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[REVIEW] Purchased: 2x 1400mAh batteries and desk cradle from eForCity on Amazon

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Are currently on their way. Once they arrive and I test them extensively, I will post a review... but for $22.99 after S&H, I don't expect much. The batteries are higher than stock capacity, but two of them for $7.47, they might just explode rofl. If they don't, I'll have three batteries and the capability to charge 2 of them at a time, so that's pretty handy.

Time to review the items!

First up: The Batteries.

Very nice deep grey colour, making them look slightly similar to OEM batteries. For some people, aesthetic is important. I'm one of those people. The 1200mAh battery I had in my Dream was hideous. It was bright white and blue, and with a black Dream, that just doesn't work in my opinion.

1400mAh. Let's dwell on this for a moment. First of all, this is not a 2200mAh battery. It's not absurdly huge, it won't require a new backing, and it will fit in a dock just fine. However, it is only 1400mAh. That is not as big of a change from the stock battery as most people seem to think it is. I am what you would call a 'power user'. I manage a non-profit hosting service, I have a blog that I post on frequently, I have a lot of friends that email me, send me facebook messages, and text messages. Add that to the fact that I like to browse the web, snap pictures of interesting stuff for my blog or for my digital artwork, and you've got someone who uses quite a lot of battery power. These batteries give me about 6 hours of heavy usage each, which is a total of 12 hours over the normal 4 hours I was getting with my 1200mAh battery, which I still have. This means I can literally use my phone heavily for every waking moment of the day (16 hours awake, 8 hours sleeping) and have two of them charged when I wake up for the day, and pop the third one in to be charged and ready when I'm home for the evening.

Price. At just under $4 a battery before shipping, they're an amazing deal. I've seen some retailers selling replacement OEM batteries for as much as $40, and those are only 1000mAh to 1150mAh depending on where you get them.

Shipping. eForCity wasted no time. I got a shipping confirmation from them at 11:56 PM on 8/11/10, they were picked up by DHL at the warehouse on 8/12 in California, and I got them at 11am 8/13 on the other side of the country. I did not use any expedited shipping. Standard shipping is supposed to take 4-6 days, I got my order in 36 hours.


1400mAh. I know, I listed this as a Pro, but it's also a con. Do not expect this to be some sort of amazing super-extended battery. If you're a heavy user like me, expect an extra two hours. If you don't set up power profiles and switch to 2g when not using data, and don't turn data off completely when in wifi coverage, expect it to be a lot less. I expect a really casual user who uses it mostly as a phone and sets up power profiles for efficiency they could probably get a whole day or more from a full charge, but c'mon.. if you're on XDA-Developers, you're a power user too! tl;dr ... if you're expecting amazing results, buy one of those big extended batteries that puts a J-Lo booty on your phone.

The printing on the battery. "For HT G1"... they couldn't be bothered to add the C I suppose.

This final Con is a theory, not a fact. I suspect that the batteries will degrade much faster than OEM batteries. I hope I'm wrong, but my guess is that I'll be replacing them in 6 months or less. For the price, though, I could buy a dozen of them and not even flinch.

Now onto the Cradle.


Price: Sure, there are some out there that are cheaper, but a lot of them have some pretty horrendous reviews. $13 isn't bad. I wouldn't pay more than that for it, to be honest, but that's because I'm a cheap bastard and I refuse to spend a lot of money on a phone that I will be replacing as soon as at&t gets a snapdragon android device.

Size. It's small. Very little footprint, and for me that's important too. Next to my bed I have a small table with my laptop, lamp, and a small box with drawers where I keep my notepad, and other useful stuff. That really leaves very little space for much else, and the cradle fits right in that space.

Style. As I said before, aesthetic is important to me. The cradle is exactly as it looks in the photos on Amazon. Very sleek and black, with a little clear plastic holder.

Features. It has a clear plastic holder that causes the phone to fit snug and holds it upright perfectly with a small square indent for the phone's USB port cover. Behind that it has a space to pop a spare battery for charging, and despite what some of the reviews on amazon say, the batteries have absolutely no problem fitting in. They pop right in and out without any trouble. Keep in mind that this same dock is being sold by a variety of vendors but the only one I can speak for is eForCity. I chose them because that's who had the batteries and I wanted everything to arrive together and shipping to be cheaper and the easiest way is to make sure everything comes from the same place. In addition to being able to plug a power cord into the cradle, it also has a mini-usb port that allows you to plug it into your computer with the included data cable, so you can pop it into the cradle and transfer data back and forth. Quite handy.


LEDs. WAY BRIGHT. I used a small piece of electrical tape to cover them so the brightness doesn't keep me up at night. The tape blends in perfectly with the cradle so it's not even noticeable.

Aside from that, no other Cons to speak of.


Price: [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] 5
Style: [O] [O] [O] [ ] [ ] 3
Capacity: [O] [O] [O] [O] [ ] 4
Quality: [O] [O] [O] [ ] [ ] 3
Overall: [O] [O] [O] [o ] [ ] 3.75

Price: [O] [O] [O] [o ] [ ] 3.5
Style: [O] [O] [O] [O] [O] 5
Features: [O] [O] [O] [O] [o] 4.5
Quality: [O] [O] [O] [O] [ ] 4
Overall: [O] [O] [O] [O] [o] 4.25

The Verdict: If you're looking to extend the life of your Dream/G1 and add a little style to your desk, bedside table, etc and have $23 burning a hole in your pocket this is the deal for you!
13th August 2010, 04:27 PM |#2  
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o wow @_@; thats cheap
and i thought this one was cheap

lol i'll be interested in the result hope it goes well!
14th August 2010, 02:27 AM |#3  
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i think quality varies from battery to battery but it seems like the 2 I received work quite well actually, the comforting fact that I have more juice than before plus an extra battery lets me use GPS and the brightness a bit more than I did w/ the 1150 mAh battery and it still lasts all day for me. But these are just initial results we'll see how long it lasts for the next few months if my G1 lasts that long.
14th August 2010, 09:08 PM |#4  
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Do you mind telling us how the cradle is? I have two batteries myself but I read the reviews and a lot of them said it was very low quality
15th August 2010, 08:45 AM |#5  
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I received all of the items yesterday. Quick shipping, good packing job.

The cradle is perfect, my dream fits in snug and I didn't have to remove the door from the charger port. And the batteries give me an extra two hours at full brightness. More later when I am done watching a movie with my wife

Sent from my HTC Dream using XDA App
27th August 2010, 07:01 PM |#6  
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that sounds pretty good man

thanks i'll keep this in mind when i'm getting a new battary for my dream
22nd May 2011, 07:34 AM |#7  
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I ordered these minus the dock.

Are you're batteries still working?

How long have they worked for?

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18th July 2011, 09:28 PM |#8  
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I tried this battery. It worked for about a day during first 3-4 months, than about 15-18 hours. Well, it's cheap, so you can order a couple of them and have a replacement.

Recently I found this one on amazon -, waiting for shipping.
8th September 2011, 08:34 PM |#9  
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I just bought the same 1400maH battery from eForCity's Amazon page. Sadly, it's a dud. When I boot the phone up it shuts off upon reaching the home page. I put the old battery in and the phone functions fine.

They'll take the return and refund, but it was about $5.00 total. I have to ship it back which will cost me a few bucks, so I don't think it'll be worth getting $2 back...
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