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By netarchy, Retired Senior Recognized Developer on 7th July 2010, 06:48 AM
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NOTICES: If you are noticing abnormally high battery drain and/or uptime, and you've updated to PRI 1.90, it has come to my attention
that this PRI has been problematic for a number of people, often resulting in large uptimes and/or poor battery life.
This issue affects people regardless of whether or not they are using a custom kernel
Downgrading your PRI and NV to 1.77 has been reported to resolve this issue.
You can find all PRI and NV versions by clicking here.

Due to troubling reports of battery issues possibly caused by the SBC battery charger modification, it is worth mentioning that by using any SBC build, you
fully assume any and all potential risks that the SBC modification may pose.


"netarchy-toastmod" is a kernel originally based on the GoDmOdE sources (Courtesy of Toast) integrating my work on fixing the fps for the Epson panels, and as of version 3.6.1, also integrating a fix for the Nova panels that does not require the use of Evo switch or manually setting any registers, etc, courtesy of work done by AssassinsLament (Well done on the nova fix). Special thanks needs to go out as well to Cyanogen and the cyanogen mod team, as a number of bugfixes and updates to the kernel in recent revisions have been ported over from cyanogen mod to enhance the overall netarchy-toastmod experience.


So what's in the kernel?
- Overclocking Support
- HDMwIn (As of 4.3.4)
- Audio gain tweaks (read: make it louder!)
- Fps Fixes
- tun.ko for openvpn users
- CIFS support (as of 4.2.2)
- BFS (in select builds)
- BFQ (in select builds)
- HAVS (as of 4.1.9)
- Assorted fixes/tweaks (that are sadly too numerous to list here)
- An army of rabid naked bunnies


The zipalign script in the kernel's modified inits is based on code in the Damage Control rom, and extended to check more places for apps.
The Dalvik code in the inits is courtesy of Ninpo/Hacre from the VillainRom team (over in the HTC Hero forums).


mroneeyedboh has written a handy little kernel starter guide with a lot of general information about custom kernels and various terms you might see flying around (such as cfs/bfs, havs/nohavs, etc).
You can view this guide Here


Current Revision: Stable: 4.3.1 - For Froyo Sense roms | Beta: 4.3.4


A note on multitouch:
Some of you may have used my 5point multitouch test builds with success, others with failure. Research has shown that the Evo's contain at least 2 different versions of the touch sensor, one of which does not support 5point multitouch (but it DOES support 3point). You can check which sensor you have using adb by issuing the following command: "adb shell cat /sys/android_touch/vendor" and examining the result. If your result is ATMEL_x0080_x0016, your phone can support 5point. If your result is ATMEL_x004F_x0016, your phone will only support up to 3point.


While these builds have been deemed generally safe, it is not feasible to account for all possible combinations of custom roms and uses,
custom roms may experience some breakage depending on how some features are set up, as these builds are not aimed at any one particular rom.
As such your mileage may vary, use these at your own risk.


2.2 Kernels (THESE WILL NOT WORK ON 2.1 ROMS):
These have only been tested against the rooted HTC 2.2 stock rom, they *may* work on the various custom 2.2 roms,
but this is NOT guaranteed. MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP JUST IN CASE!


If you get force closes on the camera, go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Camera -> clear data.


2.6.32-based Kernels:

Beta Testing Builds

When making a post about any issues concerning beta builds, please include ALL of the
following information if possible:
1. Which kernel build(s) (ie; bfs/cfs havs/nohavs etc) are you using with the issue?
2. What Rom are you using?
3. If known, what OTA base is your rom using (ie; is it based on 3.29, 3.30, 3.70, etc)?
4. Does the issue persist if you go back to a stable kernel build?
5. The issue being experienced (obviously ;D)

To clear up some confusion that is apparently being spread around,
4.3x builds do in fact work on all current evo models, not just the newest model.

--CFS builds--
4.3.4-cfs-nohavs-noUV-nosbc (No Undervolting)
4.3.4-cfs-nohavs-suv-nosbc (Static Undervolting)
4.3.4-cfs-havs-less-nosbc (Less Aggressive HAVS)
4.3.4-cfs-havs-more-nosbc (More Aggressive HAVS)

SBC: Use sbc builds at your own risk.
4.3.4-cfs-nohavs-noUV-sbc (No Undervolting)
4.3.4-cfs-nohavs-suv-sbc (Static Undervolting)
4.3.4-cfs-havs-less-sbc (Less Aggressive HAVS)
4.3.4-cfs-havs-more-sbc (More Aggressive HAVS)

For older beta builds click here.

Stable Kernels:

Universal Builds:

--CFS builds--

--BFS builds--

These use Koush's anykernel for installation and should theoretically work on -any- rom.
*note* This is designed to be flashed over a phone that already has a working kernel of some kind flashed,
whether it's a stock kernel, or another custom kernel. In other words, if you can currently boot up your phone into whatever rom you have, this should work. ;D
The universal kernel also does not contain the tweak scripts of the normal build (ie; zipalign on boot and the dalvik tweak), it's intended to be a universally compatible kernel.
This also happens to mean the universal builds will probably work on CM

For older builds click here.

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7th July 2010, 06:52 AM |#2  
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Havs: Hybrid Adaptive Voltage Scaling, basically tries to undervolt as much as possible to conserve power, but adapts to things like cpu load and temperature.

No Havs: Static voltage scaling, every cpu speed pulls a specific amount of power from the battery, no variation



Q: Do I need to be rooted to use this kernel?
A: Yes, you need to be rooted, preferably a full root with nand unlock,

Q: How do I flash this kernel?
A: Copy the zip to your sdcard, and flash it from recovery mode

Q: My phone is suddenly unstable after using this kernel and I experience
   weird things like reboots or other bugs
A: Are you overclocking? Try lowering the max speed of your overclock. 
   If the problems stop, you were overclocking too hard. If not, 
   please include the following information when reporting issues:
   1. Your Baseband
   2. What rom you're using
   3. Your software number
   4. Your panel type (Nova or Epson)
   5. A Description of what's happening

Q: Why can I only overclock to 1152mhz? (In builds prior to 4.1.x)
A: Frequencies above 1152 have repeatedly turned out to be unstable for
   a large percentage of users, so they have been removed to 
   eliminate the temptation to use them (and then complain because
   they are unstable ;D).

Q: Does this kernel work with 2.2 (Froyo) roms?
A: The "Froyoized" kernels do

Q: Will this kernel work with my custom rom?
A: Maybe. The general population build of the kernel should work with
   *most* custom roms, but as each custom rom can have it's own
   customizations, your mileage may vary. In some cases, particularly
   when a lot of customizations are in the rom's ramdisk, the kernel
   must be repackaged with the ramdisk from the custom rom to be compatible.
Release notes:
Notes for Revision 4.3.4
- HDMwIn support added, you still need to download the free HDMwIn app 
   from the android market to use HDMI mirroring
- Timer tick set to 1000hz
- Unnecessary extra debugging turned off for public builds, should result in a small speed boost

Notes for Revision 4.3.2
- Wimax code updated, 4g should behave a bit better
- SD card read ahead fixed, higher class SD cards should
   have an easier time reaching their potential speeds

Notes for Revision 4.3.1
- Screen tearing issues on sense roms should be fixed

Notes for Revision 4.3
- Camera drivers updated to support phones with the newer camera sensors
- ms79723's SBC v7 mod integrated for enhanced battery charging
- Misc speed tweaks/optimizations

Notes for Revision 4.2.2
- Kernel updated to
- Conservative set as default governor again
- Conservative governor defaults tweaked
- Less aggressive build has even more relaxed undervolting to aid those with REALLY picky phones

Notes for Revision 4.2.1
- Kernel updated from a to
- Interactive governor added and tentatively set as default in some test builds
- Smartass governor added and tentatively set as default in some test builds
- Added BFS 357 smartass builds

Notes for Revision
- HAVS has made a return, this should help improve battery life by automatically dynamically undervolting the cpu when possible

Notes for Revision 4.1.8
- Added the BFQ I/O scheduler
- Split out kernel editions, now users have a choice between a CFS or a BFS kernel, if you don't like one, try the other ;D
- Enabled shadow writes on the gpu, which may result in better performance in opengl applications

Notes for Revision 4.1.7
- Add BFS to the kernel
- Allocate more memory to the gpu, this may result in better performance in opengl applications
- A rabid naked bunny vampire has materialized under your bed. Be afraid.

Notes for Revision 4.1.6
- Users with touchscreen issues should find their touchscreen is no longer as responsive as a stereotypical wife on her 10th anniversary

Notes for Revision 4.1.5
- Banished HAVS into the fiery pits of hell for now due to its inability to remain stable with any attempts to overclock. I'll be working on this on the side for possible future re-inclusion
- Clock frequency table remains opened up, with static undervolting in place
- Thanks to l33tlinuxh4x0r for being a guinea pig and helping test this build

Notes for Revision 4.1.4
- The beast responsible for the ridiculous overclocking instability at *any* speed beyond stock has been severely beaten and castrated by rabid naked bunnies (without anesthetic)
- Update scripts redone in the interests of making sure people who have had issues flashing the kernel in the past can do so
- The conservative governor has had some more tweaks to give it better out of the box performance, but you are free to set ondemand as your governor in setcpu if you wish. (If you want to migrate to ondemand you'll also need to set it as the governor in your setcpu profiles)
- The clock frequency table is fully opened up (re-detect frequencies in setcpu to see them) As always your mileage in overclocking may vary, but for some perspective, I ran 1152 through many loops of neocore and quadrant just fine.

Notes for Revision 4.1.3
- The ondemand governor is enabled as an option (switch to it in setcpu if you want to use it, remember you'll have to update your profiles to use it as well). 
The default currently remains conservative to have a balance between performance and battery.
- The small segment of users getting bootloops due to the undervolting being too aggressive should be able to boot the kernel now (though if it persists the undervolting can still be adjusted)

Notes for Revision 4.1.2
- All frequencies above 1152 should now be properly visible/usable in setcpu (You may need to re-detect speeds in setcpu first)

Notes for Revision 4.1.1
- Hot on the heels of 4.1.0, a minor versioning fix ;D (4.1.0 reports itself as 4.0.3)

Notes for Revision 4.1.0
- Adapted HAVS for the evo, this may improve battery life by allowing the cpu to run at lower voltages when possible
- The overclocking range has expanded to allow attempting to clock above 1152, Remember that overclocking is unpredictable and potentially unstable by nature, if you encounter problems overclocking, lower the speed.
- Some threshold adjustments to the conservative governor in the interest of improving performance without obliterating battery
- Wired tethering should theoretically work, however if there are problems with the app, an alternative is azilink for wired tethering

Notes for Revision 4.0.3a
- An experiment of sorts, changing from the ondemand speed governor to the conservative governor (with some tweaks), in the interests of keeping good performance with less impact to battery life.
- Rewritten update scripts to hopefully alleviate the small number of people who seem to be having a problem flashing the kernel

Notes for Revision 4.0.2:
- People having stability issues with overclocking to 1152 *may* find it is a bit more stable (your mileage may vary)

Notes for Revision 4.0.1:
- Speed range should now allow underclocking to 128mhz (You may need to re-detect frequencies in setcpu)
- The Nova panel T2 register should be changeable again (for you Evo Switch/Novareq users)

Notes for Revision 4.0:
- Updated to the latest HTC released kernel sources (2.6.32)
- Camera should now be working properly
- HDMI output should be working in Froyo again

Notes for 3.7.8b-Froyoized
- Camera should no longer take dark snapshots when using the flash, the monster responsible has been severely beaten with a twig.

Notes for 3.7.8-Froyoized
- Camera app should no longer crash when changing from 5:3 widescreen to 4:3 standard ratio
- Camera app should properly allow 720p video recording and playback
- Japanese researchers have begun construction on a mecha-rabid naked bunny, codenamed: Bunnytron.

Notes for 3.7.7-Froyoized
- Re-integrate zipalign check and Dalvik cache tweak from the 2.1 line
- Some adjustments made to bluetooth-specific audio tweaks to combat distortion
- Audio adjustments to combat background noise overpowering the voice on the other end of a call
- Set version tag correctly (har har!)
- Super-mutant rabid naked bunny successfully created in lab conditions, however it disintegrates upon exposure to reality.

Notes for 3.7.6c-Froyoized
- SDcards with ext partitions added on should now cease confusing Froyo and allow the card to be mounted properly (Special thanks to Ninpo for directing me to the fix)

Notes for 3.7.6b-Froyoized
- Touchscreen adjustments, this may fix those who had touchscreen issues with 3.7.6

Notes for 3.7.6-Froyoized:
- Compatibility with the leaked 2.2 ota (and probably other 2.2-based roms)
- Working Camera (Limited to 3megapixels) EDIT: Reports indicate it claims 3mp but actually functions at 8mp
- Fps fix (of course ;D)
- Wireless Tether is reported as working with this as well
- 4g is confirmed as working

Notes for 3.7.5:
- Toned back audio boost tweaks a little to address distortion issues
- Updated gpu code for some 3d speed improvements
- Prevented the horde of mutant hairy toe-monsters from spreading toejam
   all over the thread.

Notes for 3.7.4:
- Updated bluetooth code, courtesy of cyanogenmod
   (You may have to re-pair your bluetooth devices)
- A new audio boost tweak has been applied
   (This should not have the issues of the previous audio boost)
- Fixed an issue that would cause some Nova users to mysteriously 
   revert to 30fps. (Bad nova! no cookie!)
- Successfully avoided maiming any sabretooth'd tiger-striped cows
   during the production of this update.

Notes for 3.7.3c:
- Some more tweaks to default performance (when not using setcpu/overclock widget)

Notes for 3.7.3b
- Killed that damn bug monster that decided yet again to sneak into one of my builds. Bad monster! No cookie.

Notes for 3.7.3:
- Adjusted the behavior of the speed scaling governor to give better performance out of the box for people that don't use setcpu or overclock widget
- Made adjustments to the general population build in the interests of making it compatible with Apps2SD by request.(Damage control users should have already been unaffected) 

Notes for 3.7.2a
- Gave the monster holding wifi and 4g hostage a spanking (read: wifi/4g should be fixed)

Notes for 3.7.2
- Tweaked Nova settings in the interests of making sure everyone with a nova panel benefits from the fps fix

Notes for 3.7.1:
- Kernel should now have 100% more working HDMI output, no really, we mean it this time!

Notes for 3.7:
- HDMI output should now work in conjunction with boosted Nova/Epson fps
- tun.ko is now included by default for VPN users

Notes for 3.6.4:
- Behold, the return of 5point multitouch! This build should now automatically enable 5point multitouch for all phones that can support it. If the phone does not support 5point, it will default to 3point.

Notes for 3.6.3: 
-Removed problematic audio boost patch that was giving issues with bluetooth
-Adjusted overclocking frequency tables to remove some problematic frequencies (Yes I know a small selection of you are going to be disappointed with the lowered cap, but I felt that the problems were more important at this time.)
-Evo switch ideally should not be required for decent framerates on Nova panels, but if users desire, by popular request, they can now use Evo Switch to tweak their T2 register without it resetting after a screen cycle
-Default T2 value adjusted to 370, AssassinsLament believes this to present a good balance between out of the box performance and compatibility
-No fluffy pink bunnies were harmed in the making of this build
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7th July 2010, 06:58 AM |#3  
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Can this be flashed with clockwork? Or just amon ra?

Is this a Froyo or Eclaire kernel? Any radio requirements?
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7th July 2010, 07:00 AM |#4  
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Awesome, I have a Novatek. /facedesk.
7th July 2010, 07:00 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by jerryparid

Can this be flashed with clockwork? Or just amon ra?

Is this a Froyo or Eclaire kernel? Any radio requirements?

Should be flashable with either Clockwork or Amon Ra. Theoretically it might work on Froyo, but I've only tested it on Eclair.
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7th July 2010, 07:03 AM |#6  
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This was not answered in the Godmode kernel thread. Does Camera work on this for 2.1.
7th July 2010, 07:05 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by mattrb

This was not answered in the Godmode kernel thread. Does Camera work on this for 2.1.

Yes the camera works on this in 2.1
7th July 2010, 07:15 AM |#8  
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Just flashed on Snacks v0.8 w/ Clockwork.

fps2d, avg 53-55, ~12 std
fixes touchscreen delay
can observe tearing
camera works
screen seems to be less responsive?
7th July 2010, 07:18 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by VoXHTC

Awesome, I have a Novatek. /facedesk.

me too. I am going to wait till things cool down a bit and bother HTC for another phone.
7th July 2010, 07:20 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by jerryparid

Just flashed on Snacks v0.8 w/ Clockwork.

fps2d, avg 53-55, ~12 std
fixes touchscreen delay
can observe tearing
camera works
screen seems to be less responsive?

I haven't noticed any loss of responsiveness on my end, if anything I'd swear it feels more responsive. Touch lag seems fairly significantly lessened.

I wonder if it could be related to the fact that I'm using a 1.47.651.1 based rom plus the latest radio/etc, curious.

Makes one wonder what all HTC changed in the update...
7th July 2010, 07:20 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by imaxreed

me too. I am going to wait till things cool down a bit and bother HTC for another phone.

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