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By michyprima, Senior Member on 16th August 2010, 08:08 PM
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I merged latest GIT code w/ ElbartoME fixes and overclocking code by Huanyu, plus added nice features and mods.
Sources available at:

This kernel has FULL support to extended batteries. That means that you will have correct percent and temperature report also with your 2300mah battery.
That is the ONLY kernel right now that can do this. Other kernels will shut down with your extended battery.

Wifi and tunneling modules are in the archives.
Overwrite in /system/lib/modules or wifi will not work.


PS: You are testing on your own risk!

Frequencies table:
245mhz - 925mv (was 1050)
384mhz - 950mv (was 1050)
422,4mhz - 975mv (was 1050)
460,8mhz - 1000mv (was 1050)
499,2mhz - 1025mv (was 1075)
576mhz - 1050mv (was 1100)
614,4mhz - 1075mv (was 1125)
652,8mhz - 1100mv (was 1150)
691,2mhz - 1125mv (was 1175)
768mhz - 1150mv (was 1200)
806,4mhz -1175mv (was 1225)
883,2mhz - 1200mv (was 1275)
998,4mhz - 1225mv (was 1275)
1036,8mhz - 1225mv
1075,2mhz - 1250mv
1136mhz - 1275mv
1152mhz - 1300mv
1190,4mhz - 1300mv
Random informations:

  • If your wifi doesn't work as expected you should update your wifi firmware...
    for instructions:
  • If you get SOD or similar try another windows mobile rom, possibly based on TMOUS 2.10
  • If your wifi doesn't turn on you MUST change your kernel modules!
  • If your android doesn't start with normal kernel try "n" version!
  • To extract the archives use latest 7zip version
  • Remember that 90% of PC's problems are between the screen and the chair. If something for you doesn't work but for other 50 it works, it's my fault or it's yours?
  • AXI scaling downclocks not only the cpu but also the ram to save battery, but can cause lag. use with caution.
  • Files are so big because there are 4 kernel 3.5 mb each plus 4 modules pack 23mb each.

Why 4 version, what they mean, and what is your choice:

Since out there are desire-based roms and nexus-based roms, we need basically 2 different bluetooth stack for each.
The files have name Build_x where x is the version:
x can be "n" or "o". N is nexus one bluetooth stack, O is desire bluetooth stack.
The n at the end of 2 of 4 archives means "no undervolt and no overclock". That's for who has boot loops problems.
You can see the version you have in phone informations or in terminal with "uname -r" without quotes. You will see something like:
where xx is the general version, eg "r9" and y is the bluetooth type.
The BUILD number DOESN'T DOESN'T DOESN'T mean absolutely NOTHING.
#77 is not worse then #80 if "xx" (see 1 line up) is equal!
Since I do 4 builds at time of course the first will be lower # then the last!
Hope it's all clear now!

What's new in r11:
- new versions!
- adds ext4, cifs and nfs support

What's new in r10:
- Full support to extended batteries (including battery charge (%) and battery temperature). 
  This required lot of time and work...Hope you will appreciate.
- New version without overclocking nor undervolting for who haves boot loops
- Adds graphics tweaks by darkstone:

What's new in r9:
- Updated to 26c66976c838c956c7b003cec8fd96c7cdac4026 git commit
- adds version in informations
- changed the penguin :D
- cpu freq at boot is 998,4mhz instead of 768mhz for faster boot up
- other small changes

What's new in r8:
- 1190mhz has 1300mv vdd now (that's real, probably no need for another vdd step)
- Fixed a typo causing default min freq set to 384mhz instead of 245 (sorry)
- restored 998mhz speed step
- default scaling is now 245-998mhz (eg no overclock at all)

What's new in r7:
- updated to eed82a0f77f367b929f51cc59e6c64a68a06256a git commit
- kernel is not overclocking anymore automatically. now clock is limited to 245-1036mhz (this fixes boot loops / crashes having someone). To overclock you need setcpu.
- 1190mhz enabled together with 1152mhz now
- added interactive governor (thanks Huanyu)
- enabled all compiler optimization (now kernel boots in 2,6 seconds)
- 1190mhz voltage up to 1325mv for stability. I don't advice to use 1190mhz clock for daily use. I would prefer 1113mhz clock for daily use.
- fixed voltage not being dropped on lower clocks (this should help battery drain)
- other small changes
- formatted my pc. now its name is "mainframe" lol

What's new in r6:
- updated to e51cb9c975bb81ae498c286ff28efa89489c3b17 git commit
- Disabled 1190mhz clock (this fixes cannot boot issue having someone, sorry for benchmarks guys :))
- added ppp fix. ppp is not enabled yet btw because of lack of ppp compatible builds. When most builds will have ppp I will disable rmnet
- small changes
- thinking about making conservative governor the default one. please tell me what you prefer. conservative governor makes a more gradually scale. in some situation will save battery but might result in worse performance (not so worse anyway, I'm using it daily without a slow down). in other situation ondemand governor will have better performance but will eat more battery...

What's new in r5:
- updated to 2d4748826532b6b0463ac06dc81398dcda78c9d4 git commit
- modified again some code
- an attempt to fix compass heading

What's new in r4:
- updated to 569d682b3cba947bef281878d9b4523ccd2fe6e3 git commit
- cleaned up some code a bit
- enabled all compiler optimizations (o3 flag + loop unrolling) to speed up kernel a bit (in fact it starts faster)
- added new build to support some builds modified bluetooth driver (use alternative if bt doesn't work, I use this with shubcraft and BT works great, thanks to ElBartoME patches)

What's new in r3:
- enabled overclock to 1190mhz
for all frequencies supported by my kernel use this setcpu.txt:
search on setcpu wiki how to use it.

What's new in r2:
- Restored git bt code
- enabled overclock to 1152mhz
for all frequencies supported by my kernel use this setcpu.txt:
search on setcpu wiki how to use it.
Greetings from a 16yo student
If you like what I do please donate!

Originally Posted by Kernel based on supersonic tree

Brand new kernel based on HTC Evo source.
This is experimental. There are some fixes and light sensor driver, but there are issues, like freezes and blue screens. Version format is Build_xz where xz can be y or n. x indicates the presence of axi scaling, z of undervolt and additional overclock freqs. y is present. n is not present. this is the only kernel which differs in name format.
PPP only!


Originally Posted by Normal kernel without AXI scaling

This is my pure kernel as usual. No changes.


Originally Posted by Normal kernel with AXI scaling

As normal kernel but with AXI scaling.


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16th August 2010, 09:28 PM |#2  
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I would very much like to test it.

Brgds... /Tubgirl
17th August 2010, 08:59 AM |#3  
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Yep, i'd like to test it too, it's frustrating to be unable to use this big battery with Android...

Thanks, Kevin
17th August 2010, 12:29 PM |#4  
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Any news on this?

Brgds... /Tubgirl
17th August 2010, 02:36 PM |#5  
michyprima's Avatar
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Yes I will post it soon. I had to go home yesterday...(no linux pc here)
17th August 2010, 05:19 PM |#6  
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kernel added!!!
17th August 2010, 05:34 PM |#7  
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What voltage is this undervolt using? 925, 1000 or 1250?
17th August 2010, 05:41 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by LittleMerc

What voltage is this undervolt using? 925, 1000 or 1250?

undervolt is at 925.
I'm ok with that voltage since I never got a crash.
17th August 2010, 05:58 PM |#9  
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Thank you very much...

This kernel works with me.

Sorry I did not read your post carefully...
Thanks again
17th August 2010, 06:10 PM |#10  
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Does this kernel have conservative CPU scaling enabled?
17th August 2010, 06:11 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Jack E

Does this kernel have conservative CPU scaling enabled?


Read on first post, "All governors"=also conservative governor
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