starting working on linux for our devices. Without them we may not be where we are today. So respect and credits to everyone involved in working on linux kernel for msm devices.
I am not responsible for any damages or problems your device encounters. The build is relatively safe and shouldn't cause any problems.

xda-developers signatures

For everyone posting on this thread about problems and issues, I urge you to please specify you're device or more conveniently update you're signature in control panel so it always has the details at the bottom of your posts.

This has lots of Q&A and is recommended to go through before posting bugs and problems.
Please read post 1-4 as they have relevant information and is frequently updated.

Overclocking Android on MSM7K

XDANDROID boot-Animation | Wallpaper contest

Videos for XDANDROID

Thanks to

phhusson, zenulator, Chamonix, Stinebd, Makkonen, MrPippy, cr2, Markinus, bzo, captainoord, glemsom, balsat, viruscrazy and anyone else who contribued or who i forgot
Thanks ben_duder for the awesome sig

Please consider a donation to the XDANDROID project. We work on this on our spare time, sometimes even not on our spare times and every little bit gives us more inspiration and motivation to continue providing you our friends awww* great builds and support

Thanks to from me and phhusson:

R^7Z | auss81 | Sergej Philipp | Malte Lewan | suksanto | Tyler Brixey | axelo | ElbertF
w3bm4st3r | Kenny Maples | Daniel Krebs | Dan Colardeau | Ghostdogg | Gregory Thomas
Vincent Paoli | nim_ayyan | mindfrost82 | Olivier van der Kruijf | Robert Russell
Kamil Kowalski | Tobias Kästle | Scrog | Mehdi Bouzakri | Jay Onisch | Daren Scroggie
Robert Batty | James Frank | Matthias Helfmann | colo-natas | Alexis Perez | Ann Marie Steichmann | Cristian Pereyra
Adam Williamson | Benedikt Wieloch | Brad Stage | Paolo Vernazza | CDK Hosting
Haicheng Wang | Jonas Lejeune | Haicheng Wang | Jonas Lejeune
Adrian Kajda | Wilson Seto | Pedro Aragao | babijoee (yup, myself XD)

Spread the word about xdandroid, please feel free to use this sig created by ben_duder
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27th June 2010, 10:43 AM |#2  
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  • Alpha
  • WiFi - "loads" but can't scan for networks
  • Bluetooth - interface hangs in configuration (need to fix init.rc)
  • Power management - Something wakes the phone up immediately, have to look into it
  • SD Card - I have to find a working config for Android to recognize this
  • bzo: anything to do with GPS will cause a crash
  • Accelerometer works
  • Keyboard works
  • Some G-Apps work
  • Brightness control works
  • Scepterr: net location works, NetworkLocation.apk needs to be signed with platform-key
  • Adding linpack and Quadrant benchmark programs for testing ( only built in for now. will be removed in future and more stable packs )
  • Sound works in apps
  • 3D works
  • So far no boot loop
  • So far wifi scans now and is trying to get ip-address. Now looking into DCHP
  • Speakerphone works
  • Headset works

  • JIT enabled
  • SDcard fixed
  • adding charmonix ledeffects
  • removing launcher2
  • adding launcherpro as default launcher
  • Added lugiber boot-animation
  • removing some unnecessary apps. will update to let you know what i remove.
  • removed setupwizard / default provision
  • Sound is now working ( stinebd )
  • Updated apns.xml
  • GRPS connections should be more stable now.
  • Removed default music app and replace with cacheinjection Music Mod
  • Added Flash10.1 - not working.
  • Adding OIfilemanager
  • XDA-application

  • JIT now enabled by default
  • Wifi working with latest rootfs
  • Youtube vids work on low quality.
  • SD card fixed
  • Sound ringtones and notifications issue should be fixed
  • Updated apns.xml from thread
  • Removed default music app and replace with cacheinjection Music Mod

    RC1 released.

  • Dialer slide to answer re-added.
  • Adding chrometophone
  • Updated Launcherpro, xda, OIfilemanager.
  • Word prediction/dictionary cherrypicked from cyanogen git

    Nothing major just some
  • General tweaking
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed most apps that caused instability.

    FINAL 17.09.10
    FRX01 by stinebd
  • Added full language pack
  • Added Chinese and Japanese IMEs
  • Boot animation speedup (ro.opengles.version=1 sync from upstream)
  • GApps package update (thanks to CyanogenMod)
  • Replace Gallery3D with Gallery, for stability improvement
  • Several changes to enable userland Camera support (from bzo, still needs kernel support)
  • Userland built-in WiFi tethering support for Rhodium (rootfs changes and testing needed)
  • Signed XDAndroid release packages
  • Updated startup configs
  • Using andboot as default root directory

    Startup & conf update 30.9.10
  • Fix raph800 typo.

  • The following bugs were fixed:
  • Talk.apk missing
  • Buttons cut off in the open call menu.
  • OpenWnn IME selected by default
  • Google Apps updated to 20101020.1
  • Transitioned to hdpi graphics and fonts
  • Ambient light sensor and hardware auto brightness for RAPH and RHOD (WisTilt2)
  • Debug output for battery service emergency shutdowns (by request of camro)
  • Data roaming off by default (can be dangerous for international users) (emwe)
  • armv6j instruction support from cyanogenmod

    FRX03 20.11.10
  • Disable slow background blurring for some dialogs (thanks emwe)
  • Internal improvements to auto-backlight implementation (emwe)
  • Disable JIT by default for various stability improvements
  • Updated gapps package (20101114)

    Bugs fixed:
  • 19 - Boot loop on first boot (fresh data.img)
  • 36 - Repeated Volume button press crashes the system
  • Possibly 12 - Terminal emulator special keys/digits do not respond

    FRX04 24.01.11
  • Improved 3D performance, with fixes for WVGA devices [acl] – IMPORTANT: this requires the accompanying rootfs release from 21 Jan.
  • Synced all minor upstream changes from AOSP

    FRX05 3.03.11
  • Camera support – both photo and video capture (without sound currently) are working. This depends on kernel support, so only Rhodium and Topaz are supported currently. Huge thanks to Jerome Bruneaux (viruscrazy on XDA) for basically doing all the work.
  • Switch build variants from engineering to user-debug for slight speedup.

    FRX06 31.03.11
  • Switched to touch-friendly dialer, along with the VGA layout improvements as seen in Gingerbread
  • Added HSPA icon (for GSM models)

    NEW* XDAndroid Gingerbread build added to thread.
    Check third post for links
  • Further tuned keyboard sizing to be useful on VGA (also made the key labels bigger)
  • World-phone settings support (very important for future RIL enhancements especially on CDMA)
  • Enabled HSPA icon (someone on GSM please let me know if it actually works)

Not Working
  • Sound Recording during video recording


Added but not yet released

Terms and conditions

Enjoy and remember to post some feedback.
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27th June 2010, 10:43 AM |#3  
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22.11.10 | 2.2.1 builds
  • Arrrghhh has built a up-to-date package for people who dont want to download everything. Grab it here: Arrrghhh 2.2.1 update package

    Note: You'll need a new data.img as this package is signed. Otherwise you'll get a bootloop
    Also you'll need to select English IME if you want to type in english.


OTA update

  • No OTA update for FRX05
  • The recommended method is the OTA However, for users who don't have a completely original FRX02 to upgrade from, the system.ext2 file will be necessary.

    OTA Update procedure (ONLY for users with the original, unmodified signed FRX02 system image)
  • Download to SD card in the same directory as startup.txt and haret, etc
  • Rename to
  • Boot haret, watch the updater go
  • After updater finishes, it may either reboot or "freeze" (reboot not implemented on device), reboot manually if it freezes
  • Boot haret again, and the new system will start up
Old builds can be located here
Here is a repositories for older releases of XDANDROID and Android1.6 donut files

Startup & Conf Updates


zImage Autobuild: ( glemsom / balsat )
zImage are updated quite often but just because its updated, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work 100%. If a new zImage breaks and doesn't boot; load a previous working zImage. thanks

Rootfs Autobuild ( Stinebd )
  • Get the latest rootfs here from the rootfs build service provided Stinebd for XDANDROID

Initramfs Autobuilds ( Stinebd )
  • Get the latest Initramfs here from the Initramfs build service provided Stinebd for XDANDROID


WinMO/Android dual-boot
Yozgatg has released his dual boot WinMo / Android program for everyone to enjoy

LiteWM ROM to autoboot linux
MichyPrima has created a lite WinMo that automatically loads haret from your SD card. It loads pretty quick and i can confirm it works It has a boot option so just wait until you see Booting countdown and touch the screen.
Reboot, Shutdown, USB mass Storage and Continue Booting Android

TheBrilliantMistake has made a convenient program for people out there having installation problems with XDANDROID.
Have a look and see if you like it. If this proves successful we may roll out the updates like this in the future.

Chamonix ledEffects
LedEffects controls how your device reacts to calls, messages, charging and other phone status'

XDANDROID wifi-tether by stinebd
All the required dependencies and modules should now be built into the system/rootfs and so the standalone application should be good to go. Note this will be added into next build.
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27th June 2010, 10:44 AM |#4  
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Advanced Users

How to mount system.ext2 to make changes
  • Make sure you are running a linux distro
  • Make a temp folder for mounting. eg: mkdir tempfolder
  • sudo mount -o loop system.ext2 tempfolder
  • Make your changes using nautilus. Google how to use it.
  • sudo umount tempfolder

Load XDANDROID within a custom named folder
  • Set Android directory: "rel_path=XXXXXXXX"
  • Set directory to where you are storing your installation
    Eg: Put all files into folder named xdandroid
    so cmd will be rel_path=xdandroid
Use this if you want to keep you SDcard more organised.

Waiting for SDCard error
For people who have problems with sdcard message, add this to your startup
  • msmsdcc_1bit msmsdcc_fmax=14000000 msmsdcc_nopwrsave

Turning on led flash
  • echo 1 > /sys/class/htc_hw/flash

Diamond Storage Issues (Storage Card Unmounted)

To fix this issue
  • simply download the HP Format Tool | Mirror
  • Install the tool
  • Start Diamond in WinMo. Connect to computer via usb (Usb Drive). Make sure it is connected. Back up all contents of your internal storage.
  • Run the tool
  • Select your internal storage.
  • Format FAT32 (Full format).
  • Restore items on your internal storage.
  • Load Android
Android should no longer give you a message saying the SDcard is unmounted. This also fixes no media being found when loading android.
thanks hamagc for writing up this guide
adb and usb debugging
To ensure that you are able to use adb and usb debugging you will need to plug in your usb cable to your computer and in winmo select activesync. Now launch haret and once Android is loaded you'll see a notification that will notify you have usb-debugging control and able to use adb.
Place everything into the root of your sd card for Raphael and Everything in your internal memory for Diamond. Remember to copy the correct startup from the startup config folder.
It should look like this
-system.ext | system.sqsh
Startup|default configs options
acpuclock.oc_freq_khz=XXXXXX ( i personally use 600000-640000 )
but it very unstable if you try to get higher than 650000-700000

Physical Keyboard layout

Button wake up
0 = screen only wakes on power button
1 = wakes on any keypress

Onscreen terminal keyboard
msmvkeyb_toggle= (on/off)
on = displays terminal onscreen keyboard
off = hide terminal onscreen keyboard

1=USB headset
2=3.5mm headset

Incall volume adjust
0: being lowest and 5: being loudest

Enable/Disable handsfree

Recommended best loud and clear voice values are said to be 5/1

Disable low battery Warning
htc_battery_smem.fake=1 (option: 0=off / 1=on) -> will fake the system to think, that USB-CHarger is always connected

htc_battery_smem.vol_min=0 (0-100 -integer value) -> if battery volume is lower as this value, then it set it to vol_min, so it can be handled, that system goes never below this value and so never auto shutdown, could be helpfull, if you want, that the system never reboot from itself

htc_battery_smem.debug=0 (0 | 1 | 2 | 4 - bit-wise) (option: 0=off / 1=battery info | 2=batt cable info | 4=debug info(like statistics all10sec) -> so if you want to log ALL you must add the bits -> like 7

Disable/Enable HW3d

LCD density / resolution
210 = 640x480 VGA devices
240 = 800x480 WVGA devices
Load Haret
Load haret by going into FileExplorer and navigate to where haret is and load it.

Note: This is a dummy screen i took from google images Its not actually looking like this

1. Power Button
  • Press: Go home screen
  • Hold: Switch between Application

2. VolUP
  • Press: Increase ringtone, media and incall volume

3. VolDown
  • Press: Decrease ringtone, media and incall volume. Can also set vibrate and Silent.

4. Home Button
  • Press: Open up setting

5. Call Button
  • Press: Open recent call
  • Hold: Launch Voice dialer

6. Back Button
  • Press: Goes back one previous screen

7. Call end Button
  • press: Turn off display or end phone call
  • Hold: Set audio on or off, Airplane mode or turn off device

8. Center Button
  • Press: Accept or select. Also used as scrolling, zoom in or out.

9. Android Menu tab
  • Pull up or down to open / close Program tab

10. Notification tab
  • Pull up or down to open / close notification tab

11. USB
  • Plug in USB for adb, USB debugging, charging

Useful links
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27th June 2010, 11:08 AM |#5  
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Sent from my AOSP on XDANDROID MSM using Tapatalk
27th June 2010, 11:23 AM |#6  
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I hope that we can get it fully functional in order to finally get rid of WinMo.
Thanx for all hard work again, devs!
27th June 2010, 11:52 AM |#7  
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7th! woooooopieeee! hehehe. Throw me something. i'll do extensive, massive, thorough testing on the phone. diam100 here
27th June 2010, 12:02 PM |#8  
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I am pumped for this. My main things will be for the wifi hotspot and with the JIT.
27th June 2010, 12:12 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by byrnsey88

I am pumped for this. My main things will be for the wifi hotspot and with the JIT.

just checked for that and its not avaliable... i dont think its an open-source feature. However there is USB tethering which is almost as good
27th June 2010, 12:13 PM |#10  
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Download link when available ? At this time 2.1 21.06 build is the best for me ;D
27th June 2010, 12:15 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Phenom1337

Download link when available ? At this time 2.1 21.06 build is the best for me ;D

hmmm i'll try to upload something within 1-2 hours. i'm still modifying and testing it out.
I'll try to give out something decent enough so people are able to test it immediately without needing to install apps
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